Trans!Danny. [Body dysphoria warning]

It had started small, a wistful sort of feeling as he was browsing through a clothes website. A certain style of pants he knew he’d never be able to pull off, an update from one of his friends about how their transition was going. 
He had been fine, just chilling in his bed, mostly naked but for boxers and a sheet thrown over his lap. Sue him, it was hot out. 

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:)  i sketched a sailormoon on my way to work and had to paint her  for fun…  the topic is more in my head again since the relaunch. which i realy dislike btw, i wanted to like the relaunch but i think it’s charmless and plastic without life. i much prefere the old series.

i think sailormoon has a remarkable characterdesign… it is so recognizable with the bestest silluette!