Final 2D gun concept for
‘Fishhook’ plasma bolt gun.
Ready for 3D.

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determinedbun asked:

From the Flower's field of view, a black sillouhette of a figure stood there, his eyes and mouth being the only feature to stand out from the shadow's form, "Greetings Flowey, I trust you've been well since you've stolen that Soul?"

The flower’s head tilted. So someone had found him amongst the flower patch. He had expected it.

“Of course I have.
*It’s all according to plan.
You have no faith in good intentions.
*Frisk will be your doom.
Yet I can’t help but applaud you for trying to recapture their SOUL.
*They cannot be trusted with it.
What you’re doing is admirable at best.
*My attempt itself is for the greater good.
But it will avail you, them, all of us nothing.
*The cycle will repeat.

I am uncertain that you, nor anyone comprehend what is happening here.
*You are all fools to try and believe that you live in safety.
Frisk has been lulled into a false sense of security.
*Their SOUL can be overtaken at any moment.
Whether or not they believe otherwise is of no consequence.
*Their power is the manifestation of brute force of will.
They cannot control themselves.
*They were never IN control.
Thusly, it is for theirs, and everyone’s safety that I keep this soul.
*If they die without it, it is their own fault.


Ashton Letton. Fragile. 2016.

wire and cardboard. (dimensions to come later)

When assigned a project about the mind, more specifically my mind, and physical representations thereof, I created this. This piece is predominantly wire. I worked a bit more literally than I usually do with this piece, and used the wire to form a sillouhette/frame of a head. The wire cube surrounding the head is meant to portray walls but it isn’t completely closed off, as I am not completely closed off but I’m still very careful and keep walls up. Attached to the inside of the head is a piece of cardboard hanging on a piece of wire. It is shaped like a speech bubble and was chosen from a box with markings stating the contents were fragile. The speech bubble outside the face that is outside the boundaries of the cube are symbolic of the words I say. Together they are meant to show that in my head I am suffering from anxiety around most situations, as well as general depression. I keep up my walls for these reasons because I’m worried about getting hurt or having a triggering experience that sends me into a panic attack. I’m also afraid of experiences that penetrate my thoughts and become pervasive and linger there for weeks on end even if they are mild experiences. The outer speech bubble is me speaking to others, and opening up to them but not being sure if it’s something they want to hear. Maybe it’s something they care about, but the inner thoughts are constantly telling me that no one cares, or that I’m burdening them with my stories and my thoughts. I wonder constantly about how my conversations with people affect our relationship, and if they think about what I’ve said after the fact as much as I do. It all seems like this frantic and chaotic spewing of words. I may sound confident and composed but that comes from years of working towards becoming a strong speaker to hide the insecurities, anxiety, and depressive experiences I’ve had and felt throughout my entire life.


OPEN! Americano Sillouhette OC MAP (2/18 taken 0/18 done) -

Using the Balenciaga Race Runner sillouhette I created a vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator to render a cap design, I really like the outcomeand wanted to explore how the aesthetic translated to a different product.