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Pic by @missviskay

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Oo poser talaga ko. Nakuha ko sa google yang avatar ko sinearch ko sillouhette hahaha di ko alam spell tae. O happy? Hahahahahahahaha mwa

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It’s really beautiful to see the coffee spilled sky in the horizons that stretch farther than the infinity and those tall trees that are greener than ever with the cool breeze surrounding it.
It’s the simple things even in nature that matter the most…
(P.s : this picture was taken from a moving train )
#beautiful #sunset #sky #amazing #photography #sillouhette #nature #horizon (at Garden City, Michigan)

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Relief ‘Painting” Inspired by Art History: Source

This is the painting that I chose to use as the source for my relief project. As of right now, the plan is to add a sun into the midground, eliminate the boats and people and make the foreground a sillouhette. I chose this painting because I will be studying architecture after high school so I found this to do as my project.

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“…But nobody came.”

Prompt: Undertale || Accepting

    “… No, they did not.” 

    The words spoken with a sigh are almost resigned, bright eyes slightly dimmed as they remain averted from the gaze of her bond brother. As, of course, she would be; that childlike hope she had held for far too long in Circle halls, that the familiar sillouhette of a mother or a father would whisk her away from a life of sunless confinement, had been a foolish one. Such was Chantry law: they could not come for her even should they had wished too.

    Nanna supposes it is well enough. The faces of those she would have called her parents in some other life were lost to her, time and detachment weathering away the once loved memory like that of a stone in rapid rivers. The mage tells herself it is naught but a little matter not worth the grief, that every Circle mage that ever was and every one that would come after her would experience the same. 

    And so at too young of age had she decided that, after the loss of memory of her mother’s face (tears had fallen like a storm cloud that say, and none had been entirely certain why), the whims and desires for a parental love had been left to collect dust like so many children’s toys left forgotten.

    But then, should she be surprised that Asheriel can pull such thoughts from her?

    “That does not mean I do not…did not wonder.” Wonder if they grieved her. Wonder and what might have been. Wonder if they had wanted her at all once a time ago. “I know – it is terribly childish of me, is it not?”

TopDog: Brush Script development

Once i received the motto that my client had asked me to include, i could see more connections being made between the brand and the canine species, so i started to reflect this in my ideas through dog head sillouhettes and collars. However, these semiotics gave the overall identity a grungy and punk feel, and this was not suitable for a venue which wants to express a welcome attitude towards all styles and cultures. Punk is considered a rebellion against society, but also seen as a group which you’re either a part of or not.