seeing the pattern of all the flashback episodes getting closer to present day its unlikely we’ll get many (or any) more so heres things i wouldve loved to have seen:

  • how they found amethyst
  • how the other gems felt towards amethyst when she first joined
  • literally any other crystal gems, even in sillouhette or minimalist form ala ‘the answer’
  • the first time opal/sugilite/sardonyx/alexandrite formed
  • ESPECIALLY opal, and how she and garnet interacted
  • rose interacting with any of the above fusions
  • rose and bismuth!!! ROSE AND BISMUTH!!
  • when rose told the gems she plans to give up her physical form to create steven, and how each of them took it
  • add ur own if u want

Jellyfish Vases by Nendo

The super productive Japanese Design Studio Nendo created a special installation for this years Milan design week. The Jellyfish Vases are displayed in a group setting. They are made of ultra thin, double dyed, transparent silicon, So they appear just as a sillouhette floating in the water, that they are submerged in. The Aquarium like basin is equipped with a small current, so that the vases float around like Jellyfishes that hold flowers. The double dying give the silicon the decent colors that are also very characteristic for Nendo´s designs.

I can’t remember you at all. But you haunt my nightmares, you steal my sleep and my peace of mind. What the fuck did you do to me? Why can’t I remember? Why can’t I remember? Why does my blood turn cold and my tongue heavy when I hear your name. I know it’s your fault, the reason why I was groomed over and over. The reason I was vulnerable to them. The reason I let the last one molest me. What the fuck did you do to me? Why does your sillouhette stand by my bedside. Why does your name make me want to vomit. Why does my memory fail me? Did you molest me? Did you rape me? Why can’t I remember? Why can’t I remember. Why can’t I remember?

anonymous asked:

Choromatsu head canon question. What do u think would be different with his body type? Like what physical features of his do you think would stand out compared to his brothers (ex. chubbier or fitter than them)

I like to imagine Choromatsu is probably one of the thinner matsus (tied mainly with Todomatsu, who is just a teeny bit squishier). I tend to draw him with a slimmer and kind of longer-ish waist as well as with generally noodlier proportions and all~

However, I’m the kinda nerd who likes to think their bodies don’t differ to drastically aside from more or less fat/muscle. =u= 
Like, their sillouhettes appear fairly similar until you get to the nitty-gritty, that kinda deal…

…..But…..I like to think Choromatsu in specific has really nice hands.

Just a combination of being slender but just masculine enough…

I DUNNO WHY, it’s just whenever I draw him his hands are always really important to me. It’s kind of weird I guess–I just subconciously focus in on them kinda in the same way I focus in on Karamatsus legs.

dskfnsdf there u have it anon–


Limes has a thing for nice hands…


Acorn Press has this REALLY COOL layered printing that I wanna use real bad
so I got this idea for my veryvery possible next charm!!!

The moon snow & trees would print on one side of the acrylic, and allen/nea & the floor print on the other side, so there’s a gap between them to create dimension
i’m planning on the bg to be white for allen’s side & black for nea’s (altho I’m debating on keeping the snow white on both sides. we’ll see.)

Only problem is i’m trying to figure out what to do to cover up their different hair sillouhettes. I might give them a circle halo?? but it would look weird with the moon….. idk i’ll figure something out