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for the anon that asked for the riarkle fic inspired by Aquilo’s Sillohuette. I’m very flattered you like the way I write. Thank you. This may not be exactly what you imagined but when I heard the song, these were the words it inspired. If it isn’t obvious, Sillohuette is the final song playing in the story.

We’ve become echoes, but echoes that fade away

Everything was moving so fast. There were going to be seniors soon, have to worry about things like college applications, graduation, the possibility of having to move away from their friends. All things Riley was trying to avoid thinking about. The moments were fleeting and she just wanted time to stand still.

But time didn’t work like that. And as another year came to a close, she was just going to have to accept that.

With the end of the year came the Abigail Adams Formal. Torpanga had spent an hour with Riley’s hair and helped with her makeup. Riley in awe at the girl in the dusty pink dress staring back at her in the mirror.
“You look beautiful, honey.” Torpanga kisses the top of her head.
Riley looks up beaming, “Thank you, mama.”
“Ok now lets go convince your dad not to ask Ms Clemmons to swap her chaperone duty with him.”

While her mom walks out of the room, Riley looks once more at the mirror and smiles, maybe change was inevitable but as long as she remained the strong and full of hope it wouldn’t affect her as much.

“I’m going to be watching you!” Corey was saying to her date, “no funny business. I’ve got detention slips and I’m not afraid to use them.”
“You’re not going.” Torpanga shakes her head as she walks over.
“But… but…”

“Riley,” He takes an intake of breath and the corners of his lips start to lift, standing as Riley enters and straightening his suit.
She does a small curtsy and then internally face palms, what was wrong with her.
He bows extravagantly like a gentleman and and says “M’lady.”

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anonymous asked:

the puzzle piece was originally featured w/ an article on autism in the form of an attached picture where the sillohuette of a child's head had a puzzle piece missing from the center. the message being that autistic ppl are puzzles w/ pieces missing. when autism speaks adopted it was when it gained popularity, but it still carries that connotation b/c that's the ideology it originally represented and continues to represent, even if it's unintentional.

Why am I not surprised…