Riverdale Imagine: The Playbook (Jason x Reader)

Requested by @pottersnitch : Could you please write something about Jason Blossom? Like he and the reader are dating and then she finds out about the playbook and have a huge fight but make up because of Cheryl.

 A/N: I had to type this up on my phone so there may be some spelling errors and I couldn’t put anything in bold/italics so I’ll edit it on my computer and add it to my masterlist when I get home from holiday. 

Approx. 2200 words 

As you rolled over in bed, the nausea you had been experiencing throughout the day threatened to resurface. You groaned and clutched at your empty stomach, it churned as if it was filled with a nest of slimy eels. You were drenched in sweat from fever, you knew that your bedroom was cold because it was the middle of winter and you could see the cloud of your breath escaping from your chapped lips as you exhaled, but the sickness-bug had trapped you in a permanent humidity. At some point during the day, you had even opened your bedroom window, and frost was beginning to creep onto the window sill. Hearing a gentle knock on your door, you forced yourself into a sitting-position, resting on a mountain of cushions. 

“Come in” you called weakly. 

“How’s the patient?” you heard your favourite voice tease. You felt a smile spread across your face as a familiar red-haired boy peered around your door, his brown eyes regarding you with concern, making your heart flutter involuntarily. The few months that you and Jason had been together had felt like a dream. You had been pining after him for the majority of your high-school life, and you still couldn’t quite believe that he was yours. As he almost glided into your room and cautiously sat down on the edge of your bed, a lock of his silky hair fell onto his forehead and you couldn’t help but think that he was beautiful. He didn’t have Archie’s muscular frame, or Reggie’s charming smile, but somehow he was much more attractive than any of the other boys at school. He looked delicate, like a porcelain doll with his pale complexion and angular features, and his muscle was lean and wiry, clinging to his lanky frame. He was just as strong as any other boy on the football team though, he would always carry you around at any opportunity, gathering you up like a princess in his arms. You watched in fascination as his long white fingers danced over the skin of your arm, the sensation of his touch sending what felt like an electric current through your body. You wondered if you would ever get used to this, or would his touch always make your heart lurch. Suddenly, his concerned expression turned into one of disapproval as his attention was caught by the open window, he frowned. 

“Y/N! No wonder you’re ill, it’s like Narnia in here!” Jason groaned, hastily closing your window. 

“No JJ!” you wined, “I’m too hot!” He sighed and opened the window again, but only slightly. 

“I brought you some ginger tea” he said proudly, pulling an enormous flask from his school bag, smiling like a child who had received a gold star. “It’s supposed to help with nausea.” You groaned internally. Your mum had practically been force-feeding you ginger tea for two days and you weren’t sure how much more you could take. You smiled graciously at Jason though, it’s the though that counts after all, you could always pour it down the sink later. 

“Thanks babe, that’s so sweet of you” you enthused. “Also, could I possibly borrow your English book so I can catch up on today’s notes?” He quickly dug through his bag and handed you the typical dark-green notebook that everyone used for English, before checking the time and muttering something about extra football practice. He leant towards you and kissed you sweetly on the cheek, his long lashes brushed your temple and his warm breath on your skin made your cheeks blush pink. He smelled like pine-wood and maple syrup and you wondered if you would ever stop loving this boy, you thought it was unlikely.

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A Hiccup in the Plan [Jacob Frye x Reader]

Author’s Note: I was pleasantly surprised at the reception of my last Jacob Frye imagine! When you guys leave me sweet little notes or asks like that regarding anything I write, I hope you know that it really is encouraging, because a lot of times when I write for a character for the first time I’m very uneasy. But I have a lot of fun writing them and it makes me happy that you guys think I’m doing a good job! I love you guys(:

Word Count: 1,717 

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the sky twists from dazzling blue to muted purple
the colour of bruises
like that time we crushed violets under our feet as we ran through the woodland
letting our footprints become perforation for petals
for snowfall
surrendering our fairytales to the elements.

and then it is over.
a cloud passes over the moon.
your eyelids reek of blood.

we trickle slowly across the pavements
as though the moon were chained to our ankles and
we dragged the weight of the universe across hollowed concrete,
broken cobbles,
tired, beaten paths made from the remainders of earthenware pots and cress stalks.

and like that –
we broke the spell that had been draped over us
staining it with iron and plasma and hydrogen and
red red red.
just like the pillows in your bedroom.
just like the sheets that catch flame in the fireplace and send
charcoal up into an already unforgiving night,
tumbling entropically,
cigarette smoke for the stars.

with every step now
i see his face wafting,
like the incense you are always burning on the window sill.
i can hear the crunch of plastic and bone and
the island of misfit toys crumbles underfoot.

—  – [ to live forever ] a.g.

when taylor says “hey i’m taylor swift” i just want to be like……. i know. my mom knows. my grandma knows. the cactus sitting on my window sill knows. do you hear those dogs barking outside? they’re probably talking about the pen click in blank space. everyone knows.