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Alright you want a smut I'll give you a smut. Alright what about steve and buck meeting in a grungy gay club and getting all raunchy and having crazy sex in the toilets or something, maybe some jealous Bucky in there too xx

It was Tony’s idea.

Of course it was. He said something about forcing the two fossils into the real world, aka to experience things as the young couples do these days.

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Allen has revealed in an interview with Chicken and Egg Magazine that he enjoys swapping the Kop for his coop to look after his 16 pet chickens.

The midfielder keeps the fowls in his garden and takes care of them with his wife Lacey.

He said: “Lacey was behind the decision… we both have an interest in animal welfare but she came up with the idea to save hens and I agreed it was something that would be great to do.

“We didn’t have any hens growing up but wanted to help chickens after they finished their commercial lives.”

Allen has names for each of his chickens, which include two cockerels and 14 hens.

The cockerels are called Bruce and Rodney, while the hens are named Meg, Leg, Silkie Steve, Kate, Silkie Steve junior, Giblets, Snowy, Nugget, Kiev, Dora, Holly, Shimmer, Shine and Chickaletta.

Allen even revealed that Lacey bought him a cockerel for his 24th birthday - and he was delighted with the surprise.

But Allen is just like every other husband when it comes to doing the cleaning.

He quipped: “I’d be lying if I said it was me… as soon as it’s time to clean the coops I disappear! Unlucky Lacey!”