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Roman Reigns - First Impressions

Roman Reigns - You were doing the whole ‘unstable’ gimmick with Jon Moxley in CZW when you were wrestling together. Now you’re coming to the WWE and Dean introduces you to his best pal. 

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Warnings - Swearing

Word Count - 1073 Words.

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*Your POV*

Finally, I thought as I stood in front of the doors to the performance centre of my long awaited destiny; the WWE For a large majority of my wrestling career I had wrestled for a famous; or should I say - infamous independent circuit. Combat Zone Wrestling, or CZW. Over the many years I had been their resident crazy woman I had seen many now WWE superstars come and go, regarding the likes of: Kevin Owens, Luke Harper, Sami Zayn and my then partner in crime and best friend Jon Moxley - better known now as Dean Ambrose. You see Mox and I were always regarded as CZW’s very favourite unstable, sadistic and crazy couple - although we were never together. He was much more like my older brother, always looking out for me and pulling me out of whatever shit I had gotten myself into. When he left to join the WWE - or FCW as it was at the time and i remained CZW’s crazy lady we had lost touch, most likely due to the hectic schedule he had unknowingly catapulted himself into. But today I got to surprise him and I just couldn’t wait. I took in a big breath as I pushed the heavy door ready to be reunited with my oldest and bestest friend - you see Triple H had arranged for Dean to train with a newbie, except he didn’t tell him that it was me. Boy was he in for one hell of a surprise.

From right across the gym I noticed his muscular frame and signature shaggy hair yet he was standing next to my ultimate man crush - the 6'3, Samoan hunk; Roman Reigns. I could feel a crimson blush already rising on my cheeks and my knees go weak. God I was fan girling like some school girl - you’re a grown ass woman. Pull yourself together woman i scolded myself mentally. I looked back up at the two men and noticed Dean had moved slightly away from Roman - there was my perfect opportunity. I gently placed my bag on the floor and ran towards him jumping on his back, smothering in some sort of bear hug.

“MOXXXXXXXX” I screamed loudly as I hung off of his muscular frame giggling profusely. I felt him tense up in fear, as if he thought some crazy fangirl had found him - but I smirked knowing that he’d recognised my distinct voice and the greeting that was always given during our CZW days. He chuckled reaching behind him to pull me down in front of him - as i saw Roman looking on with a some what amused look.

“Y/N! What the fuck are you doing here, ya crazy bitch?!” Dean questioned enthusiastically pulling me in for a hug.

“Er I am the newbie, dumbass” I shoved his shoulder and flipped my hair in his face. “I finally made it” I smiled up at the brotherly like figure in my life.

“I’m fucking glad ya did kid” he spoke gruffly as he ruffled my hair. I slapped his hands away and tutted at him.

“One, I am not a kid! Two, you fully just fucked up my hair” I feigned annoyance which ultimately just ended up in giggles. My eyes averted away from Dean’s baby blues and were immediately drawn to the chocolate brown eyes of the Samoan hunk who was standing just to the left of me and Dean. I blushed a light shade of pink as I saw him give me a wink. Dean’s rough voice interrupted the impromptu stare off between Roman and I.

“You’ll always be a kid in my eyes” he spoke; once again messing my hair up as I rolled my eyes at my best friend. “Oh shit, I should introduce you two shouldn’t I?” he chuckled. “Roman this is Y/N, Y/N this is Roman” I smiled and craned my next to look up at the god-like human being standing in front of me. God Y/N stop acting like a school girl around him I once again scolded myself.

“Nice to meet you Y/N, I’ve heard a lot of things about your from my boy” his silky smooth voice spoke; effectively turning turning my legs to jelly. He offered his arms out for a hug which I accepted. God he smelt so good. Just as Roman and I pulled away from the hug someones phone bleeped, I turned round to see Dean shooting and annoyed glance at the phone.

“Ugh Sorry Y/N I have to go, Renee just got here and she needs help with Blue - aye Ro give her my number? See ya later kid” he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before hurriedly leaving the training centre. I once again rolled my eyes at the nickname.

“Guess it’s just us then Babygirl” Roman spoke as he scribbled Dean’s number on a piece of paper before handing me it. The still present crimson smattering upon my cheeks turned a few shades deeper as I registered the new, much more favourable nickname from Roman. I took the bit of paper from his hands and sparks flew through me as our hands made the tiniest slither of contact. “

Thank you, and yeah it is. We may as well do something productive” i laughed going towards my gym bag; that was until Roman’s voice stopped me.

“Hey Y/N, would you uh maybe be interested in going to lunch with me” He spoke nervously rubbing the back of his neck - this time it being his time to blush. I looked up at him and smirked as he bit his lip apprehensively.

“Yeah I would really like that” I spoke shyly, zipping my gym back back up and turning to face him. I saw that all signs of hesitance had been washed away from his features.

“I know a great restaurant about five minutes away” he offered, taking my gym bag from your small hands and leading you out of the door; a hand placed gently on the small of my back. What a gentleman he is.

“Sounds perfect” i smiled sweetly. As we were walking my mind wandered to it’s own thoughts; What a day! I got back in touch with my best friend and now! Now I’m on an unofficial date with The Guy - Roman Reigns. That is what I would call a good day.

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A/N Hey guys!! Roman request finally up. This is in 1st person which is completely different to how i usually write to if the POV changes at any point and i haven’t realised I’m sorry!! But i hope you all like it - oh and i still suck at titles ~ Moxxii