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Tex + rats = Rex Lmao this is really stupid but I just thought of it since u really love rats This is so stupid I hope you are doing well :')

This is beautiful because you wanna know a thing?

This my love is a dumbo eared Rex Rat!! They’re different than standard rats. Standard rats are basically rats with a regularly, silky or coarse coat which may be slightly long, they also have regular sized ears that are set on the top of their heads. Unlike these standard rats, a Rex coated rat has a wavy or curly coat. Usually there are curly whiskers involved too! This one pictured is also a dumbo eared rat. A dumbo eared rat has its ears set lower, on the side of the head. Their ears are much bigger and more rounded than a standard eared rat.  

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Oriental Longhair 😎😎😎

A screaming silky slinky?

well smooth-coated screaming semi-albino slinkies are my favorite pedigreed cat

and they don’t have the WORST long coat to brush

((all hail the single coat))

so I would rate them an “A”.

As for whether or not I’d get one … well if someone hooked me up with a chocolate I probably couldn’t say no. I have a major weakness for that rich brown and those fabulous green eyes.

Klance Week Day 1: Red/Blue

(Here’s my attempt to participate in Klance week! Enjoy!)

“Where did you even find these things?” Keith asked incredulously as he scrunched up his nose in concentration and considered his next move.

“Storage closet,” Lance responded, equally absorbed in his task. “I was actually looking for shampoo, but this is almost as good.”

“Weird,” Keith muttered, but he didn’t stop working. Instead he dipped the alien paintbrush in his hand into the jar of pigment, making sure the strange silky bristles were completely coated. He tapped off the excess, and then he brought the brush back to the canvas in front of him. With the steadiest hand he could muster, he pressed the brush down and started dragging it across the canvas, leaving a long stroke of crimson in its wake.

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  • Remus: What kind of rabbit was it?
  • Sirius: I don’t know what kind of rabbit. They’re all the same.
  • Remus: Well, actually they’re not. You’ve got the lop-eared, the American lop-eared, the French Angora…
  • Sirius: Shut up, be quiet. It was a psycho rabbit the size of Peter and it was wearing a suit and holding a beater’s bat. That’s all I know.
  • Remus: Right. Did it have a silky coat?

“You want it?! Just come a little bit closer, aaaand… TRICKED YA!” Lila Grace snatches the squeaky toy away from the dog at the very last moment, and squealing with delight as he clumsily bounds after her she giggles and says, “Good job, boy! You almost got it that time!”

Encouraged the upbeat tone in her voice, the pup’s tail begins wagging with vigorous enthusiasm, and he dashes forward and takes a flying leap for the pink plastic pig.

“Too slow!” Lila grins as she scampers out of his way, and reaching out to pet the dog’s silky soft coat her face suddenly lights up. “Maddie! Maddie!” she exclaims. “I know what we should call him!”

Madeleine laughs. “What’s that?” she asks.

“Sully!” Lila Grace bounces up and down excitedly. “Like the big furry blue monster in that movie!”

“Alright,” Maddie agrees with an indulgent smile. “But just don’t get too attached, sweetie. You said your parents don’t like dogs.”

Already back to playing with her new friend, Lila pointedly ignores her.

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Scorpio Dog: The Paragon

There is a great strength of character hidden beneath the silky coat of the Scorpio Dog. On the outside, it will be necessary to watch out for the tail, which is capable of expressing much more feeling that that of any other canine. The Scorpio Dog will be a formidable dog to live up to, since this canine considers himself or herself to be the perfect dog. The life of the Scorpio Dog has but one purpose…self-mastery, which will occupy this canine as long as he or she lives. Sadly, few if any manage to achieve such perfection, often leaving the Scorpio Dog with a personality which is as difficult for the dog to understand as it is for his or her owner. The Scorpio Dog will either be a best friend or a worst enemy. This canine can love or hate with an equally passionate intensity and, if this dog is wronged in any way, then he or she will never forget. On the other hand, this canine will also never forget when he or she is treated well. Scorpio traditionally governs secrets and this may be why Scorpio Dogs tend to make the most proficient trackers, being able to sniff-out even the most subtle of scents

It will be important for any owner of a Scorpio Dog to remember that, as the human, he or she will always be bigger than this canine. Even when the Scorpio Dog attempts to tower over an owner by leaping upon the table, the human should remind himself or herself of that fact. Thus, an owner should be able to keep on top of things and, by so doing, will discover that the Scorpio Dog is basically an affectionate canine…beneath his or her prickly exterior. The Scorpio Dog demands (and gets) a full eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night and those hours of rest will be spent in the warmest and most comfortable place…even if that just happens to be the chair where his or her owner wanted to watch the late night movie.

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For those who missed the 80s… you missed out.  The styling on this Claude Montana may be a little dated, but the leather… SWOON… the leather on this is incredible and they just don’t make it any more… 1987 - 1992 was an incredible period for the quality and texture of the leather, some of which was treated with whale oil which really made it supple and silky. - I owned this coat in red

paolo roversi for claude montana 1987