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Golden Prince

Title: golden prince

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Taemin always lived seen by others, living to the expectations of the king and by the rules of the queen. His curiousness got him closer to what he thought was heaven, but oh, Taemin doesn’t know hell yet.

Chapter I/Chapter II/Chapter III/Chapter IV

Fitted, silky materials surrounded the prince as he looked at himself in the mirror, not completely sure if he’s supposed to hate or love what he sees. His hair was parted slightly in the middle, noticing Kibum behind him as he tries to sow the little parts that were a little unfitting on the skinny prince. Taemin was never one for expensive clothing, different? Absolutely, yes. There was just something thrilling of trying new things and seeing how they looked on him, but it was almost impossible to try so when your clothing was sown and prepared exactly for you by Kim Kibum, the most perfectionist fashion enthusiast you’ll ever meet.

“Straighten your back, for fuck’s sake,” Kibum mumbles, some of his utensils hanging from his mouth as the sewing needle went through the navy clothing he was wearing. Taemin, following Kibum’s instructions, lets out a scoff, but he can’t help but be a little nervous…what was this person his mother was talking about? “You’re exceptionally quiet, today.”

“Am I not like that usually?” Taemin asks, knowing damn well that he was a perfect mixture between talking too much and too little. He was a mystery, per say, he didn’t say anything about himself but he did talk to others; that’s how he lived his whole life. Kibum looks at him from over his shoulder, pulling on Taemin’s sleeves as a pleased smile appears on his face. The suit looked perfect.

“Well,” Kibum says as he places his needle on the little box he had for them, giving Taemin a watch to wear with his suit as he leans back against the little table on Taemin’s wardrobe, or rather…changing room for himself. “You’re one to say something back when I try to tease you, but you haven’t said anything today.”

“Mhm…” Taemin hums as he fixes the watch on his wrist, looking at the time to see that he still had twenty minutes for the meeting he had with his parents. “Just feeling a little bit lost, that’s it.”

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anonymous asked:

omg I wanna read your collection of asakisu moments and your thoughts on them pls!!! I'm really starting to ship those two!! ❤️😄


I’m so excited for this movie to come out, and for the fandom to enjoy the hilarious/precious interactions between Asahi and Kisumi :3  I’ve been shipping them for almost a year now, and would LOVE to share a list of my favorite AsaKisu moments/thoughts from the High Speed! 2nd novel with you!! :3

“Hehe, it’s a world unknown to ordinary men…… Hey, Kisumi, you, why you butting in so naturally. Leave us alone.”

“When I sit at my seat on my own, the girls gather around and ask me all sorts of stuff.”

Combing up his silky hair, he points at his seat with his gaze. Indeed, three girls with reproachful looks on their faces were glaring at Haruka and the boys.

“What kind of things do they ask?”

“What my favorite food is, what my favorite song is, what my favorite color is, stuff like that.”

“Kisumi, you, aren’t you full of yourself just ‘cuz you’re a little popular with girls. A man’s worth is here and here.”Asahi points at his arms and chest with his thumb. It seems the head is excluded.

—Chapter 2

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