silky arts

saucytango  asked:

Chit your Mahou doodles are great!!

Thannkyyyuuu~ > w<)//

Now… The ultimate question is…. 

Elias and Chise… or Silky and Chise???

Meet Karen, the fluffy chicken. She likes pumpkins and sunflower seeds, long walks in the run, jogging and aerobics in the morning after her breakfast of seeds and scratch, following that with an afternoon spa day in the dirt of the garden and a lovely preen, and letting Becky, that new rhode island red that showed up in the coop a week ago, know that she’s boss. She hates not being the first one out in the morning, being on the lowest roost in the coop, and not having the rooster’s full on attention. She has to do everything perfect. No exceptions.