silkwood shower

“None of you are listening!” Kara yelled at the assembled women trying to save the world. “You know what? If you don’t need my ideas, you’re welcome to go fight the Daxamites by yourself.” She zipped across the room fast enough to blur, almost tearing the door to the fire exit off its hinges in her temper.

Alex moved to follow, but Cat waved her off.

“Agent Scully, keep an eye on Norma Bates here,” Cat nodded towards Lillian. “Supergirl and I are due for a catchup.” Her heels clicked across the floor as she followed in Kara’s wake. Those would have to be changed out for flats if she really would be expected to venture out in the field with them. That suggestion had been the reason for Kara’s outburst, or at least the last straw across her unbreakable back.

“Go away, Alex,” Kara grumbled, landing blows on a cleaner than average dumpster.

“Last I checked your sister wasn’t wearing Gianvitto Rossi heels. Need that superhearing checked?”

“I’m not going to allow it, so don’t start with me, Cat.”

“Allow?” Cat stepped in closer, wrinkling her nose at the mess in the alley. She made exceptions for Kara all the time, but really. “That chucklehead from Dixon has really done a number on you, if you think a grown woman has to be allowed to do any damn thing she wants. I’ll be a decoy if I’m needed, Kara.”

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,698

Summary: The reader and Dean have always fought feelings for each other. What will happen when they reunite after years apart? 

Warnings: Language. Violence. Smut, oral, protected sex. Like, almost half of this is smut. The beauty that is Season 9 Dean.

A/N: Based off the song Slow by Colours and requested by @priestly-winchested , my sweet little Puerto Rican Sunshine. Check out the song and their debut album Ivory, it’s GOLD! 

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There was a magnetic pull that was inevitable every time. You would walk into a room and instinctively know that he was in it, there, present, watching your every move. Dean.

Everything about him consumed you. The way his eyes would follow you from the door to the bar as you got your drink, the way he’d look away when you turned around, acting as if he wasn’t staring. You noticed those things, couldn’t help but. And as you would walk over to the table, you also couldn’t fail to notice him shift over in the booth ever so slightly, the invitation apparent, his arm slung along the back of the bench.

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Blaine bought a couch off the back of a truck because apparently the furniture I carefully chose from Chelsea’s finest flee markets isn’t that comfortable. It was a mid-century knock-off so I gave him an A for effort. But as soon as I lifted up one of the cushions I saw that the entire couch was riddled with…BED BUGS! BED BUGS! So we spent the entire night disinfecting everything, taking Silkwood showers then disinfecting everything again.

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Supercat 17.

A quick Designing Women tribute, so dedicated to @writetherest

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while,” Cat says through gritted teeth. “Another bright idea, Kara.”

“How exactly am I getting blamed for this?” Kara hisses back, but the footsteps get too close and they both hold their breath as the door creaks open. All they can see is about to mid-calf, but Maxwell Lord has company and she’s coming into his bedroom with him, in her four-inch heels.

Cat elbows Kara in the side, and for once Kara can actually feel it. Breaking in to get dirt on Lord’s crimes had been real investigative work, and Cat’s idea in the freaking first place. Of course the paranoid asshole has lined his property with some kind of Kryptonite polymer, and Kara’s powers have been stripped back since they broke in fifteen minutes ago. On hearing Lord’s return, only the space under his bed had provided any kind of cover.

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