silkstone doll


Rococo Barbie

I posted these on insta but I thought I’d share them here too. She’s got a Pullip dress and it’s a Fiorella Silkstone Barbie. In all she is definitely a new fav, and really fulfills that need for a pastel pink rococo majesty I was lacking. 💖💖💖

Dear Tumblr, please help me get two important things: A respirator and a birthday present for my Mom

I love my Mom so much, she’s a wonderful, spectacular person that supports me in everything I do. She and my dad spoil me ridiculously, and always encourage me in my doll and craft hobbies; Mom having been a Barbie collector for a long time. My mom’s birthday is coming up in October and she’s going through a tough time with anxiety right now (something we both suffer from). I want to get her something awesome for her birthday, something that’ll surprise her. I’ve been trying to get a job for half a year now and have been getting applications turned down left and right, so I don’t have a stable income to get her a gift. You see, I want to get her a doll. My mom had to stop collecting Barbies in 2001 when my family went through a financial crisis. During that time she had to cancel all reservations she had on the early Silkstone dolls. So, I want to get her this doll or this doll. She’s talked about how much she loves both of them, and I want to surprise her with them so badly. I’ll probably get whichever one I can wind up getting cheaper.

Another important thing that I need is a respirator. As a repaint artist, I use Mr. Super Clear. However, I haven’t been able to get a proper respirator, and have been spraying improperly protected for almost a year now. I’ve now stopped spraying, and am waiting to get the money to buy a respirator to protect me. Without this, my work is at a standstill, and I cannot create more dolls for sale. My biggest problem with this, is that I need to open up doll repaint commissions, as I believe that may be able to help me obtain a somewhat steady income.

So please, I’d really love for someone, ANYONE to signal boost this. you can help me get these very important things by buying from my Etsy and Ebay. Heck, buying one doll repaint alone can pay for a present for my Mom and my respirator.

In addition to this, me and my Mom are selling a large number of dolls. We’re trying to get rid of many, many 90s and vintage Barbies, and many other kinds of dolls. I’ll do a sales post about all this soon, and post many of these dolls on Ebay. Please help me, my Mom, and my whole family, even just by signal boosting and promoting this. Thank you. 

EDIT: If possible, to get money for this, I’d also love to open up commissions for miniatures and jewelry, as well as art commissions. You can see my miniatures here, and my art here!

EDIT 2: Because a couple people have asked (and one has already done so!!) donations, if possible, can be sent to my Paypal, I’m so touched about this you guys, oh my goodness… Praise the Lord for all these blessings!