Entrancing Lady. In this photo: Boater Ensemble Barbie® doll wearing Grand Entrance Barbie® fashion.


“City Chic Suit” Silkstone Barbie, a Barbie Fashion Model Collection Exclusive for 2016. [img source: X]

I was smitten by this lady when I saw the first small preview pics from one of the dolly vendor emails I got. She’s gorgeous, IMO–AND!!!!–she’s got the new poseable Silkstone body!

the one in the autographed box above was auctioned last month’s Grant-a-Wish Foundation convention.

Sadly, when I was looking for better pics of her, I came across a couple of blogs from doll collectors in Europe, both of whom declared she was the “ugliest ever”. 

I “wonder” why they’d think that.

“it’s not what u got or where u got it, but what u do with it.” #FashionRoyalty Adele Makéda wears a chartreuse peplum top w/metallic stitching from some off-brand business I got at Walmart. Jacket & skirt from the #Silkstone Barbie “Dusk to Dawn” set, necklace & earrings from eBay, belt & bracelet from various Barbie fashion packs from #Mattel. 💅🏽👠💄#IntegrityToys #BlackDolls #BlackBarbie #FashionDolls #FuckYeahDarkGirls

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Tonight, a new Supreme rises.

Photo inspired by my favorite TV show of the moment, American Horror Story: Coven. :)

In this photo: Stunning in the Spotlight™ Barbie® doll wearing Verushka™ Barbie® doll’s bewitching fashion ensemble.