All of the marks came off with a little alcohol and mr clean eraser! Also had to take her hair down and put it back up to fix the pulled section.

I originally thought I was just going to yoink her head to put on a bigger articulated body, but after handling the silkstone body for the first time, I can do no such thing. I understand why people like it. It feels NICE. I can’t believe this was bagged in the normal doll area for half off $5.99, even if she has a broken hand. Woo!

I gotta figure out if I can restore her fingers with apoxie. Perhaps I can drill the tiniest of holes and embed a wire in the stumps and build off that?

I finally arranged my “Holy crap these are expensive as balls” doll shelf which encompasses my entire Integrity Toys collection, my Silkstone dolls, Francie Repros and two Sekiguchi Momoko dolls.

y'alls savers stores: tiny barbie haul today! i found a fashion queen barbie repro, a silkstone, a mystery squad kenzie and also a brownette bubblecut barbie :))))) touched by ruth handler herself :)))))))

my savers store, the only thrift store in 20 miles: we got disney princess dolls on belly button bodies bitch only the white princesses too bitch we got one 3 by 4 foot section on the wall of dolls in bags hope you like them bitch

Mattel hasn’t done a classic celebrity in a while, but there’s a little game I like to play with them. I take a golden age celebrity (that I would like to see a doll made of) and try to think of three separate looks for them that are well know enough to justify a doll made from it. There has to be a budget version (ex: Grace Kelly to Catch a Thief), a mid-range version (ex: Grace Kelly Rear Window), and a high end Silkstone (ex: Grace Kelly Wedding trousseau). 

My top choices are Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but that would be tricky since their iconic roles span decades and might need different face molds as they aged. Right now I’m on a Debbie Reynolds kick and would love to see a doll made of her, but can’t think of three iconic roles that would fit the guidelines. I know on would be Singing in the Rain, one should be Tammy, and I would love one with her and baby Carrie but part of the rules are they have to be something the public would buy, not just something I want to see be made.

However, Mattel did make a Doris Day and Rock Hudson set and that was a one off, so they don’t need three roles to make a doll. I just like thinking about it.


High Tea and Savories Barbie by Doll Cafe