silkscreen posters


In the Mood of Love

Victo Ngai

I have had the pleasure of working on a private commission for one of my favorite movies, Wong Kar Wai’ s In the Mood for Love. Curtesy to Lady Lazarus for the beautiful 8 colors silkscreen prints. The metallic gold ink must be seen in person for its full glory!

 Big thanks to Joe Wong and Francis Fung for the commission, also Isaac Menge and Jon Smith for the amazing layer separation and print job!



Opens today 4PM-10PM as a part of Second Sundays at @pioneerworks

Brought to you by @clocktowernyc​ Curated by Ø.K. Fox of @thesilentbarn​ Zine Team & @disclaimergallery

Featuring work by:

1) Chris Simon
2) Mike Taylor
3) Matt Thurber
4) Jack Reese/Andrew Alexander
5) Katbus Brawl
6) Slow Youth
7) Jenny Zych
8) Nuts! Fanzine
9) KJ Martinet
10) Ben Urkowitz
11) Sarah Crowe
12) JinHee Kwak
13) Aniahs Gnay
14) Sessa Englund
15) Lala Albert
16) Metropolarity
17) Ø.K.Fox
18) Blind Arch
19) Lale Westvind
20) Caroline Paquita
21) Ilana Blady
22) Sakura Maku
23) Randon Rosenbohm
24) Matthew Van Asselt
25) &
26) Hazel Newlevant
27) Annie Mok
28) Holly Simple
29) Gonzalo Guerrero
30) Meghan Turbitt
31) Nick Amara
32) Robert Richburg
33) Kayley Berezney & Cait Davis
34) Marcela Szwarc

additional images by:
-Mimi Chrzanowski
-Anuj Shrestha
-Austin English
-Dailen Williams
-Mia Schwartz

“Paperjazz” flyer and poster by Alex Degen

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Blade Runner Fan Poster

Victo Ngai

Sometimes I am big fan enough to make fan art, this is one of the times. Very excited to share my privately commissioned fan poster for one of my favorite movies- Blade Runner. They are 10 and 9 colors 24X36″silkscreen prints respectively.

It was fun making the slight variations between the regular and the variant (aka replicants) edition. Besides the change of colors, there are 10 differences in total, can you find them all?  If you look closely enough, you may just catch the glimpse of a silver disc in Rachel and the owl’s eyes. 

How can you get your paws on one, you asked? Unfortunately these are not for sale… Sorry!