silkscreen books

The Fabric Merchant’s Son is a 7 layer silkscreen print that ended me. Please zoom in for details. The children’s book (that I’ll finish over the summer) is about a boy (Purl), his mother, and two goats as they travel through the mountains. 

Silkscreen is a very labor intensive process involving calluses and arm workouts! This took 15 hours of manual labor (after the initial 13 hours of drawing). Below the cut for original digital piece

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Half of My Head
Accordion-fold book, silkscreen printed, 2014
Edition of 50
Printed for the NY Art Book Fair

This was my big project for the fall, but I never posted pictures here. As you can probably guess, it’s a piece about my experience with chronic migraine - the images are pulled from the MRI scan I received when I first started seeing a neurologist. It was cathartic to do, but I might have spent a little too much time staring at my own brain.