silkscreen book


Half of My Head
Accordion-fold book, silkscreen printed, 2014
Edition of 50
Printed for the NY Art Book Fair

This was my big project for the fall, but I never posted pictures here. As you can probably guess, it’s a piece about my experience with chronic migraine - the images are pulled from the MRI scan I received when I first started seeing a neurologist. It was cathartic to do, but I might have spent a little too much time staring at my own brain. 


Untitled Book 1 (“I think it’s worth it…”), Jensine Eckwall

A little 5-page, 4-color screenprinted accordion book with printed museum board covers.  

Also shown are an alternate version of the print and some photos of the book itself.  

I usually never have trouble with titles, but while I was thinking I came across this poem by Warsan Shire, which says it more elegantly than any of my words ever could.  

when the one i wanted, did not want me.

I was almost rabid

for love.

Would’ve lunged at any thing

thrown my way

carcass, shadow, memory, promise

shell of a man.

I thought it was better

to be loved by a dead thing

than to be left alone.

Then I loved a dead thing 

and was completely alone.