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RECIPE: just blend 1 frozen banana, 1 heaping cup of fresh-frozen mango and a splash of coconut water until smooth, then spoon into a bowl and top with everything you find✨

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Things That Actually Happen in Blazblue
  • One of the strongest being the Blazblue universe is a cat.
  • Taokaka exists solely for comedy relief and very little else

  • The fact that, on paper, Ragna the Bloodedge’s name, backstory, and powers sounds like someone’s edgy OC

  • Naoto Kurogane in Blazblue is basically Sonic the Hedgehog in Brawl where he shows up at the last second to save the day. He just shows up, saves Ragna, and leaves.

  • That cat I mention? He banged a witch had a half-cat daughter.


  • A vampire has a werewolf butler… I just find that interesting.
  • This series as an actual magical girl as a playable character.

  • This guy? This large, hulking, red, monstrous guy right here has probably the smoothest, silkiest voice in the entire cast.

  • Cristina Vee and Kanako Kondo voice four playable characters and you will need forget this almost instantly.

  • One of the canonically strongest characters in the playable cast (Susano) is ironically one of the worst picks in terms of competitive play.

  • The fact that, thanks to how the quantum mechanics/time travel/multiverses work in the Blazblue universe, all the gag reels are technically canon. And at least two gag reels (Brother Island and Spectacles of Eros) have continuity.

  • The joke character in the series (Bang) has actually storyline importance in the Blazblue universe. He was probably one of the most important characters in Chronophantasma.
Erm, has anyone else noticed how ridiculously HOT Jaqen H'ghar from Game Of Thrones is IRL
The Faceless Man actually has a lovely face I’ll have you know

Erm, has anyone else noticed how ridiculously HOT Jaqen H'ghar from Game Of Thrones is IRL

The Faceless Man actually has a lovely face I’ll have you know

We recently did some snooping into what the cast of Game Of Thrones look like IRL, and we were pretty shocked by a few of them. For example, Varys has the softest, silkiest hairdo we’ve probably ever seen. Plus, did you know that Daenerys isn’t actually a platinum blonde in real life? Crazy, huh?

But nothing compares to this…

Jaqen H'ghar is really, really, really ridiculously good-looking IRL.

In case you’ve forgotten who this Jaqen fella is, you may know him better as the Faceless Man who has been helping/hindering Ayra in her quest to get revenge on, well, just about everyone for killing members of her family.

In the show he wears a grotty grey cloak, and has long red hair. And as much as the layers in his lob frame his face and the highlights bring out his eyes, we wouldn’t necessarily call him Game Of Thrones eye candy. Even in his suit of armour we’re not buying it.

But take one look at the Faceless Man’s Instagram and we think you’ll agree – he’s a slammin’ hottie.

German actor Tom Wlaschiha’s a slammin’ hottie when he’s in black and white…

He’s a slammin’ hottie being a bookworm…

He’s a slammin’ hottie with his shirt off…

He’s a slammin’ hottie as a four-eyes…

He’s a slammin’ hottie on a river…

He’s a slammin’ hottie on a motherfuckin’ boat…

And he’s a slammin’ hottie when he’s with Jerome of Robson and Jerome fame…

As well as Game Of Thrones, 44-year-old Tom has starred in Formula One movie Rush, Agatha Christie’s Poirot and brand new creepy thriller Berlin Falling.

And If I were you, I’d be watching those, plus everything else on his IMDb page, back-to-back until the end of time. But, ya know, do what you want…

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Sasuke holding Sarada for the first time. Did he cry? Please write something short <3

Her body was tiny; entirely fragile, yet fit inside of his large arm with a content smile. Her eyes remained closed, while the tips of her hair held moisture from being washed off.

On the opposite side of the room, Sasuke could make out the quiet questions that Karin asked as she helped Sakura through the remainder of her breathing. Over the course of their conversation, Sasuke’s onyx eyes remained on his newborn daughter.

She was absolutely perfect – the way her nose rounded like a small button, or how her eyelashes reflected the faint light, onyx in color like his own. Her ivory skin held a faint tint of red, and while Sasuke felt his heart beat slowing in speed, his fingers began to tremble while holding her.

“Sarada,” he whispered quietly.

She moved slightly, her head leaning closer to his chest (or as close as she could get), while the cloth that her body was swaddled in held her securely. 

Slowly, until it all happened at once, Sasuke’s mind finally began to process that this was real. She was here; the newest Uchiha.

Obsidian hair, straight and thick, small lips, tiny ears. 

Slowly, he was bringing her closer to his face. The scent of a newborn invading his nostrils until she was close enough that he could press gentle lips to her tiny forehead. 

It was there, that his chapped lips met the silkiest of skin, smooth and fresh in every way, and as he pulled away from his daughter, he was met with a pair of inquisitive, jet black, orbs.

It took a minute, but when she finally focused her sight on him, Sasuke felt his chest well up with something that was hardly noticeable. 

It hurt, the way his throat clenched while his chest constricted. She was gorgeous, absolutely beautiful in the purest of ways.

“Sarada,” he spoke again, only this time, to soothe his newborn daughter.

Sunny Days-chapter 11

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- Honeymoon period begins

Warnings- fluff and smut. Spanking, Masturbation, Sex, Vibrator, Squirting. Yeah, it’s a dirty chapter.

Word Count- about 4.3k

Author’s Note- Yeah, I meant to move the plot forward and it doesn’t seem like that’s really happening but this sets up how Negan is going to try and keep Sunny occupied and distracted from leaving the room. This was not as proofread as usual, because I wanted to get it out asap.

Tag List- @aalexandra2712 @adreamemporium @ali-pennell @alyisdead @andrealind24 @artemisxeros @ashzombie13 @blondesouthsquad @breemacen24 @negans-opheliac @coolgh0st @daintyunicorn @ericuhlohrain @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @flissworld @ladylorelitany @loliftingg @melodicdolls @memphisgirl1977 @miiraal @narcoleptic-moose-winchester @natjm13 @negans-dirty-girl @negansbby @negansxlucille @negans-network @ninjacuddlepile @peachtickler69 @rune-skyjumper @sassyfiedscribbles @shinydixon @starshinesupergirl @superanonymousreader @suzumebailey @thatwriterizzy @thealphaofmultifandoms @vendekk @vivalafuckingpluto @xomissi @withsilverleaves @xdaddy-neganx @ask-kakashihatake @mcnegan @hotfornegan @myheart4ever47 @fiftypercentmoreintoyou @yellatthetopofyourlungs @negansmainwife @jeffreydeanneganstrash @jml509 @collette04 @sweetsweetpeach @azanoni @multireality

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Sunny slowly opened her eyes and snapped them back shut against the bright light that assaulted her vision.

Why are the freaking lights on? Who does that?

She sat up rubbing her eyelids with her palms and tried again. Her eyes adjusted and focused on her new surroundings. Her hands flew to her mouth, smothering her gasp. She sat alone in a beautiful king sized bed with the softest silkiest sheets she’d ever felt. There was luxury dripping off everything in the room. She had never seen, let alone been in a room as beautiful as this one. She was almost afraid to touch anything.

She threw off the downy comforter eager to explore. Goosebumps raised along her bare legs and arms. Looking down, she saw she was clad only in a pink satin slip with black lace that hung low on the tops of her breasts from two spaghetti straps. Her back was completely exposed. The hem reached the tops of her thighs and two slits on either side worked their way up to her hips. Apparently, no panties had been provided. Moving to slide off the tall bed, she looked down and saw two kitten heel slippers with black feathery fluff.

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first time

◦ pairing: reader x hoseok

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.6k

◦ request: hello!! could i request a first time smut with taehyung or hoseok when you have to stay in the same room with him by accident and you two have a crush on each other?

◦ a/n: I changed it up so they’re already dating (sorry I always change up your requests a little, it just helps me actually write them hahahaha im the worst rip), but this was really cute to write! :D

m a s t e r l i s t

“Jagiya, I’m really sorry about this,” he frowned as he straightened out the makeshift bed he made for himself on the ground. This was not exactly what you had expected. You were visiting Hobi in the city, but their dorm was undergoing construction and the boys were on break. Then Hobi came over to your hotel room to spend the day with you, but then you got rained in and then lightning cracked trees down into the streets and it was too dangerous for him to leave. Basically, it was all just one big mess.

“It’s okay,” you mumbled. The warmth of the covers seemed awfully hot tonight, but still, you remained unmoving beneath them, fiddling with the hem of the sheet nervously. You hadn’t expected to stay a night with company, so you brought your silkiest, thinnest, most luxurious pajamas– suitable for relaxing in after a nice hot bath and a book. The heat prickled over your body.

Hobi had been insistent on sleeping on the ground. Of course, you didn’t protest. You had only been together officially for a month or so, and he had been busy for a lot of it. The thought had been in your head since you started dating him, but you were too afraid to initiate anything. “Hey, honey?” You started.

He hummed from somewhere near the foot of the bed. It was too dark to see just where he was. Part of you wanted him to take you rough and just pound into you until you couldn’t see straight, but the other part of you wanted your first time with Hobi to be perfect. “Can you sleep up here?”

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Moon in the 8th House - My Mother was a Witch

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,

Bless the bed that I lie on.

Four corners to my bed,

Four angels round my head;

One to watch and one to pray

And two to bear my soul away

The psychic sets up her shop right on the Moon. With incense burning, dusted occult books full of secrets, and a cursed hand of tarot, the seduction toward the dark side of the moon can turn almost erotic. There tends to be a tremendous intuition for unconscious psychology with Moon in the 8th. The individual is a vessel of psychic activity, riding a crescent moon boat into blackened Scorpio waters, searching for a home amongst the unknown. The individual may be voyaging for lost family members she feels carry pieces of her that were never returned. She searches for a mother figure in gods and angels and invisible comforts. The bond with her own mother is likely quite powerful, and possibly symbolizes a bond that traces back centuries. The intuitive and nurturing energy of the moon is an accelerated method of healing in the 8th house cauldron. The individual knows how to inject healing tonic right into the hidden wound. Like all tonics, it stings like salt, but their power is in their venom, and they cradle their darkness whenever the moon, and their life, escapes into void.

The dance with death is graceful and haunting with Moon in the 8th. There is a kind of acceptance toward death that generates an admirable counsel and wisdom. They can hold the hand and hold the soul of people as they cross over, transporting them toward the light, guiding like a midwife of death. There is a treasured, soothing resonance that expresses through the individual. This can bring incredible peace to the disturbed and broken. All forms of sorcery, witchcraft, potions, generational spells, and ancestral healing rituals reside in the 8th house Moon. She is like the descendant of sorcerers, wielding in her hands the knowledge of ancient bewitching. This relates to the individual’s need to continue family legacies, especially those inherited from female ancestors. The 8th house also relates to karmic debt and legacies. The individual may become the power of attorney for the mother, play a strong advocacy role in her final years, and be the recipient of sacred heirlooms. Moon in the 8th house suggests the family history can involve significant mental illness, abuse, unspeakable secrets, premature death, and institutionalization. As the individual looks back on their life, they barely hold it by seasons or events, but rather previous selves that were burned away. The veil between worlds is leaky with Moon in the 8th. The individual may encounter spiritual events, voices of the dead, demonic interference, and the sense they have inherited a curse. The individual may profoundly and destructively fear the death of the mother.

The longing for intimacy is insatiable with Moon in the 8th. There is a real need to unify, beyond body and form on toward the brink of consciousness. The moment of orgasm is somewhat prophetic in terms of the experience the universe they seek, a naked communion with the invisible where everything slips away but love and soul. What they seek, the walk toward the end, puts the moon in a frantic, hysterical, and vulnerable position. The spells of melancholia, paranoia, histrionic storms generate through extreme emotional experiences that erupt without rhyme or reason. These experiences can also transport the individual to the peak of elation, peeling back the world to reveal gold and underworld milk and honey. Even in the underworld, Hades welcomes his children of the moon, worshiping their psychological expertise, intuitive intelligence, and preparing a cavern of safety, a coffin draped in the silkiest sheets, as he presents a bouquet of black washed roses to celebrate their arrival. The tightrope between life and death shakes and withers with Moon in the 8th. One foot is drenched in a blackened sea of symbols, ghosts, treasure, and omnipresent divinity, while the other flails in materialism, feeling split and isolated, longing to be joined by their family dwelling in the azure. Those ancestors who have passed over speak through Moon in the 8th people. They often use the individual as a sacred carrier of their heritage and place hope in them finishing their incomplete duties. From the ledge of the moon they indulge in occult rituals, paying homage to the women that gave them everything. It illuminates the underworld in luscious light, making it a home, shrouded in cryptic tails that become sweet bedtime lullabies. The mother sings a song of protection, as I lay you down to sleep, I pray the lord your soul to keep, and if you shall die before you wake, I pray the lord your soul to take.



April 2017 Favorites

Skin Care:

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid AND Cosrx One-Step Pimple Pads

No joke: These two products used together have essentially rid me of any acne I experience between periods. For the longest time I was so frustrated: I was doing everything right, but I still had at least one active zit on my face at any given time. So, I finally bit the bullet and added acids into my routine. These two products contain betaine salicylate. This is a gentler form of salicylic acid. They also contain no alcohol! I use the BHA liquid twice a week and the pads everyday. Literal miracle workers! I can’t rave about them enough. 😍 Perhaps a separate review may be in order.

Shara Shara Honey Bomb

As we start to transition into warmer weather, I tend to look for lightweight hydrating layers. This is a perfect example of that. Its a versatile product that can be used as a serum step, a wash -off mask, or a sleeping pack. I find it works best as a serum, because it can be a bit sticky. The scent is heavenly. Sweet natural honey! If they made a perfume, I would definitely buy it.

Skinfood Deep Sea Water Gel Mask

Hydrogel sheet masks can be tricky, what with their super slippery texture. I wouldn’t like to admit that I’ve dropped one (or two) on the floor in the past. As they tend to cost more than typical sheet masks, this hurts my soul. BUT not these masks by Skinfood. They actually stay on my face! Minimal slippage! I got to enjoy the affects this mask had. It made my face soft and moist.


OGX Kukui Oil Conditioner

You’ve probably noticed that OGX brand makes it into my favorites every month. I just love their products! They’re great for my hair, which is curly and dry. The products are a bit of a splurge, but I have very short hair and the bottles last me months. This conditioner is my favorite from the brand so far. The scent is to die for and it’s very moisturizing. For the sake of experimentation, I may branch out in the future, but no doubt I will come back to this conditioner.


Lush King of Skin Body Butter

Body oils are my go to when my skin is extra dry. This one is great for sensitive skin gone off the deep end. It’s on the pricier side, but the bar will last forever. I like to melt some of the bar in my hands and then apply the oil to wet skin. You will have the silkiest skin ever. Period.

Coach Poppy Perfume

This is spring in a bottle. It’s a sweet, floral scent that I find myself reaching for each day this season so far. It’s a lighter fragrance, so if you’re worried about your perfume announcing you to the room, this is for you.


Lancome Juicy Shaker in Piece of Cake

I loooooooove lip oils. Like, LOVE lip oils. When I found out about Lancome’s, I immediately bought three of them. (oops!) Though that’s more of a testament to my lack of impulse control, I’ve fallen for each one. The packaging is adorable (its supposed to be a little cocktail shaker) and there’s a generous amount of product. I also enjoy the sponge applicator. The color payoff is way better than I expected; Piece of Cake is a gorgeous nude-pink. You need to reapply them frequently, as you would expect from a lip oil. Love these. Did I mention that I love them?

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara

My go-to everyday mascara. It’s a very natural looking mascara, adding more length than volume or curl. No flaking, no irritation, no nonsense. (*cough* Better Than Sex *cough*) This is a waterproof formula, but I’ve had no issues removing it at night.


Tazo Earl Grey Tea

This is just so good. There’s a bit of lavender and bergamot in this tea that comes through beautifully. My favorite hot black tea.

Skinny Pop White Cheddar Popped Popcorn

I initially thought Skinny Pop popcorn was meh. I’m likely turned off by their awful name, but I have to yield to their white cheddar. This stuff is the bomb. At 43 calories per cup, I can sit down and power through a bag with zero guilt. It’s so good; comparable to Smart Pop. Excellent late night snack food.

I Despise You - Edmund x Reader (Pt.2)

Warnings: none

Characters: Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie and (Y/N)

Setting: The Golden Age, Narnia

Blurb (???i think???): (requested by @alwaysinnarnia) The reader is a Swordswoman/Knight of Doorn and visits Narnia, soon getting off on the wrong hand with King Edmund. She stays in Narnia and they train together, and they become friends and maybe something more…


“Lady (Y/N)?”

A reply sounded underneath (Y/N)’s breath, but every word sounded like a vicious grunt as she tried to tighten her corset. “I’m. Not. A. Lady.”

She released her numb arms which where twisted behind her back and approached the door. “Who is it?”

“Susan. Uh, are you alright? You sound like you’re in pain.”

“Just fine, your majesty.” The pained girl managed to say before trying to catch her breath.

“May I come in?”

(Y/N) released her tightened shoulders into a slouch and opened the chamber door. Sticking her head out, she saw the High Queen of Narnia looking absolutely beautiful.

Her tall figure was hugged by a dark red dress, and dark hair was out in waves with a golden crown sitting atop her head.

Her blue eyes matched her warm smile as she asked, “It’s the corset, isn’t it?”

“By the name of Aslan, I have never felt this much pain.”

A giggle erupted from her lips as (Y/N) opened the door wider to let her in. In the back of her mind, she was ridiculing herself for the fact that the High Queen of Narnia walked in on her unable to handle a corset.

There was a dinner in half an hour and to be frank, (Y/N) wasn’t too keen on sitting across a certain somebody who embarrassed her earlier today. She hadn’t seen him since she left the training area, and believe it or not, she wasn’t intending to find him either.

The centaur, Wulfric, had shown the new guest around Cair Paravel and escorted (Y/N) to her room after a few hours. The room she was given was decorated with drapes of maroon and gold, as well as silver. The four poster bed was twice the size of her’s back at home and they were fitted with the silkiest sheets she’d ever felt.

It all smelled refreshing and the fireplace had beautiful ornaments and objects on the mantelpiece. A bookshelf stacked with history books and fiction gave off a smell of pure happiness. The lavatory and bath were set up immaculately with soaps and fancy looking liquids in various places. (Y/N) was also provided with a desk and various envelopes along bottles of ink to write back to Doorn once they sent letters.

Wulfric was kind enough to bandage her shoulder which was injured soon after the sword-fight.

“How are you enjoying your stay so far, Lady (Y/N)?” Queen Susan asked politely.

“Please,” the swordswoman grunted, trying to scratch her back. “Call me (Y/N).”

“Here,” she gestured to the corset, “I’ll help with that.”

(Y/N) sighed in relief as Queen Susan led her to the mirror and began to fiddle with the stitching of the garment.

“Your kingdom is wonderful,” (Y/N) stated truthfully. “I haven’t seen anything like it.”

She really hadn’t seen such beautiful scenery before in her life; Doorn was never that connected to the outside world. Military forces was the heart of the country, and to hold a ball was rare and (Y/N) would hardly attend. She never learnt the manners princesses, ladies or Queens learnt; she was only taught how to fight.

Sometimes she’d even think that she was missing out on that ‘exciting’ life of a real princess; with the tiaras and the dresses. But at this moment, as Queen Susan adjusts the reason for (Y/N)’s suffocation, she wasn’t very interested.

She looked at the swordswoman through the mirror and gave a lovely smile. “The people are wonderful and strong, they really make this kingdom what it is.”

(Y/N)’s breathing slowed as she loosened the material. “You know,” she stated. “You don’t have to wear a corset to dinner.”

She mentally slapped myself as the material appeared in Queen Susan’s hands, leaving (Y/N) in a thin gown. She flushed bright red at her stupidity and rushed to the closet to find the simplest gown.

“I’m sorry, your Highness,” the visitor muttered. “We don’t wear gowns or corsets; that might seem ridiculous to you…”

“Absolutely not!” She exclaimed excitedly. “I hope one day all the corsets in this world will burn.”

A laugh escaped both their lips as (Y/N) found a simple long-sleeved, dark blue dress. “How about this, your Highness?”

Queen Susan’s eyes lit up as she walked up to her, admiring the dress with utmost confidence. “It’s made for you.”

(Y/N) grinned and unfolded a screen to change behind.

As she hung up the dress, (Y/N) heard the Queen call before closing the door, “Oh, and please call me Susan. I hate formalities just as much as you do.”


(Y/N) made her way down the hall hurriedly, holding the dark dress in bunches in her fists.

She couldn’t find the bloody dining hall.

Her feet were shuffling awkwardly from time to time to see who was coming around the corner, but the whole place was deserted.

Then she knew it was wrong of her to take too many right turns.

But then, (Y/N) heard an echo of a laugh and her ears perked towards the sound. She didn’t bother wearing fancy shoes, so she just stuck with the leather boots she arrived with.

(Y/N) found a marble staircase soon enough, and took a pause to breathe. The railing was pure gold and the stairs were shining a pristine white, making her wonder how long it took to polish.

She made her way down as fast as she could, feeling her hairdo that a maid had prepared for her fall out. (Y/N) groaned and removed the pins from her hair, rushing her fingers through her scalp which undid the fancy bun.

Sighing with relief, she found the door Wulfric had shown earlier. There were carvings of flowers and fauns dancing through the trees. (Y/N) opened one large door and entered with her head bowed respectfully.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, please accept my-”

Before finishing the sentence, (Y/N) looked at around at the large dining table, which was completely empty.

“Apology,” She huffed in annoyance as she leaned against the heavy doors, catching her breath.

(Y/N) took a moment to admire how unbelievably clean the room was and the red and gold decor that made it seem so pristine. She scratched the back of her neck and took a seat at the end of the long table.

‘Was there another dining room?’ She thought. ‘Was later than I thought?’

“You aren’t late,” a calm voice said. (Y/N) whipped her head around to see a tall, young man with blue eyes. He was wearing a golden crown on his golden haired head.

“You must be…” She stood up swiftly, and bowed. “King Peter. High King, sorry.”

He showed his glistening teeth as he smiled. “Peter. Susan’s told me about you, you seem very respectful.”

“I was taught to be,” (Y/N) answered pridefully.

He walked around the table gracefully and adjusted a crookedly placed fork as the newcomer said, “I heard a laugh. I didn’t know if it was just me-”

“Oh, that was Lucy. We’re seated in another dining hall.

(Y/N) blinked. “You have two dining halls?”

Peter laughed and offered her his arm. “You’re our guest, so we’ll be heading to the guest hall.”

She smiled up at him and took his arm happily as he led the way underneath the stairs and took off to another corridor she hadn’t noticed.

(Y/N) heard the laughter again and pushed the nervous butterflies in her stomach away. Why was she nervous? She tried to push up the sleeves of the dress which started at her shoulders. Self consciousness creeped in and she was beginning to acknowledge how much neck was showing.

The High King let go of (Y/N)’s arm and pushed open the door before him, revealing a intricate marble carved table with the Queens of Narnia sitting across each other on cushioned chairs.

Susan waved (Y/N) over, and after turning to Peter and thanking him, she took the empty spot beside her.

“The dress looks beautiful on you, but what happened to your hair?”


(Y/N) forced a smile. “Must’ve gone undone when I was trying to find this part of the castle.”

The youngest girl giggled. “You really aren’t from here.”

(Y/N) turned to who she guessed was Queen Lucy and recognised her brown-red hair glinting brightly.

“Hi!” She waved happily.

(Y/N) smiled and bowed politely, soon noticing that the dark-haired king was nowhere to be seen.

Queen Lucy giggled once more. “I’ve never seen a girl bow to us. It’s cool.”

(Y/N) frowned. “Am I not supposed to bow?”

The bubbly girl stood up and moved away from the dining table so the newcomer could see her. The queen curtsied, bowing her head and lifting her skirts delicately.

“We curtesy when we come across royalty.” Susan explains after the young girl takes her seat again.

(Y/N)’s ears seemed warm and she felt colour fill her cheeks. Well, this is embarrassing. Another thing her parents hadn’t taught her to do while she was here.

Peter chuckled, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Lady (Y/N). We’ll teach you everything we know before the meeting takes place.”

She gave a small relieving smile and stated warmly, “Thank you, Peter. Also, call me (Y/N); it makes me feel better.”


Almost three hours had past in the dinning room and it was a night she surely couldn’t forget. Jokes were shared, stories were told, and they laughed until tears filled their eyes. (Y/N) felt at home.

Her stomach was still heavy from the enormous meals that were presented to her and the dessert was unbelievable. Peter, Susan and Lucy were still children, but they were so wise; each and every one of them.

Well, expect for the king Edmund who didn’t show up. That was no surprise.

(Y/N) held her bloated stomach that couldn’t handle the dress any longer. She stumbled through her chamber door and locked it after she entered.

As she moved her hand to press against head after her new headache, (Y/N) opened the lavatory door. Her eyes met with a comfortable looking night gown and a hot bath with soaps already prepared.

She sighed and removed her shoes, and not long after a small knock sounded at the door. Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) trudged towards the door, rubbing her sleep deprived eyes and twisted the doorknob.

In front of her stood King Edmund, and his hands were clutching a large wooden box.

(Y/N) looked furiously at him. “Leave me alone.”

“It’s for you,” he said unhesitatingly. “If you won’t take it, then I’ll give it to someone else.”

She rolled her eyes again and began to close the door before he stopped it with his foot. He looked at (Y/N) intently with his dark eyes, the freckles on his cheeks were illuminated in the moonlight. He appeared handsome, she noticed, but still nothing more.

“I apologise for what I did today,” he admitted. “I want you to take this as a gift from me and my siblings for being here.“

She looked at the polished box and exhaled tiredly. “Thank you. Now, hand it over.”

“I’ll put it down beside your bed.”

“No, I’ll take it.” She said sternly.

“Lady (Y/N), this is heavier than you think.”

She scoffed stubbornly. “I’m not a lady. I can handle it.”

He smiled sarcastically. “Fine.”

As soon as (Y/N) opened her arms, he shoved the box to her and soon she felt the heavyweight items in there.

(Y/N)’s hands gripped as hard as they could, not letting the box slip from her and her forearms as they were being marked by its corners.

“So,” he said in a tone of happiness. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast.”

(Y/N) was about to yell in response before he disappeared around the corner.

She huffed a loose piece of hair from her face and banged the door shut with her foot.

“Arrogant. Stupid.” (Y/N) muttered under her breath as she stumbled to set the box down. Upon opening it, (Y/N) found set of polished chainmail, training gear and a brand new sword - the one the kind blacksmith had let her borrow. Was it now hers?

(Y/N)’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices outside of her door, arguing incessantly. It sounded like Peter…

The door suddenly burst open, basically scaring (Y/N) out of her skin, and there appeared Peter with an apologetic smile on his face. “I apologise wholeheartedly for my brother’s behaviour. You’re a guest and should be treated as such, and Edmund should make it up to you.”

(Y/N) looked at the High King’s brother lurking outside of her chamber door impatiently. His dark eyes looks directly into hers, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up when he observed the dress she wore.

“Oh, I forgot to tell the both of you,” Peter reminded himself out loud. “You two will be training together for the next couple of weeks until (Y/N)’s departure.”

“What?” (Y/N) and Edmund exclaimed simultaneously, looking at the High King who tried to hide his smile.

“Starting tomorrow,” he pointed out. “Goodnight (Y/N), Edmund.”

Peter rushed out the door, leaving (Y/N) and Edmund alone, furious. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb. “I don’t have time for this…”

The visitor scoffed, rolling her eyes. “You’re so-”

“What?” He interrupted, stepping inside the room with raised eyebrows. “I’m so what?”

“It’s only been a day and you already hate my guts.“ (Y/N) stated angrily. “It’s not like I burnt your training area to the ground.”

“You really think I care that much about my training area?” He asked.

“It sure seems like it,” She retorted.

King Edmund smiled, not a happy or genuine smile; one that seemed sarcastic and lacked emotion.

He took one step towards (Y/N) with his arms crossed over his chest. His features were lit by the moon once more.

“Never mind me. You’re from Doorn, you might have trouble understanding the concept of territory. I forgive you for using my workspace.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The girl growled defensively.

The king looked directly into her eyes. “You know exactly what I mean.”

“You’re crossing the line-”

“Line?” He inquired. “For a Doorn noble? The irony really is remarkable.”

Fuming, the girl reached for her sword on her dressing table and unsheathed it to direct it underneath the king’s chin. Although, he had a dagger already pointed threateningly against her waist.

(Y/N) felt her cheeks burn with fury and the heartbeat in her ears drowned all the sound. She was a couple of inches away from King Edmund’s face and she could see the wrath in his dark eyes.

He whispered so low, he gave the swords woman chills. “I would say you look better in your fighting gear, but wouldn’t that be offensive?”

Confusion struck (Y/N)’s face and thoughts. “What?”

His eyes flickered to the skirts of her dark blue gown and back to her eyes, his gaze unwavering. He leaned back and removed the dagger from (Y/N)’s side, leaving her in a position of leverage.

She removed the sword from his throat few moments later and sheathed it. The king walked towards the door with his hands folded behind his back with utmost humbleness; like the previous situation never occurred.

“Goodnight, Knight (Y/N).” He farewelled, leaving (Y/N) in surprise when he addressed her by her appropriate title. “We’ll be training hard tomorrow. And by we, I mean you.”

ME:A Fic: Five Gifts (1/1)

Guys. I don’t think I have ever been the first to invent an AO3 tag before. I made this post yesterday night. It’s… been a wild ride?

Pairing: Vetra Nyx/Jaal Ama Darav

Also on AO3


Five Gifts


Some time after the first trip to Voeld—where, yes, maybe she’d complained just a little about the ridiculous cold—Vetra finds a piece of fabric on her workbench. It’s the exact color of her markings, which is strange. Even stranger, the small, delicately-embroidered flowers winding around the edges are gold, and if the fabric is a perfect match for her markings, she can’t help noticing the embroidery’s the same color as her eyes.

It’s a kind of tube. Weird. She has no idea what it’s for. Pretty, though. It’s also the softest, silkiest fabric she’s ever felt, which is saying something because she’s sourced some pretty fancy shit over the years.

There’s no note, no explanation. She asks around, discreetly. She knows how to be discreet. Ryder’s as confused as she is. Drack snorts. Peebee jokes about secret admirers. Figuring it might be some kind of angaran thing, she brings it to Jaal. He’s busy with something, but instead of just turning in his chair or speaking over his shoulder, he stops what he’s working on immediately, rises, and faces her directly, as if she’s now the most important thing he has to think about. She not sure she’s ever going to get used to that. He smiles when he sees the fabric in her hands, but the smile fades when she asks if he knows what it’s for.

“Ah,” he says slowly, as if savoring the single syllable. “You did not get the note?”

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Baby Boy (JB/Jaebum x Male Reader Smut - Submitted)

Author: Finn (aka Finny my beautiful little star who I now see as a sinnamon toasted smut roll) 

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: He just really, really needs his Daddy.

(Warnings: Daddy kink, slight slut-shaming, vibrators, cock ring, overstimulation, Chinese-speaking male reader? obviously you can tell this was a shameless travesty meant to satisfy my own desires, porn with no plot whatsoever ~Finn) 

(Admin Note: i had to put the whole of the actual fic under a cut because it’s all absolute sin. i had no clue Finn could be such a beautiful little slut bagel. but this just follows in his pattern of never disappointing me - his smut is far from disappointing. this fulfills all my hopes and dreams and i hope it does the same for all of you. there wasn’t really anything i had to change about it, it came to me practically flawless. this is something i am so proud to have on my blog. -Tanisha<3)

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anonymous asked:

Carter knew you were insecure, always knowing how to pick up on it. So he buys you the nicest, silkiest soft lingerie he could find, not caring about the price. He'd take in every inch of you when in the satin material, saying how beautiful you are and how lucky he is. He'd take everything slow and do whatever you wanted, kissing every inch of skin. "You like this baby?" He purr while he ate you out, sparkling eyes looking up at you. You'd nod and card your fingers in his hair as he spoiled you.

This gave me goosebumps

Sinful Sunday™

imagine: harry walking around his grand bathroom wearing nothing but a sheer, soft pink robe, long and billowing out around him and the silkiest pair of panties. his dark ringlets fall around his shoulders, and he has the softest pink lipstick on, nail polish to match. he’s holding a flute of champagne in one hand and his phone in the other, which is connected to the surround sound speakers and playing louis’ newest single. the giant tub is filled to the brim with bubbles and harry gently dips his toes in to feel, slipping in in seconds. his skin is covered in glitter from the bath bomb, accentuating his plump lips and gentle green eyes.

imagine: louis walking in and falling in love all over again from the sight.

anonymous asked:

4! Msr of course :)

Photo prompt of a luxurious shower. Post ep for Hollywood AD. Fluff and nonsense.


For every motel they’d stayed in, for every flat pillow, every lumpy mattress, every copper-stained sink, every dusty lampshade, she’d always dreamed there’d be a pay-off. And Hollywood was certainly providing riches beyond her imagination. A luxurious hotel room with a walk-in shower and claw-foot bath, a four-poster bed the size of her childhood bedroom dressed with the silkiest sheets and the softest duvet. A pillow menu named after famous Hollywood icons. She had no doubt that Mulder had chosen an Elvis – deep, sensuous and slightly on the larger side.

She had hesitated over the Meryl Streep – solid and reliable with the ability to take you to unexpected places with its depth or the Marilyn – our sexiest pillow dressed in form-fitting white with a flair for the dramatic. In the end, she opted for one of each.

              A couple of drinks and the arrival of a plate of oysters had Mulder laughing at the movie now. He swallowed his humiliation with the champagne, he’d loosened his tie and rediscovered his smile.

              “It’ll flop, Mulder. There’s no way anyone would part with their hard-earned cash to watch that garbage.”

              Downing an oyster he shook his head. “People paid good money to watch Spice World, Scully.”

              She giggled and pressed her hand over his. She loved this Mulder. Delivering his glib one-liners. Relaxed and social. Happy. Looking hot helped too. Mulder could really rock a tux.

              “Do you want to go to the casino later, Mulder? I have a mean poker face.”

              He laughed. “Well, I know that.”


              “But I’d really like to take you dancing.” His eyes fall to the plate of lobster in front of him and she could swear that he started to blush.

              She chuffed out a laugh. “Oh, Mulder. I can’t dance. You remember my singing? Well, my dancing is even more off pitch than that.”

              Under the table, his knee brushed hers and stayed there. “I liked your singing, Scully. Indulge me.”

Her feet buzzed and her neck ached from holding her hands up to dance with him. Not that she’d ever tell him. It had been such a blast to waltz and sway around the floor in his arms. He was more than competent and he led her in a way that meant she didn’t trip over his feet or miss her cues.

              She slipped her shoes off on the way back and he looped his arm through hers. Alcohol softened the edges of everything and she hummed ‘I could have danced all night’ as they strolled.

              “Favourite movie scenes, Scully? You clearly love the dance scene in My Fair Lady.”

              “It’s such a classic trope, isn’t it? Two opposites eventually finding a way to work together.”

              “A bit like Han and Leia in A New Hope. But work, Scully? Is that what they were doing?”

              She laughed. “I also love the scars scene in Jaws.”

              He looked down at her, mouth open is surprise. “Why have we never watched this movie together? It’s up there with Planet of the Apes for me.”

              “It’s a classic take on working class toughness and the fight against a menace where the victims are universal. I particularly love the science versus spiritualism vs common man theme.”

              They walked on and he shook his head. “I just love the tension that carries the whole movie, Scully.”

He ordered brandy and they sat in a booth in the darker end of the hotel bar.

Midnight Lace is an underrated classic thriller. Doris Day is wonderful as the tormented heroine. The shower scene in Psycho, Rear Window. Any Hitchcock movie. It’s the suspense, Scully. It’s always about the painful anticipation.”

“The barn scene in Witness. Sam Cook singing Wonderful World,” she said. “It’s so romantic.”

              “I see pattern emerging here, Scully. You and dance scenes.”

              “Guilty as charged, Mulder. And here I was imagining that you would be choosing all the best sex scenes.”

              He stretched out and looked wounded. “Some things are best left to the imagination.”

              “So no steamy Richard Gere movies, then?”

              “Nah,” he said, “although that shower scene in Breathless is pretty hot.”

              She tucked a yawn into her fist and laughed to try to hide it. “And the night is young, Scully.”

              She checked her watch. “It’s 3 o’clock in the morning.”

              “And what were you planning to do for the next three hours, Scully?”

              A wellspring of arousal surfaced as he shucked off his jacket. She found herself draining the rest of her glass and reaching out for his hand. “Take advantage of the facilities in our rooms to reduce the painful tension?”

Steam fogged the glass panel as he lifted her onto the shelf that ran around the middle of the shower space. Supporting herself against the side panel, her fingers pressed into the glass and left a pattern of prints in the fog.

              After, Mulder whispered sweet kisses across her face and turned to see the evidence. He laughed and reached out, drawing a heart and adding their initials either side.

              “Best shower scene, ever, Scully.”

Signs as Mermaids

Aries: A merperson with a fiery tail, red and orange scales finishing with fins like flames of a fire, branching out. When they swim, it will look like a fire waving in the wind. Their hair is slightly spiky, and very textured, often in reddish/yellowish colors. It would be hard to see them, as they would be gone if you blinked, the most rapid and quick of all the signs.
Taurus: A merperson with a serene tail, green scales like of a meadow. Their tail is embroidered with pale flowers, and their skin inked in several nature scenes. Their hair is also combed with flowers. Their hair is considered the silkiest of all the signs, looking less and less like hair, and more like a smooth brook. Although slightly slow as they seem to almost be growing from the ground, they can make any living thing/plant flourish and grow quickly.
Gemini: A merperson with a yellow tail. Their tail glimmers in the sunlight, and the ends finish off the tail in two perfectly symmetrical fins. Their skin always seems to be tinted with a rush of blood, and their hair moves around their head as if it were alive itself. In fact, every part of them seems to be alive. If you were ever to look at them from afar, it would be as if they seemed to be dancing, but once you get closer, you see they are still. Their talk could enchant you, they are the most eccentric of all, and could entice you with their ideas. Their eyes are as deep as the sea itself, and they seem to be alive with thoughts.
Cancer: A merperson with a deep purple tail. Their tail is also highlighted with flecks of silver, gold, and dark green. Like Gemini, a Cancer’s skin is always flushed with a tint of red blush, and their hair seems to be an array of colors. It envelopes them in long waves. You can always tell what a Cancer merperson is feeling, when they’re upset their feelings are made known to everyone in the room. All the other signs look to the Cancer as their guardian, and will lean on them.
Leo: A merperson with an opal tail, no one color can be picked out, however, streaks of purples, blues, and golds are quite visible. A Leo’s skin is tinted with gold, when the blush, their cheeks are infused with a sunny color, and gold blood is in their stream. Their hair arranges in a lion’s mane, and when they are angry or surprised, it stands on end. Leo’s are adored in the kingdom, and are often sent tokens of others’ affection, and adorned in luxurious jewels. Pearls will run through their reddish/yellowish hair to show importance.
Virgo: A merperson with a bluish purplish tail. Their hair falls flat except when their emotions are at extremes, in which it gets wavy and curly. Their scales are precise and seem as if they were intricately carved one by one. A Virgo is known for their healing powers, both of the mind, body, and spirit. Most will have a Virgo close to them, either as a friend, or a romantic partner. A Virgo’s home is always tidy, but also bathed in several crystal balls, books, and crystals.
Libra: A merperson with a lilac tail. A libra may have lavender flowers inked on their skin. Their hair is always twisting around in the water as if a harsh wind were rustling through their hair. Many libras will put their hair in intricate styles to keep it from moving it around. Libras are considered the beauty of the sea. You will never see a Libra merperson bump into something or trip while swimming. They gracefully flounder in the ocean, and are brought gifts from other merpeople often.
Scorpio: A merperson with a deep red tail. Their hair is often deep red to match and embroidered with chrysanthemums. Their eyes are always decorated in gems to amplify their scorching gaze. They move slowly and if they look at you, they won’t drop their gaze until their message is put through. They can read you very easily, and like Virgo have several crystal balls, herbs, and crystals.
Sagittarius: A merperson with a light blue tail, streaked with orange flames. The Sagittarius merperson is always the one to go out adventuring, and is quite like the typical Disney mermaid, Ariel. A Sagittarius merperson is always bouncing around, finding new things, going up to the surface to get a taste of the outside world. Their hunger for new things is grand, but useful. Their smile brightens everyone’s day, and their hair seems to go out in every direction, dyed every color of the rainbow.
Capricorn: A merperson with a deep earthy toned tail. The scales are blues, browns, and purples, but they all come together to form a beauty. Their hair is straight, however it seems to tell a story to you. You will not be able to tell how a Capricorn is feeling, because of the set way they swim and look. The way they swim seems urgent, like they have places to be all the time. Anyone who looks a a Capricorn will see a merperson who is a mural of emotions all kept in a cage. Capricorns in the kingdom are typically of royal like the Leos, but prefer less flashy gifts, and the truth is very important when it comes to ruling over the other merfolk.
Aquarius: A merperson with a turquoise tail that almost looks as if it were dip dyed. Aquarius is more subtle than Gemini, not always darting around, yet still full of thoughts and ideas, Their hair is usually an array of colors, typically in the blues and pinks. It seems to float about calmly. An Aquarius is usually dressed in shells and other unusual objects they may come upon. They are not one for conventional beauty, and like to ignore whatever rules are set upon them in the kingdom.
Pisces: A merperson with a pale tail. The color may be pale pink, blue, purple, but is never deep. They have smaller fins attached to their waist, and their scales seem to shimmer in the sunlight. Their hair is either extremely short or extremely long. It typically falls in corkscrew curls or loose waves, also in the pale colors of their tails. You will always be able to tell how a Pisces feels because of the aura they put out. They enjoy the idea of being deep and emotional, and often write poetry or simply sit on the shore and gaze at the moon.

Inspired by this post:

Hosts + Mermaid AU

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this AU for the hosts? So now this is happening.

Haruhi Fujioka

  • Her tail is really quite short
  • It’s a really deep crimson color (like her rose) and slightly rougher
  • She doesn’t have boobs but she’s also not about to let her chest hang out for everyone to see
  • She wears a binder made of cloth she found under the sea but nobody thinks anything of it because Honey does it too
  • The only reason the hosts found out her gender was because the cloth fell off once and showed a shell bra

Hikaru Hitachiin

  • His tail it only a little longer than Haruhi’s
  • His tail’s a pale blue and really pretty!!
  • It’s also really silky for fluid movement
  • Shirtless literally all the time
  • He only wears things that cover his chest when he’s entertaining guests

Kaoru Hitachiin

  • Like his brother, his tail is longer than Haruhi and is pale blue
  • His tail is also very silky
  • The only way Haruhi can tell them apart is that Kaoru has one oddly colored scale that’s darker than his other ones
  • Also shirtless all the time
  • Except when entertaining guests

Kyoya Ootori

  • Has one of the longer tails like Mori
  • His tail’s light purple and almost silky
  • Actually isn’t shirtless a lot
  • He doesn’t like showing it all off
  • Also his glasses are the worst they always float away

Mitsukuni Haninozuka

  • The shortest tail of everyone in the club
  • Pretty pink tail
  • It’s not exactly hot pink but it’s definitely darker than baby pink
  • Wears a cloth binder like Haruhi to keep up the innocent act for the guests
  • Also he swims the most of anyone

Takashi Morinozuka

  • The longest tail of the hosts
  • Dark blue and surprisingly very silky, probably the silkiest of the hosts
  • Shirtless all the time
  • Even when entertaining guests
  • Nobody minds though

Tamaki Suoh

  • Tail in similar size to Kyoya, probably slightly longer but more or less the same
  • Not quite white like his rose color, but rather a very light pink that’s almost white
  • He is more or less always shirtless
  • Unless his guests ask for him to cover up
bedtime w/ h

It was late at night and you are freshly showered. The lighting is dim in the bedroom and Harry and you are both getting ready for bed. You’ve just finished drying yourself off and your eyes linger at Harry’s body when he strips down to climb into bed. You loved that he only slept in boxers. He was leaning against the headboard, watching you prepare for bed with a sleepy grin on his face. You pull on your silkiest pajamas and crawl in next to him. He twists you around so your back is leaning against his front. He wraps an arm around the front of your shoulders in a tight, loving embrace. “Your hair smells so good, babe” he says quietly. You start tracing patterns on his bare thigh, humming in response. Closing his eyes, he starts to drift at your touch. “We should get to sleep, yeah?” he whispers. “Mhm”  you sleepily reply. The both of you lay down and he snakes an arm around your waist, holding you close. He presses a kiss to your shoulder and eventually dozes off to the smell of your shampoo. 

All I desire

A Drabble Games fic requested by @allyallyally-oh, featuring Thranduil

35: “I don’t like it when you cry.”
18: “Do you even care?”

Based on “Imagine telling Thranduil that his heart is as cold as the gems he desires but he says that all he desires is you” from ImaginexHobbit.


You entered the chambers you shared with Thranduil to find him directing the efforts of his personal attendants as they gathered a selection of traveling clothes from his wardrobes. He paused to greet you with a fleeting smile before turning his attention back to the calm, efficient bustle of activity that surrounded him.

“So it is true,” you said quietly. “You’re going to Erebor.”

Thranduil caught the eye of his valet, and with a minute flick of the King’s head, the servant shepherded his assistants to the door and bowed himself discreetly from the room.

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