silkie chicken in a broth

Will bustles in and places a tray with a steaming ceramic bowl on the bedside table. 

“What’s that?” Hannibal wheezes. 

“You must be more congested than you’re letting on.” 

“I’m sure it smells delicious. Especially given the fracas coming from the kitchen.” 

“Chicken soup. My dad made it for me when I was sick. Special family recipe, medicinal herbs and spices. Doubt science would validate, but it always made me feel better.” 

Will helps Hannibal sit up and places the tray on his lap. Hannibal sips gently from the soup spoon. 

“You made me silkie chicken in a broth.” 


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#i still think that soup looks so gross lmao #like take the fucking bones out hannibal jfc#you have knives and i know you know how to use them

Since you bring it up…I’ve always wondered - like, how are they supposed to eat the soup. We only see them using spoons. Will has a fork, oddly off to his right, but we don’t see either of them with a knife. 

How are they supposed to (properly) get the meat off the bones? 

Will someone who knows from silkie chicken in a broth explain? Is it chicken wing time, get yer fingers all soupy?