How much does it cost to make a shirt?

One of the toughest things that U.S. clothing manufacturers (like us at Silk and Cyanide) deal with is trying to explain our huge price difference. Consumers just don’t know how much labor actually goes into clothing manufacturing. We live in world with such amazing technology, and the truth is that apparel making has not come as far as the cellphone has. We found this graphic over at CNN and it creates a pretty stunning visual. 

Look at how cheap labor is in Bangladesh! The material cost is 15 times more than the construction! And now compare that labor cost of $.22 to $7.47 - U.S. labor costs are almost 34 times higher. One of the ways we brush off cheap labor is by thinking that clothing takes no time at all to make; but if a shirt takes roughly the minimum hourly U.S. wage… that means a overseas worker makes 22 cents/hour.

Are you okay with that? We’re not.