Vegans:::: what do ya think of buying second hand clothes that aren’t vegan (like wool and silk) bc like ur not directly supporting the industry but stilll? Anyways I’m conflicted


A rare Paul Poiret day dress, circa 1926-27, 

Navy gabardine with pink knitted-wool plastron and cuffs, peasant-style embroidery in navy and gilt threads, silver metal lobed sequins with pink silk French knot and gold thread undulating bands, the back with three decorative vertical bands and belt, which fastens at the front, integral silk camisole with press-stud closure concealed behind the decorative front panel


This is a 14th century style hood I was commissioned to make a few months ago for another member of The Royal Court of Chesterwick. I seriously love making hoods and I seem to have a knack for designing them, so I thought I’d have a go at making one for someone else.

The main body of this hood is made from brown wool, with the gussets being a beautiful wool/ silk blend. The lining is green 100% linen. Interior seams for this one are machine overlocked (because it’s for LARP, not reenactment), with all exposed stiching hand finished with silk and wool threads. Around the face it’s finished with a green silk blanket stitch, with an overcast stitch in brown wool along the bottom.  I made this hood to fit snuggly around the neck, with a relatively short liripipe that sticks out the back when worn up.

I’m super happy with how this turned out, and Peter was also pretty thrilled. he accessorised with some cast pewter pins which worked really well.

Last photo credit to @theprohobby, taken at Swordcraft Spring Quest 2016.


My choice of footwear was inspired by my new square by Olof Nithenius. The brand will be launching soon and I am looking forward to it!

The square is a wool-silk fabric like Drake’s and the image is one in a series of collaborations between Olof and a number of artists so they’re refreshingly different.