This spin just finished: it’s wool, bamboo, silk, linen, and <15 micron young alpaca, which is a little ridiculous but kinda cool. It’s meant to be another bamboo-and-wool handspun scarf, like the other one, but now I really like it and want to make two so I have one for the shop and one for a gift - but can I do a longer warp in this handspun on my little baby loom without breaking threads? Do I want to spin another 500 yards of this as fast as I can when this kind of project already makes me feel like the slowest at spinning? 

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Do you think it's possible to truly be against animal cruelty if you are a vegetarian and not a vegan? (Assuming you research products and companies before u purchase)

I think that its evident that you definitely have good intentions and want to make a difference. However by being vegetarian, you are still contributing to animal cruelty. Theres more cruelty in a glass of milk then there is in a piece of meat. 
While it it impossible to be 100% cruelty free in every aspect these days (eg: driving on a road- road is lined in animal fat, glue to make shoes is normally animal derrived etc)  you can still attempt to make a large contribution by doing what is possible. That being, going vegan, buying cruelty free products (makeup, skin/haircare products), not wearing wool/leather/silk etc. xx


Finished with this fiber sketch! Reminiscent of lush moss.

There are a lot of different fibers in there- acrylic, wool, cotton, silk, and I think bamboo rayon? The piece is about 10 inches long and 7 or 8 inches wide, and would look best mounted in a shadowbox or on some nice matboard.

It’ll be up on my Etsy shop soon, but PM me if you’re interested in it. I’m potentially interested in doing art swaps if any of y’all would be up for it!

Sneak “peek” at one of the beautiful limited-ed. scarves I’ve handpainted for you. The Oxblood Facet scarf in silk/wool blend. We’ve had website hosting issues, so We’ll be moving the site over to our Squarespace stead over the weekend :(((