4 New sticker designs for my upcoming shop (soon available as set)

pic 1 digital master for silk-screen-printing

pic 2 sketches with red ink and watercolor

pic 3 and 4 manual silk-screen-printed stickers (scanned and photo)


Feeling nostalgic for old (after)school Disney?


new hand screenprinted stickers now in my new etsy shop:

Project of the day: Printing wooden structures. I thought it would be crappy and boring, so I decided to make it in gray colours to get away from the photo realistic. The layers are made in GIMP as thresholds. Turns out, the result is perfect. I’m really happy! First I printed the background iris style (not blending the two colours to one but keeping them kind of separated until they’re pressed trough the screen). The second colour is blended completely. I have three more layers to print but I think I will keep at least one as it is. I also plan to print the layers separately to see what the effect is. This is going to be fun!


The last 4 weeks i have been watching old x-files seasons during work, so I made a little fan-art of Scully and Mulder. i also made  some silk-screen-prints of it. is someone interested in one of this selfmade silk-screen prints? 

Edit: You can buy Silkscreen-Prints here: