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Technically, artificial flowers are endless, regardless of whether they would survive or their rareness. Think having a nice raffelsia at home! However, there must still be demand and supply. But what if someone wants it custom? I have a character interested in exotic arrangements but actual flowers aren't possible (wrong weather, import laws, lifecycle) so fills their home full of artificials.

Hi Nonny!

Custom made silk flowers are certainly a niche, which means there is a possibility to fill it, but only with a steady and ongoing demand like you already pointed out. Someone who will only specialise in custom silk flowers, pouring all (or at least a greater sum of) their resources into it, needs to get their money from somewhere and that may be either a well-going business, family/inheritance or another job. They will have to buy materials, possibly pay subordinates or co-workers, rent, food, furnishings for a store, website maintenance – all the things they need to keep their life and the business running. Your character’s best bet might be to offer an established variety of handmade flowers, but additionally the option to craft custom flowers. Their price then will likely depend on the time and materials it takes. The florist might use money they already have to get started, but they will have to make up the cost of developing and creating the unique custom flowers through the price of selling them. If they think the can sell those flowers to more people, they may take that into account, but otherwise, your character may need to pay the full “Research and development” costs.

There are florist shops which specialise in silk flowers, making only silk arrangements and there are shops specialising in handmade silk flowers, as well, but it doesn’t seem there those which offer custom options.

Making silk flowers by hand at home should be possible though, given your character has the right materials, some dedication and their fingers aren’t all thumbs. Although they are often made from polyester these days, it doesn’t have to be the norm and your character could also use carved or formed soap, ground clay or nylon netting stretched over wire for the construction. There are a lot of videos on youtube about how to make silk flowers yourself if you want something more visual.

Now, potted plants like rafflesias aren’t the same deal as peony heads when crafting, since they include quite a lot more materials and have to have a balanced weight so they don’t topple over, but it should be doable as well. Considering your character won’t have to worry about nurturing the plant realism can go more or less out the window when it comes to the pot and footing of the plant. This entirely depends on how important it is to your character, it won’t die just because it has to fit in with the aesthetic of their home.

Since you really seem to want those custom silk flowers for your story, I’d say go for an online shop, it is the most likely to work out for the scenario. But your character might have to search a little before they find them since it might be easy to overlook unless they know about it or are specifically looking for it.

Florists shops usually only stock up on silk flowers when it gets too cold for anything else or if there is a demand or both, however, they can be bought almost anywhere these days as long as there is a demand. The company I work for always hauls out silk flowers when it’s freezing cold outside so we have at least something to put outside. They’re stored in some warehouse the rest of the year till the frost comes creeping in again.

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Can I use fake flowers in spells/rituals? I live near a craft store so it's a lot more cost effective for me.

I found an interesting discussion about this very topic, hopefully it will provide you with some insight, it is here.

I can only speak from my own personal experience and that is I have used fake flowers as decoration and as part of my altar and shrines, but I have yet to use them for spells and rituals as I tend to work with fresh or dried flowers and herbs as I have easy access to them (most of my herbs are kitchen herbs and spices and teas tbh) and I grow my own as well.
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