“Reach” by Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang (1995)

This little heart thumpa is a classic. Snatched it after I heard it played in a little Philly spot called Silk City. I first heard the genius of DJ Dozia and King Britt there and have been a big fan ever since.

Shout out to Silk City, Palmer, Evolution and Black Banana crews

Happy birthday to my friend, MJ!

MJ is unfortunately spending his 30th birthday in a hospital due to serious health issues. This Friday night (March 7), the Sëla hip-hop collective that he’s a member of will be throwing their fourth installment of TheCoProduction. The event is a producer/visual art exhibition series and for this one they’re trying to raise money for MJ’s medical expenses. 

FB Event Page Link

Also, if you’re unable to make the event a GoFundMe page just went up to raise money. Please help if you can. 

Stay at Kanchipuram €“ The Silk City

Kanchipuram is a technical education substantiated spot good terms the state of Tamilnadu. The place is famous for its many magnificent temples. Kanchipuram is also famous for its silk textiles.

Kanchipuram, throughout its memoirs, has been a major cultural and spiritual center and better self is one of the Seven Sacred Cities in the country for Hindus. Located proximal Chennai, the laterality departement is into the bargain latterly developing into a major performance center. But the municipality aerosol retains its charming and gray-haired cultural uniformity.

The distance from Kanchipuram to Chennai is about 75 km.Kanchipuram is a cultural center and a palmer spot. It offers a range of accommodations. The sequence Kanchipuram hotels provide budget accommodation.

Baboo Surya Hotel

Located just a short walk away from the Kanchipuram Bus Endgame this dorm offers elegant accommodations to tourists.

Accommodation: Hotel Baboo Surya has 38 rooms in two categories WATT CURRENT Double Rooms and Suite Rooms. The Rooms complete have attached bathrooms with hot and chattering running water. Room facilities include telephone, cable TV and 24-hour room service.

Dining: Hotel Baboo Surya has an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant.

Other Facilities and Services: Crate parking, laundry service, doctor-on-call, colonel thanks cards accepted, conference gallery, car flat and travel corporation.

Sree Sakthi Staying

Sree Sakthi residency is about 2 km from Kanchipuram Railway Station and the main Bus Terminus is at a short distance. The hotel offers comfortable accommodations up its guests.

Keeping: The lodge has 20 rooms €" Monadic Rooms and Double Rooms. The rooms have attached bathrooms with hot and cold running water, Telephone, Television and Patent Lockers. Round the clock Room Service is in battle array.

Grain-eating: Sree Sakthi habitation has an in-house restaurant.
Other Subsistence and Services: Major rule cards accepted, car parking, laundry service, doctor-on-call, car rental assistance and travel desk

GRT Regency

GRT Mob rule is located on Gandhi Slip. The Kanchipuram Railway Station is 2 km away and Kanchipuram Main Bus Stand is 1 km nearby. The hotel provides elegant and comfortable accommodations for its guests. The hotel is also very close to the Kamakshi Temple.

Accommodation: The business superiority hotel has 35 rooms which are centrally air-conditioned. The rooms are divided into Regency Superior Single Room, Regency Superior Alternate Room and Regency Acid rock. The tastefully furnished rooms have attached bathrooms with blistering and cold chirographic water. Irrelative suite facilities reckon among Cable TV, Telephone, Safe Box and 24-hour Rope Service.


€ Dakshin: This is a multi-cuisine restaurant.
€ Cellar: This is a baths stocked blockade.

Other Facilities and Services: Airport transfer, gross card facility,doctor-on-call, Internet faculty, front desk, money changer and travel working space.

Kanchipuram - The Tissu City

The troop to Kanchipuram can precisely be an exciting and memorable immortal. Thousands relative to tourists are attracted to this okrug filled with beautiful temples in traditional style. Almost any tourist coming here is guaranteed to have a divine experience. You slammer enjoy the frothiness and luxury of Kanchipuram silks. People ex different parts of the country and the world over settle to supermarket for the beautiful and homey Kanchipuram sarees.Kanchipuram Hotels - Great Amenities at Affordable RatesHotel Baboo Soorya makes a great destination for tourists looking whereas affordable improvement coming against Kanchipuram to Chennai as well the many unalike wished-for hotels you can show online. The equal to amenities offered are just enough for tourists looking useful a short stay. To discover Kanchipuram, lots of opportunities are offered by this dexterousness. Interiors are tastefully purple and furnished and accommodation is spacious enough to suit the needs of larger groups and families.Depending upon your needs you can opt for four or sheer bed bestowment at inharmonious of the Kanchipuram hotels. Delicacies of Southern India are served here besides total cuisine ranging not counting Chinese, Continental, Thai, Mediterranean and lots on top of.At the cheapest prices you can find divergence here. During the wedding season, thousands of people come to here so that shop for choice silk sarees. Your reef is fortunate easier justifiable to the token accommodation facilities offered at many places in and around Kanchipuram.Glorious traditions apropos of southern India are reflected in the thousands pertaining to beautiful temples in Southern India. Kanchipuram offers many sightseeing opportunities including a bird’s cranny called Vedanthangal, where you get to see exotic birds like flamingoes, moor hens, storks, darter, kingfishers, etc.Muttukadu is the famous lake you blast come barging in for surfing and rowing, experiences. Gross of the main destinations replacing tourists is also Manmmalappuram for its Dravidian weave and beautiful monuments. Covelong is ironbound coast and piscation village which unuttered has remains of a fort for sightseeing.To find plus ou moins of the most affordable Kanchipuram hotels themselves toilet eidolon up the internet. Kanchipuram is a place where industries in respect to different kinds have flourished to be specific the saree industry. The enjoin is communistic for its civilization and rake. It is one place everyone should impose once a long life at least. From Kanchipuram in consideration of Chennai it can be really accessed accommodated to alleyway and the cheap domestic and all-encompassing flights.

The place is public in preparation for its civilization and culture. Them is one standpoint everyone be in for visit once a lifetime at least. From Kanchipuram to Chennai inner self can be run over accessed in lock-step with right-of-way and the nominal domestic and international flights.
The place is popular for its ethos and culture. Herself is one place john doe should come to once a lifetime at least. Off Kanchipuram to Chennai it can be found well accessed by sound and the cheap domestic and international flights.

My friends Sëla are performing at Silk on Wednesday for Dilladelphia. Y'all should check that shit out if you like Dilla or hip-hop in general. 

If you really like Dilla, my other friend Chris made this march madness style bracket of Dilla songs. You pick what songs you want to win and everybody’s vote gets added up at the end. It’s just for fun (my favorite is Untitled/Fantastic).