What witch, Andromeda, addled your wits?
Some farm-girl with her faded calico
Dragging in the dust. This season,
Hemlines skim slim ankle-bones
And we wear silk
In the city.
—  Sappho, Fragment 57. Trans. Anita George

“Reach” by Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang (1995)

This little heart thumpa is a classic. Snatched it after I heard it played in a little Philly spot called Silk City. I first heard the genius of DJ Dozia and King Britt there and have been a big fan ever since.

Shout out to Silk City, Palmer, Evolution and Black Banana crews


ITS ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back of Bodice, Black and White Gown 

Working with satin brodcade, on complicated forms, required skill and expertise in piecing and sewing. These two photographs show the back of a turn-of-the-century black and white gown made for a fashionable and wealthy New York City woman. Note the skill of the dressmaker in carefully matching the pattern in interesting ways down the back center seam (see top photo).  Also, quite eye catching, is the stem and leaf pattern that frames lace decoration (see bottom photo). 

Back of Bodice, Dress, ca. 1895-1900, M.E. Clancy, silk, cotton, L: 60in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Mrs. Walter J. Green and Charles Childs, N0132.1951ab, Photographs by Richard Walker.


…the first silk processing occurred in this building as well and in the 1840’s when the demand for silk grew the mill expanded adding 3 new buildings to the lot. The factory expenses began to grow and soon became too much to handle and in 1842 the property was seized for back mortgages…

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Royal Gown

Early 20th Century

Belgrade, Serbia

In the latter half of the 19th century it was popular to design gowns for European royals reminiscent of various historical periods. This dress style was also present at the court of King Alexander and Queen Draga Obrenović. Respecting the queen’s wishes, all ladies-in-waiting and wives of royal aides-de-camps and of orderly officers wore ball dresses inspired by medieval rulers’ gowns. This unique dress belonged to Danica, wife of the king’s assistant adjutant. (Belgrade City Museum)

Belgrade City Museum


Collection’s Highlight: Teal and Black Polka Dot Bodice with Swirly Lapels

Love this one.

I can just imagine the conversation when the materials were chosen: “Yes, I am thinking black silk polka dots, of course teal silk at the cuffs and collar, because that is just the thing. And please if you could, I am going to need swirls all over the lapels, also the bigger the lapels the better. In fact carry that swirl onto the back of the bodice. Yes, that will be just the thing-truly just the thing.” 

Just me? Ok. Enjoy! 

Bodice, Late 19th Century, Silk. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Florence Thompson and Mrs. Albert Brogle, N0416.1945. 


made some hand silk-screen-printed busieness-cards on yellow and pink paper (about 9 cm x 6,5 cm)

so every Little Card is a bit diffrent and a little original :)

pic 1. digital master for printing

pic 2. scanned cards

pic3. cutting the cards