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Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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she brings me to her altar
candlelit and incense sweet
offering up her satin chalice
pink pearled and lusciously
laced with musky liquid silk  
entombed within her warmth

her satin chalice // midnite-ride


a few years into the hazy future, i live by the sea. i wake up every morning to a smoothie that tastes like berries and honey. in valleys like the dip of  a mountain’s spine, yellow flowers gather. poems flow from my mind to my tongue like silk. and i write them down.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #338

Being tangled around in silk sheets always reminded me of you.

They way it feels soft from tips of my toes to the freckles on my face.

The way it feels like the nicest thing in the world; something I would never feel uncomfortable in.


Another thing about being in silk sheets is that I’m reminded of how much I cried into them, because of you.

Something that might look and feel good, can also hurt you in the end.

—  @loveactivist // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #11

Do not come to me dressed in armor and brandishing a sword, I’ve already slayed all my dragons and I don’t need a knight anymore.

Do not come to me dressed in fine silks with a slew of gifts in tow, I can provide myself with luxuries as I’m well-equipped to do so.

Do not come to me on bended knee begging for my hand, they are busy building this life of mine though you may not understand.

Instead, if you must come to me, do so as yourself stripped bare. Come to me with soul in hand, prepare to show me that you really care.

Show me the calluses on your hands from building your own life, the scars on your heart from the demons you fight, the burns on your skin from the dragons you’ve slain, and if you can do that then maybe I’ll do the same.

—  [s.bucks]
#94 // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could write something about Jason seeing Dick doing a trapeze act and just being in awe with how talented his boyfriend is?

I was thinking to myself “How do I write this one? How do I approach it?” and then I was reading another fic and the beginning dialogue popped into my head and wouldn’t leave and that’s the glory of writing folks! It’s not that much, but I think it was a cute little drabble?

“You didn’t have to come with me,” Dick said as they pulled up to the warehouse, both of them getting out of the car and Dick slipping a duffle bag over his shoulder. 

“I know,” Jason said as they stepped up to the doors, opening them and stepping into the large space. “It’s just that I’ve never seen you do this before.”

“You’ve seen me do acrobatics before,” Dick said as he signed in at the desk. 

“In the field,” Jason told him, referring to the way he’d seen Dick do acrobatics in combat or while flinging himself between buildings. He’d seen Dick doing some stuff at the gym, but never anything close to what he’d done when he was with the flying Graysons. 

“I can promise you this won’t be nearly as exciting,” Dick said as he walked back into the large space. It looked like a gymnastics gym with some of the same things; uneven bars, a foam pit, mats everywhere. But then there were hoops and aerial silks hanging from the ceiling and a mock tightrope set up. There was a large space in the back half of the warehouse with a net hanging below it, loose and ready to catch anyone that might fall. 

“Sure, Pretty Bird,” Jason replied as he followed Dick to the back of the room. Dick opened his bag and chalked up his hands. 

“It’s not as impressive with one person,” Dick told him. “The hoop or the silks are more for one person than this is.”

Jason was quiet as Dick climbed the ladder. It may not be as interesting, but as Dick gripped the bar and swung out into the air, it became clear to Jason that he was born there. Dick swung out and alternated between holding the bar with his hands and his knees. He moved to the second bar with ease, grabbing onto it and doing the same movements around it before going back to the original bar with a few flips.

Jason watched as Dick swing through the air like it was as easy as swimming and he clapped when Dick landed on the platform with a flip and barely a sound. He climbed down the ladder and when he reached the bottom, Jason handed him a water bottle. 

“See,” Dick said, hair mussed from the wind and a grin on his face. “Not that impressive.”

“It was beautiful,” Jason told him. “And even if it wasn’t, the look on your face is so stunning, I want to come here with you every week so I can see it.”

Dick laughed and gave Jason a gentle nudge with his foot, but Jason saw the blush coloring his cheeks. Jason kissed it, because he could, and Dick kissed him back before he pulled away. 

“Come on, I’ll show you the silks so you’ll know what an impressive performance looks like.”

Jason followed behind Dick and looked at the sway of his hips. “I’m impressed already.”

He caught the water bottle Dick threw at him, and Dick had a smile on his face the entire time he did his silks routine. 

Benevolence 4

4/20 This chapter is pretty laid back just Y/N and Lisa working a few flashbacks and a phone call with Yixing. (I’m writing the next chapter right now) Next chapter will be much better than this. It’s only two chapters away from the real drama that’s going to go down.

Word Count: 2,800

I was alone I made sure of it, Baekhyun had took Taeyeon with him to the grocery store. As for me I faked being sick so I could make my escape, by know I had tried to leave three times. First two I stayed because he convinced me as for the third. “Y/N, you’re mine I need you here with me having just Taeyeon isn’t enough.” He basically shouted the same excuse at me before offering me an opportunity to become one of the head designers at SM. I tried to dedicated myself to just that so I could avoid him at all costs.

For a while it seemed to work I came home late at night so I didn’t have to see him or Taeyeon and woke up before either of them so I could go to work. Eventually, Baekhyun caught on, one night after coming back from SM he was sitting on the couch holding three of my newest pieces.

“What are you doing Baek?”, I asked trying to mask the small tint of fear in my voice. Of course, I wasn’t scared of him, I was scared that he’d finally caught on.

“You get off of work the same time my fourth round of practice ends. I know because you’d always come tell me you were leaving before you went home. It’s 1:32 AM, Jagi that’s four hours later.”, His voice was low and words came out slowly. He was exhausted you could hear it in each of his words.

“Go to sleep Baekhyun, you sound crazy.”, I muttered turning to head upstairs to take a shower.

“I haven’t been able to do that either.”, He blurted out stopping me from walking any further.


“I know you haven’t been sleeping in the bed lately it makes it harder for me to sleep. We don’t talk anymore Y/N. I’ve decided that you don’t need that head designer position at SM.” His hands gripped the items of clothing that I  designed in his fingers.

“Enough with the bullshit Baekhyun, you’re not going to have control over me.”, I snapped tired enough as it is. “You know how important this dream is to me. Why would you even consider thinking you could snatch it away from me?”

He stood on his feet letting the dress, coat, and bodysuit fall to the floor. Does he have no respect? I scoffed as he inched towards me an unfamiliar glint in his eyes. It made him seem uncontrollably desperate.

“Give me a kiss.” He demanded as his feet came in contact with my sock covered ones towering above me.

“Taeyeon is upstairs, go kiss her.”, I sighed going to turn around again but, a firm grip on my arm stopped.

“I miss my baby now give me a kiss.”

“I need to shower.”

“Then I’ll come with you.”, He insisted.

“What the hell do you want Baekhyun?”

“To know why you’re avoiding me.”, His arm now wrapping around my waist sneakily.

“I tried to break up with you psychopath but, you won’t leave me alone if I do leave. Then you threaten my job to get me to stay.”, I snapped at him desperately trying to get out of his grasp.

“Yes Y/N, I’m a psychopath wanting my girlfriend whom I’m deeply in love with to stay with me.”, He sarcastically muttered. “Now let’s go take a shower.”

I was tired physically and of his shit so, I went upstairs with him. Then once again I feel deeply into his trap, while Taeyeon was always there to remind me that none of this meant anything. Which brings us here, the two of them out of the house while I’m trying to leave unnoticed.

Carefully taking the rest of my designs off of the rack and folding them into my suitcase. I couldn’t deal with this anymore, I had enough talent to land another top notch designing job. Constantly being hurt by Baekhyun just wasn’t worth it anymore.

“What are you doing, Baby?”, A raspy voice interrupted my getaway. My back was towards him and I had no intentions of turning away. I was too soft on him for the longest of times, I accepted this relationship with Taeyeon to make him happy. Now that I’m in it I don’t even understand why I’m here, all of his attention is on her.

“Taking a trip, a get the fuck away from you trip.”, I mumbled sarcastically throwing some spare fabric in the trashcan.

“Get back in bed sweetheart you’re still sick.”, He ignored my last statement walking over to me trying to snatch the suitcase out of my hand.

“What’s going on?”, Taeyeon’s voice entered the room.

“Of course, you enter the room now.”, I deadpanned trying to snatch the suitcase away from Baekhyun.

“Enough with the bitchy comments Y/N.”, He snapped on me. 

“Enough with riding her dick Baekhyun.”, I threw back at him.

“Taeyeon go downstairs please.”, He spoke giving her a loving filled look. She glanced at me with a look I’ve never seen before. It wasn’t filled with hate or envy but disappointment, what the fuck was her problem? Her eyes never leaving my face as she walked out of the room, neither of us spoke until her foot steps had become silent.

“Let go I’m leaving and I don’t want to hear any of your excuses or bribes.”, I muttered finally getting him to let go of the suitcase. “I can build another career in fashion but you however, I’ll die if I have to stay with you and Taeyeon.”

I was finally leaving him it felt like nothing, because in truth no matter what he did a small piece of my heart stayed loyal. 

“What about the promise you made to us?”, He whispered lowly. The promise I made to myself and to him and to her. It was my pride I’d never forgive myself if I ended up like her but, was being in this situation really worth it? I felt his arms wrap themselves around my waist bringing me closer to his chest.

“Baby, I’m fighting for you because I don’t want you to regret this later on in life. When you told me about our promise it broke my heart what happened and now you just want to throw it all away.”, He pecked the back of my head.

This was far deeper than any petty “I promise I’ll love you forever.” promise this was my life.

“Fine.”, I couldn’t let her win not this time. “I’ll stay but please give me some space I really need it.”

“I’m going downstairs call me when you’re ready to take a shower.”, He spoke ignoring my request of space. It didn’t really matter though he’d pay attention to me for three days until, he was back to walking past me to kiss Taeyeon. For now I’ll stay it’s not like I had anywhere to go at the moment anyways. I had plenty of money it’s just really important for me to be saving it right now. I just don’t know how much more I can handle being treated second best until I’m ready to leave.

I remember those days, they went through my head often when I was alone with nothing to do. It wasn’t worth thinking about now really, I was too deep in. A week and a half had past since my birthday, things haven’t really changed except for Baekhyun trying sweet talk me more often. Taeyeon tried to act like she mad at him for a few days until she was back to running around giggling and cuddling with him. I couldn’t do it, at least not anymore when I looked at him my heart wasn’t telling me to just forgive him and share him. It was telling me to just focus on my career.

In order to truly get away from him for the day I went over Lisa’s to finish the rest of the designs. These dresses needed to be perfect in order for the rest of the companies to take me seriously. I was already at Lisa’s dorm but, she seemed to be running late.

“20 inches of lace fabric and 30 feet of silk.”, I mumbled writing down the measurements of the second dress. “Client is 5 feet tall and weighs 123 pounds.”

“Wow you work fast.”, I heard a female voice giggle. Lifting my head up to see Lisa standing behind me with a dress in her hand. It was beautiful she must’ve worked very hard on it.

“When did you get here?”, I questioned snipping off three inches of fabric. 

“Sorry I was late I needed to finish the last dress. You really do take this seriously?”, She chuckled realizing I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was say. 

Giving her a small chuckle of my own I responded. “I know it may not look like it but, this is what truly makes me happy. Putting all of your hard work into something only to see the beautiful outcome.”

I didn’t see if her expression had faltered I was too focused on the project. I had 23 more inches of fabric to sew while adding the lace to the front of it.

“You seem like your almost finished do you need any help?”, She asked slipping the dress on the rack. I was getting ready to reject her offer when my cell phone started to ring. Lifting my foot off of the foot petal I,checked the number it was Yixing.

“Yeah can you take over for a couple of minutes I need to take this.”, I turned to Lisa watching her look at my graph design.

“Of course.”, She replied smiling widely slipping onto the stool while I got off. Walking off to a more private area to answer the phone.

“Hey what’s up?”, I tried to sound more enthusiastic than I was was.

“Hey what you doing in a couple of days?”, He asked me hope laced in his words.

“Not anything that I know of why?.”

“Come fishing with me and the guys, please Y/N.”, His voice begged.

“Why do you want me to come?” 

“Baekhyun been acting like a dickhead lately and SM just so happened to invite Taeyeon and the rest of us don’t think it’s right if you’re not here.” He confessed.

I almost forgot that they still think Taeyeon is Baekhyun’s ex girlfriend. Was Baekhyun even going to tell me that they were going fishing? I can’t be angry though, because I’m never home anymore so I guess even if he didn’t want to tell me I wasn’t around.

“I understand if you don’t want to come. I can tell you Baekhyun have been going through a patch ever since your birthday.” He muttered softly.

“I’ll come since you begged so nicely.”, I giggled into the phone.

“Thanks Y/N we’ll make sure you’ll a good time.”, Yixing promised.

“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later don’t forget to meet me at Parakiss tomorrow.”

‘Yeah, I won’t see you later.”

I hung up the phone and made my way back to Lisa’s room only to hear something I don’t think I was meant to.

“So that’s it you’ll just crawl back to her. You don’t love her because if you did you wouldn’t have came to me.”, She snapped  before ending the call. 

My eyes traveled towards the dress, she had finished it no problem, good now I could relax a little.

“How much did you hear?” She pitifully asked.

“All of it but, that’s not my business the dress is finished and that’s all the matters. I’ll drop them off at the gallery on my way home.”, I spoke grabbing the two dresses we worked on today. I felt kind of bad for not even attempting to comfort her however, by the sounds of things she was the other woman. I didn’t want to get caught in anyone’s relationship drama.

“Just a word of advice get out of that mess.”

Her head shot up and gave me a look of confusion. Before she say anything I beat her to it.

“It’s not worth it, he’s the one who doesn’t love you if he did why would he still be with her? Just leave him alone, believe me it’s better to leave now or else you’ll be in a position where you’ll be hurting yourself by leaving him.”, I spoke turning my back on her.

“It’s not worth it.”, I mutter one last time before walking out the door. “It’s not worth it.”

Walking back into the apartment I kicked off my shoes. I hope everything is okay with Lisa and whoever she’s dating she seemed kind of down about it. In all honestly I couldn’t bring myself to care too much, just thinking about ‘relationships’ make me sick. 

It makes me sad thinking about how quickly my affection for Baekhyun was fading. I can’t say whether or not he still cares about me or if he was even truly sorry for what happened that day because I’m never around to listen. I know he isn’t stupid enough to think I’m just accidentally busy, I’m doing everything on purpose. I don’t even have the urge to leave him anymore, this is just a place to stay. Obviously he still thinks we’re together and I guess we are yet, I have no desires to be in a relationship. Not only is an entirely different situation keeping me from leaving him but also his form affection for me.

I can never be too upset with him because I know somewhere within in him he loves the people in his life so much..I’m just not one of those people. 

“Long time no see.”, A chuckle brought me out of my thoughts. Looking up to see Taeyeon dressed in one of a Baekhyun’s shirts with some sweatpants. “You’ve been working a lot lately. I guess we both have actually haven’t been home much lately either.”

I didn’t give not one fuck about what she was doing.

“I made dinner we already ate but, I made sure to set you plate for when you got home.”, She spoke noticing my lack of response.

“Thanks I’ll eat it later.” I responded.

“No you’ll eat in now, I haven’t seen you eat in awhile.”

Did this bitch really just try and order me to eat?

“Taeyeon, you clearly heard what the fu-” I was cut off by Baekhyun entering the room adding an unbelievable amount tension, His eyes were focused on Taeyeon while hers were glaring at me slowly shifting over to him.

“Hi Baek.”, She smiled at him while he pecked her lips lovingly. His whole facial expression changed when his eyes landed on me.

“Y/N, Taeyeon is right you need to eat and what I have I told you about the disrespect towards her. She’s the oldest out of the three of us and she’s actually putting in efforts to be kind to you.”, He spoke harsh and firm.

“I really don’t have time to listen to you kiss her ass.”, I deadpanned walking in the kitchen to get something to drink. “Just because you haven’t seen me eat doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating” I always made sure I ate at least three meals a day. I’ve actually been  eating more ‘snacks’ while I worked on the dresses.

“I really don’t want to fight with you Baby, I haven’t seen you in awhile.”, He spoke walking towards the island Taeyeon following behind.

“I’ve been busy.”

“Yixing told me you agreed to come on the fishing trip.” He suddenly blurted out.

“Yeah is that a problem if I go?”, I asked with attitude laced with every word.

“No I was going to ask you to come myself, I’m a little upset that he asked before I did.” He spoke clenching his jaw. “Anyways I have some exciting news to tell on the trip so get ready.”

“Whatever.”, I twisted the cap off of my Sprite bringing it to my lips. In the corner of my eyes I could see  Taeyeon eyeing me up and down.

 What was with her today?

“Since we’re all home why don’t we watch a movie?”, Baekhyun suggested already heading towards the couch.

“I’ll pass I have kink in my back so I’m heading to bed early.”, I spoke heading towards the stairs. If I started watching a ‘movie’ with Baekhyun it always ended in sex. I didn’t want to have sex with him at least not tonight. I’m not sure what his response was because I was already upstairs. Laying on the bed in the guest bedroom I started planning out things I could do tomorrow to stay away from them. I need to talk to Yixing tomorrow about Baekhyun he clearly has a problem with him lately. That’s what I hate about him he’s so over protective when I’m around other guys and yet, I’m supposed to be okay with Taeyeon.

Soon afterwards I drifted off to sleep only to be woken up by arms wrapping around my waist. I didn’t bother turning around it was obviously Baekhyun climbing into bed with me. It didn’t matter honestly because when I went to sleep I just kept having the same bad dream over and over again.

Why did this all have to happen?

Am I in too deep to ever even imagine getting out?

Night’s Goddess

“She was not the soft dawn, nor the warm, midday sun, but the cooling blush at the onset of night. The mystery and wonder of the blanketed sky, peppered with iridescent pinpricks, was her gift to the world, while the darkness became her payment. She was a being of dusk, bathed in ink with shadows draped across her shoulders like elegant silk. At her feet lay the slumbering, while her head was amongst the stars. Her eyes were the black abyss, an endless spiral of radiating gloom that would threaten even the bravest soul with insanity given a short glance. She manipulated the darkness like an artist wields a paint brush, bringing a beauty to light’s absence unlike any before or after her. Night was her realm, and she would rule it for as long as the earth continued to turn.”
 - Panesthetic, for @the-swivel-of-dejection  

Random Statistics!

Because what’s the point of creating a spreadsheet if I can’t use it to generate statistics?

With 6 hours left for folks to submit prompts, I’ve gotten 39 so far. 

The vast majority are for Supernatural (82%) but I also got three for Yuri on Ice, one for MCU (ONLY ONE? @cyborgtopus you’re lying down on the job hun!), and three three for other fandoms (the Belgariad, White Collar, and one for my OCs Gregory and Yermolai). 

Of the Supernatural prompts, 7 are for DCJ, 23 are for Destiel (though depending on response from a prompter one of those might end up Sabriel instead…) and two are for other ships (Dean/Cas/Jimmy/Emmanuel, and one that’ll either be Wincestiel or Wincest…again, waiting to hear back from the person who requested it.)

When they were coming in yesterday and I was reading them it felt like I was getting soooo many requests for continuations but it turns out that was just a perception error - 26 of the 39 are brand new prompts, 10 are continuations (2 requests for Set Upon, and then a smattering of others), and three requests were for timestamps (for All for One, Project Kraken, and SextersAnon…)

One prompt, from @amberpeace for a Yuri on Ice story, will almost certainly end up too long, and so I’m probably going to hold off on it, and dammit, I’m all excited about it but I don’t have time now. That’s the only part of writing the prompts that’s tough, when one REALLY catches my fancy, ya know?

Dammit why’d I give people such a large window of time to reply I wanna randomize them and start now… :P

bearlytolerable-deactivated2017  asked:

For DWC: Human Emma explaining gravitation to Solas. Bonus if she provides examples.

For @bearlytolerable and @dadrunkwriting sorry if this little drabble was less sciencey than you were hoping for, but character wise I don’t think Emma would know a lot of the technical and in depth explanations, not about that at least.  So I went with a way she could show him that I figured most people in our world would be aware of ;).  

Emma crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned back on the corner of his desk.  At least he was sitting so she didn’t have to stare up at him as she spoke.  She always managed to hold her ground well enough but that didn’t mean it was particularly easy when he was towering over her.

“Solas, why would I lie about this?  I’m telling you if you drop a ball of steel and a ball of wood that are the same size they will both land at the same time.”

He gave that huff of indignation he did so well, “That is preposterous.  You are… what is the term you use?  Pulling my leg.”

“It’s gravity.”  

“You can make up as many words as you like—”

“Ugh, I am not making up words.  If I were to jump down from where Dorian is—”

“Why would you—”

“I wouldn’t just… I’m giving you an example.  So, shut it.”  She waited to see if he would resist but he simply leaned back in his chair, steepling his hands before giving her a nod.  “If I jumped from where Dorian is I would fall and land here right?  I would not simply float, correct?”

She paused and when he didn’t speak she raised a brow.  He copied her expression before saying, “Oh I apologize, I thought I was to shut it.”

“You. are. Impossible.”  She straightened and started out of the rotunda.  “I’m going to talk to Ivy before this turns into a thing.”

There was no more talk of it until several days later, at which point she had completely forgotten the conversation.  Emma was out working in the herb garden when a shadow fell over her.  She looked up, covering her eyes with her hand, to find the familiar lank of Solas looking proud of himself.

“What’s with the—”

“I have the balls.”

She paused, tilted her head, “I’m sorry, you have the what now?”

“Your balls so that you may show me this theory of yours.”

“My… what?”

The smile fell and his brows furrowed, “You have forgotten already?  One wood and one steel.  This thing you were talking about… gravity, was it?”

“Ooohhhh,”  Understanding dawned on her and she stood, wiping the dirt on her leggings, “You actually had them made?”


She couldn’t help when the corners of her mouth twitched up, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Come, let’s find somewhere to drop them where we won’t hit someone in the head.”

They found themselves up on Skyhold’s fortress walls in a corner without any traffic.  They would go unobserved and not risk hitting anyone in the process.  Solas glanced down as he felt the weight of the balls in his hands.

“You want to drop them or shall I?  Either way it is key they are dropped at the same time.”

His eyes came up to meet hers and he smirked,  “What shall we wager?”

She laughed and shifted putting a hand on her hip, “Oh I don’t think you want to do that on this one.”

“I believe I do.”  He played at thinking on it for a moment before he said, “Loser will be bound and winner may do what they wish to them tonight.”

She raised a brow, “You want to tie me up?  Or do you want to be tied up?  Either way, this seems like it is a wager where we both win no matter.”

He continued to smirk, but his attention shifted to look down at the ground below, “It is agreed then?”

“I agree.  Are you dropping them then?”

“Why?  Would you rather my balls be in your hands?”

At least she managed to keep the giggle down that threatened to bubble out, “This is science and should be taken seriously, now get to it.”

“Eager to lose are you?”

“No.  Eager to win actually.  Then I can have my way with your balls as much as I like.”

A chuckle as he held both hands out over the edge, “Impatient, woman.  On the count of three then?”

“Very well, one. Two. Three.”

He opened both hands at the same time and they both watched as the two balls fell to the earth.  At the same speed.  Directly next to each other.  Until they both fell into the dirt giving out little puffs into the air on impact.  At the same time, as she knew they would.

“Well,” a pause, “that was… unexpected.”

He was looking down at the ground still and she reached out.  Her fingers brushing along his jaw and forcing him to look at her, “Tell me Solas.  Should I use leather bindings or silk?”

ursajr-rwby  asked:

25: Their face when someone says "I love you" for the first time to them. For SILK!

assuming this is in the romantic i love you sense and not the friendly bro i love you sense!!

Sona would grin and blush and hide her face in her hands if she reciprocated, unsure of how to vocally respond and peeking out between her fingers. She probably wouldn’t reply with ‘I love you too’, but something more like ‘I appreciate the sentiment’. If she didn’t feel the same, she would offer a softer smile and turn them down so gently they would have no chance of feeling sad.

If Ivory reciprocated, they would close their eyes and bow their head and let the notion sink in. They would look up slowly through their bangs, and for the first time maybe their expression would be a bit sheepish, smiling instead of smirking. They’d ask if they mean it, before resting their head on the persons shoulder and humming happily rather than verbally responding.
If Ivory didn’t feel the same, they’d wink and curl their thin lips into a smirk, offering a jovial ‘Everyone should!’ in response before changing the subject.

Paara is aromantic (For now since her design is… somewhat based off an irl friend so idk how i feel about shipping her in any regard other than friendship until i separate her as a character in my head) So she would definitely probably dab and spout some meme shit in response and then suplex a boulder? All while holding a stoic yet humorous expression.

Kuro’s eyes would widen and his cheeks would redden to a bright shade, lips parted in surprise. Even if he had history with the person and everyone saw this coming, Kuro Definitely Did Not and he is absolutely floored. He would probably hold his tail in his hand absentmindedly, the tip curling and uncurling as he processes the information. He would be too flustered to know what to say, and would only be able to stutter out broken sentences before blurting out either ‘I-I Feel the same!!’ or ‘I-I can’t return your feelings…’

No. 3 Silk

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I really hope everything gets better, that seems to be all I do, hope. It’s like everything I do is hoping the result will somehow positively impact me. It’s funny because just a few weeks ago I was writing about how happy and content I was with my life and it’s like all of that came crashing down. My life isn’t bad but sometimes I feel like I’m barely getting by, I guess it’s better be floating than to be drowning, but that’s what scares me. That one day I won’t be floating, I’ll start to drown and nothing’s gonna help me. I don’t feel like this often but for some reason recently I’ve gotten bad again and I don’t want to end up where I was 2 years ago.

I’m mad at myself, I start a journey of self love and it starts to work until I get sucked into this world that doesn’t believe happiness is the most important thing, perfection is. Its sad because that’s the world that we live in, I don’t want to feel this way but my insecurity is overpowering, when people laugh, I think I am the bane of the joke and it’s the worst feeling in the world.

i speak of dreams.
of a melody of soft sheets,
the warmth of sunshine escaping the blinds.

a memory
of a lake,
a girl
with her hand in mine.
on a hot summer day.

my hands glide over silk
my eyes close.
there’s a tattoo
of a gentle rose,
somewhere on her body
i know -
i know.
i complement it
with the thorns
on mine.

—  a.

donnez-moi-vos-vivres  asked:


(Send me ❤❤❤❤ and I’ll say ONE thing I like about your writing &&& ONE thing I like about your character)

Oh boy!

About your writing: Honestly, your writing intimidates me a little. You were the first person I interacted with and I continue to be amazed by your descriptions. Now, if I had to point one thing out, it would have to be your ability to write extremely poetic paragraphs. You have a muse who likes being dramatic and waxes poetic and you totally do those traits justice! I always look forward to your replies, because the expressions in your writing are just wonderful to read.

About your character: Uhm… Where do I even begin? Can I just say “all of him” and then quietly leave? Alright, one thing I REALLY like about him are his trains of thoughts. Like, the little inner arguments he has with himself. All in all, good muse, 10/10.