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Asks #1 (In the form of things I love)
  • Lavender: Name something that relaxes you.
  • Polaroid: Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Vinyl: What is some of your favorite music?
  • Incense: List your three favorite scents.
  • Roots: How do you ground yourself or recharge?
  • Silk Sheets: Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?
  • Paintbrushes: Do you have a creative past-time?
  • Scars: Share something difficult you've been through.
  • Rainstorms: What helps you fall asleep?
  • Bones: Name one strength and one weakness.
  • Teacups: Favorite beverages?
  • Sealing Wax: Have you ever received a letter or written one to someone else?
  • Dragons: What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?
  • Soup: Comfort food?
  • The Moon: What's your favorite thing to do at night?
  • Klosh: If you could go back to any three era's what would they be?
  • Lace: Your favorite things to wear?
  • Pocketwatch: If you could be immortal or have an extremely long life span what would you pick and why?
  • Honeybee: Name something positive you have done for yourself or someone else in the last two weeks.
  • Typewriter: If you had to come up with ten words to describe your life story so far, what would they be?
  • Blue Hair Dye: One thing you like about your appearance?
  • Felines: Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?
  • Poetry: If you have one, name a favorite book or poem.
Right Here

Logan Howlett x Reader, angsty fluff. 

“Breath, you idiot.” Logan muttered as he cradled your body in his arms. “Come on, kid.”

Your eyes remained closed, arms limped at your side. Logan’s heart raced and he cursed under his breath just as the Blackbird appeared from the sky, landing down a few yards away.

“About damn time,” Logan stood up with you in his arms and raced toward the aircraft. He was supposed to protect you, but he had turned his back and you were hit in the chest. The bleeding hadn’t stopped and a sinking feeling came over the man. It was stupid, he had promised himself never to get close to another person again. But then you walked right into the mansion, all attitude and grace, knocked him on his ass once while dueling and he felt himself slip. After so many years, he had let you in. And now you were dying in his arms and there was nothing he could do, except hope and shit he didn’t have much of that left in him.

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Keep Your Mind at Peace & Your Body a Beast

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Being active has nothing but positive results, and I have a couple ideas for my witchy friends that may work out for you! Of all people, witches know that everything is connected, so keeping out body happy keeps our mind happy - which means better results for spells too! 

Before The Workout

  • Drink some green or black tea! A little bit of caffeine before a workout is actually good - it gives you a little boost. Most pre-workouts have caffeine too, just be sure to keep it in moderation. 
  • Enchant that water! I always toss some mint leaves and cut up strawberries in my water bottle. You can also use any kind of citrus, or even make some green iced tea to use as your first bottle hitting the gym or studio.
  • Glamours to look as badass as you’ll feel. Sigils in your pocket or shoes, or even enchanting your perfume or deodorant. I know it sounds silly but I can promise you that boost of confidence goes a long way when you’re pushing yourself, and you can look in the mirror and think, “I’m a badass witch.”
  • Ready that playlist. Music is everything for getting pumped, whether it’s working out or spell casting! 
  • Don’t eat something too heavy. Save that reward for after the battle! Then you can ask your local kitchen witch for a hardy recipe!

Witchy Workouts

There are so many kinds of ways to keep your body active, and not all of them are picking heavy things up and putting them back down.

  • Yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga yet I highly recommend this - especially for witches. It’s all about quieting the mind, becoming in touch with your body and the energy around you, strengthening, balancing, and centering yourself. It’s meditation, stretching and a workout all in one; how can you get better than this?!
  • Pole Dancing.  You’re a witch aren’t you? So why don’t you try flying? I’m bias, I’ll admit it - but I teach pole fitness for a reason! There so so many benefits to pole. Confidence, it builds so much confidence. This is an amazing way to enhance your feminine energy, and if you work with any deities that are mainly with feminine power, dancing is a wonderful offering. It doesn’t have to be sexual, it can be sad, creepy, powerful, funny, hiphop or ballet mix, or contemporary! This builds your strength & flexibility and it doesn’t feel like work! It’s all play until before you know it your on the floor sweating and feeling like the sexiest/most graceful/beautiful person ever. Everyone is always supportive, there’s always body love and I’ve had students who are male, female, trans - there’s even a 54 year old man who loves wearing heels & his wife adores it(@manwhopoledances on instagram) and one of the ladies I used to dance with in Colorado named Patty - a 60 year old woman who looks damn good for her age and is so kind and strong! (Any questions feel free to message me!)
  • Aerial Silks. Another way to soar in the sky! This one I find isn’t as ‘dancy’ as pole but you can make it whatever you like. This one is a lot about holding poses and engaging your muscles for periods of time to do so, so it’s kind of aerial yoga but sometimes you spin. This art is graceful, beautiful and can be very dramatic and lovely!
  • Lyra. Another aerial art - what can I say? I think you should fly if your a witch! Hehe. This one is involving a hoop that is suspended in the air. It’s a great workout for sure, and the poses look so beautiful and magical once you get them. Check out @ladyinlaluna on instagram for an understanding of Lyra. Plus her hoop is a crescent moon and what’s more witchy than that?
  • Hula Hoop. This one is a much gentler way to get yourself moving if you’re not looking to get ripped. It’s great for flow, movement, those who like to dance in their kitchen and move freely. It’s a beautiful and hypnotic dance, and I love watching theses artists move. All you need is a hula hoop to start and you can get yourself moving and feeling happy! @danatheleo & @bunnknees are great artists to check out for inspiration. 

Not So Witchy(but great workouts)

  • Boxing. I did kickboxing for a while and let me tell you it is a rush. It’s so fun, the gyms and classes I went to were supportive and kind no matter what level you were on. Plus, a little self-defense was never a bad thing! 
  • Sport Teams. Whether you’re in school or have a community team, try out! Or if that’s too much, get some friends together to play a friendly game of ice hockey at your local rec center, or swim teams, kickball, baseball, or football! 
  • Free running. I haven’t tried this yet but I would love to! Running around, building strength to scale structures and building speed and endurance. I’d say you’d be a survivor in the zombie apocalypse for sure - or at least undefeated winner in a game of Groundies. 
  • Bouldering. This might be harder to access depending on where you live, but this is basically an indoor rock climbing gym. There are some places you are able to free climb, and some places there are colors coordinated to difficulty level. Both are fun, and bringing your family or friends is awesome too. 
  • Surfing. Obviously, if your land locked this might be harder to do. But if you’re close to the beach and have the desire, why not take a class or two, try it out and see how you like it! 

Not About That Commitment 

  • Swimming. What better way to be a sea witch even if your land locked? Especially for the summer! Local beaches, lakes, rivers(if swimming is legal), are all wonderful, or even if you can wear yourself out at a waterpark or local pool.
  • Hiking. Back home I was spoiled with the Rocky Mountains and my easy access to it for beautiful hikes. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the Earth. Get to know the local wildlife! Hikes can very from difficulty. Make sure to pack a few snacks, a lot of water, and a few safety items(whistle, mirror, & bear spray) just incase something takes a wrong turn! Nature can be very unpredictable.
  • Taking walks. It can be as simple as walking your companion around a few blocks or to the park. You still get to meditate a little and get yourself moving a little for the day. 
  • Park day! Bring a ball and some frisbees! Some snacks and water, and maybe some jump ropes or hula-hoops! 

These are the best I could come up with on the top of my head, but please do let me know if I should add anything or if you have any questions. I hope this was helpful for you guys! 

Coffee Stains

Since this literally just happened to me, I wanted to write a quick post on what to do if you spill coffee (or any dark liquid really) onto something white or light colored. This has always worked for me, so hopefully it can help someone else.

If you’re wearing it, DON’T take it off!!!! You’ll rub against the fabric and cause the stain to set in.

Being quick is key here. BEFORE you start to soak it, grab a paper towel or napkin and press down on the stain. DO NOT RUB. Using a paper item is easiest here because you can actually see the progress you’re making. Switch out the towel whenever the area you are holding down has soaked through the towel entirely. Keep doing this until almost nothing soaks through. (I’ve actually saved light colored carpets with just this trick) If the stain has had time to dry, using a slightly damp paper towel can help pull the liquid out. Its a little riskier, but can work.

Usually this is enough if you’re fast enough and if the stain is damp enough, but if there’s still something left (like there was on my pillowcase) dunk it under a hot stream of water for a minute or two. If you’re wearing the item, this is the point where its safe to take it off and continue.

You can use a small amount of laundry detergent on it (a little goes a long way in a sink) and knead it into the fabric (make sure not to do this with bleach based detergents; that can be really bad for your skin and sting like a bitch if you have a cut). Again, don’t rub! Rubbing causes the stain to get spread and pushed into the fabric and that pretty much guarantees it’ll never come out. I don’t care what your mother aunt grandmother whoever has told you. DO. NOT. RUB. STAINS. PRESS DOWN AND HOLD.

Rinse the fabric with cold water and wring it by hand. Hang dry it, because it’ll be easier then to see if you missed a spot. If you DID miss anything, you’ll just have to find and use a stain removal stick. Typically though, this works a hundred percent and you won’t need the stain stick unless the spill zone was just tragic. My white pillow case is back to being totally white.

Just remember: be fast, don’t rub, and don’t assume you can’t salvage your favorite white T-shirt just because you got too eager about your drink.

Sincerely, a college student who was stupid and drank her coffee while leaning over the sofa.

Ardor — one.

❝  After your art professor notices your ardor towards nudeness in arts, he sends you to apprentice under his old friend, the Korean painter Byun Baekhyun who’s infamous for his erotic pieces and cocky demeanor. Rumors surrounded Baekhyun at any second and women who had been with him described him as “an unforgiving lover of bodies”. What happens when you find him taking a liking to you–and your body? ❞ 

Reader x Painter!Baekhyun

!Smut in later chapters; mentions of nude bodies and sexuality.


You don’t know if it was the sound of your paintbrush hitting the floor or the sudden boom of your professor’s voice that startled you more. You lifted your dazed, admiring eyes up from your own piece, into the amused, brown eyes of your professor. He chuckled as he bent down to pick up your paintbrush before giving it to you. Thanking him, you glanced down to the floor, cheeks flushed while he scanned your piece. The theme had been secrets– and if you were being honest you hadn’t been more satisfied with a given theme before. 

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Hey, could you maybe do blackwatch boys (separate) coming home to there s/o trying on some new lingerie. (Ignore if requests are closed)

A/N: I have a Reyes one similar to this here if you’d like to check that one out, too.

Ya’ll I love the blackwatch bois so much.

Genji Shimada

  • Genji is startled but nonetheless absolutely pleased at the sight that greets him. 
  • He makes himself known by coughing slightly in order to draw your attention away from the mirror you both admired yourself in. 
  • His eyes can’t help but wander over how gorgeous you are in the way the silk fabric forms to you so well. Neither a memory from his playboy youth can compare to the beauty that you are before him. 
  • You skirt over to him rather impishly, happy to see how his usual scowl has turned into a flustered look of want. 
  • His hands are nervous to greet your body but you are never one to shy from his touch. He feels at ease when you place them on your waist and pull yourself into him to fit comfortably.
  • “This isn’t the only set I bought.” You whisper while placing kisses on the shell of his ear. “Want to see them, too?” There’s a surge of courage that runs through him and before he knows it he quips back rather suggestively. “I’d rather see them on the floor.” The comment leaves you stunned but Genji knows by the blush on your cheeks and dilation of your pupils you both have the same idea. 
  • You can only giggle as he throws you on the mattress, an onslaught of kisses peppering your face, neck, and chest before he makes action on his words. 

Jesse McCree

  • Jesse McCree is as hands on as he can get from the moment he see’s you.
  • He calls your attention by grabbing the thin elastic of the lingerie panties that wraps around your side and pulls it playfully. The snap of the band hitting the plush of your hips tantalizingly.  
  • Its when you turn around to reprimand him that he grabs your hips with gentle force. 
  • A low whistle leaves his lips. “My, my what do we have here.” He breathes, low and hoarse just like he knows you like it, as his eyes explore the sheer see-through fabric that caresses you just right. “You’re so goddamn beautiful, honeybee. What mighty fine sight to come home to.”
  • You laugh at the compliment rather bashfully before he tucks his head into the curve of your neck and kissing your bare shoulder. His beard making you squirm at the ticklish feeling.
  • He draws you in for a hug, close enough in which his hands hand idly run over your body and pinching here and there. A mischievous smack meeting the cheek of your ass before he mutters how tired he wishes he wasn’t.
  • You push him back onto the bed and tell him to relax. There’s many more sets to try on and your more than willing to give him a one-on-one show.  

Gabriel Reyes

  • Gabriel sits back and watches before he lets you know he’s home.
  • He leans on the doorway and watches as you grab and pinch at your body admiring the way the lingerie looks on you.
  • The Blackwatch commander smirking when you smack your ass in an appreciative manner. A joyful wiggle of you hips adding to the satisfied look on your face. 
  • As much as he likes lace, he loves how well you make it work on you. The curves and outlines of your body have him biting his lip in order to keep his composure.
  • Eventually, his cover is blown as you turn to try on another set you bought only to find him standing there with a look of appreciation. 
  • You blush having been caught enjoying yourself bit too much before you could surprise him.
  • “How long have you been standing there?” You ask a bit sheepishly. “A while…” Gabriel smiles before sauntering over and perching himself next to the bed. His fingers glide over the material of another set with an deep-in-thought look to his face. “Try this one on.” He motions for you to see which one he means. His mouth is at your ear with a hot and deep tone. “I wanna see you in all black lace, baby.” 
  • You are more than happy to comply.

Another one for @eatmyarse! Here’s your Elorcan prompt. It kind of just ran away with me and turned out way longer than I initially planned. Hope you like it! Also tagging @wherewildflowersprosper because I think you’ll enjoy this.

Elorcan: I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention

Shhhhoooosh. Shhhhoooosh. Shhhhoooosh. 

The sound of Lorcan running his whetstone down the length of his weapons was grating on Elide’s nerves. He’d already cleaned and sharpened two of his daggers, his short sword and three knives, and was now working at his long sword. Elide knew he was doing it to work off his frustrations. They had come for a day visit to Orynth and they had planned to leave just after lunch so that they could be back in Perranth by nightfall. But a vicious storm had descended and had prevented them from leaving. The storm still raged outside and Elide listened to the sound of the rain hitting the window. Then that pleasant sound was interrupted. 

Shhhhoooosh. Shhhhoooosh. Shhhhoooosh. 

Elide had had enough. From where she sat on the couch that they shared Elide stretched out her good ankle and poked Lorcan’s thigh. He did nothing except run the whetstone down the length of his sword again. Elide shuffled a little lower on the couch and poked him again. Once again no reaction. Next she poked him in the side, that got a flinch but nothing more. So she kept going. When she practically jabbed Lorcan in the ribs he turned to her. 

“Elide I’m busy,” Lorcan said. She could still hear the simmering anger in his voice. He hated being in Orynth, especially unexpectedly. “Can’t you see what I’m doing? I could hurt myself if you don’t stop it.” 

“Well that’s got to be one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard,” Elide knew how sure his hands were. 

She watched as he lifted the whetstone again and before it could meet his sword she poked him in the side again. The look he gave her would have sent the bravest men running. 

“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” 


Lorcan did that one without looking. 

“I get it Lorcan. You don’t want to be here, but until the storm passes we’re stuck here,” Elide said as she sat up. 

Shhhhooosh. Shhhhooosh. 

Elide stood letting out an exasperated noise. 

“Where are you going?” Lorcan asked as Elide reached the the door. 

“I’m not sleeping in this,” Elide indicated to her simple but nice day dress and left the room without another word.


Elide knocked on the door to the private chambers of the Queen and King. It was still fairly early so she hoped that she wouldn’t be intruding. After a few moments Aelin appeared in a cosy but decorative dressing gown with a book in her hand. 

“Elide,” she said with a smile, “what can I do for you?” 

“I was wondering if you could lend me something to sleep in? I didn’t bring anything.” As Elide explain her predicament a wicked smile appeared on Aelin’s face and she moved out of the way so that Elide could come in. 

“Come with me,” Aelin said as she led the way to her sleeping chambers.

Elide felt a little awkward entering Aelin’s and Rowan’s private rooms but neither of them seemed to care in the slightest. Rowan was seated by the fire polishing one of his own knives and when he saw Elide following his wife he gave her a small smile and a nod.

“Seems the evening for it,” Elide said and Aelin turned to give her a questioning look. “For weapon cleaning. It’s been all Lorcan has done since dinner.” 

Aelin’s smile only turned more wicked. Elide didn’t even know that was possible. They had stopped before Aelin’s walk in wardrobe and the Queen disappeared inside. 

“How much a cranky old fae was Lorcan when he realised he had to stay?” Aelin called from inside. 

“About as cranky as you can imagine,” Elide replied as she heard some rummaging going on. 

“Does Lorcan have a preferred colour?” Aelin asked and Elide was sure she heard Rowan laugh from the other room. 

“What…” Elide entered the walk in wardrobe and saw Aelin with an armful of silk and lace and Elide’a eyes went wide then she groaned. “Aelin.” 

“My immediate guess is black. Am I right?” Elide only nodded, she knew there would be no discouraging Aelin now. Aelin sifted through and discarded some of the brighter colours she had in her arms. Then Aelin held up an all black piece that was edged with black lace, gave it a look then dropped it on the floor. The next she showed Elide was a more modest option, still in black, and before Elide agree to it that one was discarded too. The last one Aelin presented was made of shiny black silk accented with silver lace and the back of it dipped down ridiculously low. Aelin offered to Elide but she gaped a little. 

“Aelin, are you sure? I would be fine with an old shirt or something.” Aelin didn’t budge and just continued to hold out the nightgown. “If that fits over yours there is no way that is going to fit over these,” Elide said as she first indicated to Aelin’s chest and then her own. 

“Oh course it will and it will make them look glorious,” Aelin threw the nightgown at Elide with one last smile. “And it’s yours. I don’t want it back.”


On the way back to her rooms Elide kept up a constant muttering, cursing the storm, cursing Lorcan and cursing Aelin. The nightgown that she had been given was ridiculous. And despite Aelin’s insistence, Elide was sure it wouldn’t fit. When Elide entered her rooms Lorcan was still sharpening his weapons and the sound only made her mood worse. Barely giving him a glance Elide stormed past him to the bathing room. 

Her curses continued as she stripped of, now mainly directed at Lorcan and his sullenness. Elide slipped the nightgown over her head and as it slid down her body it felt like liquid. The fabric was absolutely exquisite. As she knew it would, the nightgown caught at her breasts so she gave it a firm tug. 

“Damn it Aelin.” 

Aelin had been right. By some miraculous magic in the fabric the nightgown fit, and it fit wonderfully. The hem of it grazed her mid thigh and the fabric clung delicately to her body. Her back was bare and it plummeted dangerously low and the tightness across her chest had created, as Aelin put it, a glorious looking cleavage. Well if poking didn’t get Lorcan’s attention, maybe this would.


Lorcan didn’t mean to sullen and put out, he just hated staying at Orynth unexpectedly. He was not a social person, and everyone else was. And everyone else loved Elide and he would not deprive her of that affection. What he usually ended up doing was sitting somewhere off by himself while they all chatted and laughed. Sometimes Whitethorn would sit with him and they would chat quietly as he too could get overwhelmed by the… youngness of Terrasen’s court.


As he ran his whetstone down his sword again he heard the door of the bathing room open. He looked up to say something to Elide, to maybe apologise, he wasn’t entirely sure yet. But whatever words he was going to say died on his lips and he saw her standing there.

His jaw dropped.

His whetstone clattered on the floor.

Hellas damn him. He raked his eyes up her body, eyes lingering first on Elide’s bare legs, then he took in the dips and curves that were so obvious with the way the fabric clung to her body. Lorcan’s eyes then travelled up further and he swallowed. 

“My eyes are up here Lorcan.” Elide’s voice cut through his thoughts like one of the blades he had just sharpened.

Lorcan eyes darted quickly to Elide’s and her face completely unreadable. He couldn’t tell what she wanted. She started to walk towards him and all his attention was focused on her. Lorcan couldn’t help but watch the way her body moved in that black silk and the way the paleness of her skin contrasted against the darkness of it and enhanced… well everything. 

Elide stopped a little way away from him and she lent over to pick something off the floor. Every rational thought went out of Lorcan’s head and all he saw and thought of was Elide. If Elide noticed his reaction she didn’t let on. She only continued to stalk towards him and when she reached him Elide lent towards him and stopped mere inches away from his face.

“You dropped this.”

Elide put something in Lorcan’s hand. Whetstone. It was his whetstone. That he had dropped. Elide then poked him hard in the chest and gave him a mischievous smirk before she turned and now stalked towards the bed. Lorcan took in the back of the nightgown, which was hardly anything at all.

Elide had him wrapped around her little finger and she knew it. 

Lorcan was a dead man.

No Control | Chapter Eighteen


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

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*Gif is not mine.*

WARNING: Smut ahead. Daddy kink.


After a day out with Harry’s friends, where all of them so kindly include me in their shenanigans and conversations as we walk around London, Harry and I head back to his house to relax. Nick wore us ragged with at least eight or nine miles worth of walking around the city, teasing Harry and telling me embarrassing stories whenever he had the opportunity. By the end of the day, I felt like Nick was a close friend, and it was good to feel like I actually fit in with some of the important people in Harry’s life. 

While we were out, of course, there were a few times the group was stopped by fans wanting photos of them all together, so I did the same thing I did in New York, and offered to take the photo for them, ensuring I was nowhere in the frame. However, there were paps outside a few of the shoppes we visited, and a text from Trevor confirmed they were already on Twitter by the time we had made it to the next store. I didn’t even bother to look at them and thought it was best to just stay away from social media for the rest of the day. When I relayed the information to Harry, he decided the same thing and turned off all notifications on his phone except for texts. 

It’s half seven when Harry and I get back to his home, both of us dragging our feet. We immediately go up to Harry’s room and change into something more comfortable, but Harry stops me midway through pulling a pair of leggings on. I look up at him with a raised eyebrow in question.

“Take a bath with me,” he offers, already stripped down to just his boxers. The thought of a warm, scented bath nearly makes me moan, so I nod and following him into his bathroom, which I’m just now seeing for the first time. 

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For the fic-fest Malec + " I thought you had a rune for everything, don't you have one that prevent you from being ticklish Shadowhunter? " thanks and congratulations on your 1.1k followers xoxo

anonymous said: Malec + tickling?

The sun was long past its early morning glow by the time Alec managed to blink his eyes open, but even so, Magnus was still sound asleep behind him, arm thrown over Alec. Mornings like this are rare, even with Valentine gone, so Alec takes his time savouring the way the silk sheets feel against his skin, takes time to memorise the way Magnus’ body fits perfectly with his own. He’s only brought out of his thoughts by Magnus’ soft whisper of ‘good morning’, and Alec can’t even hope to stop the shiver that goes through him as Magnus’ breath tickles his neck.

“Morning,“ Alec whispers back, and Magnus slowly starts moving the hand already on Alec’s chest across his skin, leaving goosebumps and fire in his wake. That is until he reaches a specific spot, just bellow Alec’s ribs, and maybe if Alec had been more alert, he would have been able to stop the breath of a laugh that escapes him.

Magnus goes over the spot again, more intent this time, and Alec laughs, can’t help it, and suddenly he’s flipped to his back, Magnus’ hands on his sides. He can barely catch his breath through the laughter as Magnus continues tickling him, and while a part of him tries to escape, a much bigger part of him is in awe at how light he feels, like the biggest problem in the world is his boyfriend tickling him, which is not a problem at all.

“Magnus,“ he manages to breathe out, just barely, and Magnus’ hands still on his sides, and Alec looks up at him, feeling his breath catch. The sunlight coming through the curtain makes Magnus’ skin look golden and soft, it catches against his eyes and the edges of his goatee, against the few blond streaks in his hair as it falls just slightly across his forehead. And he’s smiling, wide and unguarded, the crinkles unmistakeable around his eyes and Alec thinks not even seeing Raziel rise could be this bright and beautiful.

“I thought you had a rune for everything, don’t you have one that prevents you from being ticklish.“ He emphasises his point by lightly moving his fingers across Alec’s sides and Alec laughs again, and somehow it makes Magnus’ smile wider.

“Nope, though I could probably get Clary to make one,“ Alec says. “But then again, seeing you smile like this is worth the tickling.“

Magnus’ expression shifts, just barely, his eyes softening, his smile growing more private, and he’s looking at Alec like he can’t quite believe he’s real. A moment passes, and then Magnus is leaning forward, the few necklaces he has on landing on Alec’s chest as he kisses Alec, slow and deep, making Alec feel as if he’s drowning in love.

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Could you pleasewdo #24 and #59 w/ Montgomery from 13rw. Thank you, darling.

I’m literally awful ,I’m so sorry I’m taking a millennium to get these done. Buttt since I did Childhood Best friend!Jeff, I had to do Childhood Best friend!Monty as well!

24. If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.

59. … or we could make out…

If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away,” she threatens, throwing another pair of Monty’s shoes over her shoulder, “You hoarder.“

Monty was cleaning out his entire room, closet and all, and had found a bunch of things from their childhood. Since they had grown up together it didn’t feel right to start throwing things away before at least showing her first.

“I’m not a hoarder,” he detests, “I prefer the term sentimental.”

She snorts. Montgomery De La Cruz, sentimental. Like anybody would believe that. It’s not a complete lie though. He can be sentimental, about the things that matter to him. He puts on carefree front. The kind of front where everyone believes he’s a dick who doesn’t care at all, about anyone or anything. But she knew better. She knew who he was when nobody was watching.

They’ve been neighbors their whole life and were each other’s first best friend. All of their fondest memories include each other. Especially the ones before they grew up and found how complicated and cruel the world could be. Back when she was naive and he was sweet. What a shame that they both had to grow up.

“Hey, check this out,” she laughs, handing Monty an old photograph of them. They were three, maybe four, and he’s pecking her on the lips, the way children innocently do.

He takes the picture from her hand, examining it thoughtfully. How many girls has he kissed since then? He’s not sure, but it’s gotta be up there. And the only one that matters is one he was too young to actually recall.

He can’t remember when it happened. Maybe they were eleven, or maybe it was closer to thirteen. But over the course of time, when they started to get older, when they started to change, his feelings towards his best friend started to change as well.

She had always been his favorite everything. His favorite memory, his favorite laugh, his favorite midnight-food-run-buddy, his favorite smile, his favorite person. And although they had never slept together, or even really kissed for that matter, her body, her soul, was his favorite, too.

“We should make some headway on all of these piles you’ve got here,” she suggests, snapping him back to reality.

… or we could make out …” he throws out there, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously. He’s never nervous around girls, being cocky is his thing. But when it her, someone who actually matters, he’s scared as hell.

“Did that picture give you some throwback Thursday vibes?” she laughs, bending down to sit in front of him.

“You’ve never thought about it?” he asks.

“No, I have,” she nods, a tiny smirk playing at her lips.

“Then come here,” he extends his arms to pull her closer to his chest.

She folds into him seamlessly, placing her hands on the sides of his neck. They lean in at the same time, meeting in the middle, just like they always have. Their friendship had always been 50/50, the perfect ratio of give and take.

She’s soft in ways he never could have imagined, her skin like satan and lips like silk. He’s warm in ways she had always hoped he would be. He feels like home and tastes like adventure.

“You’d say we’re pretty close, yeah?” he pants, dragging his fingers down the bare skin of her arm.

“Quite close,” she replies, wrapping her legs around his waist.

He lets his lips drag over her neck lazily, his breath becoming ragged as his hands move to tug at the hem of her shirt, “What if we got just a bit little closer?


Imagine she decides she needs to buy something with plausible deniability JUST IN CASE HER GOOEY CENTER MIGHT BE REVEALED TO CASUAL PASSERSBY, and so her options get even more ridiculous, but these she thinks, THESE ONES NO ONE WILL KNOW EXCEPT THEM

Or maybe she gets something classy like a wave for her keychain and a feather for Michiru’s necklace. 


Who am I kidding. 

She comes home with this: