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Bit of imagery for my loves
  • Aries: Freedom comes from the rush of energy, the rapid movement of your legs over hot coals, giving sparks behind you
  • Taurus: A hand caresses my back, you are covered in the finest white silk, you smile, then are still to take control as you gaze over the land
  • Gemini: A hurtling wind rushes over water and through cities, breathed in by everyone, taking in knowledge of all you encounter
  • Cancer: A watchful mother moon gazed lovingly upon her children dancing in the tides, gently lapping on the shore, enveloped in warm, silver light
  • Leo: Gold fires blaze from your eyes as you lead a nation, a laugh and a steely gaze proves you are the Ruler as you are at one with your audience
  • Virgo: Calculating steps climbing up a mountain side, freedom washes around you deep in the forest, as you wander through dense trees and lush green
  • Libra: Togetherness and synergy, you throw your head back laughing, leaning back into a warm soul where you feel at home
  • Scorpio: A dark photography room with that faint red light encapsulates you into the dimension, your images the only source of vulnerability and power, your love of your subjects displayed through them
  • Sagittarius: Bonfires and dancing, travelling with friends in the van as your throw your hands and head back to look at the stars, invigorated and expanded
  • Capricorn: Kind and gracious leader, driven by results, dressed in black with a smirk on your face at the witty conversation, proud of your home
  • Aquarius: Freedom and expansion, you sit on a rooftop as the sun rises from a night out, never tired, you stare at the fading stars and know you feel whole and loved
  • Pisces: a hand creating the universal knowledge and love, expressing the deeper knowledge you contain, dreaming into the night as you surround yourself with peace
The lights on the dancefloor twirl in your hair and flash in your smile. There’s a burning in my chest around my heart, and a year from now it might seems like a fever dream, but right now I’ve got to have you – right now I’ve got to breathe you in like smoke, like laughter, liquid electricity drowning me in light. In my head we’re more than each other’s ghosts – in my head we’re silk on silk, smile on smile, skin on skin. Let’s make it so.
—  dancefloor dreams // abby, day 130
Red wolves and white dragons

I wrote a War of the Roses AU for Jon x Sansa (starring Elizabeth of York!Sansa and Henry Tudor!Jon). I don’t even know why, but here it is, unbeta'ed, as always. I hope it’s not horrible and bad!

She’s brought before him in her finest silks, but the smile she’d once given so freely was gone from her face. Shoulders squared and back straight, she walked into the room, her mother following behind her.

“You’re ending the war, Sansa. You’re doing the right thing.” She feels more Tully than Stark, duty the thing that makes her choice easy this time. It is her duty to marry this man she doesn’t know, who’d slain their enemies, but would have killed her father if he could.

“You’ll save so many lives, isn’t that enough?” Her mother had said, when she first heard the news. And it was, it is, but Sansa would be lying if she said she didn’t hope her soon-to-be husband would be comely, or perhaps even gentle.

The last part is hard to hope for, though. Fearsome is what he is.

The Lords fear him, her sisters fear him, the smallfolk fear him, everyone fears him as much as they admire him, and she’s to be his wife and queen. He was crowned on the battlefield, the blood of King Joffrey still fresh, killed in battle by Jon’s own blade. It can’t have been hard, for Joffrey was useless in battle, but she hears Jon is an excellent swordsman, and it unnerves her.

Dangerous men are not good husbands. They’re not.

The court is silent when she enters, and this is the first time she’s been back since she was a child, since there was no war. They part for her, whispers erupting as she passes. It feels strange to be in such a big room with so many people after living in the sept for years, but Sansa can only tell herself to get used to it. She puts her mask on, leaving her true self behind. The engagement is already announced, and they’ll expect her to be loving to this man.

He’s dressed in black, black hair, black beard, grey eyes, but he doesn’t look scary, not like she knows men can. He’s handsome, with pouty lips and pale skin, living up to his name. The white dragon. He has a dragon embroidered on his doublet, and Sansa’s reminded she’ll be embroidering his doublets soon.

He’s looking at her, and for a moment his eyes look uncertain in a way Sansa hadn’t expected. It’s like he’s as unsure of her as she is of him, but that’s not likely, that’s not how things are. It can’t be. She’s seeing things, her imagination playing tricks on her to give her false hope.

She walks to stand in front of him, curtsying deeply, knowing full well this dress and the angle he stands above her in will give him ample display of her. She didn’t pick the dress herself. He takes her hand and kisses it, and she can’t help but notice how soft his lips are against her skin, and how his thumb skims along her finger as he lets her hand go. She makes herself snap out of the trance the sudden contact with him puts her in, but she doesn’t quite succeed. She’d mutter a curse if she was alone.

She doesn’t know what he’s thinking, if he’s happy with this match for other reasons than hers. He sits down on his throne, and she stands dutifully beside him, as happily betrotheds do. They need to appear united, they need to show everyone that this marriage, this peace, will last.

It goes slow. Sansa can see the young girls pointing at her and whispering about her hair and her dress, and the rowdier Lords talking in hushed voices and suppressing laughs, no doubt talking about the bedding that will soon take place. The wedding is in a moon, just long enough away for everyone important to reach them, but far too soon for Sansa.

Jon faces petition after petition, handling them all with calm and fairness, and Sansa’s glad he’s honourable, at least. Perhaps he won’t be that horrible. Perhaps.

He rises and offers his arm when they’re done, and she takes it carefully. She tries not to look too confused, when he leads her away to his solar, achingly empty as they enter. This could be where she finds out who he is, or where she has to settle with never knowing her husband. She’s not sure if she wants either. The smart part of her wants to disappear, the part that’s still a girl wants to stay and know. She can’t run, though. She stays.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he says, and she lets go of his arm. “I don’t know if you actually wished to marry me, but you are, and… I want to make the best of it.” He looks uncertain again, almost shy, so Sansa doesn’t expect it when he leans over and kisses her, palming her cheek softly before pulling away.

His lips are soft, just like before, and her’s sting when they’re not pressed to his anymore. Her mouth drops open, and she looks into his eyes, trying to know if this is a trick or not. But his eyes are honest and glowing, and that’s why she presses her lips back to his when he kisses her again. A kiss, and another, just enough to make her head spin and her stomach flip over.

He looks at her for a moment, and she gets back to her senses. She’s heard of these things, of kissing and things Ladies don’t want but men do, and suddenly every horrible tale she’s ever heard comes back to her, and she’s freezing and panting and there’s fear in every inch of her body, but she’s too terrified to move. Jon only sees, the uncertainty coming back to his face, and takes his hand away from her. “I won’t hurt you,” he says again, and takes a step away from her.

She calms down slowly, thinking- hoping- the songs aren’t always right. This wasn’t something she chose, but perhaps it won’t be a tragedy. Perhaps he’s a good king, a good husband. Perhaps he’ll try.

He’s leaning against his desk, studying her, and Sansa thinks there’s care in his eyes. Affection, she tries not to hope. It’s that small forbidden thought, perhaps he likes me, that makes her close the distance between them and kiss him again. She bumps her nose with his awkwardly, and he’s the one that’s surprised this time, but he soon gives back, leading the way for her.

He kisses her lower lip, and her mouth opens for him, the kiss getting deeper than Sansa thought it could be. She’s bracing her hands on his chest, liking the feeling of him, and he’s palming her cheek again, his other hand resting firmly on her waist.

Somehow she fits against him, and she has to use all her mental force to pull away from him, her mind muddled with the feel of his lips and the drag of his beard against her cheek. She looks at him for a second, still new to this, still not sure what to think. “I want to know you,” she says, being incredibly honest, hoping it’s realistic. She realises these are the first words she’s spoken to him.

A soft smile spreads on his lips, and he nods. “I want to know you, too.”

And just like that, a huge burden is lifted off her shoulders. She finally allows herself to smile back, then thinks about kissing him again, but decides to wait. They’ll have plenty of time to kiss some other day. Her mother will worry about her. “Good bye, your Grace.” She places a quick kiss on his cheek, and whisks away, her silk skirts flying behind her.

She finds her mother in her solar, two eyes waiting for an explanation. Sansa doesn’t give any. Whatever has happened is hers, not the realm’s, not her mother’s. It’s hers, and she doesn’t want to share it with anyone. Only Jon.

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And I want shizuo first meeting a girl and he fell in love right away

He didn’t know why he couldn’t stop staring at her. He didn’t know why he felt his face heat up and his heart started racing, he didn’t know and it pissed him off. Shizuo just wanted to know why she seemed to glow, why her hair seemed so silky and smooth, why her eyes seemed to shine, why her skin seemed like silk, and why her smile made him feel like he was weightless.

Though there was only one problem, he had absolutely no idea on how to actually approach strangers without instantly making them run off in fear. So all he could do was stand there and stare, before instantly shaking his head and turning away when he realized he was acting too much like that flea when he just stared at someone without ever looking away.

And so began his challenge, trying to actually talk to you after finding a good way to do it. And when he actually found something to talk about that wouldn’t make him seem too strange ether. He didn’t want to scare off someone seeming like a goddess.


The airport crowd let out a hoot when Prince’s Learjet appeared as a dot in the Western sky. It landed and sat on the strip for a few minutes, the passenger door opened. Then one tiny, high-heeled boot appeared. Then all 5'3" of Prince Rogers Nelson, decked out in a purple paisley silk suit, emerged smiling. He walked down a red carpet and threw his jacket over a fence to the crowd, then politely exchanged pleased-to-meet-you’s with Sheridan’s mayor, Max Debolt, and other dignitaries. DeBolt, who takes every opportunity to plug Sheridan’s tourist attractions (hunting and fishing) and neighborly life-style (“I think we had a thief here—once”), was delighted with the hoopla. As Prince climbed into a gray-and-black limo, he said, to no one in particular, “I’m going to buy a house here.” –PEOPLE, July 21, 1986.

Prince arrives in Sheridan, Wyoming for a private screening of “Under the Cherry Moon” with MTV’s contest winner, Lisa Barber, July 1, 1986.

I lost you

It took all of me to forget your face, how your touch felt, your smell, the way my skin ached for you to touch me, your smile, that silk like laugh, the way my heart called out to you. Then I started forgetting the details of your face, I don’t remember what your skin feels like, what do you smell like? When you smile are your teeth Stright? Do you have dimples?, what does your laugh sound like? Why is my heart and body aching for him and not you. Why am I no longer sad that I’ve lost you?

ficlet: egg, vow, mom

St. Berry. References past Finchel.


At the wedding reception, he hands her an egg, tied with a silk bow.

She smiles before she smashes it on the top of his head, egg running into his hair and onto his suit; moments later, she smashes a piece of cake on his mouth, then she kisses it.

He smiles the entire time.


He’s holding her hand in front of everyone they know, and he says

“Before you, Rachel, I was lost. I was a soulless being, incapable of feeling anything other than a desire to win. To quote the New Directions circa 2009, I had no funk.” That earns him a small laugh, and a thumbs up from Kurt. “But meeting you changed all that. You made me feel, Rachel, and that terrified me. So much so that I felt the need to break your heart because of how much it scared me, and I spent the next five years regretting that decision. It seemed that no matter how long ago it was or how far away I went, my heart was still stuck on you, Rachel. And somehow, you were willing to give me a second chance.”

He pauses and looks down, and kisses her hand where her engagement ring sits. “I know I’m not the man you imagined standing up here beside you, and while I was never his best friend like Sam or Puck, I still knew him.  I know how much he meant to you. And I’m so, so grateful for him, because if it hadn’t been for him, you wouldn’t be the woman you are today, and I love that woman. I love her so much that I’m marrying her. Marrying you.” He squeezes her hand. “I love you, Rachel. I want to sing with you and interrupt your shower scales and turn them into duets for the rest of my life, and I can’t wait to spend forever with you.”

She’s crying, but it’s okay. It’s a good sort of cry.


Afterwards, he dances with Shelby.

“Mother of the bride,” he grins, happier than she’s ever seen him as he twirls her around with the practiced ease of a skilled dancer. Even if she wasn’t Rachel’s biological mother, she’d still be here as Jesse’s favorite teacher. 

Off-stage, Beth dances on Rachel’s toes. 

“Did you ever think we’d end up here, when you sent me to befriend her all those years ago?”

She kisses his cheek fondly. “For you, my dear, I hoped.”

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Any gang/mafia long-fics? Or just long-long-long fics with a great plot?

Hello lovely I’m a big fan of mafia!au but sadly there aren’t as many as I wish (let alone long good kaisoo ones!)  so I think you must you’ve read the majority listed below but I‘m throwing them here anyway because some of them are my go-to mafia!kaisoo favs C:

  • Amid Shadows ♥ -  hands down my all time favorite just holy ffF shit even if you’ve read it before go read it again because this fic is too quality and too good to be read only once ;v;  (i’m so happy for the author because even changvasion dropped her a fan letter on how much she loves this fic like wow senpai noticed! goals tbh) 

  • Silk Smile ♥ - AS‘ sequel. /copy and paste everything above here/ ugh more of this au juseyo ;;

  • Shape of My Heart ♥ - i’ve been rec’ing this everywhere lately pls stab with the plastic fork

  • Tiny Games – spy!au duh, sorry for the sudden twist but it’s changvasion

  • Night Lights  ♥ - gambling/underground!au set in Las Vegas, poker player!soo (damnit) and stripper!kai (goddamnit) 

  • thisismylastlie drabble – you wanted a long fic, i’m giving you a drabble i’m so terrible (but it’s so good pls forgive me)

  • the tea is all right  - hitman!au by changvasion

  • Say Good Bye Darling +  0.2 ♥ - yOO SERIOUSLY WHO DOESN’T KNOW THIS not as dark themed as mafia/hitman but you still get some illegal stuff going on here and the action!!!!1

  • The Bottom Line ♥ - THIS ONE OMG. GNARLY

  • Over The Edge – it’s 5k *hides* i tried ;;;;

  • Blood Scarcity – hitman!au (shame that the format is a bit messed up as there are question marks everywhere instead of apostrophes) really good too

  • Strife – cute fluffy mafia!jongin sobs

  • White Lies – it’s jongin-centric (and imo not enough of kaisoo) but still great af

  • EXO’S 11 – Ocean 11!au, if you know the movie you’ll probably know this, too (exo robs a casino) 

  • almost is never enough - hitman!jongin. ANGSTY

There are lots of long long quality fics (barely any long fic has a bad plot imo) but here’s a handful that I aggressively recommend

  • Edge of You and Me ♥ - 16k, mama!au. bury me with this fic pls   

  • When Our Bodies Finally Go (on AO3 & on LJ), 16k – curryramyeon is a queen of long fics k

  • And We’ll Sail for Ithaca – 70k +/-? slice of life. TELL CURRYRAMYEON I WANT TO MARRY HER

  • It’s Still A Feeling  ♥ - 93k, NYC!au. curryramyeon was at it again hh. i want this to be filmed this story is a magic ;A; (Danielle pls marry me)

  • Shine Like Stars – summer camp!au 12 long af chapters + loooots and looots of sequels. I pulled an allnighter for this (join the community first so you can read all the chaps!)

  • Worth it – from the same author of SLS above (join her community pls)  It’s in a pdf file because it’s 181k long shoot me in between the eyes

  • All Roads, They Lead Me Here – 36k+, slice of life. I ate so many oreos while reading this idk because this was so comfy and so nice to read??? A+++++

  • Tracks in the Snow – 84k, kyungsoo-centric. this one is new and i’m so tempted to read it but i can’t because of some certain triggers and pairings but i know i’ll miss out a lot lol (but it‘s 85k omg someone try this??) 

  • Comes and Goes – 14k, surfer!au. *weeps jesus tears*

  • unburials: towards the setting sun ♥ - 19k+, demon hunter!au. hold my weak body o<-<

  • These shatered words – 27k, pls read it you’ll have no regrets I guarantee you


You can check the exordium longfic challenge though not entirely kaisoo fics but all the stories are over 20k so if you don’t mind other exo pairings, here you are C:

Happy long reading!

- Admin J


Title: Gift

Words: 114

Pairing: Makorra

“What is it,” Mako asked as he poked the haphazardly wrapped package that looked like it was run over by a car.

“You’ll have to open it to find out,” Korra said with a devilish smile as she rubbed her round belly. The baby inside gave her another kick.

Mako tentatively opened the gift. Inside he found a blue silk scarf. He smiled while he gently stroked the scarf. He then took it out and threw it around his neck modeling it for Korra.

“It won’t ever replace your dad’s scarf, but I thought we could make our own heirlooms,” she said.

“It’s perfect,” he said and leaning over gave his wife a tender kiss.