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Strip That Down

You first meet Ong Seongwoo at a strip club, not amused by his silk shirt and easy smiles. However, you’re soon exposed to the other sides of his personality, and find yourself genuinely enjoying his company.

  • for anon who requested stripper!ong
  • i will not swerve into ong’s lane, i will not swerve into ong’s lane, i will not swerve into ong’s lane
  • not much like sexy times bc this turned into a lowkey ‘let’s humanize ppl who work in the sex industry bc they’re too often overlooked/stigmatized’ work

  • You huffed, staring down intently at the book you had out, doing your best to block out the loud music blaring in the background
  • “(y/n), you’re so lame,” your best friend complained, hitting on the shoulder
  •  You rolled your eyes, briefly looking up at the stage
  • Your best friend, who had recently turned 21, dragged you and the rest of your friend group to a male strip club to celebrate her adulthood, much to your chagrin
  •  “whatever,” you muttered, going back to the book you’d been reading for your English class
  • You’d only really gone along with the plan to appease your friend—you had absolutely no interest in male strippers
  • There wasn’t anything wrong with strippers themselves, you just weren’t super into watching guys grind on thin air in thongs
  • “oh my god,” your friend hissed, hitting you again, this time much more violently
  • “what?” you asked, not bothering to look up from your book
  • “look up!” your best friend hissed, still hitting you violently
  • your eyes raised slowly from the text in front of you, meeting the piercing, intense gaze of one of the men dancing on stage
  • his body was lithe as he moved fluidly, hips grinding to the slow beat that had been playing for the dancers’ set
  • “oh my god, he’s staring at you,” your friends squealed, hitting you excitedly
  • you watched as he lifted his shirt, moving his body to the smooth rhytm as he exposed his abs amidst the hordes of screaming girls
  • however, the entire time, his eyes never left yours
  • you quirked an eyebrow, turning your attention back to your book
  • however, you were forced to look up again when cheers errupted once more
  • the guy was slowly taking off his shirt, still staring at you with a seductive look
  • shaking your head, you lifted your book and tried to block out the noise
  • “we’re gonna head to the bathroom, (y/n),” your friend informed you, standing up
  • you nodded, waving them off and assuring your friends that you’d watch their things
  • the music was still loud, but the dancers before, including the one that had been staring at you, were no longer onstage, and you turned back to your book
  • you’d managed to get through a chapter and were starting on the next when you realized that someone was standing in front of you, blocking your source of light
  • it was the dancer from earlier, and you lifted an eyebrow in confusion
  • “you know, i’ve never seen someone pay to get into a strip club and proceed to ignore the dancers,” he said with a smirk, meeting your gaze intensely
  • he was handsome, and you felt your stomach flutter a bit but ignored it, reminding you that being flirtatious was part of his job
  • his voice was smooth and rough at the same time, almost like velvet
  • “i’m here for a friend,” you explained, wanting to just get back to your book
  • “i’d like to offer you a complimentary private show,” he said smoothly, giving you a wink
  • you just stared back at him, confused
  • “my boss is getting irritated with you; it looks bad for business,” he said hastily, “but whaddya say to the private show? i know you don’t want to be here, but i’ve heard that i can be very convincing.”
  • “they’ll go,” your best friend said, shoving you towards the guy
  • you stumbled a bit and he reached out to straighten you, your stomach fluttering as his hand tightened around your shoulder
  • you rolled your eyes but let yourself get pulled to one of the back rooms, still skeptical to the whole situation
  • he showed you where to sit and strutted over to start playing his choice of music
  • you wrinkled your nose as ‘the way’ by kehlani started playing, not wanting your favorite song to be forever tied to such a strange memory
  • he began dancing to the music fluidly, and you felt incredibly awkward as he got closer to you, eyes boring intensely into your own
  • you felt your face blush a bit as he got even closer, averting your eyes as  he yanked his shirt off in one fell swoop, unsure of what to do
  • he was so close that you could see every detail of his skin– the small scar on his collarbone, the tattoo on his rib, swirling letters that spelled out–
  • “is that an edgar allen poe tattoo?” you blurted out as he began thrusting his hips, ruining the moment entirely
  • without thinking, your finger was running over the letters that spelled out ‘nevermore’, appreciating the tattoo
  • “it is, actually,” the dancer smiled, looking down at it, “the raven was the first poem i truly enjoyed, it’s what got me into poetry, actually.”
  • “you’re into poetry?” you asked, impressed
  • “why, surprised that some run-of-the-mill stripper like me can appreciate the finer arts?” the dancer asked with a slight sneer
  • “that’s not what I meant,” you sighed, rolling your eyes at how defensive he’d gotten, “i just haven’t met many people my age who truly appreciate poetry.”
  • as the dancer– seongwoo, as he introduced himself– tugged his shirt back on, the ‘private show’ completely forgotten, he told you about how he was majoring in business at the local university that you attended as well
  • “i’m a lit major,” you explained, “why aren’t you majoring in lit, if you love poetry so much?”
  • “parents didn’t approve,” seongwoo sighed, running a hand through his perfectly gelled inky black hair
  • the two of you sat there for a while, talking about what books you’d read recently and giving each other suggestions
  • “ong, finish up! it’s been over an hour!” someone yelled, pounding on the door to the room that you and seongwoo were sitting in
  • seongwoo looked startled and checked his phone, eyes widening when he realized how long he’d been talking with you
  • “i should probably get back on the job,” seongwoo said ruefully, getting to his feet, “but hey, it was nice talking to you.”
  • “seongwoo,” you said tentatively before he stepped out into the loud club, “the coffee shop that I work at has open mic nights. every tuesday at seven. you should go sometime.”
  • seongwoo looked at you thoughtfully, a small smile dancing on his lips
  • “i’ll think about it,” he replied
  • “you should do it,” you insisted, “i can be very convincing.” 
  • seongwoo chuckled at the way that you used his own words against him, giving you a quick wink before striding off down the hall, confidence and facade back on again.
  • you smiled at that, pleasantly surprised at what an interesting person seongwoo was
  • however, you were still surprised to hear that velvety voice as you wiped down a counter
  • “i guess you are pretty convincing.”
  • “seongwoo, you came!” you smiled over at him widely, tucking the rag into your pocket
  • “you fit the vibe of this place pretty well,” he commented, eyes scanning over the warm browns and tan of the coffee shop decor before running up and down your sweater and boots combo
  • “well, you fit the vibe of the club pretty well,” you shot back with a grin, feeling more flirty now that you were in your element, “Mr. Chic.”
  • seongwoo just grinned at that, ruffling his hair
  • you took the chance to take in his appearance, appreciating how good he looked in a sweatshirt and jeans, dark hair falling into his eyes
  • it was a nice contrast from the silk shirt, leather pants and pushed back hair you’d first seen him in, but you didn’t know which look you liked more
  • “you can find a seat, i can make you a drink if you’d like,” you informed him, “the open mic will start in about ten minutes.”
  • “i’ll take an iced espresso,” seongwoo replied, sending you a quick smile
  • you nodded, hurrying behind the bar to get his shot started
  • seongwo ended up going closer to the end of the night, sharing a short but extremely well-written poem 
  • it was very intriguing, and spoke of conflicted emotions and the struggle between loyalty to others and oneself
  • you were reminded of what he’d told you a few nights ago, about his parents not approving of him majoring in literature
  • “you’re a really good poet,” you informed seongwoo as you closed up the cafe for the night
  • seongwoo had insisted on sticking around, sipping the dregs of his iced espresso
  • he blushed at the compliment, his ears turning red
  • “really?” he asked, raising an eyebrow
  • from the few interactions you’d had with him, you’d definitely got the feeling that he was a confident man, so you were surprised to see him seem so vulnerable
  • “yes, really,” you laughed, shaking your head, “the girls were swooning over you– you really have a way with words.”
  • “well, you know what else makes the girls swoon?” he asked with a grin, before turning away quickly
  • when he turned back, you burst out laughing at the sight of his ears folded in, a huge shit-eating grin on his face
  • “which side do you want me to unfold first?” he asked playfully
  • “are you serious?” you asked between wheezes, tears forming in your eyes from how hard you were laughing at the image in front of you
  • “yes, i’m serious,” he said with a grin, “which side?”
  • “left, I guess.”
  • you laughed even harder as he unfolded the left ear, making a clicking sound effect to go along with it before doing the same with the right
  • “you’re truly unique, seongwoo,” you said as you turned off the lights in the cafe, still chuckling a bit
  • when the two of you got to your bus stop, seongwoo stopped, looking at you seriously
  • “(y/n),” he said, looking down at you, “thank you for tonight.”
  • you looked up at him, surprised at his serious tone, “it’s nothing! you clearly really enjoy poetry, i just informed you of an outlet.”
  • “still,” he insisted, “most of my own friends find it hard to believe that the jokester who doesn’t take school seriously would be interested in poetry, let alone some random person whose first impression of me was me grinding on thin air at a strip club. thank you for not judging me.”
  • “hey,” you frowned, bumping his shoulder, “just because you’re a stripper doesn’t mean you’re not a person. it’s a way to get money, and if you’re comfortable with it, then it’s not my place to judge.”
  • seongwoo looked down at you thoughtfully, a small smile crossing his lips
  • “still. thank you.”
  • you then realized how close the two of you were, your eyes going down to his pink lips and then back to his warm brown eyes, his ears a bit pink
  • “(y/n),” he said tentatively, before sucking in a breath of air and exhaling it with a hiss, “ah, never mind.”
  • you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, “jesus christ, seongwoo, you’re not slick. just ask me on a date already.”
  • he looked down at you with eyes wide, cheeks bright pink
  • “well, will you go on a date with me?”
  • “yes, idiot,” you said with a smile, before leaning up to press a kiss to his lips
  • later that night, over text, seongwoo revealed why he’d been so apprehensive to ask you out
  • i’ve never met someone so unapologetically themselves
  • and you were the first person to not judge me for what i do
  • i didn’t want to lose that just because i had feelings for you
  • and each and every day of your relationship, you did your best to remind seongwoo that he was an incredibly amazing person, because no matter how intense his ‘confident guy’ mask was, you knew that inside, he was a worried, slightly anxious guy like everyone else around you

moral of this story: even if a person appears to be super confident, they are probably still very insecure on the inside

seongwoo has actually talked about this before (idk what exact source) but yeah i think it’s just important to keep in mind

A Lonely Saturday

Group: BTS


Summary: your crush on your best friend makes you do a lot of weird things.

Genre: drabble, angst, fluff

Length: 1.3k

A/N: hitting you with childhood best friend Jimin!

Getting quite desperate for requests~

Originally posted by bwipsul

Your ideal Saturday had been ruined, and it had been like this the last few weekends. Your usual safe place; the crease in Jimin’s sofa that you could easily spend all weekend on as you binged watched horror movies had been desecrated on.

It wasn’t that it had disappeared, it hadn’t and you were currently sitting slouched back slightly into it with clothes surrounding you and coating the floor. What had ruined your spot was Jimin; he was going on yet another date during what should have been your evening together.

“TRY THIS ON!” you threw the metal hanger at Jimin, flinching slightly as it hit his bare chest he looked at the black ripped jeans hanging off it in interest. You were trying to stop the smile on your face from looking forced as you shooed him from your sofa to get changed.

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Circus au

Part 3:

Keith felt his heart try to break its way out of his chest.
Lance was just hanging there with only the strength in a single hand making the difference between holding on and falling to the ground far below him.
The crowd was quietly muttering and Lance stayed exactly where he was for almost a minuet, Keith half expected to get the signal to lower him because something had gone wrong.
Then the music started.
It was deep and haughtily beautiful like a heart broken woman in a underwater cave singing to the waves.
Lance suddenly started moving. His free hand grabbing the silk and pulling himself up, spinning upwards wrapping himself up until he was right at the top.
He let go with one hand and brought his legs up so he was now upside down.
Keith could almost imagine him winking at him as if to say ‘suck it mullet.’
Then Lance let go and Keith had to use every fibre of his being not to run to catch him.
However as he rolled down the silk the audience all gasped some woman even screamed.
Then right before he was going to fall, he wrapped his ankle around the bottom of the silk and hunk there smiling and waving at the crowd.
Keith’s heart was beating so fast he was certain it would never return to normal speed.
Lance bent upwards one leg pointed upwards and a hand on the silk.
The crowd was cheering loudly and Lance was blowing kisses, getting faster and faster with every kiss.
“That’s your signal!” Pidge hissed popping up from nowhere.
Keith was confused for a moment before realising what he meant.
“Oh yeah.”
Keith flicked the switch and the winch was rapidly unwinding and Lance dropped to the ground the crowds screaming.
Keith tried to stop it but it kept breaking from his hold.
Lance was so close to the ground that Keith panicked and was about to jam his arm into the winch to try and stop lance from hitting the floor.
Before he could though a large tanned hand grabbed the handle and stopped the decent annoying easily.
“Whoa there, that was close” he chuckled as he finished lowering Lance slowly to the ground.
Keith looked up annoyed and ready to pick a fight. That stopped when he saw the gentle smile on his face and that fact that he was easily twice his size.
“I can’t believe Pidge would have you do this, I told them I would do it.”
Keith frowned “I had it handled”
“What the hell was that?” Lance asked stomping back stage glaring until he saw the taller man.
“Oh hey Hunk what happened?” He asked draping himself over the other mans arm.
“Sorry dude just problems with this old thing.” Hunk shrugged hugging him. “Your ok right?”
Keith stared, didn’t they know that kind of thing could get them arrested?
“Yeah, not the first time the winch dropped me I’m fine.” Lance shrugged. He glanced at Keith “but if your sticking around here Mullet I would prefer the strong man handling it then you.”
“Wait… you don’t want me fired?” Keith asked confused.
Lance Laughed “cause not, no one gets brought in by Shiro unless they really need a chance, he gave me one so who am I to deny the same shot to you.” He winked “plus your kinda cute.”
Keith stared at him knowing that he was in trouble because not only had he accidentally joined the circus, but he was falling for the resident play boy yet again.

So It Goes / Spencer Reid

A/N: The result of late night writing and having a fever. This is not the happiest story. It’s nearly 3 am and I haven’t edited so there will probably be typos. I apologize in advance. 

Warnings: Mentions of rape/torture. angst. And just bad stuff, my man 

Originally posted by cierrasuee

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•All Eyes On Me•

He had no idea what he was doing here.

Jughead Jones stood nervously in front of the largest tent he had ever seen in his life, buses and cages and crates were everywhere and there was a familiar circus theme playing from somewhere in the distance.

Yeah, he had no idea what he was doing here.

It had all started last week, Jughead was tending to a sickly elephant at the Southside Zoo when the Dark, older man had approached him.

“You’ve a knack for these animals, I’ve been watching you this past week” a thickly accented voice spoke from behind him.

Jughead had whipped around, his eyes instantly widening when he caught the mans eyes, everyone knew who he was, everyone knew Pop Tate, owner and ring leader of Pop Tate’s Traveling Freak Show.

Jughead had stumbled backward, his arms instinctively coming out to cover Besa, the zoos oldest elephant.

“What’s it to you?” The dark haired boy growled defiantly.

Pop raised his hands in a show of surrender, a wide, bright smile on his face.

“I’ve come with a proposition, an ear to listen is all I require.” He sat down on the stool set up in the corner, his extravagant cane leaning carelessly against the wall. How much was a cane like that worth? If he had something like that he’d surely pawn it and make some coins.

Jughead crossed his arms and raised a brow, nodding his head and Indicating he was ready to listen to whatever wacky idea the older man had in his mind, get it over with, get back to the animals.

Pop Tate smiled again and began
“You don’t quite fit in here.” He started, putting his hand up as Jughead was about to interject “you care about these animals, your….friends? They do not. I would like you to come with me, come travel with my show! You would be in charge of our animals, you can be a featured act! A lion tamer! Oh it would be splendid to see, something fresh! something new.” Pops hands flung frantically as he mumbled to himself, his teeth shiny and white against his dark skin.

Jughead stared in shock at the mans offer, he hated it here, hated the Southside, it had always been his dream to leave this place, to travel! But with… the freaks? Could he do that? What would his father say?

“I’m not a freak.” Jughead finally stated, staring at the man before him, The ringleader looked at him with a curious kind of expression before pulling a card form his pocket and sliding it into his hand

“Why, we’re all crazy my friend. This is our address, give us a chance, we are setting up camp next week. You may like what you see.” With a dramatic wave of his hand Pops was heading away and leaving Jughead staring at the printed card in his hand.

That’s what brought him to where he was today, tugging nervously on his suspenders as he stared at the people passing, suddenly a hand grabbed his arm, Jughead moved quick lifting a fist to who.. or whatever had just grabbed him.

A red haired boy jumped back

“Woah there pal! Put those paws down!” The redhead grinned “I’m Archie Andrews and you’re Jughead Jones, Pops hasn’t stopped talking about you.” He explained “he wasn’t sure you were going to come but since you’re here, let me show you around.” He began leading the way as Jughead scrambled to catch up with the quick boy.

“How old are you?” Jughead asked

Once again Archie showed his pearly whites
“ I’m 18, figure you’re the same age. I’ve been in this here freak show since I was 14!”

Jughead examined Archie, there was nothing wrong with him, he was good looking, witty and overall very normal.

“You’re wondering what it is I do here.” Archie’s voice broke him from his thoughts and Jughead stuttered

“I.. uh..”

Archie nodded “that’s okay, I get it. I don’t quite look like Norma, the bearded lady, Who by the makes the best peanut butter cookies. Anyway, I play the music. During intermissions and on the sidelines I play music. I’m pretty handy with a guitar.” He high fived a little person and Jughead tried desperately not to stare, this was all so new.
“Heard you might be our new lion tamer, that’s a swell gig, sure wish animals liked me like that.”

Jughead couldn’t help the swell of pride he felt, no one had ever been impressed, his family at home thought his skill was pointless and a measly hobby, he should be putting his time into working for his fathers gang, the Serpents.

Archie turned into a room in the tent and turned to whisper in his ear
“This is Veronica Lodge, she’s a gyspy, she reads palms. She’s also my unofficial woman, so don’t get any ideas.” His tone held warning and Jughead nodded. “Also she won’t tell you your future but she knows. She knows everything.”

They entered the dramatically lit room, sheets and colors wrapped around the tiny space as a dark haired woman sat in the center bent over a crystal ball, a head band of dangling jewels hung around her face, her stomach was exposed as the long skirt jingled, her arms were littered in bracelets, when she glanced up he was taken aback by the intensity of her dark eyes.

“Jughead Jones, our newest lion tamer.” She grinned slyly at him.

Jughead cleared his throat
“Well.. I.. Umm.. haven’t figured that out yet..”

Veronica closed her eyes and touched the ball
“Hmmm, you will be fantastic.” She hummed.

“Told you.” Archie mumbled from beside him, his eyes trained on the beautiful gyspy

“Archiekins, leave me now. I will meet you all for dinner.” Her eyes fell back to the cards in front of her and Archie pushed Jughead through the door.

“She’s great.” The musician sighed dreamily.

“Quit talking to the new guy about your girlfriend.” A deep voice spoke from their right, Jughead nearly fell over when he saw the size of the man speaking.

“Reggie mantle.” The ginormous man reached a beefy hand out, squeezing Jugheads hand to the point of cut circulation.

Reggie was huge, muscles rippled from every place on his body, He had a good foot on Jughead.

“Strongest man on earth.” The bulky man bragged staring at his fingernails cockily. “Once I lifted All three of the pussycats over my head.” He shrugged as Archie whacked him atop the head.

“The pussycats are the orchestra, they’re our age and they play all of the music in the Big Top show.” Archie explained.

“You made up your mind yet? You gonna join the family?” Reggie dropped a heavy hand on his shoulder, nearly drilling him into the crowd.

Jughead stepped back. He liked it here, these people, they were weird just like him and they were accepting they didn’t judge him, they wanted him.

Archie smiled
“I haven’t even shown him Betty yet.”

Reggie grinned, his handsome face twisting in amusement

“Well if you haven’t made up your mind yet, I’m sure you will soon.”

The two boys led Jughead into the largest room, beautiful music flowing from an organ in the corner, his eyes were drawn instantly to the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in his life.

The most gorgeous blonde woman Jughead had ever seen was suspended in air, silky hair falling over her shoulders as she spun around a hoop hanging from the ceiling, her legs twisting in such a graceful way, her body was contorting and before he knew it she was falling, quickly and slowly all at the same time, his legs moved to reach for her, to catch her but Archie placed a hand on his arm

“Just watch.” His eyes were sparkling as he took in the scene before him.

Suddenly Betty was holding onto pastel pink silks her legs twisted in them and she held on tight, muscles taut as she spun quickly, her hair whipping along wildly with the long red skirt she wore. She slowly eased herself onto the floor and lifted a final leg onto the silk, a serene smile playing on her lips, her eyes caught his then
Springtime meadow green crashing into thunderstorm blue.

“I’m in.”

What do I taste like?

What do I taste like?

“So what’s it taste like anyway?” you ask him flipping the page of the book you don’t even know the name of, you’re honestly so bored but Harry’s here and he looks delicious in his red button up and you didn’t want him to study alone.

He looks at you and waits for you to continue.

“You know…pussy” Harry’s eyes bulge out but quickly recovers. An amused glint in his eyes as he smirks. He knew you were curious about his sex life, he knew you would be jealous of the girl who’s been texting him. He knew you’ve wanted him for the longest time, he did too. He thinks you’re fucking sexy and so cute. How can you do that, be such a tease without even knowing it? Pisses Harry off really.

“I’m just curious is all” you can hear your heart pounding and you’re hoping he doesn’t hear it. He’s probably no stranger to it by now. Your heart pounds every time he smiles at you, or when he “accidentally” grazes his hand against yours while you two walk to the coffee shop near campus, or when he calls you baby in front of his friends, or when he bites his lip every time he sees you all dressed up for a party (which rarely happens so it’s an occasion really, especially for Harry), or when he plays footsie with you during class. His friends think you guys fuck all the time by the way you two act. But no, you’re different to Harry and he’s different to you.

“Where is this coming from?” He puts down his pen and pushes his books aside. His phone vibrates and you frown. You couldn’t get cuter he thinks. “I’m not sleeping with her” he winks. He needs to let you know that he’s single, at all times. He was never really anyone else’s after you came in his life.

“I just want to know what it tastes like” you tell him raising your eyebrows and he raises his. “Look, it doesn’t taste like chicken” Harry snorts. “Does it taste like tuna? Potatoes?”

You put your book that you’ve been paying no attention to what so ever aside when Harry scoots next to you. “It doesn’t taste like tuna or tomatoes” he tell you.

“Potatoes” you point.

“Neither” he chuckles. He can smell you, apples? Hmm apple pie, he could just eat you up.

“Then what?” You bat your lashes, trying to look as innocent as possible. His smile softens and he drops his head to the side. Harry’s so smitten it’s beyond him, he’s even gone as far as telling his sister about your pretty brown eyes and your coffee skin. He loves coffee.

“Well, some do smell like tuna…” he says, laughing at your disgusted face. “Only some, I’ve been very lucky in that case” he’s back with the smirk.

Your heart breaks a little at the thought of him going down on someone other than you. But you’re not gonna let that upset you. Of course he’s been with other girls, he hasn’t tried you yet. He’ll be sticking when he does.

“I’m not getting an answerrrrr” you tease and he rests his back on the headboard, mimicking your position.

“Well, it depends. It’s always a little different and…and it’s always little salty…and everybody’s unique” you stare at his lips and watch them smirk and taunt you the entire time. You wonder what he would think of you.

“What do I taste like?” You surprise him and yourself by saying that out loud. Your cheeks flame but you confidently look up, his eyes now different. From soft to very dark…hungry. Harry’s shocked, but he’s been waiting to do this for a while.

“Open your legs” his hand slowly moves between your thighs, leaving goosebumps. Your eyes widen and ears feel heavy. Is this even happening? He searches your eyes for a second, thinking maybe you’ll stop him. You would never, you’ve wanted his hand between your legs since forever.

“Open your legs baby” he tells you again and this time you oblige. Your legs open slowly and your skirt raises up. Harry’s hand slowly travels up and up and up and…oh.

He made sure to feel your silky skin. Harry wants to make you whimper and say his name and hold you till he’s full. But not now.

His fingers rub over the silk and he smiles when he feels the tiny ribbon on top. You bought this one with him not too long ago, he remembers of course. Harry loved teasing you, so he picked it out as a joke. But was it really?

Harry licks his lips, his eyes all over your face. Jumping from your eyes to your lips to your cherry cheeks, he was enjoying this.

You gasp as his cold fingers slide in your panties and he rubs you gently. He’s trying to be as soft as possible, you look so sweet and pretty and small that he doesn’t want to scare you off. He looks down at his hand between your thighs in awe and he’s so fucking hard.

“Shh” he whispers and slowly pushes a finger inside you. Your mouth opens and you hide your face in your left hand, right fisting his silky shirt. He twists and turns his finger, he thinks you’re so warm. So warm and tight and oh god Harry just can’t. He wants to feel you and taste you till the very last drop. How amazing would that be.

You uncover your face and let out a breath when he brings his finger out, out of your knickers and in his mouth. All the while his eyes remain on yours and you lose your breath all over again.

He leans closer so you can feel his breath on your neck. All Harry wants to do is lick you up and mark you all over so when he leaves you would feel him there for hours…and somewhere else.

“You taste so fucking good”

You think you just died.

I. Icarus is a tired boy sitting on park benches, with wings tattooed into his blistering skin. He rolls in and out of summer days, living a life of spoils from his father’s wealth.
II. Apollo smiles, “Careful, Sun Boy, your wings will melt if you get too close.” His laugh is bright, almost as bright as the glare of his phone screen as Icarus enters his number.
III. Daedalus watches his son as he leaves, wax drippings mark his path. The sun is setting, his son will be safe in his antics.
IV. Apollo leaves the lights off in his small apartment. The fluorescents give him a headache, at least that’s what he claims. He offers Icarus a drink.
V. Their skin is warm with the soft haze of dawn’s rosy fingers creeping into his room. They are tangled together in silk sheets. Icarus’s small smile melts the sun god’s heart, he knows he has to leave soon.
—  Sun Boy (5/19/17)
Unknown King - part V

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: Here’s part V and let me tell y’all this is gonna turn into a huge sugar daddy bucky fic. Just be patient. Also please understand that the house is huge! and I am not descriptive at times but I will in future parts!

Word count: 1.5K

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You stuffed your last travel bag into the trunk before slamming it shut. You didn’t get any sleep. You spent the entire night packing your things up and cleaning up around the house. Bucky wasn’t home so you hoped to make a quick escape without him noticing. But you know he’d notice soon. You hated yourself for doing this, leaving this way. Without a single goodbye, but you knew it was for the best.

You took a deep breath and gazed at his house. The sun loomed overhead happily. You wiped your nose and grabbed your keys. Before you could open the car door, Bucky abruptly stopped his Porche in front of your car. He stepped out with a smile on his face, but it quickly faded when he saw your luggage loaded car.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Traveling,” You forced a smile onto your face.

He frowned, “with every single on of your bags?” He closed the car door and walked towards you. “What happened?”

You shook your head and smiled sadly, “I’m traveling to California.”

Bucky crossed his arms, “I went to The Report, they said you packed your things. What happened?”

Your shoulders shuddered as you covered your face with your hands. An overwhelming feeling came over you and you cried silently into your hands. You felt Bucky’s arms wrap around you as he pulled you into a hug. You clung onto his broad frame and cried in his rich smelling shirt.

“I’ve been having money problems,” You admitted. “My savings are gone. I was evicted from my home because the landlord raised the price on rent and I was fired from work.”

“Why’d they fire you?” Bucky asked, he pulled away and looked at you.

You looked away, “Because they wanted me to give them a story about you for the paper. About how you get your money. Cole fired me on the spot when I refused.”

“Oh, Y/N,” Bucky hugged me even tighter. “You pure heart.”

“I couldn’t do it,” You continued. “They only wanted me because I was friends with you.” You shook your head. “I’ve never felt so dirty.”

“You’re not,” Bucky said. “C'mon, you’re staying at my house.”

“What?” You asked.

“Yeah, I’ll have Ace bring your stuff inside, just park your car in the driveway.”

“I can’t do that, Buck. I could just go home,” You said.

“No, Y/N. Please, let me do this. You’ve been nothing but a good friend and this just tops it all. You got fired because of me. Let me return the favor,” he said. “Plus, it looks like you need some sleep.”

You hadn’t realized how tired you were until you eyes began to glaze over. You reluctantly agreed. You got in his car and he took the short drive over to his home. Bucky led you into the palace and took you to your room. It was a beautiful vast bedroom. Bigger than any room you’d ever had. Bucky told you he’d have your bags in your room in no time. You nodded and kicked your shoes off. Without a second thought, you collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep instantly.

You woke up in a room that wasn’t yours. The sun had disappeared, replaced by the lonesome moon and it’s stars. The cream colored walls now looked white from the rays. The sheets under you were soft, so soft. You came to the conclusion that they were the softest thing you’ve ever touched. The blanket that covered you fell off your body when you stood up. The bed under you felt like a marshmallow.

You rolled off the bed and your feet touched a carpet. You walked to the window and was met with a view of the lake that Bucky’s house sat next to. The moon reflected off the infinite pool, making it darker than it actually was. The houses across the lake were brilliantly lit. Residents of East Egg lived lives almost equal to West Eggers. Rich and luxurious lives.

You walked to the door and pulled it open. The mansion was eerily quiet. You used your knowledge from the tour to try to navigate your way down to the first floor. After a few wrong turns, you were able to find the marble staircase. The chandelier was on. Your feet made no sound as you waltzed down the stairs. The racket of pots crashing made your head turn on the direction of the kitchen. You entered the kitchen to find Renaldo and Anthony working around. It smelled as delicious as usual.

“Miss Y/N!” They exclaimed loudly with smiles on their faces.

You smiled, “Hello.”

“Mister Barnes is not here at the moment,” Renaldo said in his thick Italian accent. “But we have prepared you a dish!”

Anthony grabbed a plate from a large oven and placed it on the island. It was fettuccine alfredo. Your mouth watered at the exquisite smell.

“A famous Italian dish,” Renaldo explained and began to cut some bread. He grabbed a small dish and placed two slices on the plate before setting it next to the fettuccine.

You smiled, “This looks amazing!”

“Indeed,” Anthony said. “Go on! Sit, eat.”

You pulled out a chair and sat before indulging in the most divine dish of pasta. Renaldo and Anthony went about their business in the kitchen. Though they occasionally asked you if you wanted more bread or pasta.

After you finished your food, Anthony asked you if you wanted dessert. You declined, explaining that you were much too full. He nodded and took your dish. Bucky walked into the kitchen. He was obviously dressed for business. The chefs greeted him and Bucky smiled. Renaldo and Anthony closed up shop, they thanked Bucky and said their goodbyes to you.

“How long was I asleep?” You asked him.

“Maybe ten hours,” He replied. “Did you like the food? Renaldo likes to keep in touch with his roots so he’s constantly offering Italian dishes.”

“I thought they lived here,” You said truthfully.

Bucky chuckled and shook his head, “No, they both have families and would much rather live in their own homes. I know cause I asked.” He paused. “But anyways I let them go at around 9 each night and they don’t get here until noon. They have Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays off.”

You smiled, “Bucky, I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing. I really appreciate it.”

He shrugged, “It’s kind of my fault you got fired. I should’ve known better than to befriend you, I put you at risk.”

“But why?” You asked. “Why are they so bent on trying to find out where your money came from?”

He sighed. “I live on West Egg,” He began. “West Egg represents ‘new money’. Actors, producers, mafia leaders, drug lords, and so on. East Egg represents the old and respectable money. Businessmen, children of wealthy parents etc. East Eggers do not like us, West Eggers. They think we’re frauds and criminals.”

You frowned, “Are you?”

“Not all of us,” He explained. “East Eggers are just trying to expose us, to bring us into the spotlight and to ruin us.”

“So there’s like a rivalry,” You concluded.

“Eh,” Bucky made a 'sort of’ movement with his hand. “We have nothing against them, but something is bound to happen.”

You pursed your lips, “Bucky, am I gonna be safe here?”

He looked at you, “Yes, of course. I have twenty-four-hour security, a safe room in case of emergency and a plane ready to go any moment if needed.”

Your lips pulled together in an 'O’. Then you remembered something, “Oh! Weren’t you going to ask me something? Before I left to The Report and got fired.”

Realization struck his eyes, “I totally forgot about that.”

You sat up, “Are you still gonna tell me?”

Hesitation fell across his face but he quickly covered it up and leaned against the island. “I was wondering if-and it’s completely fine if you don’t want to!” He exclaimed interrupting himself. “With your situation, I don’t want it to seem like I’m taking advantage because I’m not, it’s just that-”

“Bucky,” You smiled, a giggle rising from your throat. “Just say it.”

“Would you like to go on a date?” He said.

You felt your cheeks grow hot at the question he just unfolded for you. Your palms began to sweat. It wasn’t because you felt pressured to say yes. Because you didn’t. You wanted to say yes. Bucky was handsome and so, so good to you. It almost felt too good to be true, but you took the leap of faith and dove into the deep end.

“I would love to,” you smiled.

“G-great!” He stuttered, clearly shocked you had said yes. “Tomorrow at 7?”

“My schedules all cleared up as of yesterday,” You laughed.

He chuckled, “Okay well, tomorrow then.”

“Tomorrow it is.” You said.

Bucky walked you to your bedroom and said his goodnight before turning away and walking towards the East wing of the palace. You closed the door and covered your face with your hands. A smile engulfed your features and you almost couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“Oh my god,” You whispered repeatedly. “That just happened.” You got up and flung yourself onto your fluffy bed. You sunk into the silk duvet and smiled, a feeling of ecstasy flowing through your body.

You felt ethereal.

*What do you guys think Bucky’s business is?

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Today an absolutely beautiful woman came into the place I work—she was black, probably in her late twenties, with very short hair dyed a kind of grayish color, big smile, burgundy silk scarf around her neck, white blouse, masculine-looking jacket. And as I was taking her order, she said to me, “You have the most perfect little face. Do people tell you that often?” I said no. “It’s like a doll’s face.” Couldn’t stop myself from grinning from ear to ear.

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Could you do a cute Calum blurb on before fame ever happened? Maybe Like a relationship progressing throughout the years? I just wanna feel light butterflies 😂😩

aw bb i got u 

so i m a g i n e meeting Calum in secondary school. That head of raven hair was so thick and curly, he looked of a shroom head. His scrawny and skinny being was very contradictory to how silly and tough he was as a person. With his insane soccer skills and immense care over his friends and his family, you didn’t know what to make up of Calum Thomas Hood. 

The first time you actually met him was when he purposely kicked the ball towards you, but softly enough that it came to you rolling on the grass. You were sat at the bottom of the bleachers during gym, watching the boys and girls frenzy in their sports. But there you were, watching as Calum jogged over to you to retrieve it. 

“Sorry if it hit you,” Calum would say sheepishly. You giggled, getting on your legs to pick up the ball and toss it to him. “Tossing a soccer ball with your hands? That’s a first for me, Y/N.” 

“Addressing me by my name the very first time we met is a first for me, Calum,” you pointed out with a grin. Calum couldn’t help but smiling widely, the crinkles by his eyes forming with that huge goofy smile of his. That was the first time you knew he was going to be something else when he tossed you his small phone. 

A year goes by, and you two were best of friends. Every morning when you walked over to the school building, the boy had always waited for you in a different position of holding his soccer ball. Right after, he’d drop it to his feet and offer you a hug.

These hugs were sacred to you, because Calum wasn’t the guy to hug many of his friends. It was of course the unquestionable affection that he hugged the other 3 lads, but he was always intimidated to hug girls. So when he hugged you, you felt beyond special. 

As you two developed being best friends, Calum finally showed you his music. In his bedroom, he had a chipped acoustic guitar, one you showed him at a thrift store for 20 dollars. And it always made you smile whenever he played and sung. His voice was still developing due to puberty, but it was nice and nasally and gentle. 

“Wh-what d’you think?” Calum asked, stopping his strumming to play with the neck of his Blink-182 shirt. You smiled, rising from his bean bag chair to get in front of him. Weaving your fingers into his silk-like locks, you smiled and ruffled it a bit. 

“I thought it was amazing,” you’d say honestly. And it was true. “Your lyrics are amazing, the chords are superb. I absolutely love it.”

“Seriously?” Those brown eyes would light up, raising his eyebrows contently as he smiled widely. You couldn’t help but adore his high, chubby cheeks and those mesmerizing crinkles by his eyes. 

“Seriously,” you agreed. He was quick to peel off the guitar from his arms and stood up to give you a big hug. They were warm and safe, feeling his biceps slowly build from his newfound love for music and all the strumming he did. It felt right, smelling the usual scent of Dove and ‘man’ from him. 

“We’re doing a small performance soon at the park,” Calum hummed into your ear. “I’d really love it if you came.” 

“For you, I’d travel across the world,” you assured him, getting a tighter hug as you rubbed his sturdy back.

On November 6th, 2012, you had been dashing down the neighborhood to Luke’s house. After the boys discovered the tweet Louis Tomlinson had made, Calum had called you immediately after. You dashed up to the porch, being greet by Luke’s mum before letting yourself into the living room. The brightness in Calum’s face was the first thing you saw. 

“Congratulations–” you began, but you were immediately sucked into Calum’s arms. He held you tightly, like you were on the brink of falling. But you actually were falling– falling in love with the Maori boy holding you. It felt almost surreal, the amount of pride and love you had for this boy. But all of that was quick to fade when you felt the boy sniffle against the crook of your neck. “Calum?” 

“They invited us on their tour,” Calum choked, having you widen your eyes as the other boys nodded with wide smiles. Your cheeks blushed, feeling embarrassed about how your mind leads immediately to missing him. Life with Calum had been so much sweeter, much kinder with more colors and beautiful sounds. He had filled the void you didn’t know you had. 

“Those better be tears of joy, Hood,” you whispered, trying your best to contain the sadness in your heart. You grabbed the back of his shirt tightly, clenching your fists. “If they aren’t, we’re fighting.” 

“You can’t come, you won’t be there…” Calum croaked, snaking one hand up to your head as he weaved his calloused fingers into the back of your head. You nodded, feeling gracious that he hadn’t tried to ask or beg you to accompany them. You and him both knew you couldn’t, and it killed you both. 

“It’s okay, Cally,” you whispered, pushing him off a bit to look at his face. He was flushed, face rosy with shiny cheeks worth of salty tears. You brought your hands to his face and cupped his cheeks, wiping away the proceeding tears. “I’m in love with you and I won’t let the distance divide us no matter what.” 

“Y-you’re what?” Calum whispered, having you bite your bottom lip before quickly reaching to smash your lips on his. They quivered a bit from the sadness, but they were nonetheless soft and plump, practically welcoming. You felt him melt, lust taking your minds off the woe you two felt. 

“I love you too,” Calum breathed once he broke the kiss. His eyes were stern, assuring you that his words of sentiment were true. You nodded, tears streaming down your face as he pulled you into another hug. “I won’t let the distance divide us either.” And he kept his word. 


“You’re such a dork– you called me an hour early!” You huffed jokingly, walking around your bedroom with the cellphone pressed to your ear. You were back home while Calum was busy exploring the world. You were beyond happy for him, even though you wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. But throughout these years, he didn’t dare lack in calling and texting you. 

“Timezones, babe,” Calum chuckled, having you melt by the petname. “Hey baby, I had a question.” 


“Remember when you said that you’d travel across the world for me?” Calum began, having you giggle. 

“Calum. you always say that before ‘surprising’ me with a plane ticket,” you said. 

“Yes, but there’s something else with it,” Calum said, playing at your curiosity. “How about you come fly over here… and then stay here, with me.” 

“What, as in stay for 2 weeks instead of one?” You asked for clarification. 

“No, no, I mean join the tour,” Calum mumbled. You felt your heart stop, those words playing at your mind. You, on tour with him and your other best friends? That’s a dream that always felt impossible due to the strong gravity that kept you in your hometown. 

“B-but Calum, my job–” 

“Y/N, I will take care of you,” Calum said quietly. “I absolutely need you around because though I can breathe without you, I can’t really live without you. I want you safe with me, right by my side for the rest of my days. I want to be the one to feed you, and take you places you’ve never been before. I want to be the shoulder to cry on whenever you need it. I swear to cover everything, Y/N, just please–” 

“That sounds like you’re about to propose to me, Cally,” you joked. 

“Someday, I’d like to,” Calum said bluntly, having you slightly taken aback. “So, you coming?” 

“…Of course I am.” 

sorta long, sorry xx 

Bit of imagery for my loves
  • Aries: Freedom comes from the rush of energy, the rapid movement of your legs over hot coals, giving sparks behind you
  • Taurus: A hand caresses my back, you are covered in the finest white silk, you smile, then are still to take control as you gaze over the land
  • Gemini: A hurtling wind rushes over water and through cities, breathed in by everyone, taking in knowledge of all you encounter
  • Cancer: A watchful mother moon gazed lovingly upon her children dancing in the tides, gently lapping on the shore, enveloped in warm, silver light
  • Leo: Gold fires blaze from your eyes as you lead a nation, a laugh and a steely gaze proves you are the Ruler as you are at one with your audience
  • Virgo: Calculating steps climbing up a mountain side, freedom washes around you deep in the forest, as you wander through dense trees and lush green
  • Libra: Togetherness and synergy, you throw your head back laughing, leaning back into a warm soul where you feel at home
  • Scorpio: A dark photography room with that faint red light encapsulates you into the dimension, your images the only source of vulnerability and power, your love of your subjects displayed through them
  • Sagittarius: Bonfires and dancing, travelling with friends in the van as your throw your hands and head back to look at the stars, invigorated and expanded
  • Capricorn: Kind and gracious leader, driven by results, dressed in black with a smirk on your face at the witty conversation, proud of your home
  • Aquarius: Freedom and expansion, you sit on a rooftop as the sun rises from a night out, never tired, you stare at the fading stars and know you feel whole and loved
  • Pisces: a hand creating the universal knowledge and love, expressing the deeper knowledge you contain, dreaming into the night as you surround yourself with peace
Swept Off My Feet (Part 5)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: language, kissing, flirting, inappropriate touching (consensual), dirty dancing/dry humping.

A/N: This one was slightly longer than I expected, but here it is. :) Oh, and the pic below is not mine. Enjoy.

Swept Off My Feet Master List

The loading zone is for passenger loading and unloading only.

You dragged your small suitcase out of the baggage claim doors and onto the sidewalk, still clutching your passport. You glanced down at your phone to check the time.

New Message: Katherine

Have a safe trip, Mommy!

You smiled at the adorable photo of your best friend cuddling your little fur baby. At least you knew that the only family you really had was well taken care of. It was one less thing that you had to worry about.

Like the fact that you were meeting some you barely knew in a different country. But, you had come to terms with the fact that what you were doing was completely fucking crazy.

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Charred (Part Six)

EXO FanFiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing: Reader x Chanyeol
You get sucked into a mysterious world, and begin to discover things you couldn’t have imagined. But why you? And who is the stranger you are becoming drawn to?

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You sighed, and rolled over in your bed. You stared at the wall opposite you, and chewed your lip. It was the early hours of the morning, and you had woken up already after a fitful nights sleep.

You mulled over everything that had happened to you. It couldn’t be… could it? you thought to yourself, thinking of the words you were certain were your father’s and the conclusion you could feel slowly forming itself in your mind.

You tossed onto your back, before rolling back onto your side again. You were restless, but slowly you could feel you eyes lolling back down as sleep struggled to claim it way over you again. You were just feeling your breathing levelling, when something shifted in your room.

Your eyes widened and you let out a small yelp, scrabbling up in your sheets. Where moments ago a room was empty there now stood a figure in the middle of the room, their back to you. You froze, and then suddenly feeling your emotions building, let out a bloodcurdling scream.

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