silk screening process

Hear me out: in-universe Champion!Shiro merch

There’s another Space Mall episode or something, and Pidge and Lance are doing their whole Meme Team thing, and then Lance does a double-take because Shiro?

It’s not actually Shiro.

It is a standing cardboard cut-out of Shiro, dressed like he was in the Arena.

As it turns out, gladiators in the Galra arenas get popular with the masses. Really popular. They get fandoms and everything. Shiro was the Champion for a long time, and he ended up getting a lot of fans for being both a stellar fighter and a genuinely decent person; very few people in the arenas were both.

So Lance points it out to Pidge, and they just kind of… look at each other for a long moment.

“Allura did give us some spending money this time.”
“Think it’s enough?”
“Let’s see.”

It’s absolutely enough for the cardboard cut-out, and also enough for the action figure, and the poster.

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how to make a screen print at home :

1. draw something you really like!

2. stretch an embroidery hoop with screen printing fabric

3. lay the screen on top of the sketch and carefully trace the sketch onto the screen with a pencil

4. use waterproof glue like mod podge to fill in all the areas that you do NOT want ink to go thru, also be sure to glue around the edge of the hoop to keep all the edges clean when you print and to help keep the screen in place

5. get some appropriate ink for the surface you are printing on and print it! HINT: you can use an expired credit card for a squeegee or an old electronic hotel room key works great too

PS don’t let your cat help no matter how much they want to

Never had or seen one of these before, but man is it cool! This Breaking Bad test sheet print comes from artist Tim Doyle and is truly one-of-a-kind.  A test sheet is like 4 prints flying at your eyes at once, and is a byproduct of the silk-screen process. Screens are run on scrap paper as the artist is working on a project, and what results is a random collage of color building up on a sheet of paper.

Test sheets were randomly inserted with purchases from the artist’s collection, and only one of each print exists.  Talk about limited edition! 🎨


Hey-lo! This is our 4-color, hand silkscreen printed poster for Bright Eyes on Thursday June 9, 2011 at Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

In homage to all things organic, wise and bright this fella is our all hand silkscreen printed poster for the singular sound of Bright Eyes with hand mixed midnight black, teal, acrylic screenprinting inks. Edition: 150, each of these limited edition posters are signed & numbered (by me, strawberryluna) Size: 16x22 inches (39.4 cm x 55.9 cm.) Paper: archival Cougar, White 100lb cover weight.