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“Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Heart Mountain, Wyoming. A young artist of Japanese parentage, correcting a poster in the Poster Shop at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center. Posters, such as this, for safety, and fire protection, general notices and various campaigns are reproduced by silk screen in the Poster Shop, which is operated entirely by resident artists.” 1/5/1943

Parker, Tom, Photographer. Series: Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority, 1942 - 1945. Record Group 210: Records of the War Relocation Authority, 1941 - 1989

Professional photographers were commissioned by the War Relocation Authority to document the daily life and treatment of Japanese-Americans who were interned during World War II.  

Browse nearly 4,000 photos of Japanese American relocation and internment in the Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority in the @usnatarchives online catalog.

More Resources Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Japanese American Internment at the National Archives

frankieromustdie: PS it is way too cold outside, and i don’t want anyone feeling like they have to wait in the cold and get sick or hurt so i signed every record we have and these old silk screened @mike77egan cellabration tour posters i found. if you want one, they’ll be at the merch table. happy hunting! xofrnk


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star wars-inspired poster art by concepcionstudios

space cowboy. bounty hunter. both of these cinematic icons can be immortalized in your home with concepcionstudios’ super-rad silk-screened star wars posters featuring han solo or boba fett.


Vans Art Spotlight:  Jon Carling (Oakland, USA)

Known for his fantastical and dreamy illustrations and drawings –from bird headed warriors to out of this world landscapes with cosmic skies and mystical female warrior / priestesses, Oakland based artist Jon Carling has filled endless sketchbooks with his unique imagination. Carling’s early love of music has influenced his artistic and creative processes, from creating and trading fanzines to collaborating with various bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Dead Meadows.  We were glad to have Jon on our Vans Art Spotlight where he talks about sketching in the shower, growing up with music, and getting out of a creative rut.  

We have no doubt his interview will inspire you to fill your own sketchbooks! 

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Unapologetic is a Calendar for 2018. A feminist one. It works as a set of 13 posters in an A3 format. As an object is inspired by the practice of “See Red Women’s Workshop”, an artist collective founded in 1974, dedicated to changing the image of women in the media and advertising, and to silk screening posters for the Women’s Liberation. It’s content, through typographic experimentation, uses the quotes from the Tedx Talk and book “We Should All Be Feminists”, from Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie.Part of the profit will be donated to HeForShe, a UN association, dedicated to the fight for gender equality. Unapologetic is a project by Elisabete Gomes and Rita Matos.