silk screen on canvas

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Hi! I want to start getting into making graphic tees but idk how to start. I know you don't make shirts but you talk to people who do so I'd figure I'd ask you if you had any knowledge on getting started (where to get the shirts, etc). Thanks for reading this!

Hey there! I actually have just started trying to make some designs of my own, so I can give you some information about what I know so far!

So what I’m currently experimenting with is Screen Printing, something I was taught in High School and wanted to pick up again :-) I was planning on making a post on my blog on how DIY Screen Printing, so do look out for that as it’ll include photos w/ better instructions. 

Firstly - it can be quite expensive. I personally didn’t bother buying a ‘starter kit’ because they are very expensive for what little you get.

Here’s what you’ll need for both making & printing the screens.

Making the screens:

You can buy your own screens from an art store, or make your own. I would really suggest just making your own as they’re nothing special, super easy and cheap to make.

  • Cheap/old canvas with a wooden frame (cut out the middle of the canvas, and replace it with the silk screen)
  • Silk screen (I bought this roll, as well as another that was more expensive)
  • Nails/push pins

Preparing the screens:

  • Emulsion and sensitiser (I use the Speedball Diazo brand, you can find it online or on ebay. It can be expensive, and this will probably be the priciest part of it all)
  • Newspaper
  • Push pins (not those flat ones)
  • Dark spot to place the screen

Printing the screens:

  • Newspaper/scrap paper (it can get messy)
  • Your screen
  • Printing paint
  • Squeegee or hard card 
  • Paintbrush (for fixing up any mistakes)
  • Hose/shower
  • Old toothbrush

There is a really great video here that will give you lots of information, I found this one the easiest one to follow as she explains everything really well. You can also download her free PDF that goes into greater detail. This one is also great too, but a little more professional. 

I won’t write down how to actually do the screen printing process as it’s way too long, but you can click through to those links and they’ll teach you a lot. I will be posting that blog post on this DIY soon though, so hopefully that will teach you a little bit as well.

Good luck with it all, and if you need anymore help please feel free to contact me again! :-)