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Red Queen Abilities


  • Animos~ Can enslave the minds of fauna (i.e. House of Viper)
  • Blood Healer~ Can heal themselves (i.e. House of Blonos)
  • Burner~ Pyrokinesis (i.e. House of Calore)
  • Cloner~ Can replicate themselves
  • Eyes~ Precognition (i.e. House of Eagrie)
  • Greenwarden~ Botanokinesis (i.e. House of Welle) 
  • Magnetron~ Ferrokinesis (i.e. House of Samos)
  • Nymph~ Hydrokinesis (i.e. House of Osanos) 
  • Oblivion~ Can cause explosions by contact (i.e. Houses of Lerolan and Titanos †)
  • Shadow~ Light bending (i.e. House of Haven)
  • Silver~ Cyrokinesis (i.e. House of Gliacon)
  • Silence~ Can nullify other’s abilities (i.e. House of Arven)
  • Silk*~ Perfect balance and enhanced agility (i.e. House of Iral)
  • Singer~ Can control people using their voice, though eye contact must be present (i.e. House of Jacos) 
  • Skin Healer~ Can heal anyone but themselves (i.e. House of Skonos)
  • Stoneskin~ Can transform their skin to stone (i.e. House of Macanthos)
  • Storm~ Can manipulate weather (i.e. House of Nolle)
  • Strongarm~ Super-strength (i.e. the Houses of Carros and Rhambos)
  • Swift~ Super-speed
  • Telkies~ Telekinesis (i.e. House of Provos) 
  • Whisper~ Telepathy, can control and read minds (i.e. House of Merandus)
  • Windweaver~ Can manipulate wind (i.e. House of Laris)


  • Energen~ Can manipulate different types of energy
  • Timer~Chronokinesis
  • Shield~ Generate force fields
  • Gravi~ Manipulate gravity
  • Magician~ Manipulate and create illusions
  • Dreamer~ Can manipulate dreams
  • Techno~ Manipulate technology
  • Breather*~ Can breathe anywhere
  • Tox~ Manipulate poison

*= Not technically a power

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The Demon Slayer

Characters: You x Baekhyun
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Angst

Kill me,” you whisper as you stare into his glassy orbs that reflected your silk skin with utter perfection.

His warm palms cup your pale face and melt the ice along your skin into water.  A single shiver creeps through your fingertips, up your arm, and into your heart…heart.  

What heart?


In an instant, your lover plants you back, deeply into the center of his chest.  

So beautiful.

So.  So.  Beautiful.

The sound of a human heart beating…

You tremble uncontrollably and whimper from the internal torment of fire against ice.  

“Kill me,” you beg as you bite your lips until metallic liquid dyed your teeth a violet-crimson.  

“No,” Baekhyun breathed, “No.”  

His grip tightens as your body pulses forward and back.  

“It hurts…” you sobbed but Baekhyun only squeezed your frame closer against his.

It was day seventy-eight without the consumption of a human heart.  According to your ancestors, demons must feast of human hearts for they were created without the privilege of having the beating organ.  But to take by force, meant that you were left with but a dead heart.  Only when the owner willingly gifted himself to you, would you finally be able to live the life of a human being.  

That’s why demons seduced humans.  But Byun Baekhyun was different.  He knew of your identity the moment the two of you met under the willow tree of the rabbit’s forest…for he was a demon slayer.

Destined enemies from the beginning…but even when he held a sword up to your neck, you couldn’t muster the strength to take his heart.  It beat different from the dying hearts you held in the palms of your hands.  His organ of love beat hymns and lullabies into your empty chest.  

Kill me,” you closed your eyes and spoke for the first time.  

The tip of his demon slayer trailed against your skin but doesn’t penetrate.  

“Go!” he demanded and pushed you away as you could hear advancing troops close into the forest.  

As you dashed away…you swore your chest pulsated.  

You ate three hearts that night in order to quiet the thumping within you, but it only grew louder.  So loud, you thought there was a timed explosion ready to ignite.  Of course, due to the consecutive murders, the village guards set a high bounty for your capture, forcing you to take cover in a cave miles away.  

But even then, you could hear his heart beating inside of you.  

He arrived shortly there after.  The sword once again found its residency against your neck.  A tear rolled down your face. Why did it hurt?  Kill him.  Kill him. With your watery orbs glowing red, you pounced forward and lunged for his heart.  Your nails pierced through his flesh but uncharacteristically retreated as his poisoned blood leaked down your fingers.  Five punctured holes remained where your claws had been before.  

The young man’s knees buckled and he was sent falling forward.  Without your consent, your legs rushed to catch him into your arms.

Thump.  Thump.  Thump.

So warm.  

His beautifully outlined eyes decreased into slits before completely closing.  You caressed him safely into your embrace and used the energy you reserved for your own survival to heal his wound.  When he continued to shiver from your icy touch, you stripped of your robe and allowed bare skin to mesh with bare skin.  

Moist lips molded against his as liquid melted into the pores of your skin.  You chafed his body until ice was no longer ice and sweat vaporized into the howls of the wind.  Exhausted, you fell against the dirt floor, with him still held in your arms.  

As soon as he woke up, the demon slayer pinned you against the wall and curled his fingers around your neck.  Eyes ran down your exposed body and he immediately looked away.  Deep coral flushed along his mellow cheeks, only accentuating his flawless jawline.  You giggled through your tears at his shyness before daring him to kill you once again.  

His nails clawed at the hollows of your collar.

“Why must you kill so many people?” Baekhyun’s raspy voice strained.

“Because I have no choice,” you answered in a soft chill of a whisper.  

Thump.  Thump.  Thump.

Dewdrops collected into a stream at your chin and traveled down his arm that still laced around your neck.  His grip loosened but you leaned forward for his touch was so soothing and addictive.  

“Go!” he tossed you your clothes and pushed you out of the area.

But you stood still in place and peered into his oscillating pupils.

“Kill me,” you heard your voice intone.  

His robe was tossed back over his body.  

“You deserve to die,” he agreed, swallowed saliva, and then added, “Just treat this as a favor in return for nursing me back to health.”

He forgot to mention that you were the sole reason he fell into a coma to begin with.

With a bitter laugh, you provoked, “Byun.  Baekhyun.  You’re a demon slayer, aren’t you?  But you’re letting a demon run off?”

“I will kill you,” he firmly spoke with gritted teeth, “But not today.  So go.  Take the east route, there are less men stationed there,” he informed.

When you remained staring at him, the attractive warrior grabbed you by the elbow and physically began to drag you out.  

You were starving since you hadn’t hunted for days due to being occupied with nursing Baekhyun.  Your sharp claws loomed over a random man’s chest but the melody of your destined enemy’s heart trembled loudly into your ear.  In your moment of hesitation, an arrow shot and impaled through your left shoulder.  Screaming in agony, you pushed the man away and sprinted as fast as possible away from the dangers of the village grounds.  Your tyrian blood trailed against the soil beneath you as you discovered yourself collapsed under the willow tree.

“Baek…hyun…” you called out as the thumping grew faint.  

You cried in anguish as pure force pushed against your injured shoulder.  Blood gushed out from the wound as sweat lined your snow-white forehead.

“Baekhyun…Baekhyun…” you kept murmuring over and over again.

“I’m here,” he reassured as he continued to apply pressure onto your shoulder blade to force the arrow to eject itself out.  Your poison dyed Baekhyun’s beautiful fingers a Byzantium violet.

“DON’T!” you forced yourself up and scooted away, “Don’t touch!”

You watched in terror, as burns appeared where your blood had met with his skin.  A demon’s blood could never mix with a human’s skin for blood produced without a heart was septic and impure.  

“Don’t touch my blood,” you wheezed, rewrapped your robe around your feeble body, and weakly tried to make an escape.  

But his arms found the small of your waist.  You fell back against his chest.  

Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  

“Stay,” he blew into your ear as the thumping in your chest regained its momentum.  

Stay.  Your soul told you to run…run from this man destined to dispose of you but your..heart…told you to stay.  

“My heart…?” you mouthed as crystals formed along the corners of your eyes.  

With a content sigh, your long lashes sealed the colors of the world and you drifted off to sweet slumber.  When you woke up again, you were still safely nestled in Baekhyun’s protection.  The broken arrow discarded off to the side, still vaporized with aerial steam and smoke.  

Tears ran down your cheeks as you witnessed all of his ten fingers worn and tattered from coming in contact with your devilish toxins.  Unconsciously, your fingers grazed against his.  He slipped them through yours.  

“Don’t kill any more people,” he pleaded.  


“Okay,” you nodded tearfully into his chest because it was the first time you felt this…this feeling.  This pain.  This torture…of love.  


a/n: This was supposed to be part of the Personalized Mini Scenarios Series for anonie Cally, but I really loved this idea and think I’ll write a full chapter story!!!  YES, CHAPTER STORY WITH BAEKHYUN.  WHERE BE MY BAEKHYUN BIASES?  Ahem, Stella bean…xD I had a YiXing chapter story in mind, but that’ll have to wait ‘cause I really like this demon slayer falling for demon idea.  

Did you guys enjoy?

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Secret Garden

She was a secret garden,
waiting to be discovered.
Like all things secret
she was guarded
with walls, high walls.

I took them apart
brick by brick.
When I could at last
glimpse at her beauty,
I knew for certain
those walls should
come down.

Cheeks like a rose;
Eyes as bright
as the morning dew.
Hair like the silk
on the mulberry leaf.
Body as delicate
as a dandelion flower.

When all the walls
were brought down.
I went forth towards her.
Still dazed by her perfection.
She glowed in the moonlight.

but when I reached her,
all I could see
was that her heart
was locked
and I didn’t have the key.

Sublime, as she was
She was still guarded,
her secret was still safe;
The walls were back up again.

She is a secret garden
still waiting to be truly discovered.
But it will take another, not me.
It will take the one with the key.


♦ red queen: houses

House Iral is one of the High Houses in the kingdom of Norta. Members of the family are gifted with enhanced agility and perfect balance. Its color is dark blue and red.  Members of House Iral are silks. Silks do not possess supernatural abilities and are instead gifted with enhanced agility and perfect balance. Silks are known for being quick and quiet and vicious in a fight.

  • Me, in bed with my beautiful husband of 3 years, surrounded by our 17 cats all napping on our king sized bed in our large gothic bedroom.: *Sits up in bed.* GOD.
  • My beloved husband, an ex-model who looks like Lou Reed and enjoys painting me on the weekends.: What is it! Are you hurt darling?
  • Me, a beautiful handsome man wearing silk pajamas and perfect eyeliner even though I was just asleep.: I just remembered how much I like Nirvana.