silk is not vegan

what i ate on 2/7/17 :)

- coffee with almond milk
- oatmeal with freeze-dried blueberries, cacao-covered almonds & dried fruits, chia seeds & cinnamon

- amy’s tuscan bean & rice soup
- two slices of ezekiel whole wheat bread with earth balance vegan butter

- chocolate silk soy milk
- curly fries with ketchup
- black bean burger on a bun with avocado, tomato & lettuce

anonymous asked:

I tried searching your page for previous posts but didn't see anything about buying satin. I'm wondering if there are any ethical considerations for the material?

Hey anon!!!

Satin is vegan :) It’s completely made of polyester!!! Hooray!!! Non-vegan materials are things like leather, fur, silk, wool and more than likely a few more but those are the ones I can think of!!

Have a great day!

No meat, no milk, no wool, no silk,
No eggs, no honey, my choice, my money..

No shooting, no snares, no coursing of hares,
No circus, no zoo, no rodeo too..

No fur, no leather, no saddle, no tether,
No eggs, no fish, no cruelties “MY WISH”

No feathers, no suede, no Ivory trade,
No poison of “Pests”, no animal tests..

No killing, no using, my value, my choosing,
No cage, no pen, no veal crate again..

No hunting, no breeding, no hurting, no bleeding,
No feedlot, no kill floor, no tail dock, no declaw..

No blood, no bones, no screams, no moans,
No suffering, no pain..


-Rolando Celina


It Started With A Waffle: Eggnog French Toast

“I used to be weirded out by eggnog when I was little. ‘What were eggs doing in milk?’ I thought to myself. I had never tried non-vegan eggnog, but I’m glad to say that I really enjoy the vegan versions nowadays.

I was shopping at the grocery store the other day and planned on to make French toast when I got home. Then… I unpacked the vegan nog, and the whole plot changed. Eggnog French Toast for the win! Since this recipe is vegan, I used applesauce and flaxseed meal in place of eggs.”

- Clara

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What I eat in a day MAY day 10!

Meal one:
½ Chocolate frosted vegan doughnut from whole foods (was going to eat it all but my little boy is a sugar bandit ☺️)
10oz black coffee with Stevia

Meal Two:
1 cup silk vanilla yogurt

Meal Three:
Baked Egg Plant with Artichoke Victoria Vegan Alfredo Sauce
Small Side Salad (lettuce, Tomato, Avocado)

Meal Four:
Tofu cooked in coconut oil

I ate close to 1500 calories today. Trying to get back down to around 1200 but Im on my period so I’m hungry then normal and craving more fats.


Here’s a postcard swap I did with my brother Jake

He sent me my very own lino printed cat who’s tail i can pull till my hearts content!!

and I sent Jake his very own screen printed vegan hot dog van!

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do you have any vegan recipes ?♡

Hi anon! Here’s a list of vegan recipes for you:


2-ingredient Cantaloupe Ice Cream (No ice cream machine needed)

3-ingredient Caramel Sauce

3-ingredient Oat Cookies

5-ingredient, No-Bake Vegan French Silk Pie

Banana Bread (Gluten-free)

Chocolate Cupcakes With Avocado “Buttercream” Frosting

Chocolate Mousse

Coconut Oil No-Bake Cookies

Coconut Oil Rice Crispy Treats

Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Mug Cake

No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

The Ultimate Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Ultimate Unbaked Brownies (Raw Vegan)


Chickpea Stew (Gluten-free)

Crispy Potatoes With Vegan Ranch Dressing

Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf

Tofu ‘Chicken’ Noodle Soup

Vegan Lunch Boxes

Vegan No-Chicken Nuggets

Vegan Pasta Alfredo

Vegan Wonton Soup


19 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

20 Vegan Pizza Recipes

29 Amazing Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

30 Vegan Dinner Recipes

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currently reading a barduil fanfic that’s modern au and Thranduil is a bamboo-silk wearin’ vegan who drives an electric car and lives in a log cabin waaaay out of town and who the heck would do that????? Thranduil would of course. Of COURSE Thranduil would.

And then he falls for a Mechanic who likes to eat red meat. Who woulda guessed.

I’ll draw more fanart for this barduil au later, huuhuu~

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Person who asked about silk- an extremely cruel product. Once a silkworm has reached its larva stage, it cocoons itself in silk, to become a moth. naturally they would chew the silk cocoon to get out. Silk farmers don't want the moths chewing the silk, so they kill the moths by baking, boiling, freezing or piercing the live moths. Up to 2 trillion silkworms are killed every year for silk production! There are many vegan alternatives to silk. Bite Size Vegan has a great video on this xx