silk is a soy milk brand


Things have been crazy lately so I just wanted to take a moment and remind you to love yourself because you are important!  No matter who you are or where you come from! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

I decided to make a step by step “How-to Jenny’s Witchy Brew” for Self Love ~ Rose Soy Milk Tea <3

Things you will need:

-Rose Tea: I get mine at 99 Ranch Market but it’s essentially just dried rose hips so if you have rose hips that you can dry out, that will work too! You will want to use 6-8 rose buds, the more you add the stronger the flavor!

-Organic Soy Milk: This can be regular milk or almond milk, I prefer unsweetened organic soy milk. If you decide to use soy make sure it’s organic! Brands such as ‘Silk’ isn’t good, even if they claim it’s organic, for some reason it burns and wont cook right. It’s gotta be the real deal! For this recipe you only need 1 cup.

-Honey: Any kind of organic honey will do, if you have herbal honey that’s even better for adding more florals to your tea! I usually add about 2-3 teaspoons, but feel free to add to taste!

-Cinnamon & Nutmeg: This is optional! I like to add just a pinch of both spices to add a little kick to my tea. If you don’t care for spice try ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract instead!

-Sugar: This is also optional, I like my tea to be a little on the sweet side & since we are using organic unsweetened soy milk it helps to really sweeten it up! I only use barely a ½ teaspoon,  but just add to taste!

-Small Pot

-Mesh Strainer: For removing the flowers once it’s cooked.

-Your Favorite Mug! Mine is a black mug with my astrological sign gold leafed into it!

Before starting, take a moment to close your eyes, clear your mind, breathe deeply through your nose and slowly release through your mouth (do this a few times). Visualize letting go of any negativity or weight you may be carrying on your shoulders…now…


1- Pour soy milk into pot, turn heat on low

2- Add rose tea, gently crumble a couple of the buds

3- Add cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar

4- Add desired amount of honey; while you slowly drizzle it in feel free to draw symbols with it such as hearts or infinity symbols- whatever you feel is right for helping to instill your manifestations of self love into your tea!

5- Stir your brew clockwise! While slowly stirring visualize the self love that this tea will bring you & say some positive affirmations about yourself such as:

“I love the person I am, I am strong & caring, I am creative, I am beautiful inside and out…” say whatever best suits your needs for self love and take a moment to appreciate the wonderful person you are! <3

6- Let your tea brew for approximately 10 minutes on low stirring occasionally to prevent scorching. DON’T LET IT BOIL! You want to create an infusion of the flowers which means a longer slower heating process. Boiling will mean scorching the flowers and milk!

7- You’ll notice the rose buds will begin to loose their color, remove your brew from the heat to let it cool and allow the tea to steep for about 3 minutes.

8- Remove roses with mesh strainer and compost.

As you drink, visualize your tea as a pink white healing light of love and remember your affirmations taking deep breaths in-between each sip! <3

I hope you all enjoyed this & that your tea was delicious & full of positive energy! Feel free to try making this with other flowers which have different properties such as: lavender & chamomile for happiness and relaxation!

Much Love <3

Going from Vegetarian to Vegan

If you’re vegetarian you are just a step away to become vegan. You can start cutting out the dairy and animal by-products. You can try with one at a time so it won’t be so overwhelming. Examples of animal by-products are gelatin, glycerin (unless specified that it’s from plant sources), cochineal, casein, whey, etc.

Try to make your meals at home. You can make cooking fun by inviting some friends over and doing it together. Search for your favorite recipes, there are tons of blogs of vegan food that you can check. I recommend you Healthy Vegan Cooking and one of my favorites is Vegan Yums.

It’s often easy to “veganize” your favorite recipe with substitutes. If a baked goods recipe calls for an egg, you can use half a mashed banana, a bit of applesauce, tofu, Ener-G brand egg replacement, or blend some flax seeds with a bit of water in a blender until they are the consistency of a raw egg. For milk, you can use soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, or hemp milk. Soy milk tends to be the most commonly used replacement, and if you don’t mind a little fat, Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk brand “for kids” (who says adults can’t enjoy it, too?“) tastes just like melted ice cream. Non-fat soymilk, such as West Soy brand non-fat, comes in vanilla or plain. You will be able to find different flavors of soymilk such as chocolate, chai, and coffee, at most major health food stores. Around the holidays, Silk brand offers a soy nog that tastes very much like eggnog.

For butter, you can use vegetable margarine or oils; I find that dishes taste the same without that added butterfat. Cheesecake? No problem. Tofutti brand makes a vegan-style cream "cheese” that produces cheesecakes that taste just like the dairy version. 

And, yes, there are also vegan versions of cheese, whipped cream, frosting, gravy…you name it. Try chocolate without the milk added in chocolate bars, baking chocolate chips, and hot cocoa. Even vegan ice cream comes in several brands and an assortment of flavors. Try the Tofutti Cutie brand of ice cream sandwich!

As I always say, do the transition if you really feel you want to, have the right reasons to do it otherwise it will be harder and that’s why people end up giving up. Be patient, remember is a process, changes are always difficult, mostly those who involve your lifestyle.

If you doubt about something don’t hesitate to ask, there is always the anonymous option, there are not such thing as a stupid question.

anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanna say that you being vegan has made me feel a bit happier about myself and being an involuntary pescatarian(due to extreme pickiness which in itself is due to my autism) and I have actually cut most if not all meats(except shellfish like crabs and shrimp) from my diet and am still p healthy. I do still use dairy products tho but i want to try vegan alternatives and was wondering if you have any suggestions?

Hey fellow veggie!

You are in luck, in recent years non-dairy milks are making a big appearance in grocery stores! Almond, soy, rice, cashew, and coconut are all made into “milks”. I find almond milk has the least amount of aftertaste to it. The other milks taste fine to be, except rice milk but that’s just personal preference. And BOY does brand matter. Store brand walmart soy milk is so watery I can’t stand it. I like Blue Diamond almond milk and Silk for everything else. They even make blends of different milks so try those too! Oh, and soy/almond milk comes in original (which is slightly sweet but not much), sweetened, unsweetened (best for baking), and vanilla. So check which kind it is before getting it!

And if you haven’t thought about it, you can also make a difference by cutting leather, wool, etc. out of your clothing as well. Or at least start to phase it out. The cool thing about veganism is that it isn’t just about diet, you can do lots of other stuff!

anonymous asked:

Hey so I am on WIC and luckily they can work with vegan diets (mostly) the milk they exchange for is Soy (been drinking soy for 15 years so no prob there) it used to be a cheaper brand but is now Silk! I'm only allowed to get the Original which has about 6grams sugar. I do like to eat muesli, Granola (all homemade) and even bake with plant milks. Would the sugar in this hender my weight loss? Or is it overall bad to drink/consume plant Milk with sugar? I'm also not used to the taste with sugar

#1st off I want to make sure you know many States participate in accepting WIC at the local Farmers Market  you may be able to find fresh made plant milk vendors who do sugar free.  Per most Dietary Guidelines you can have up to 10% of your total calories as added sugar, so that is 200 cals on a 2000 cal diet.  This might not be optimal for weight loss or health for all people, but most likely the amount of sugar in the soy milk you have available isn’t too much to worry about, you can always water it down slightly, too, to make it “lite” & stretch the bottle a bit longer.  

#2nd, check with your local WIC office for coupons and promotions going on right now designed to increase fruit & vegetable consumption,  you may find some added assistance!

anonymous asked:

I was just wondering how come vegans drink silk milk I thought silk came from the silk worm? I thought vegans didn't drink from insects like some don't eat honey shouldn't that contain to silk as well since bees and silk worms are insects?

Wut? Silk is just the name of the brand, they got the name by combining the word soy and milk. 

notallthingsneedcolor  asked:

I am trying to convert to a Vegan lifestyle, and I will have really good days but I ultimately end up going back to cheese and such, no matter how nasty I think it is. It doesnt help I work at a pizzeria. Any tips on how I can kick dairy for good?

Have you tried some dairy alternatives? They help a lot for transitioning. :)

  • Butter: Earth Balance and Soy Garden are excellent vegan margarines.
  • Yogurt: WholeSoy, Wildwood, and Nancy’s all make soy yogurts and there are numerous other regional brands of vegan yogurt. WholeSoy might be the tastiest of the bunch and comes in both single-serving containers and 24-ounce tubs.
  • Milk: Soy, rice, almond, coconut, and even hemp seed milks are widely available, not just at natural food stores but also at just about every supermarket. They’re sold both in aseptic juice boxes stored at room temperature, and in conventional milk cartons in the dairy case. Note that “coconut milk” may refer to a pour-it-on-your-cereal milk alternative that’s similar to soy milk, or it may refer to canned coconut milk which is a much thicker and fattier product perfect for Thai curries.
  • Cheese: There are several non-dairy cheeses on the market, but always check the label for casein or sodium caseinate. Casein is a milk protein that is used in some soy cheeses. Happily, two of the best non-dairy cheeses—Daiya and Wayfare—are vegan. Daiya comes shredded in 8-ounce bags, available in mozzarella and cheddar flavors. The stuff melts beautifully and is amazing on pizza and in quesadillas. Wayfare’s “We Can’t Say it’s Cheese,” is a spreadable product, perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches and mac & cheese dishes. Both brands are widely available in the United States.
  • Ice Cream: There are a number of excellent brands: Turtle Mountain’s “Purely Decadent” pints are outstanding, and conventional ice cream producer Double Rainbow makes several excellent varieties from soy milk. Also, both So Delicious and Tufutti make vegan versions of those junky but delicious ice cream sandwiches you ate as a kid—you won’t even be able to tell the difference! Plus don’t forget about sorbets, which tend to be vegan and are lighter and often more flavorful than ice cream. If you love the flavor of coconuts, you owe it to yourself to try Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss.
  • Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, and Mayo: Once again, you’re in luck. Both Follow Your Heart and Tofutti make superb vegan versions of cream cheese and sour cream, which are available at Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s, as well as many natural food stores. There are also several vegan brands of mayonnaise, including a sensational and widely-distributed product called “Vegenaise,” which is made by Follow Your Heart.
  • Coffee Creamer: There’s no need to put cream in your coffee: both So Delicious and Silk make vegan creamers that blend perfectly into coffee.
  • Pudding. Bestselling cookbook author Mark Bittman concocted perhaps the best chocolate pudding recipe you’ll ever try, and it doesn’t contain a drop of milk. ZenSoy makes refrigerated vegan pudding cups made from soy milk and almond milk. {x}