silk habotai


Spring Lady silk scarf is hand painted on a natural Habotai silk scarves.

It was designed with a picture of Greek goddess Flora (based on a amazing “Feather” art of Alphonse Mucha), surrounded with flowers. Delicate, stylized for Art Nouveau style.

You can find it on ETSY HERE!

Today a special pin for a chilly aura of winter.

Made from soft habotai silk, this composition features two-coloured winter mums as the main theme, three friends of winter (also called Shochikubai, which is plum blossom, bamboo, and pine) and a majestic crane made entirely by hand with high-quality habotai silk. Ume is painted by hand.

One of a kind work for lovers of winter kitsuke

I’m so grateful to live within easy driving distance of Dharma Trading Co. :D

Got some silk organza and some dye for Harle’s pants this morning. Now to go to Goodwill and see if I can get a cheap stockpot to use the dye in. 

Also got hipster doughnuts with @alas–pringles (she got some silk habotai and some dye as well), but I’m not going to post my half-eaten doughnut online lol