silk cotton tree

“Roots of the Cotton Tree”….Throughout the Caribbean and in Africa, the silk cotton tree is considered sacred. A place where ancestors and spirits are known to dwell in its roots. This was also a belief held by the Arawak and Taino peoples that inhabited the Islands for thousands of years prior. They referred to this ancient giant as the “God Tree”.

Executed a decade after Oller’s second Parisian sojourn, this painting demonstrates how he blended European painting with uniquely Puerto Rican subject matter and light effects. In this lush tropical scene, he captured the dappled light of the Caribbean in a loose, Impressionist-inspired style. He depicted a ceiba (silk-cotton tree) under which the indigenous Taíno had worshipped in the days prior to the first contact with Europeans. This tree still stands in the Puerto Rican city of Ponce.

The work features daily life (women washing clothes in the river) while referencing a historically and spiritually charged site on the island, thereby reinforcing the painter’s intense identification with the place of his birth.

Francisco Oller (Puerto Rican, 1833–1917) Old Ceiba Tree at Ponce, 1887–88. Museo de Arte de Ponce, Puerto Rico, The Luis A. Ferré Foundation, Inc.

the body electric

So far removed from Japan, on the fringe of the home of stone gods older than Sibyl, Akane feels like she’s bathed in the light of a different moon, as if she’s inhabiting an incarnation of herself kissing a corresponding incarnation of him. As if they were two people whose stories began here and could be rewritten to continue here.

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author’s note:
I was prompted to write a ‘deleted’ smut scene from the movie. Well anon, I tried.
fandom: Psycho Pass
pairing: Akane Tsunemori/Shinya Kougami
rating: Straight-up explicit

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Jamaican Tree :: SILK COTTON TREE (Ceiba Pentandra) - This is a truly spectacular tree seen in Jamaica during the months, January and February.
The branches are bare of leaves but full of waxy red flowers. It is used in traditional Asian medicine for a series of purposes, including as an aphrodisiac.


Ta Prohm. The strange beauty of the strangler fig and silk-cotton trees intertwined in the complex stonework of this sprawling temple offer a stunning display of humanity left to the elements. Famously untouched by archaeologists until recently, the embrace of the towering jungle and the hauntingly impassible entrances and corridors of the temple are among the most well known of the Angkor region. Pop culture fans will likely recognize the setting as that of Laura Croft’s Tomb Raider.