silk bracelets


Niara grumbles: I swear, this whole family makes me sick! The stupid kids, my stupid husband! Why couldn’t I have lucked out like Allie? Married to an almost billionaire, no damn kids to worry about…

But Niara’s sour mood lifts when she enters her bedroom and puts on a bracelet she’d bought earlier. It was from the exclusive Isa DeRoche collection and costs thousands. The salesgirl hadn’t even glanced at Niara’s stolen credit card… even Allie hadn’t noticed that Niara was using one of Allie’s own cards! The thousand dollar transaction went as smooth as silk. Niara turns the bracelet on her wrist, admiring the gold and onyx design.

She’s startled by her husband Zeke entering the room. She hastily throws the bracelet onto the dresser. She decides to abruptly tell her husband about the nanny, to distract him from noticing the new bracelet.

Niara casual: Zeke, Blake quit today. We need to hire a new nanny. I’ve already called the San Myshuno Elite Nanny and Au Pair Services-

Zeke grabs Niara roughly by the arm.

Zeke angry: What do you mean Blake quit, Niara?!

Quick little thing I did for the MCL Spring Fling. 

(The dress is made of pleated white chiffon with white satin material on the chest and a pale gold border. It has a sheer purple layer that cascades past the dress line in the back and the chest is wrapped with a black tungsten branch sculpture with purple silk flowers. Shoes, bracelet, and head accessory to match.)

Edit: I should also probably mention the handsome lad who shall be escorting my little Blurry to the Spring Fling. Ideally: Viktor, If only in-game boys: Castiel.