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Fic: Free

anon prompted: HPau where wizard!kurt has a house elf(or semi-elf-semi-human if it’s even a thing)!blaine as a slave and he’s been serving his family since Kurt was born & he’s been a perfect elf and that’s why Kurt wants good for him so he gives him an item of clothing aka lets him free but Blaine doesn’t go anywhere and Kurt’s all like wtf and Blaine says he loves him and wants to stay and well, whatever happens next is all in your hands;)

I didn’t touch as much on the backstory as I could’ve, but I think the gist is there. ~1180 words, PG.

Kurt paced around his room, trying to motivate himself into doing what he knew he should.

It’s not fair to him, Kurt. The Ministry may think he’s a second-class citizen since he’s in your family’s employ, but once he’s free, there’s nothing that can stop him from getting a real job and having a real life. Maybe he’ll even find someone to fall in love with - who wouldn’t love someone as kind as him?

A twist of pain shot through Kurt’s gut at the thought of Blaine falling in love with a shadowy stranger.

“Dammit, Dad, why couldn’t you have been bigoted for once in your life and told me this plan was short-sighted and mean?” Kurt grumbled quietly. “I don’t want to do this! I want - well, I guess it doesn’t matter what I want.”

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Having dinner
  • Percy: gives a piece of paper to newt*
  • Newt: what's this?
  • Percy: a list of things I want this year for the holidays
  • Newt: You want rope, a silk tie, a bow tie, and bunny ears? I can see why you want the tie and bow, but what is the rope and ears for?
  • Percy: oh you'll see honey ( for a little bit anyway*)

Anonymous prompted: Married, long time going without sex, Kurt comes home one night to find a very scruffy disheveled Blaine, drinking alone, they undress each other sensually, and they have rough, wild sex. 

I was also inspired by missbeizy and judearaya’s great porn off of 2014, so I thought I’d tag along and try to play in the big leagues*

They haven’t had a quiet dinner at home in weeks, either missing each other entirely or one of them rushing in the door with takeout that they eat in front of the television before the other rushes out again, and there is something so quietly satisfying about washing dishes while Blaine dries, on an evening where they have no where to go and nothing to do, the apartment lit softly yellow with fairy lights, just the sound of the running water and the tick tick tick of the clock on the wall.

Kurt passes over a plate dripping wet from the sink, smiles as he watches Blaine rub it dry. There isn’t anything particularly erotic about it, other than it’s Blaine and sometimes Blaine doing nothing but breathing and standing in place and existing is enough to make Kurt flush with fond arousal. But this is not fond arousal, him with his arms elbow deep in murky dishwater, bits of lettuce floating on the top, body frozen and eyes glued to Blaine’s hand rubbing and rubbing and rubbing at that plate.

Kurt wants to grab it and smash it on the floor and climb onto Blaine’s lap to ride him into oblivion.

Where the hell did that come from?

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Bow Ties

20 bow ties for the modern-day gentleman

When dressing to impress, the finishing touches are just as important as the suit and shoes. Holiday season is the perfect time to look your best, and there’s nothing more festive and formal, not to mention charmingly old-fashioned, than a snazzy new bow tie. Switch out your regular necktie with a plain or printed bow tie, and you’ll look suave and sharp as ever. Channel your inner Don Draper and scroll through our favorite bow ties below, starting at a wallet-friendly $11.

Blogger Steven Onoja

LANVIN bow tie

ASOS Bow Tie

Wool Bowtie

Velvet Bowtie

Red Eleven Bow Tie Black Tipped

Bow Tie and Handkerchief

Knitted Silk Bow Tie

Neiman Marcus Solid Paisley Pattern Bow Tie, Red

Paul Smith Ties - Black Polka Dot Silk Bow Tie

Silk Bow Tie

Dot Bow Tie

KENZO ‘Eye’ bow tie

Patterned Bow Tie

Wool Bow Tie

‘Bow Tie Fashion’ Silk Textured Stripe Bow Tie

FeFe petals print bow tie

Damask Jacquard Bow Tie

Plum Velvet Bowtie

Chambray bow tie

Geo Silk Bow Tie


This is a crazy combination.  it is silk on one side and cotton on the other.  All my fabrics are pre-washed before i use them in a garment so that there is no risk of warping later on upon laundering.  All of these ties that were sent to the recipient of the baker’s dozen were actually laundered after they were finished as well just to be absolutely sure that nothing ‘ugly’ could possibly happen because if that did occur, i suppose i would never live it down! (not that he would mention it i am sure), but i just would not like to carry the stress of not knowing around with me.  So the dark side is a Japanese silk and the coral side is Japanese cotton for yukata.  The pocket square is silk but not Japanese. 

Although i am not very good with hand stitching, i figured i would practice on these pocket squares. So you can see where i must have sat down somewhere quietly and forced my hand, eye and brain to concentrate on each stitch remembering that that gentleman would certainly look at each one to see what type of effort had truly been expended in the crafting of the items deemed adequate to merit being sent to him (even considering that he knows i’m managing the private practice of law at the same itme).

Oh!. The pressure! But delicious! And it certainly does help to keep one’s mind and effort concentrated.

The New 3-Piece Suit

Dress down your look and layer sweaters under suits

It’s time to say goodbye to the classic three-piece suit, typically completed with a vest under a blazer, and change things up a bit. For a similar look that’s more casual and modern, layer a knit pullover underneath. To help you out, we’ve completed four head-to-toe looks with affordable suits, sweaters and accessories.

1. Wear a wool sweater and white button-up under a printed suit with a cropped pant. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pattens, like houndstooth with polka dots, and make sure to forgo socks if you’re wearing cropped pants.

ASOS Skinny Fit Suit Jacket In Dogstooth

‘Shetland’ Wool Sweater

Geometric-print regular-fit cotton shirt

Paul Smith Ties - Black Polka Dot Silk Bow Tie

Monk-strap shoes

2. Pair a slim-fitting suit with a black mohair sweater, white button-up and black dress shoes, but don’t forget the pop of color in your tie. Light blue or denim accents looks great with grey, black and white. 

Peter Werth Suit Pants With Taped Waistband In Slim Fit

ASOS Longline Sweater with Mohair

White Button Down Long Sleeve Smart Shirt

Denim Slim Tie

Steve Madden Jonah Lazer Etched Dress Shoes

3. Go navy in a wool-blend suit with a festive snowflake sweater layered over a classic button-up, and accessorize with a good pair of socks and matching navy chukkas. 

Wool-blend Suit Pants

Lambswool reverse snowflake sweater

X Fit Ultra Slim Fit Solid French Cuff Dress Shirt

Great Jones XL Chukka

Paul Smith Socks - Black Varied Stripe Wool-Blend Socks

4. Make a statement with your sweater choice and dress in a classic black suit and printed sweater.

Black Ultra Skinny Suit Jacket

Black Ultra Skinny Suit Trousers

Zigzag Stripe Crewneck Sweater

Black Button Down Long Sleeve Smart Shirt

Church Black Leather Chukka Boots

Don’t Forget these 5 Menswear Accessories for Summer

When summer time comes around, it’s almost automatic for guys to reach for their sunglasses and hats; they have these sun essentials covered, no problem. There are still some accessories that guys tend to overlook during these warmer months though, and even though they may not be the most obvious accessory choices for summer, they’re still catchy details that complete summer outfits.

1) 1901 Silk Bow Tie - Why a bow tie? Well, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you’re not going to wear suits or blazers anymore. Instead of just wearing a tie, pair a bow tie with your khaki or linen jacket for a more refreshing summer look.

2) Topman Brown Leather Belt - Summer is the perfect time to transition from black leathers to brown. Switch up your classic black leather belt with a brown piece that can be used with both dressy pants and casual shorts for the season.

3) Shinola The Runwell Chrono Leather Strap Watch - You can use your cellphone to tell time, but when you start taking lots of pictures with it and quickly drain your battery, you’re gonna need a handsome watch to keep track of time.

4) Caputo & Co Washed Braided Leather Bracelet - Without going overboard with jewelry, you can wear a bracelet to showcase more of your style and personality. A braided leather bracelet is perfect for summer; you can wear it downtown, at the beach, and even dunk it in water without having to worry about damaging or scratching it like its metal brethren.

5) Hugo Boss Embossed Leather iPad Case - Bring your tablet wherever you go and stay digitally connected, but leave the bag at home when it’s not super necessary. Opt for a sleek tablet case instead that protects your gadget without being bulky.

What other overlooked menswear accessories can you add to the list? And what are some of your go-to accessories for summer? Let us know!

anonymous asked:

Prompt where Team Overwatch attend a gala and drunk Angela can't stop fawning over dapper Fareeha wearing suspenders and a bowtie with her suit :3

Angela normally wasn’t such a lightweight. But she’d gotten consumed with work today and had forgotten to eat. Now, two glasses of champagne later, she’s spinning with regret. Her footsteps are heavy, mind light, and all too late she’s thinking about eating, but not sure if her stomach can handle shrimp puffs and caviar. At least her dress is strapless, she muses, giving her some relief from the heat in her cheeks.

Hana catches her eye and winks, more perceptive than she lets most catch on, and Angela blushes deeper and turns. Here she is at a benefit gala and she’s plastered. Well, a little more than tipsy. Either way, highly unprofessional from a supposedly world renowned surgeon. She lifts her head, unused to her hair not being tied up, and runs a hand through it. It’s then that she sees Fareeha. She’s in a crisp, tight suit, thin silk bow tie, hair pulled back in a ponytail save for the beads that line her cheeks. Angela’s already switched to water, and yet the sight makes her head swim. Fareeha catches sight of her, and that warm, familiar smile has her thinking things she most definitely shouldn’t.

Too polite to ignore someone, Angela gives her a pursed lip smile and a nod before heading out into the balcony. It’s relatively empty, the night wind being far too chilly for any extensive views. But Angela welcomes the bite against her bare shoulders and neck. She’s thought about Fareeha more than professionally for awhile now, and seeing her like that…. Angela sighs and grips the side of the balcony, trying to will herself sober. The wind rattles around her ears and makes them sting, but she doesn’t care. Anything but looking into those dark eyes.

“This is not exactly the place where grease is abundant.”

Angela turns, knowing full well the voice and accepting her fate. Fareeha walks towards her, a small plate in one hand and a knowing smile that makes Angela’s cheeks burn. “But I did find some bacon wrapped…something. Took the something out and now we have simple, trustworthy bacon.” Fareeha extends the plate and Angela swallows, eyeing it with confusion until Fareeha shakes it a bit to get her to take it. “Hana told me you may have accidentally gotten yourself drunk,” she adds to ease the doctor’s confusion.

Angela sighs, jaw clenched in embarrassment. “I–it’s so unprofessional. I don’t normally–

“Hey,” Fareeha soothes, stepping closer. “I’m not judging. No one is. I’m here to help.”

Angela blinks down at the small slices of bacon on the plate. Fareeha took the time to collect it for her, and remove whatever it was wrapped around. Her heart flutters for reasons it shouldn’t and she puts a piece into her mouth into distract herself. A hand touches her bare shoulder briefly, and before Angela can react, its jerked away. Blue eyes lift to find Fareeha quickly shirking off her suit jacket.

“You’re colder than that ice sculpture in there.”

Black suspenders trail up her narrow waist and around her shoulders and Angela has to focus on chewing lest she choke. Fareeha takes the plate for a moment to offer the jacket and Angela can’t find it in her to protest. It’s warm and smells clean with a hint of some subtle perfume. A scent she’d have to bury herself in to really enjoy, and the thought of her face pressed against Fareeha’s neck has her spinning away so quickly the bacon is knocked to the floor.

“Oh no!” Angela whines, looking crestfallen down at the meat. “Oh, Fareeha, you went to so much trouble and I’m such a mess.” Tears line her eyes, spurred on by the alcohol, no doubt, and all she can do is look down in shame.

“Hey,” Fareeha soothes again.

Angela opens her mouth to protest but suddenly she’s enveloped in strong, long arms. Oh, how she’s fantasized of this. And it’s wrong. Fareeha is a fellow soldier, a coworker. But she’s too upset, too drunk, too happy to pull away. The white shirt is crisp against her cheek, silk bow tie brushing against her and, despite her best efforts, Angela can’t resist sliding a single finger beneath a suspended and trailing it upward. The back of her knuckle brushes against firm muscle, higher still to rove over a soft breast, and she remembers the smell of that perfume. She tilts her head, nose pressed against a dark neck, and inhales.

“You smell nice,” she says, finger still trailing up and down beneath the suspender. “You feel nice, too.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

If Angela had been sober, she would have easily recognized the strain in Fareeha’s voice, the trembling of her skin every time Angela moved against it, and way she held her ever tighter, keeping her close and protected. As it stands, Angela can only think of Fareeha as composed and confident and beautiful, mercifully tolerating her in this drunken state so as not to avoid embarrassing anyone else.

She can’t bring herself to admit that the water, the time, the cold air, and the food, have rendered her sober for the past ten minutes.