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Love Story (Say Yes)

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Character(s): Reader X Kihyun

Genre: fluff, yoooo this is the most romantic thing ive ever written, a tiny bit of smut, vv minor angst like not even angst

Warning(s): based off of a Taylor Swift song (aka Toilet Swivel Brush): Love Story 

Length: 5.6k

Summary: In which Kihyun is your Romeo and you’re his Juliet, but this time he doesn’t want to die.

You’ve always loved going to parties – reveling in the glittering lights and excited chatter– because despite the itchy material that chafes your thighs and the (unbearably) puffy skirts you’re forced to stand in all night, there’s a sort of excitement in the air. 

It’s why you’ve slipped into a silk lilac ballgown, corset bound too tight around your torso, and it’s why you’re standing on the balcony of your home, twirling a wineglass in your fingers, the red liquid swirling. 

The scent of honeysuckles and apple blossoms permeate the air sweetly, your eyes slipping shut as you smile politely at the nobles surrounding you. A simple mask sits on your face, held in place by a thin strip of silk tied behind your head, pale purple in color with little pearls lining the edges.

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The Pilfered Bride, an InuKag oneshot

*a little bit of post-canon silliness based loosely on a trope I *adore* which is Kagome getting put in an arranged engagement/ being stolen away to become someone elses bride, and Inuyasha having to go save her

***except too many old fics like this from back in the day have Kagome being all helpless and ‘oh there’s nothing I can do about this’ or (worst of all) actually being like ‘well why not let’s give this a try’ ???? LIke???!!?!?!  So I had to write my own version of this trope, though granted it’s not strictly adhering to it. Honestly it’s mostly inspired by lots of Ranma ½ and Urusei Yatsura episodes of fake fiances and failed marriage attempts. Plus I just really wanted to write some sassy Kagome.

Rating: T (suggestiveness and language)

Genre: Romance/Humor

Words: 5,021

Setting: Post-Canon

“Kagome, wait for me, I’ll go with you! Hanako, come back here right now- Oh Kumiko, not you too!”

Shaking her head and smiling as the young mother ran after the giggling twins, Kagome continued on toward the light-speckled forest path, warm sunlight draping her shoulders comfortingly. She’d been feeling so stiff and tired lately, and her body was aching for some relaxation. “Don’t worry Sango” she called back, almost sighing at how perfect and pleasant a day it was, “I’m just taking a quick dip in the river- I’ll be back before you know it!”

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Daddy - Johnny (M)

Requested: Can i request a rough/daddy kink smut for Johnny?
Requested: Can a request a daddy johnny seo smut?? Thank you !! Your work is great
Requested: I have 3-2 page essay due in a few days and I am very stressed can I rough Johnny smut?
Requested: Can you do a rough smut about NCT’s Johnny please? :)

A/N: I hope this suffices- I rolled a lot of requests together. Here’s a rough, daddy smut (if you requested the rough smut & aren’t into daddy kinks I’ll no doubt be writing more rough Johnny in the future so don’t worry~) I had like 0 dialogue in this- it seems a lil rushed


Word Count: 778

His hot tongue glided over the sensitive skin of your neck, causing you to writhe beneath him. His large hand skimmed up the inside of your thigh, his calloused fingers setting your skin ablaze. He drew back, his soft eyes watching you. His agile hand gently brushed your covered heat, drawing a whine from you. You fought against the restraint that bound your wrists, desperate for his touch.

“Daddy-” you breathily muttered.

He mouthed at your plump breast, his warm lips brushing your sensitive nipple. His loving and gentle actions stopped once he bit the delicate skin of your breast. You whimpered before arching your back as his lewd tongue soothed over the mark, a gasp escaping your lips. His eager fingers moved the lace of your panties to the side.

“So wet” he remarked smugly, his fingers idly toying with your swollen clit.

He pinched the throbbing nub harshly. You let out a loud cry, fighting against the silk that bound your wrists together above your head once again. He drew his hand back before swiftly slapping your wet and sensitive cunt harshly. Tears began to brim your eyes, his treatment too intense. He noticed your hurt expression, a sadistic grin gracing his soft features. He leant down, kissing your cheek gently as he guided two fingers in you. He started slowly, sliding his large fingers in and out of you leisurely. Johnny soon sped his pace, his fingers penetrating you roughly. Heavy, wanton, moans left you, your mouth agape in bliss as his thumb pressed against your clit. He curled his fingers, his knuckles roughly pounding against your womanhood. Your voice broke as you encouraged him, your chest heaving at an alarming rate. You began to clench around his fingers, knowing your release was approaching. He quickly withdrew his hand and smothered your lips with his own. You whined into the kiss; he tugged at your bottom lip with his teeth, distressing you. You quieted immediately, careful to remain obedient, wary of his sadistic tactics. He pulled away, his dark gaze instantly glancing over your enticing body. He seized his stiff length, giving himself several pumps. You watched as his pre-cum leaked from the head of his swollen cock.

“Please” you managed.

He pulled you from where you lie on the bed, guiding you to straddle him as he sat against the headboard.

“Be a good girl.”

You leaned against his sturdy chest, your bound hands disabling you. He moved the delicate fabric of your panties to the side again, his other hand guiding his throbbing cock into your tight entrance. Johnny pushed in carefully; he stilled once he was inside, his hands moving to roughly knead your ass. His calloused hands squeezed your cheeks, a groan of approval escaping him as he ground you down onto himself. You clenched around him, adjusting to the new sensation. He grunted beginning to thrust, his thrusts sharp and harsh. You panted heavily against his chest, your cheek resting on his solid chest. Your small body trembling with each rough trust; the feeling of his erect member pulsing inside you making you mewl. His pace soon augmented, his blunt nails digging into the tender skin of your ass. You moaned, rocking your hips to meet his thrusts in fervor. He gave your ass a harsh slap and suddenly pulled your hair, a cry of pain escaping you. You met the gaze of your husband, missing the warmth and comfort of his chest. With sudden vigor he pumped into you swiftly, the loud sounds of raw sex sounding through the dim room. Your nails dug into his firm chest, your body bouncing wildly. Your voice rose an octave, your eyebrows knitting together in pleasure as you let your lips part. He watched you, a dangerous glint in his eye.
You let out a string of curses, your release close.


You tossed your head back abruptly, mewling loudly. You reached euphoria, the pleasure so blinding you couldn’t think- Johnny grunted, spilling his seed into you as your walls erratically clenched around him. He slowed, bouncing you gently on his lap, your bound fists falling limply to the side of his chest. He released his hold of your hair, instead pulling you against his warm chest. You panted, the erotic sight of his sticky white seed leaking from your spent core each time he lazily pumped into you hidden from you both. He soon stilled, letting you rest against him. His hands smoothed over your hair lovingly, a sigh of content leaving him.
Skillfully, he freed your wrists, bringing your hand to his lips. He placed a kiss on the smooth plane of your hand before kissing the simple wedding band that adorned your finger, murmuring something.

“I missed you.”

The books in the Graves family library are not just invaluable to Percival because of their content, but because of their appearance, as well. Each book of the million is lovingly bound in silk and leather, bright patterns swirling across the shelves, each book carefully preserved. Some of these books have no counterpart elsewhere in the world. He guards his library like a dragon might his hoard, and to him, they are just as valuable. The only one allowed within the library without Percival standing guard is Credence.

think of me

Here’s to you, @elnabu this is the fic that accompanies the shitty sketches i did back for ur bday, woman. I hope you like it xD

On an unrelated note, please tell me what you think of this, y'all (yes me and puns oops)

oh and I *am* in fact working on requests. this has been sitting in my phone for so long i just had to finish it xD

Kiss me.”

Cassian cannot hope to have heard her right.

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A Day of Firsts

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so why not procrastinate on homework.

So I have this headcanon that Rhys is super kinky af and Feyre is more than willing to experiment. (Note: I also think it’s a very healthy kinkiness, with nothing forced [because Rhys, duh]).

Rating: T (NSFW-ish)


It had already been a day of firsts when I finally made my way home that night. 

In the morning, I sold my first painting since the opening of my very own gallery. As luck would have it, the Fae buyer was so intrigued with my work, he decided he wanted more. That’s how I secured my first ever commissioned painting. When I went to a celebratory lunch with Mor, we decided to try out a place we had never been to. The food was some of the best I had ever had. Needless to say, I was in a wonderful mood when I winnowed into the townhouse foyer that night.

“Rhys?” I called out as I removed my favorite boots. The house was surprisingly quiet; normally at this hour, our inner circle would be lounging about in different parts of our home.

“Upstairs, Darling” Rhys spoke into my mind. With my eyebrows raised, I made my way up the stairs leading to our room. Knowing Rhys, he had some sort of surprise waiting for me - which could be good or bad. I peeked into the room, and found my mate lounging on our bed with an amused smirk. I let out a small sigh of relief that the surprise was not a negative one.

“I have a preposition for you” he purred, and immediately I was back on my guard. Last time he had a preposition for me, I ended up having to paint a sexy portrait of Cassian. My dear mate had lost a bet, and Cassian picked a punishment he knew would piss Rhysand off. Rhys stood by for the entire painting, mumbling under his breath about his stupid Illyrian brother. Of course, my reward was my husband taking extra care of me in our bedroom later that night. Still, the image of Cassian’s self satisfied smirk made me gag.

“What is it?” I asked cautiously. Rhys’ smile only widened at the apprehension in my voice. He stood up slowly, strolling over to where stood in the doorway. His arms wrapped around my middle, pulling me close so he could press soft kisses to my neck.

“I’m feeling quite…experimental tonight” He cooed against my skin. Immediately heat pooled in my core. We had just recently begun exploring the use of…objects in the bedroom. I was a bit squeamish about the subject, and thus never brought up my curiosity to Rhys. One day we were in the lingerie shop when he spied a blindfold. He looked at me with a questioning look, and I nodded shyly. Thus, the experimenting began.

“And what” I purred, nipping at his ear, “are you exactly in the mood for?”

“ Hmm…” He hummed, letting his hands roam lower on my body. “I was thinking using this” he finished, pulling out a strip of silk. My eyes narrored in question, and he chuckled to himself. 

“I’m wondering, darling, if you’re interested in me tying your hands” he whispered. He allowed me time to think it over, kissing me softly along my collarbone. I took my sweet time deciding, torturing him with the wait. He looked to my face, and slowly smiled, nodding my approval.

“What shall our safe word be this week?” he said, turning me toward the bed.

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out “Cassian!” and burst into a fit of giggles. Rhys’ face fell, completely unamused.

“I’ll make you pay for that one, you wicked thing” he growled, pushing me onto the bed. I continued my laughing, until his mouth crashed into mind, effectively silencing me. I began to tear at his clothes, and with a growl he pulled our of my grasp to strip his finery off himself. I quickly shed my leggings and sweater, left only with a midnight blue set of lace. He stood there, telling me with a simple look that we had yet to come up with a safe word. 

“Our safe word will be cabin” I purred. He finally stepped back into my reach, and I greedily grabbed onto him. He pulled me closer to him and moved our bodies closer to the headboard. 

“Are you sure about this?” He whispered, pausing to look deeply into my eyes. I held my hands up to him, urging him to move forward. He took my hands gently into his, and kissed each one gently. The silk reappeared, and he bound my hands firmly. He brought them to the headboard and secured them to the polished wood.

“Give it a pull” he ordered, and I pulled. I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Good” He smiled devilishly, and then disappeared. My mouth flew open, but then I thought it must be part of his play. So I waited. And waited. And waited. My strong Fae ears picked up on the sound of a page turning downstairs. Suddenly, I realized what had happened.

“Rhysand!” I yelled “Get your sorry ass up here!” I could hear his laughter travel up the stairs.

Maybe next time, Feyre, you will pick a different safe word.He laughed into my mind.

“You prick!” I hissed back. Another page turned. It seemed he’d be taking his time finishing his novel.

Oh, he would pay for this. He would pay for it big time.


The Sword of Goujian,

Between 1965 and 1967 Chinese archaeologists were conducting a dig near Zhang River Reservoir in Hebei Province.  50 tombs were discovered yielding 2,000 priceless historic artifacts.  Perhaps the most important was a bronze sword discovered in the tomb of an ancient Chinese king, what is now called the “Sword of Goujian”.  Crafted from bronze, the sword dates to the Spring and Autumn Period" of Chinese history (771 BC to 403 BC).  Amazingly, despite being around 2,500 years old the sword is in almost perfect condition, and still sharp enough to shave with. The incredible preservation of the blade is attributed to the composition of its bronze allow, and storage in an airtight scabbard.  The sword blade features a beautiful repeating geometric rhombi pattern as well as decorations of blue crystal and turquoise. The hilt is bound in silk and composed of eleven concentric circles. The blade itself is 55.6 centimetres (21.9 in) in length and  4.6 centimetres (1.8 in) wide at its base.  Overall the sword weighs 31 ounces.

The right hand side of the blade features eight characters which read “King of Yue made this sword for his personal use”. This leads a problem to the personal identity of the tomb, as there were nine kings who ruled Yue during the Spring and Autumn Period.  Despite controversy as to its owner, general consensus is that the sword belongs to King Goujian, who ruled Yue between 496 and 465 BC.

anonymous asked:

could you explore the aftermath of a really intense scene for Roman? like...he was just being humiliated and now he's being showered with praise and told how good he did?

Ah man yeah I’d love to 

- It hits him hard sometimes. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s NEVER that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s just…intense. Very intense. And sometimes afterward, he feels that. 

- He’s lying on his back right now, still panting. He’s flat on the bed, and his hands and feet are tied, and he’s spread-eagle and bare. His skin is reddened in places where the others’ hands slapped his flesh, and his cock is deep red and purple at the tip, still throbbing in the aftermath of hours of prolonged edging followed by overstimulation and forced multiple orgasms. 

- ANd it was amazing, it really was, and he’d loved every second of it. And now it’s done. He’s a sweat-soaked mess, and his limbs ache, and the others have been humiliating him for the last four hours and suddenly it all just…lands. 

- He feels it in his eyes first. The tell-tale sting. Then his breath gets a little faster, and a little shallower. His vision blurs. And then he’s weeping, silently, wishing with all his heart that he could curl up on his side and hide, because something is settling hollow in his chest and he is way too exposed right now. 

- The change that overcomes the others is instantaneous. Within seconds, hands are gently untying the silk cords that bound him, easing his ankles and wrists out of their hold. He feels a hand bracing his foot and gently rotating his ankle, then his leg is carefully bent at the knee and stretched, making his hip rotate gently in its socket as well. The other leg is being given the same treatment by someone else, while above him, just over him, someone is bringing his hands together, lowering them from where they’d been suspended above his head, rotating his shoulders and easing muscles that have been tensed for long painful hours. 

- He opens his eyes, blinking away the tears that continue to fill them, and sees the figure above him is Virgil. Virgil is gazing down at him and the moment he meets his eyes, Virgil’s face breaks into the softest, gentlest smile Roman has ever seen. Virgil takes both of Roman’s hands into one of his own, cradling them to his chest, and reaches out with his free hand to cup Roman’s cheek, stroking the delicate skin over his cheekbone with one thumb. 

- “Roman,” he murmurs. “Roman, oh, sweetheart, shhh, shhh. I’ve got you, darling. I’ve got you, you did so well, baby. So good for us.” 

The movement at his feet has stopped, as the circulation has been restored by gentle ministrations, and Patton’s face appears in his line of vision next, beaming at him and nodding in agreement. “Such a good boy,” he agrees, then leans down to kiss Roman gently, peppering little touches of his lips across Roman’s brow, his cheeks, his nose, his chin. “Our perfect prince,” he whispers between kisses. “How we adore you.” 

- Logan appears last, and the others move aside to make room, because Logan has the warm, damp cloth in his hands. He stretches himself out next to Roman on the bed, half braced across Roman’s body, and eases the cloth over Roman’s tear-and-sweat soaked face. His eyes are full of love so intense that Roman thinks he might melt. 

- “My beloved Roman,” Logan murmurs, his voice low and husky as he gently cleans Roman’s skin. “My love, my sweet sweet prince. You were perfect. I love you so much.” 

- Roman sobs softly, but the ache in his chest is easing, the hollow emptiness filling once again with words of warmth and love. He curls onto his side at Logan’s urging, facing away from him, and feels Logan slot himself in behind him, tucking himself around Roman’s body and reaching around with the cloth to clean his neck and chest. Below, Patton and Virgil are working with freshly conjured cloths to ease the sticky mess that covers Roman’s body, and he relaxes into their tender care, his eyes still dripping tears but a smile creeping onto his face. 

- The others finish cleaning him while Logan presses kisses against the nape of his neck. Then they ease him out of bed, wobble-legged, and into the bathroom where he relieves himself while Virgil supports him. They step into the shower together, Virgil holding him steady while Roman leans against him and lets the pounding water ease the tension from his muscles. They don’t bother to wash with soap, but they do stand under the pounding heat while Roman leans against Virgil’s body, head resting on Virgil’s shoulder, and Virgil kneads the muscles of Roman’s back. 

- He’s handed over to Patton after the shower, and Patton is waiting with a tall glass of cool water. He watches as Roman drinks the entire thing, then nods in satisfaction and produces a soft, fluffy towel. He dries Roman’s body tenderly while Roman stands swaying, exhaustion setting in. 

- He is then led back to the bedroom where Logan and Virgil have finished remaking the bed with soft, dry sheets and blankets. They help Roman crawl onto the mattress, and then Virgil climbs in beside him, arms open. Roman curls into them, resting his head against Virgil’s chest with a shaky sigh as Virgil runs his fingers through Roman’s damp hair. 

- Logan and Patton each retreat for a shower of their own, but they make it very fast, and within five minutes they’re both back, damp-warm from the shower as they crawl into bed. Logan eases himself up behind Roman and holds him from behind while Patton crawls in behind Virgil and reaches out to lace his fingers with Roman’s (his arm is wrapped around Virgil’s waist, his hand curled against Virgil’s bare back). 

- They settle into the bed, and overhead, the fairy lights strung across the ceiling come on, twinkling softly. Patton begins to hum, a soft, gentle lullaby, and Logan continues to whisper words of love in Roman’s ear while Virgil strokes his hair. 

- The emptiness is gone now. Roman is safe and contented and loved, so loved he can’t even bear it, so loved he is bursting with it. His body is sated and his heart is full and he falls asleep feeling cherished and adored. 

Not The End

For @happilyinlovewithharrystyles​, I hope you enjoy this, my lovely Megan!

“Goose, I’ll miss my flight if you don’t come down here and say goodbye!”

His voice echoed off the walls so I could hear him clear enough. I quickly pulled on his silk dressing gown and bounded down the stairs, leaping into his arms. It was always hard to watch him leave. It was hard for me when he flew off to a different country. I wanted him with me all the time but his career demanded things that he couldn’t talk his way out of.

“Don’t leave, please.” I whispered, kissing him warmly. The taste of his lips was something I savoured, even more now since he was going to away for a month. Just phone calls and Skype is all we had. Better than nothing, I know, but the thing was, I was carrying his child.

“I wish I could stay but I need to do this recording. Julian and Jeff have been pestering me for days, weeks actually.” Harry said, putting me back down on the floor. I sighed as he pressed his lips to my forehead.

“I’ll call you every day, alright? And you contact me the second you get out of the doctor’s appointment. I want to know how our little one is doing.” He laid his hand on my stomach. I was exactly 13 weeks along and I had a little bump protruding from in between my lips, and I also had the glow of a pregnant woman. Always smiling and happy because a small joy that the man I loved and me created was inside me. Each day, he or she was growing, getting stronger, turning into our little perfect child.

“I will, I promise.” I nodded. Harry leaned down and kissed me one last time before picking up his bags and leaving out the front door, flashing me his sweet dimpled smile. And so, I was alone again. With my child inside me. I looked down and rubbed my stomach, whispering softly to the baby that their father would be home soon.

Little did I know of the pain that was yet to come.

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Bad Little Girl - Pt 2 (M)

Hella long.
Smut from start to finish.

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As Jun massaged the redden, hand print ridden areas; Nichk finally let up on you. A soft giggle flowed out of him as he traced the area he practically latched onto with his fingertips, “So pretty..” He purred beside your ear, “I can’t wait to bruise you up babygirl.”

His lewd words led your mind to go wild with thoughts of what they’d do to you, a soft whine flowed out of your parted lips the moment you felt the wetness between your legs completely soak through the silky fabric of your panties. 
“Daddy… Please.. “ You whimpered out, your eyes still completely fixated on Jun’s teasing hand. 

“What princess?” He asked, peering up at you through his heavy-lidded eyes; licking those plush lips of his. Pushing up your dress, exposing your heavily drenched panties- a soft groan of approval flowed out of the two of them, “Wow-” Jun chuckled, running his thumb along the outline of his lower lip. “-Looks like our little slut really, really wants us Khunnie..” 

Nichk smoothly sank down to the floor beside Jun to get a better look at your drenched cunt, “Fuck.” He hissed just as he roughly groped your voluptuous thighs, “You’re so fucking wet, little one..” Licking his lips, he turned to the other man as his fingertips scraped along your inner thigh. “What do you think we should do Hyung? Should we do what we talked about?- or should we give our slut what she wants?” 

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A/N: Soft limits with Sebs.

“Are you sure about this?” He smirked as he bound his silk tie around my wrists and fastened it to the bed. 

“Y-yes.” I stammered. He looks at me with a devilish grin, his Mediterranean eyes luminous with lust.

He lays on the bed next to me, on his side, his head supported by his hand, he pulls the blindfold over my eyes. “Can you see me?” I shook my head. “Good.”

He rises from the bed and my senses heighten as a hush fell across the room. The featherlike touch caused me to writhe and tug against the restraints, my senses in complete overdrive as I wondered what he would do next. 

He sucked lightly on her nipples and a deep moan escaped her lips as her back arched from the bed. Sebastian’s eyes were fixed on every quiver and movement of her body. She closes her thighs, twisting her legs as he leaned down and nipped on her hardened nipple. She bites her bottom lip her wrists biting into the restraints. 

“Open your legs, dollface.” I do as I’m told. “Good girl.”

I part my legs and quivered as his thumb made circular motions around my clit before his finger plunged into my wetness. I moaned, fighting the urge to close my thighs. I felt him hover over me, his lips met mine and I kissed him with urgency. He pulls his finger out, he focus now on my lips as his thick and deft tongue darted in and out of my mouth. He pulls away suddenly and I shivered, wanting his warmth against my skin. 

“Sebastian” I say all breathy. 

He doesn’t answer. 

A few seconds passed and I became frenetic. 

The hot liquid grazed my shoulder and I screamed out. His lips are on mine again and I melt into him letting my guard down, the liquid burst across my breast and down to my stomach. I pulled against the restraints as my senses exploded into each other, he pulls my legs apart and I felt his length snake into me as the hot liquid touched my skin, he lifts my leg and thrust into me, the liquid trickling down my leg. 

I couldn’t put the sensation into words, all I knew was I wanted more.

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Release (Bucky x Steve x Reader- NSFW)

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Prompt: I absolutely love your writing and I’m so excited that you’re taking requests again, even if it’s tentatively. I wanted to ask if you could do another Bucky x Steve x reader smut? I’m a horndog and I’m so embarrassed to be requesting this, and u totally get it if you don’t write it. I love your writings, and I hope you have a great day!! <3 <3

Man, I would love a Steve x Bucky x Reader when they’re all on a mission together and after the last day (and a particularly hard day) they take the pressure off one another by indulging in frenzy of hot rough sex.

A/N: Well, mysterious anons, today is your lucky day. Because I like a little threesome every now and again with these two fellas too. Thanks for requesting! 

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Bad Little Girl - Pt. 1(M)

Smutty Nichkhun/Jun.k Drabble Request 

Okay, this should probably be considered a fanfic, but I’m still gonna classify it as a drabble since it was requested~ 

Originally posted by flouki

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Wooyoung and you were having a lovely dinner together, nothing but lame puns and goofy laughter filled the small diner he had taken you to plenty of time before. 
But the moment you received those messages- your stomach fluttered, your cheeks flushed a rosy hue. “We want to have a little talk with you.” Those familiar words did wonders to you. 

“Wooyoung-Oppa..” You softly called out to your friend, delicately brushing your hair behind your neck. 

The honorific seemed to still catch him off guard though you referred to him with it many times before. A soft pink shade washed over his face as he looked down at his phone, obviously avoiding eye contact with you. “Yeah?” 

“I need to get home, I forgot I had some work to finish up.” You replied while gathering your things. 

Wooyoung nodded, offering you a warm smile as he shyly asked; “Oh okay, um let’s have dinner again.. soon, okay?” 

The moment you got home, you walked into a dimly lit apartment; neither of the men where anywhere to be seen. 

“Nichk? Jun?” You timidly called out to them as you removed your shoes. 

As you made your way into the living room, you heard Min-jun loudly reply, “Get on your knees, hands behind your back, and your head down.” 

“Be a good girl, y/n..” Nichkhun softly cooed. 
Getting down onto your knees, you followed their specific instructions; seconds later, you could hear their heavy footsteps nearing.  
Khun smoothly chuckled, kneeling behind you. “So obedient..” He purred, his plush lips right beside your ear as he wrapped silk ribbon around your wrists; binding them together. “You love your Daddies, don’t you babygirl?” 

Frantically nodding, your silently replied- acknowledging that he didn’t exactly give you direct permission to speak. 

You could practically feel Jun’s piercing gaze loom over you as he crouched down. He gently ran the back of his hand down your cheek just before roughly gripping your throat, forcing you to look up at him. 
The frustration that clouded his dark eyes caused to gulp anxiously, fuck
“Speak, little girl.” He lowly snarled, slightly tilting his head. “Answer Khunnie’s question.” 

Again you nodded, softly nipping at your lower lip. “Yes, Sir..” You meekly replied, “I love you both lots and lots..” 

“Really?” Nichk asked, the tone of his voice totally changing as he moved to the other side of you- sandwiching you between the two of them. His hand slowly raked up and down your spine, sending chills throughout your entire body as his lips glazed over the base of your neck. “Because it seems like you love your precious Wooyoung-Oppa more than you love us..” 

Jun slowly released his grip on your throat, ghosting his hand over your supple breasts- his sullen gaze eyeing your helpless body up and down, his sadistic urges slowly becoming overwhelming as his mind ran wild with all the things they could do to make you squirm. 
“Up..” He brutishly command, standing then yanking on the silk that bound you; forcing you up onto your feet. Circling you like a hungry predator about to devour it’s next meal, he landed a swift blow to the backs of your thighs- relishing in the sweet little cry that flowed out of you. “You, babygirl..” He growled, roughly gripping the back of your neck. “You have been so, so bad.. Hasn’t she Khunnie?” 

With an immediate nod, Nichk stood then practically backed you against Jun as his hands brush lose strands of hair out of your face. A bright smile painted across his face the moment he saw the anxiety that clouded your eyes, the pure wimpy expression that washed over you. 
“She’s been so fucking bad, Hyung..” He sweetly replied, chuckling as he ran his fingers through his hair; shaking his head, “Why do you like make us jealous, huh kitten?” He snapped, looking deep into your eyes- his hand roughly coming up to your face, gripping lower jaw. 

Nothing but a timid whine escaped you as he dug his fingertips into your cheeks. 
“Fucking answer me..” He bestially growled, yanking you forward ever-so slightly; resting his forehead against yours. “You wanna always act like you’re such a big girl, right? You always try to act so tough, kitten..” He cruelly mocked, standing straight once more just before roughly letting you go. “Answer me like the big girl you say you are, baby. Tell your Daddies why you wanna act like a little slut.” 

“Bu- But..” You faintly retorted just as Jun push you over to the couch, sitting you down as they remained standing over you. Looking down, your head hung low as you anxiously bit your lower lip while shaking your head, “It wasn’t like that, Daddy..” You replied, referring to both men. “We’re ju-” 

Before you could utter out another word, Jun has a fistful of your hair- tugging it slightly while forcing your gaze up at them. 
Tsk Tsk Tsk - He clicked his tongue while shaking his head, roughly pulling at your hair once more, “Don’t play innocent babygirl..” He growled his warning, leaning down only slightly. “You can’t be that naive.”

“What do you mean?” You asked in a delicate, mousy tone while practically sinking down onto the couch as they seemed to hover over you.

“Aishh..” Nichk scoffed in frustration, rubbing his temple. 
Seconds later, he was on you; smacking Jun’s hand out of your hair as he nearly straddled your lap. That soul stealing gaze of his locked with yours, his fingertips grazed over your jaw, 
“Don’t you see the way he looks at you, kitten?” He softly asks as his hand trails lower down your chest, sitting himself beside you. With his lips right beside your ear, he haphazardly whispered, “He wants you so badly, babygirl..” 

Jun joined the two of on the couch, sitting himself on the opposite side of you. His plush lips pressed against your collar bone, slightly nipping at it as he pulled away. “He fucking wishes-” He faintly snarled as his hands gently trailed up and down your thighs, pushing up your dress with each pass. 
“-he could have you the way we do.” Snickering as he listened to the stifled little whimpers that managed to escape your pursed lips as he neared your needy core just before traveling back down your thigh. 

Your eyes carefully followed every little movement he made, the soft pout that appeared on your face as your neediness grew earned you the joined chuckles of both men. 
“What baby?” Nichk replied, his lips upturned in a half smirk as joined in on his hyung’s teasing. His hands gently massaged your breast, his finger nail scraping over the material that shelter your pert nipples. “Did you really think we were going to give you want?” 

“Jagi..” Jun cooed, parting your legs slightly as he moved from his spot; kneeling in front of you. “I bet-” He teased, wedging himself between your legs- his sharp stare zeroing in on your soaked core, “-you really want Daddy to touch your pretty little pussy, huh babygirl?” 

“Uh huh..” You weakly replied, quickly nodding as you roughly bit your lower lip; trying to contain the needy little moans that so desperately tried to escape. 

Nichk’s lips pressed against your neck, biting and sucking at it as your tilted your head; exposing more of it to him. 
“How badly do you want us, princess?” Jun seductively purred, his large hands roughly groped the inside your thighs; allowing his fingers to gently graze you covered, drenched slit- giving you only small tastes of what he knew you craved. 

The moment you opened your mouth to speak, pure lewd moans poured of you as Nichk continued his delicious assault. “…So- So badly..” You managed to sweetly cry out. 

Suddenly his heavy hand landed several sharp blows across your inner thighs drawing out pained yelps during your continuous series of moans. The mixture of pain and pleasure felt absolute delectable; though they had barely even touched you, your body already felt like a shaky hyper-sensitive mess. 
God could they just absolutely destroy you without even breaking a sweat.

As Jun massaged the redden, hand print ridden areas; Nichk finally let up on you. A soft giggle flowed out of him as he traced the area he practically latched onto with his fingertips, “So pretty..” He purred beside your ear, “I can’t wait to bruise you up babygirl.” 

To be continued..

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Baisemain w/ Adoribull

There are moments that Bull loves the wet slide of skin against skin, the rough pull of a set of lips between his teeth. He enjoys the stretch of skin beneath him, bound in silk ropes and panting with a roguish grin on their face. He loves the way his partner’s flesh pebbled as he brushed his fingers across it, the way a nipple would harden into little peaks that he would tease. He lavished in the carnal pleasure that he gave and received. And Dorian new a lot about carnal pleasure.

But Dorian was different.

Dorian talked a big game about a lot of things, but he was very insistent that he didn’t care. That he was somehow immune to feelings. That he had lain with “a hoard of men,” or so he claimed and carried on like each had meant nothing. Maybe they didn’t. But Bull wasn’t a Ben-Hassrath for nothing.

He saw the way Dorian’s eyes sometimes lingered on the Inquisitor’s slowly developing relationship with Cullen. He saw the delicate curve a smile and the softening of gaze when Dorian watched them fumble and struggle to find the right words to say to each other. Dorian would reach out his hand after sex, both of them still coming down from their orgasm, and brush his hand against Bull’s face, along his brow and down a scar. Mapping out each crevice and line before reluctantly returning his hand to his side. It was the tightness in his eyes and slope of his shoulders as he hauled himself out of bed to leave Bull’s room. It was never that Dorian didn’t care.

It was that Dorian was afraid to care.

Afraid to give his heart away. Afraid to be in that vulnerable position when everything meant more. He’d been let down in the past and was afraid to be let down again, crushed under the weight of his own broken heart. Bull couldn’t blame him for that.

Bull was afraid to fall in love.

Qunari don’t fall in love. It isn’t done. It’s what he tells himself after every person he sleeps with. It’s all just fun. They all just want a one-time experience, get a taste of Qunari. People are drawn to the exoticness that he offers. And it’s worked for everyone so far.

Except for Dorian.

Because Dorian comes back, head held high and his heart locked firmly in his chest. He sits with him and his Chargers, drinking and laughing and isn’t afraid to ask for more. It’s unconscious, that they gravitate towards each other. They cover each other on the battlefield, so in-tune with the other’s whereabouts and strategy that they become a fluid and deadly force. The Chargers start calling Dorian “his mage,” and all Bull can bring himself to say is that no one owns Dorian. He knows that’s not what they mean.

As time passes, more things become apparent. There’s a little jar of kohl beside his vitaar, a small stack of books on his desk on properties of magic, not to mention his increasing acquirement of Dorian’s lacy smallclothes. Dorian has rack installed in his room for a spare axe that Bull had left there, a small pot of red vitaar that Bull had said was for special occasions, and a collection of tools to fix any defects in Bull’s brace. They don’t bring it up, but there is a quiet understanding that this has turned into something.

It’s a particularly quiet day at Skyhold. The Inquisitor and her party are coming back but it was just a trip to the Hinterlands to catch up with some scouts and to see how they’re doing. But Dorian had gone with her, and he felt an unfamiliar ache in his chest. Dorian had gone on missions without him plenty of times and he’d been fine. But for some reason, it felt different now. When he saw Dorian ride into Skyhold with the rest of the Inquisitor’s party, Bull felt his heart skip a beat.

It probably wasn’t healthy.

He lumbered over, witty comments and his easygoing smile plastered on his face and Dorian gave him an exasperated look worthy of a Tevinter magister. As he helped Dorian down from his horse, he felt the undeniable urge to kiss his hand.

And he does it without a second thought.

It makes him smile when he sees the flush spread across Dorian’s face and the way his eyes go wide and stare at him a wonder. The look only lasts a few moments before Dorian is muttering something and wrapping his arms around him. Maybe Dorian is learning to not be afraid to care.

Maybe he’s learning it’s okay to fall in love.
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Graves tested the black silk wrappings that bound his hands to the bedposts. They gave slightly, looser than they ought to be, but that was the caster’s uncertainty showing in the spell. You had to mean it, and Credence didn’t, quite.