silk and diamonds

greek goddesses
  • Persephone: deep reds, glinting silvers, soft black leather, silken rose petals
  • Hestia: soft warm glow, cotton and lace, summer mornings, honey ginger tea
  • Aphrodite: glossy lips, shimmering skin, acetone, gasping for air
  • Eris: the electric shock you when you brush against someone, burning hair, the shine of stolen gold, matte black
  • Athena: dust clearing after a fight, dried blood, wet ink, the smell of old books
  • Artemis: feral wolves, sibling rivalry, shadows, bones stripped clean by time
  • Hera: grey roots, jewels at her throat, silk and diamonds, loyalty without thought
{PART 18} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; The crowning moment arises when you and Jungkook arrive at the fundraising ball; but the storm clouds gather as you come face to face with your greatest fear.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 17} {Part 18} {Part 19}

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Coming Home Drunk; Tom Holland

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  • pairing: reader x tom holland
  • warnings: nah
  • words: 1900+
  • summary: tom knows exactly what to do when you come home intoxicated after a night out, but he doesn’t really understand anything that comes out of your mouth (still adores you though)
  • a/n : i actually had a lot of fun writing this sudsdfhifjoi
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Your arm was lazily slung around your best friends’ shoulder, her choice not yours. You watched the ground in front of you, counting the number steps you took. You managed to reach 23, or maybe 24, before your friend suddenly stopped, causing you to stumble backwards. Her hand on your waist was the only thing that kept you from falling to the ground.

You think she knocked on the door, but you really weren’t listening. You were still staring at the floor. You were easily distracted by the wooden paneled floor that seemed to be moving, not spinning, but moving.

The door opened, revealing a very tired and confused Tom. He rubbed his eyes but when he saw you and your friend his facial features changed from what-is-going-on to oh-boy. Tom held his arms outstretched towards you and you happily fell into them, throwing your own arms around his neck.

“I’ll pray for you,” you heard your friend say and Tom said something else before shutting the door, but again, you weren’t really listening. You had more important things on your mind. Like how warm your boyfriend was and how cold your toes felt against the floor and why were your bare feet against the floor where were your shoes?

Where were your shoes?

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anonymous asked:

so, hi??!! this is like, the first ask that i'm sending to you because... i'm like, very shy. and i say like a lot. whatever. i jUST WANTED TO SAY THAT I LOVE YOUR WRITING!! YOUR AUS!! its so damn inspiring for me, an au lover!!! omg, okay, so... i was wondering, do you have any royal au? like, people... with crowns... it could be modern or old i just wanted some crowns... is that weird? okay, so, maybe with yoongi? i am insecure, im sorry, but u r like my idol and u r so damn amazing!! so bYE

ur idol??? im so flattered ah,,,, 
ive done aristocrat!yoongi (here) and he was part of my prince!au (here)
but,,,,here’s my demon king yoongi au,,,since u wanted crowns,,please enjoy 

  • king of the underworld,,,,,but like nonchalant about it 
  • im thinking yoongi,,,,but with red eyes and sharp teeth,,,but also heavy blink ink tattoos up and down his arms and chest and skeletal wings that can sprout from his back 
  • wears a torn-up motorcycle jacket over his bare chest that’s scarred up and also covered by a tattoo of an angel (ironically) spreading their wings and crying
  • am i thinking one long silver earring that looks like a dagger??? yeah. long nails painted black??? yeah. 
  • and the CROWN,,,,,,,made of black onyx and diamonds,,,,,and shimmers whenever he walks down the halls of his palace,,,,whenever he receives another life into the underworld it becomes part of the diamonds in his crown,,,,??
  • his palace is made of black marble and everything inside is red silk with cold cut diamonds framing the pillars inside
  • he owns a pet Cerberus that wears a collar made of the same black onyx as his crown and can attack on command if need be
  • the lower demons aren’t allowed to look yoongi in the eyes when they speak to him and whenever he passes by the all have to bow
  • yoongi,,,,,like all other demons does have horns but they’re twisted and black and are usually hidden in his black hair or by the crown he wears
  • rumor has it that a fight over the demon king throne left his right horn chipped,,,,but no one has ever been close enough to him to find out
  • you,,,,are actually a divine messenger from heaven which is great and all,,,,,until you have to visit the underworld to deliver creeds from the angels
  • and you’re basically safe because you carry a spell with you that makes it impossible for demons to attack you (unless they want to burn to death) but still,,,,,the way they look at you with hollow red or black eyes,,,,,it’s just scary
  • and ofc,,,,,,yoongi is scary too,,,,except,,,,he’s not 
  • because the countless trips you’ve taken to deliver news to him,,,,has sort of made you see that there’s still something in him,,,,,,that isn’t completely evil
  • there’s something that you think is loneliness,,,,,,but ofc you’d never say that because you arent 100% sure that the spell will keep the KING of demons away from attacking you
  • and on one evening you’re in yoongi’s palace,,,awaiting to see him and tell him of a decision made by the angels when you get word that you’ll need to spend the night because the angels are going to revise one of their decisions
  • and you,,,,,,dont want to,,,,,but the doors to yoongi’s throne room open and you’re escorted inside only to begrudgingly explain the situation
  • and yoongi,,,,has never looked directly at you,,,, because he usually avoids the eye contact because of the law in the underworld 
  • but for the first time he looks up when you finish talking and you see the red,,,,,like new bright flames,,,,,,and you,,,,,,
  • are stuck,,,,,staring into them,,,,,,like some kind of hypnosis
  • until yoongi looks back away and waves his hand, telling one of the demon servants to prepare a room for you to stay the night
  • but before you leave he mentions that dinner is going to start in twenty minutes.
  • you politely try to think of a way to refuse,,,,what the hell do they even eat down here,,,,,but you cant find the words and just aimlessly nod
  • the,,,,,,dinner is much more extravagant than you imagined,,,,,not dead animals or cockroaches like you expected,,,,,
  • yoongi sits at the other end of the table,,,his crown of all black glittering,,,,,
  • you try to eat but you can’t because you can feel those eyes,,,,red like blood,,,,looking at you
  • and when you push back the chair to get up,,,,,suddenly yoongi is beside you,,,walking you slowly up against the wall and you try to not look you try
  • but you can’t help it,,,,,,,and yoongi is gazing right back at you
  • the smell of the underworld is on him,,,,,,but he,,,,,he isn’t scaring you,,,,because something again it just radiates from him,,,,,,,a feeling of,,,,,,,,emptiness 
  • and almost like he’s craved it for years his hand comes up to touch your face,,,,,
  • you can see that it’s burning him,,,you can feel the offset of heat and the small smoke coming from the contact of his hand against yours
  • but he doesn’t seem to feel it,,,or he’s fighting off the pain because,,,,,
  • he lets his hand come down all the way to your chin and being up close like this
  • you can see the dark tattoos,,,the rings of black drawn on his fingers,,, the scars across his chest
  • the crown of diamond and onyx right there in front of you
  • and yoongi is still being burnt but its like something has frozen him and he whispers,,,,,,,
  • “it’s been so long,,,,since ive touched something pure,,,,,”
  • and with that he lets go,,,,,the part of his hand that touched you is burnt - to the point that you can see skin peeling and you want to say something but he turns his back and walks away
  • and you see the wings,,,settled on his skin,,,,,,the servants dashing over to ask what happened to his hand only to have them pushed aside as yoongi leaves the room
  • and you touch the spot of your face,,,the skin still warm,,,,,and your heart clenched tight because you were right
  • there is something,,,so empty,,,,inside of him
  • and is it wrong that you,,,,,,,kind of in this moment,,,,,,want to help him fill it?,,,,,,,,,

taeyeon: [leaning back on her chair made of Gold™ while reading netizens comments] hey, tiffany they said our comeback failed because we didn’t chart well on melOn

tiffany: [walks 2 taeyeon in her Silk Robe™ n diamond earrings] what really?

yuri: [frowning as she sits on a pile of money n Gold Bars™] yeah, it’s a pity

sooyoung: [sighs as she wipes her tears with hundred Dollar Bills™ ] well, i guess our career is over

yoona: [rolls her eyes, putting on 54 more Ruby Studded™ bracelets as she sips wine] aw, i was really hoping of gracing everyone with my presence next year on music shows

seohyun: [purses her lips, crosses her legs to show off her $6000 high heels] i can’t believe we are done for :(

hyoyeon: [blows her nose with silk as she sits in her $50000 dress] we were just getting started too :(

sunny: [pushes her Blanc & Eclare glasses back while handing out more $100 bills] here girls, use these to wipe the tears away…

Above all, we must remember the black worker was the ultimate exploited; that he formed that mass of labor which had neither wish nor power to escape from the labor status, in order to directly exploit other laborers, or indirectly, by alliance with capital, to share in their exploitation. To be sure, the black mass, developed again and again, here and there, capitalistic groups in New Orleans, in Charleston and in Philadelphia; groups willing to join white capital in exploiting labor; but they were driven back into the mass by racial prejudice before they had reached a permanent foothold; and thus became all the more bitter against all organization which by means of race prejudice, or the monopoly of wealth, sought to exclude men from making a living.

It was thus the black worker, as founding stone of a new economic system in the nineteenth century and for the modern world, who brought civil war in America. He was its underlying cause, in spite of every effort to base the strife upon union and national power.

That dark and vast sea of human labor in China and India, the South Seas and all Africa; in the West Indies and Central America and in the United States — that great majority of mankind, on whose bent and broken backs rest today the founding stones of modern industry — shares a common destiny; it is despised and rejected by race and color; paid a wage below the level of decent living; driven, beaten, prisoned and enslaved in all but name; spawning the world’s raw material and luxury — cotton, wool, coffee, tea, cocoa, palm oil, fibers, spices, rubber, silks, lumber, copper, gold, diamonds, leather — how shall we end the list and where? All these are gathered up at prices lowest of the low, manufactured, transformed and transported at fabulous gain; and the resultant wealth is distributed and displayed and made the basis of world power and universal dominion and armed arrogance in London and Paris, Berlin and Rome, New York and Rio de Janeiro.

Here is the real modern labor problem. Here is the kernel of the problem of Religion and Democracy, of Humanity. Words and futile gestures avail nothing. Out of the exploitation of the dark proletariat comes the Surplus Value filched from human beasts which, in cultured lands, the Machine and harnessed Power veil and conceal. The emancipation of man is the emancipation of labor and the emancipation of labor is the freeing of that basic majority of workers who are yellow, brown and black.

—  W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, Black Reconstruction in America, 1935, p.15-16
tell me I’m your national anthem [fic preview]

red, white, blues in the skies
summer’s in the air and baby, heaven’s in your eyes…


Lexa Woods has the world at her feet.

Heir apparent to billionaire CEO Titus Woods and darling of East Coast high society, Lexa has one perfect Hamptons summer of galas and yacht parties before she is granted control of one of the wealthiest corporations in the world. 

Enter Clarke Griffin. The wealthy and irreverent daughter of West Coast tech boom entrepreneurs, she is the one girl who can threaten Lexa’s perfect summer.

And the only one she can’t resist. 


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silk sheets and diamonds (nathaniel archibald drabble)

this is my first ever ‘Gossip Girl’ fic!!! I’m excited. it’s also longer than most drabbles lol oops? i’m sorry, chace crawford is just so fucking hot. also another late addition to my Valentine’s Day drabbles.

(remember that no gifs are mine!!! and pls listen to the song while you read this, it’s linked right below)

that’s what i like ft. Nathaniel Archibald

Originally posted by thechacecrawfordworld

It was Blair’s 21st birthday party and you and Nathaniel were having a little too much fun. You both got a little too drunk on strawberry champagne and spent the night together at your condo in Manhattan.

You wake up, a little confused as your mind recalls the night before. A frenzy of silk white sheets and a fake fireplace run through your head. You look down at your bed and spot Nathan. Nathaniel Archibald. You pani as soon as you realize what happened last night and what could happen if anyone else found out.

“Nathaniel wake up,” you wrapped a sheet around yourself and nudge his shoulder repeatedly as you look for your clothes. “What the fuck happened last night?”

“We had sex,” Nathaniel groans and stretches, the comforter barely covering him from the waist down. His deep, raspy morning voice almost made you drop the sheet wrapped around you. Almost.

“I can see that,” you look anywhere but right at him as his eyes rake up and down your body. “I’m literally wrapped in a fucking bedspread. What are you eyeing?”

“I wrecked you over and over and over again last night,” he bites his bottom lip and grabs a hold of your wrist. “You look so fucking beautiful, god damn.”

“Please don’t,” you whisper and tug your hand away from his.

“What?” He sits up, perfect brows furrowed over his gorgeous blue eyes. A strand of his hair fell across his forehead and it takes every ounce of your willpower to not brush it back.

“Do you remember what happened when you and Serena had sex? Do you remember the fall-out between her and Blair?” You bite your bottom lip and look up at him. “It seems like getting drunk at Blair’s parties and having sex with a best friend of hers is your favorite pastime.”

“Don’t do that,” Nathaniel sits up and shakes his head. “Don’t fucking do that, Y/N.”

“What? Am I wrong?” You look over to him, not expecting the amount of passion and anger residing in his eyes.

“Yes, you’re fucking wrong. I’ve been waiting for this for years. I don’t think you understand just how badly I want you,” he glares at you, turning the other way as he looks for his clothes.

“Nathaniel…” you whisper his name, not sure what to say next.

“Look, I get it. You didn’t want this and you’re scared it’ll ruin your friendship with Blair and Serena. You regret it,” he whispers that last part, the pain in his voice clear. “I won’t tell anyone anything.”

“You think I regretted last night?” You whisper and Nathan’s head immediately turns to face you. “I’ve wanted to get my hands on you since before you and Blair started dating. I’ve thought about the mind-blowing sex we could have, I’ve thought about how you’d sound the morning after. Trust me, I don’t regret spending the fucking night with you.”

“L-look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you it’s just–”

“I know. I didn’t handle things as well as I could have. I woke you up while I was panicking over what could go wrong,” you chuckle and he smiles softly at you.

God you love his fucking smile. You reach your hand over and gently brush the stray hairs out of his face. The smile on his face grows and you cup his face, gently rubbing your thumb across his jaw as he closes his eyes and leans into your touch. You bite your bottom lip and drop the sheet that was wrapped tightly around you. You push it off and scoot closer to Nathaniel.

“Hey, Nathan?” You whisper, your breath fanning across his lips as his eyes shoot open. They grow wide as he takes in every inch of your naked form: from the moles on your shoulders to the tiger stripes along your sides. His hands wrap around your waist and he lets out a low groan.

“God you’re fucking beautiful,” he whispers, growing more aroused by each passing second.

“Care to try this out sober?” You lay soft kisses against his jaw and he sighs loudly, his grip tightening around your waist.

“I’d love nothing more,” he smirks, pressing open-mouthed kisses against your neck. “We can try wrecking my beach house next? There’s a real fireplace there.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait,” you tangle your fingers in his hair and tug. “This is only between us. No one else can know.”

“No one else will know, I swear I–”

“And you can’t see anyone else while this is going on,” you lick a stripe from the base of his throat past his Adam’s apple stopping once you reach his bottom lip.

“That’s what I like to fucking hear,” he growls and breaks out of your grip, flipping you around so that he’s on top. He pins your hands over your head and smirks, grabbing a bottle of champagne from the side of the bed. “Ready to have some fun?”