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“Dark Evolution” by Tatiana Schennikova Photography for No Floor Dance - Aerial Dance School

Photographer - Tatiana Schennikova


Tonight silk sequence situation. #aerialsilks #aerial #aerialist #circus #training #teaching #umbilico #silks #tissu #telas #acrobatics #sequence (at Umbilico)

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Have a very Merry Christmas to @ladywithpurplehair!!

They happen to me my giftee for the ML Secret Santa Exchange this year and I couldn’t be happier!

In their desired description, I saw “Dance AU” and so I give you “Aerial Silk AU”!!

I was stumped for while as to what to do until seeing LB fly around Paris with her yo-yo gave inspiration to this. I am incredibly happy with how it turned out. And I hope you enjoy it too, LadywithPurpleHair:)

Black Cupid’s watchin’ you!

“Dark Evolution” by Tatiana Schennikova Photography for No Floor Dance - Aerial Dance School

Photographer - Tatiana Schennikova

MUA - Ekaterina Zhilina

Aerialist - Anna Milyaykina

[So this fic was requested anonymously and contains mild smut. Enjoy!]

If you think you feel stupid, you will end up looking stupid. I repeated over and over again in my head as I tried to muster some semblance of confidence. Squaring my shoulders I tried not to shiver too violently as the line moved at a snail-like pace and the harsh wind and snow bit at my exposed flesh.
           The masked bouncer said nothing when I finally got to him, he simply extended a large hand and I set the bills into his palm. When I got inside my jacket was taken from me and I walked across the marble floors to the staircase instead of the packed elevator. Everything was gold, the winding staircase, the sculptures of naked men and women on the walls, the person that dangled from aerial silks above the lobby.
           I trailed my fingertips across the railing, arriving on the fifth floor. I could hear the pulsing music from within, a masked man and woman slipped into one of the private areas and slammed the door behind them. Adjusting my own mask I slipped into the club with an electric energy pulsing through my veins.

***Harley’s P.O.V***

           I sat in my Puddin’s lap absently stroking his chest while he talked business with three yahoo’s that bored me to splinters. They were smart guys right enough, they made us decent money too, but boy were they a snooze. Casting a glance around the club my gaze landed on a little red dress. It was a cute halter dress, retro, and velvet. The skirt went to about mid-thigh and my eyes trailed down her leg to her strappy pumps before moving slowly back up again. She was cute, she wore a black lace mask and her lips were as red, velvety, and inviting as her dress.
           I must have made a sound of some sort because Mister J turned his head to look at me. His gaze followed mine and a small purr escaped him.
           "Now, now, honey. You know the rules,“ his trailed down my jaw and I met his cool blue eyes.
           "Please Puddin’, pretty,” I moved my index and middle finger in a playful walking motion up his chest, “pretty, pretty, pretty, please.”
           His eyes narrowed, moving back to the girl who was at the bar now. With my eye still on her I leaned closer, whispering in his ear.
           "Do I have to get on my knees and beg?“ I grazed his earlobe with my teeth.
           "Maybe later.”
           He turned back to his men so I decided to take that as my cue to have a little fun.


           I set my last glass on the counter feeling warm and there was a fantastic buzz in my brain that turned me to the dance floor. A slow song was playing; one that made me feel even warmer and I ran my hands slowly up my thighs as I rolled my hips as I trailed my hands up my body and ran my fingers through my hair.
           I felt someone else’s hands grip my hips as they came up behind me; I felt their breath on the back of my neck as they moved my hips the way they wanted. Turning to face them my eyes widened a fraction and I instinctively took a step back, but she pouted and pulled me back to her by the skirt of my dress.
           "What’s wrong? You don’t like me?“
           Quite the contrary. My gaze flicked to her lips then back to her eyes, a knowing smile lit her face and she began to move. I watched as she lowered herself in front of me, shimming her hips before rising again and I began to move to. I could blame my hands moving to her waist on the liquid courage but it wasn’t the booze. It was her skin and the way it felt so soft under my hands, it was her perfume that seemed to do all the right things for me, it was her hips that cast a spell as they moved against mine, it was her eyes that danced with amusement and crackled like blue fire and I was all too willing to be enveloped by their flame.
           "He’s watchin’,” she whispered, her hand moving up to cup the back of my neck but I knew no fear in that moment.
           In fact I stared right at the infamous King of crime as my hands roamed over the contours of Harley’s body, a body that seemed to fit so well against mine.
           "Now aren’t you brave,“ she laughed, turning my head so I was looking at her again.
           "You want me?” She whispered, her nose brushing against mine.
           The corner of my mouth twitched, “What if I said no?”
           She pulled me close and I felt the prick of a dagger under my ribs a grin still on her face as she purred, “I’d cut your heart out.”
           "I wouldn’t want that,“ I whispered, licking my lips.
           "Tell me what you want, sweetheart,”
           "Hey, Harley,“
           I took the interruption as my cue to wuss out and lose my nerve. I moved through the crowd and slipped out the way I came. I walked quickly to the banister and rested my hands on the smooth marble surface as I took a few deep breaths.
           "Where ya’ goin’, Red? Things were just gettin’ interesting,”
           I whirled around. Harley was leaning against one of the pillars and she slowly sauntered over to me and reached up to remove my mask. She tossed it over the edge but I didn’t care, all I could focus on was her and she hopped up and sat on the banister. She quirked her index finger, gesturing for me to come closer and I obliged.
           I leaned in close, her arms wrapping around my neck and I swear I had never wanted anyone more in my life.
           "You’ve got a quiet fire in there, don'tcha? You don’t really do this often, do ya, honey?“ She whispered.
           I shook my head.
           "What are you afraid of?” She asked her voice husky as her nose brushed against mine.
           "Wanting someone I shouldn’t want,“
           My lips claimed hers and one of my hands fisted into her hair while the other rested on her lower back so I could draw her closer to me. Her lips were soft, her tongue was like silk and I ached with how badly I wanted her. I felt one of her hands take the one that rested on her lower back, I vaguely wondered what she was doing and then she guided them between her legs.
           I stopped kissing her and pulled back slightly so I could look into her heavy lidded blue eyes. She tugged her lower lip between her teeth and I let out a shaky breath as my fingertips brushed her clit. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.
           "Don’t run away from me now,”
           We were out in the open, anyone could see us, but in that moment I really didn’t give a damn. My lips found her neck as I began to move my fingers in slow circular motions. I sucked, licked, kissed, and bit her neck and the sound of her moan made my stomach flutter and my knees shake. My lips trailed along her jaw as my fingers grew slick with her growing wetness and my movements became faster.
           "Oh baby, your fingers feels so good, I’m going to cum soon, would you like that?“
           "Yes,” I whispered huskily, watching the spread of redness creep up her chest and neck and I lowered my head to bite the tender swell of her breast.
           I slipped a finger inside of her and her hips jerked, nearly sending her over the edge of the balcony but I yanked her back so she stood in front of me giggling.
           "That was a-“
           I pulled her into a more private alcove and slammed her against the wall.
           "Quiet fire,” she purred and my body lowered itself before her without my minds consent.
           She watched me, a slow smile spreading across her face as I lifted her leg over my shoulder and buried my face between her thighs. My tongue found her juicy sweetness and I felt her hand on the back of my head as she held me to her.
           "Oh god, you’re good with your mouth,“ she gasped.
           I slipped my fingers inside of her as my tongue worked, her moans made me wet, the taste of her was almost addicting, and I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life coming to Alibi. It was a mistake to want her, if I didn’t end up dead, I would end up always wanting her but never being able to have her again and I’m not sure which was worse. Her hips moved against my mouth and she cried out, her body shook but I wasn’t finished with her, not yet.
           "Oh god, that’s enough,” she began to convulse but I kept going.
           "Yes, oh, there, stop-Nngh!“
           She moved me away from her and dropped to the ground in front of me, her mouth covered mine and her hand curled around my neck. Someone a few paces away cleared their throat and we turned to look at them.
           "Well, well, well, what do we have here?”
           "Puddin’,“ she let out a breathy giggle.

           To be continued?

SM Freakshow/circus Au where bog is part of the Freakshow, getting his show name “the bog king”. Marianne is maybe a runaway bride that joins the circus trapez/aerial silk act. ^w^ it was loong ago i got this idea, but i wanted to ad more to the art. But lucky mmee~~ my Wacom is broken soo No digital art for a while till i can buy a new one… -__-’

Let’s talk about Georgia Martin

Is either in activewear or a sharp-ass suit. There is no in-between.

Constantly cycling through and trying new hobbies. She sees something & thinks “that looks amazing!” and signs up for classes and gets all the gear. And then 3-6 months later is bored. Previous hobbies include the following: windsurfing, aerial acrobatics/silks, hula hooping, salsa dancing, ultimate frisbee

Has a serious diet coke habit. Like a whole mini fridge full of diet coke in her office. Snowy & Poots hide it all as a prank one day and learned their lesson about inflicting the Wrath of Georgia Martin

No fewer than 4 couples owe their marriages to Georgia Martin. She’s disappointed she won’t technically get the credit for Jack and Bitty since she didn’t introduce them but she feels she deserves some recognition for giving Jack as many chances to drive up to Samwell as she could. Once Bitty realizes she’s in their corner, he sends her a box of pies and his class schedule at the beginning of every semester.

Goes to every Boston Pride game that she can, is just so, so excited for the NWHL. Gets the Falcs excited about it too and the all go up as a group to watch the Pride play the Riveters. They’ve all got posters. It’s a little bittersweet for George because she wonders what it would have been like for her if there had been a professional league for her after college but she’s just So Happy for all the women on the ice.

Makes a mean caipirinha. Like actually mean, the hangover the next day will be brutal.

Lives on a combination of takeout and blue apron. It’s not that she can’t cook, it’s just that she’s so busy all the time. Even when she does have groceries in the house they’re only there by the grace of instacart.

She always tips people cash - she worked as a server (and later bartender) during college and knows how much better cash tips are.

anonymous asked:

Your writing is so cute!!! it makes my heart ache aha i'm so lonely anyways could you write a head cannon for the RFA react to MC that does aerial silks??

Oh thank you love ! And thank you for your request! I hope you’ll feel better, so i hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • He’s so scared
  • Like, really.
  • He’s scared that you might hurt yourself, he can’t even think about it…
  • But when he sees your performance, he’s so surprised by it
  • How can you do that?!
  • Maybe he’ll want to learn that!
  • Ok, he’ll give up in five minutes.
  • He’s still trembling, of fear because of that danger…But he’s smiling so much too!
  • He cries a little, this is so beautiful MC!
  • He clapped so loud, that he almost made the people that were close to him be deaf
  • He just loves you so much!


  • Ok, he’s excited by it, a little worried…But he knows that you’ll not get hurt.
  • Zen’s protective, but he trust on your talents.
  • And damn MC, you look good right now!
  • When he saw you performing, he was in shock.
  • That’s so beautiful, but hey…
  • Everybody is looking at you…
  • His girlfriend…
  • Ok, this time he’ll let this pass, but maybe you should wear pants next time.
  • When you finish he runs to you, with a bouquet, kissing your face, telling you how good you were.
  • He’ll keep hugging you, just to reassure people that he’s your boyfriend…BUT he wants to be close to you too!
  • Maybe you can teach him that? That was very artistic, and he’s good at everything!
  • And he’ll have the best teacher that he could ask for!


  • Ok, let’s see if this is art.
  • Like Zen’s performances, shows, everything!
  • When you started, she’s just too focused on you.
  • Her mouth is open.
  • Your moves, this is just too beautiful, you have such a passion!
  • This is so good! She’ll have to make a fan club for you!
  • She’ll film it all, so she can watch all this later!
  • When you finish, starts to talk so much about how great your performance was!
  • You can’t even understand, she’s talking so fast!
  • She’ll be so supportive now, your number 1 fan! And she’ll try to drag as many people she can do this fan club!
  • She even forgot Zen…!
  • Your number one fan is so devoted to you right now!


  • Ok, he’ll see your performance and not be looking at Elizabeth’s photos on his phone.
  • He did this in other people’s performances.
  • But when you’re there, he just can’t take his eye off you.
  • You have such a passion…This is just…
  • Pure perfection.
  • You’re pure perfection.
  • His heart is so, so fast.
  • He’s so worried that you fall or something like that, but he believes your potential.
  • But he has already people that will help you if something goes wrong…This is his secret.
  • When the performance end, he’ll clap, with a big smile on his face.
  • After that, he goes to you, kisses you with such passion that you’re surprised.
  • Jumin will want to support you and your talent as much as he can.
  • A performance so beautiful like that must be seen by other people!


  • He doesn’t even care, he’ll scream so much on the entire performance.
  • He’ll annoy people, yelling at them
  • He’ll keep commenting how good you were at this.
  • People just want him to shut up!
  • You almost lose your focus by it, and he notices it
  • So he’ll be quiet.
  • He doesn’t want anything bad to happen.
  • When you’re finished, he’ll clap so loud, and scream, and  whistle so loud too
  • He’ll run to you and hugs you so tightly and spins with you!
  • He’ll try to put a silk on his bunker because he’s sure that you wouldn’t invite him again LOL
  • And he’ll the video of your performance that he secretly filmed on youtube!
  • Yes, it’ll be a spam!