Wedding dress (via The Met)

Design House:House of Worth (French, 1858–1956)



Medium:silk, pearl

Employing a textile design that mirrors itself from selvage to selvage, this dress is pieced into a perfectly symmetrical image at the center front. Impeccable finishing details such as this distinguish the couture garment from the countless products of the ready-to-wear market that flourished in the mid- to late nineteenth century as a result of the Industrial Revolution. The use of the textile pattern to emphasize the woman’s fashionable hourglass silhouette, achieved with the help of a steel-boned corset, further demonstrates the mastery of dressmaking technique at the House of Worth, as do the tiny hand-stitched cartridge pleats at the shoulder that create voluminous sleeves. The design of this sleeve, broad at the upper arm and fitted at the lower arm with the sleeve extending over the back of the hand, refers to sixteenth-century dress styles.

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Finishing up this project and wanted to share one of my favorite ways to make a waistband. I learned this while working at Center Theater Group, it’s especially handy for heavy period skirts when you want them as thin as possible lying flat under a bodice. Start with a piece of petersham ribbon (the stiffer the better) marked with the size of the skirt waist. Pin your skirt on top of it and stitch along the bottom of the ribbon. Taking a strip of fashion fabric cut on the bias, stitch it onto the back at ¼" then fold it around to the front. Pin the bias in place to cover all of the front nearly, then either topstitching or hand sew it all closed. The final step is to add closures. This is the front of my skirt, on the back I added 1" tabs of underlay to make the skirt more adjustable in the future. ✂️ #sewing #tutorial #waistband #skirt #periodcostume #theater #costume #costuming #costumedesign #technique #floral #silk (at The Shop, Center Theater Group)

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