Watch out for baby Finnegan! Literally training the exact same skills Sarah did (except for the ezhova maybe)!


So now that difficult BB mounts are a thing again, let’s remember the mother of all of them, done by the best gymnast ever (with the permission of Silivas).

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You're Raped

“I think I should dump you out now before I get caught, now shouldn’t I?” the man’s raspy voice questioned, watching her every move without taking a blink. Shivers crawled down y/n’s spine as she backed her more into the corner of the wall, a way of hiding from him. His body kneeled right in front of hers, and the closeness of his body to hers was the most unsafe feeling she could ever feel.
“Oh how I’m going to miss fucking this pretty lil’ body of yours” he sighed, grazing his finger tips over her bare legs.
She fliched away from him, sobbing as she tried to back away more, but the cold wall prevented her, making her have no escape. The man chuckled as his body came closer, hovering over her as y/n’s body began to shake vigorously.
“One last taste, and I’ll dump you out. How does that sound?” he questioned, lowering his face so he can smell her, smell the vulnerability and fear that had become such a drug to him.
She whimpered, shaking her head so she didn’t have to feel him there—feel him crawling on her skin and his rough skin against hers. His fingers caught her chin so that he could harshly turn her face toward his, taking a look into her gray, dull eyes.
“You fucking look at me, you dirty little whore!” he barked at her, making her eyes widen, but her body obey.
He smiled, his hand running along her face as he admired how well he’s taught her these passed few days.
“Good girl” he smiled before planting a wet, sloppy, hungry kiss on her lips, trying to pry her mouth open with the hold of her chin, but she put her lips together and squeezed them shut.
“Come on, give it to me. Give it to me or you’ll stay here” he threatned.
She couldn’t imagine staying in here longer, not even for a minute. She was so trapped in complete darkness, preventing her from finding any exit to escape. Her clothes were in threads, and he would repeatedly hurt her if she made any kind of noise. The thought made her stomach churn, sending her to release a gag. The man took the opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth, something that made her nearly puke onto him, but she held it in. It was too risky to make him mad. Way too risky.
The man lasted one last second before he ripped away from her. She gasped for air, throwing up as she exhaled the disgusting taste of his siliva.
Moments later, she felt herself being dragged by her hair outside of the unknown building. She put her hands on his, trying with all the strength she had left to make him let go, but fighting to her was something so energy taking now. She couldn’t do it even if she tried. Exhaustion taking over so much of her body, that everything made her so unbelieveably numb.
“Look outside the fucking window and I’ll kill you before you can blink” he seethed at her, throwing her in the passanger seat aimlessly. She lay how she landed, not finding any motivation to move. She coughed, feeling a reactant to the taste of this disgusting man that took away something so special to her. Something so special to her boyfriend, she felt like it was all her fault. If she had just listened to Harry to not walk home, none of this would of happened.
Harry. His name was enough to make her crave him. She missed him more she ever thought her heart could miss somebody. She just wanted to hear him—to know he was still existing.
Within twenty minutes, the car came ro a hault. The man took her face in his hand, squeezing her face as he pulled her head up harshly.
“You didn’t obey me the first night. All your fucking screaming and kicking, and after a thosand fucking times you still disobeyed me. You’re a little whore, letting me touch you like that. A little fucking whore who deserves to be lost!” he screamed at her.
He lifted her body up, opening the car door and flung her out on the grass, making her roll before stopping perfectly on her stomach. He turned around and drove back to the direction they have come from, leaving her, here, in the middle of no where. It was just a lane of road, and the rest was all grass.
She felt no hope. No hope that anybody could ever find her here, no hope that she could ever go back to Harry. Her Harry, the Harry that she loved and had lived with for so long. She did the only thing she knew was left to do, pray.
She let out a loud sob, feeling so disgusting and dirty and so broken, she didn’t even feel like the person she knew she was.
“Please God, oh please God, please. Give me my Harry. I need my Harry. I will do anything, God. I’m s—so sorry for all I had done t—to deserve this. B—but please, God, please, give me my Harry. Please have him find me”.
She took a second to listen, listen for anything. A car, a horn, a voice, Harry, anything.
“Come on!” she screamed, punching the grass. “Come on please please please!”.
She weeped, feeling so lost without Harry. The way he held her when she felt lost, or the way he kissed her when she knew things were going bad. All she needed was him, to be there, holding her. She needed him more than she needed anything right now. He was the only reason she held on. Without him, she would have let herself die the many times she was so close to death.
The whole world seemed to stop when she saw a cop car comming towards her. For a moment, she just looked at it, blinking tightly, praying that this wasn’t her imagination. There was no way that there was somebody comming here, in a place like this.
“H-help!” she screamed, crawling toward the road.
Whether she was imagining it or not, she couldn’t stop. Her legs seemed so broken, just being dragged behind her, but nothing stopped her from crawling towards the road once more.
“Please help me!”.
The cop car came to a stop, and moments later, a tall man in his mid fourty’s with a police uniform came running to her.
“Please help me get back to my Harry. Please. I haven’t seen him in days and I’ve been raped and I need my Harry please help me oh please, oh please help me”
“Ma’am. Ma’am. Please calm down. We know exactly who you are I just need you to relax” the cop earged, unclipping the walkie talkie from his shirt pocket swiftly.
“This is Officer Ryan, I found her” he spoke in it fast.
“How do you know me? Is Harry here? Where’s my Harry? Did Harry look for me?”.
“Ma’am. Harry called everyone to help find you, okay? But please for right now I need you to answer questions for me while I drive you to the police station, okay?”.
She nodded her head, and knowing that walking was hard with her injuries, she started to crawl toward the car.
“Come on, I’ve got you” the officer said, reaching for her.
She flinched, backing away from him. She wanted to trust him, she did, but she started reacting so strange to him now. She felt like he was just like the man. She felt like anybody that wasn’t Harry was going to harm her the way he did.
“Ma’am, I won’t hurt you. You have to trust me so that I can get you to Harry. Harry’s been calling all these cops and all these people to look for you. He’s been all around London running on no sleep looking for you. Now let me bring you back so you can see him. Would you like that? To see Harry?” he asked quietly.
Harry truly was running on no sleep, panicked as to why someone would take Y/n away from him like that. He couldn’t bring himself to live life without her, and he’s been going absolutely crazy without her.
She stuck out her hand, waiting for him to take it. He grabbed onto it, lifting her up so that he could carry her to the car without hurting her. He gentley placed her in the passanger seat, putting on her seatbelt. As he bent over, he realized how bad condition her body was in. Swells, cuts, bruises, and burns ran endlessly through her skin.
He felt so digusted, so disgusted that a human being could ever do this to someone, especially to such a young girl. She was 18, but just looked so weak and vulnerable, and that’s when he knew he couldn’t leave without looking for the man who caused this.
“You know what, Y/n, I’m going to have Harry pick you up. Does that sound alright?” he sniffled, feeling tears well up in his eyes.
He took a moment to be in her position, how someone forces another to do these terrible things so that they can fufill their pleasure. It was so sickening to him that a man could ever look at a girl, so scared and sad, and beat her so that he could get something he wanted.
“Please, oh please, please do”.
The eargency and the desperation in her voice was so tough for him to hear. This was miles and miles away from London, but he couldn’t let her go. He had to get this man. He had to.
He nodded, half-heartedly walking away from the car. He needed his privacy as tears slowly flooded his eyes, blocking his veiw to dial Harry’s number.
The ringing noise felt like years, he just wanted to tell Harry that y/n was alive. He was the one who wanted to deliver the news. The thought of finding her made his heart race. It took him days, nearly 90 hours to figure out where she was, and he knew now that the lack of sleep was finally worth it.
“What happened? Is everything okay?” Harry immediatly asked once he picked up the phone.
The officer sniffled, but smiled as he was about to say the words Harry has been hoping for for days.
“I found her, Harry”.
The line fell silent for a moment until a strong cry escaped Harry’s lips.
“Oh God. Oh God. Where is she? Is she okay? What happened to her?”.
“We’re 76 miles East of London, Harry. I know it’s a long drive but half of it is one stra—”
“I’m on my way” Harry said before hanging up.
The officer sighed, closing his eyes as he took in one big breath.
“It’s over now. She’s fine. It’s over now” he whispered to himself, trying to calm himself down.
The officer shook his body, snapping himself back to reality as he slowly made his way back to the cop car. He had one more stop to take, and he knew exactly what to do.
“Harry’s on his way” The officer said quietly, not able to look at y/n condition any longer.
He slowly sunk into the front seat, closing the door shut as he started to write down information. He looked over at y/n every once in a while, whom was staring blankly out the window. He knew she was tramatized, but he didn’t know what to do about it. He couldn’t ask her questions for his information, not now, not when she’s like this.
So he just sat there, joining her. He knew she was asking why a world that looked so beautiful had to be so cruel, and the question wrapped around his head. He couldn’t answer it, and he wished so desperatly that he could answer it for her. But he couldn’t, and it made him more upset. He quickly grapped his keys and gun, and made his way out of the car.
“Stay here until Harry comes,” he said to y/n, “I’m going to find that son of a bitch”.
Y/n nodded, and with all the quietness and the sound of the wind blowing itself onto the window, she slowly started to disapear.

Harry finally made it to the cop car, and he’s never ran so fast in his entire life. He was scared, so scared to see the damage that had been done, but he wanted to feel her skin on his. He needed it before he lost himself.
At the cop car, he couldn’t believe what he had seen. He looked at her, so beaten and small, and he could feel his heart break. He could feel it being squeezed tighter and tighter by the moment, seeing his princess look like that.
“Princess,” he shook her, crying, desperate to feel her, “wake up. Baby, I’m here now”.
“Harry?” she whispered, opening her eyes with so much hope.
“Yes, baby. I’m here. I’ve got you now”.
All her emotions finally gave out on her as she started to cry uncontrolably. She was so happy he was there with her now, to hold her and to love her. It was all she’d been waiting for, and it all seemed like a lifetime without him.
“Harry, I—I’m so happy that you’re here. I n—needed you so much and I held on for you, Harry. I held on for you. I knew I would see you again so I held on” she said, almost like a child.
He looked at her, almost like the first time he met her. After days without her, he felt like he was without himself. Knowing that somebody had the nerve to take you away was almost enough to kill him. Harry wanted to actually see the man suffer in front of him. But looking at her now, with the joy on her face because he was there made him fall in love with her all over again. He has never seen her so happy, and he, himself, has never felt so happy to see her.
This was definitely not how he wanted to see her. A black eye, swollen lips, cuts and burns upon her skin, because he knew what had happened. She didn’t have to say it, he knew, and it made him want to throw up.
But she was here with him now, with so much joy in her, that he almost couldn’t think of anything bad upon anybody. The exctacy she brought him was something so overpowering, and he missed her. He missed her more than he could miss anything else.
He brought his hand down to her cheek, feeling her, confirming that he wasn’t imagining her again. She was alive, and she was in front of him, and the thought made him completely break down in front of her.
“Oh God, y/n, I’ve missed you so much. I couldn’t—I couldn’t—”.
The cries were so strong that he couldn’t continue. He completely collapsed into her, almost like he still couldn’t believe she was here.
But the feel of her, feeling her barely strong enough to pit her arms around him made him angry. She was so hurt, she could barely even move.
“I’m going to kill him. I’m going to fucking kill him” he sobbed, truly meaning what he said.
He ripped out of her loose grip, storming into the front of the cop car. He didn’t know what he was doing, and he didn’t want to. He knew what it was going to lead to, and the way he knew it was going to end was what he wanted.
“Harry, baby, what are you doing” y/n asked, wanting him to return to her again; to hold her.
Harry couldn’t turn around, not now. He opened up to police car, jumping in, making a mess looking for anything. Anything to satisfy him.
“There’s got to be a fucking gun in here” Harry cursed, taking out everything in the compartments and throwing them in the back.
“Yes” he whispered, getting his hands on a handgun.
He quickly exited the car, holding the gun up into the air, as his mind was completely lost. His body was working too fast for him to know what he was doing, but he didn’t care, and he couldn’t stop.
“Who the fuck do you think you are you asshole?” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs into the night sky.
He didn’t know what was going on, his entire adrenaline was taking over, and all he saw was one big blur.
“You’re a fucking prick and I will fucking find you and I’ll kill you! How do you like that? A bullet to your fucking fucked up brain?”.
Harry was in a range he’s never been in before. He wasn’t even himself anymore. He was turning into a monster before he could stop himself. He was just so angry. Angry that someone dared to touch her like that. Angry that he wasn’t there. Angry that people could be so fucked up, and he wanted to be angry at y/n. She didn’t listen to him, and if she did none of this would had happened. But he couldn’t be mad at her, because it was her voice was what brough him back, it was the gentle tone she carried with her everytime she talked. It made him realize what he should be focusing on. It made him come back to the way he was before.
“Harry, come back to me”.
Harry looked at her, almost right through her, not fully back in reality. He dropped the gun, stumbling to her. Whatever he just did wiped him out, and all he could think about was holding her until slumber hits.
Once he reached her, he didn’t hesitate to hold her so close to his body.
“We have to wait for Ryan” she mumbled in his chest, running her fingers gentley along his back.
“Lets go to sleep, baby” Harry whispered to her, kissing the top of her head, “You look like you haven’t slept in days”.
She nodded, resting her chin upon his chest as she slowly closed her eyes.
“C’mon” he mumbled as he picked her up so he can bring her into the back seat his car.
Harry slid her body ontop of his, holding her as if this was the first night he had fallen in love with her. He felt a drop fall upon his shirt, and he subsonciously held her tighter.
“This will all be better in the morning, baby, I promise. He’ll be gone and we’ll be continuing on the way we were before, okay? I promise” he whispered, kissing the top of her head.
“Can you sing me to sleep?” she asked, another tear slipping out of her eye as she stared blankly at his chest.
“A drop in the ocean,
A change in the weather.
I was praying that you and me might end up together”

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how do u feel about ellie downie

She’s fine, I think her Euros AA performance was really impressive and her vaults are nice. Her Silivas on floor is really good, and her bars are unique. That aside I don’t love her gymnastics, but she has definitely earned her euros success. I think the hype surrounding her is a little extreme - all the rio AA predictions, the upgrade speculation, etc. - but she’s a good gymnast so long as you keep your expectations in check lol.

Hands down one of the best FX rotations in the history of this sport

From the innovative tumbling, through the originality of every routine (each one was different from the other), to the perfect presentation and the quality of their work. Only the 1989 and 1980 Soviets could match this.

From Golea’s famous train routine

To the veteran Kati Szabo’s tango

To probably the most original floor routine ever (imagine a 90′s Romanian doing this, I hate you, Octavian Bellu)

To Dobre’s pop masterpiece

And finally the icing on the cake, probably my favourite floor routine ever along with Omelianchik’s Birdie and Naimushina’s Kalinka. No words can describe this.

* Tumblr only allowed me to post five videos, so sadly I had to leave Popa’s out

Daniela Silivaș (b. 1972) is a Romanian gymnast known as one of the most skilled and decorated women in the sport. She is most famous for being the only gymnast of either gender to win a medal in every single event during the 1988 Summer Olympics, where she earned 7 perfect 10 scores.

Throughout her career she won six individual World Championship titles, the 1987 European all-around title, and 29 medals. She is the youngest person to ever be inducted in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

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Okay guys please help. There seems to be some disagreement over Rupert's birthday. A lot of us think 1st October but a few of us think the 9th. Help?

It seems Rupert’s birthday is actually October 9!

Most official sources like Imdb and Wiki say it’s October 1, however, Siliva at is seldom wrong and she notes that the following were posted on October 9, 2014.

Links are here and here. If you hover over “137w” you can see the date it was posted: October 9, 2014.

Our intrepid Julie, just discovered that In Style magazine says it’s October 9, and so does German Wiki. And then she dug up this:

And this:

Who’s going to correct the English Wiki? Feel free to cite these sources.

Ashley would like to point out that it doesn’t really matter because either way he’s a Libra.