Watch out for baby Finnegan! Literally training the exact same skills Sarah did (except for the ezhova maybe)!

Hands down one of the best FX rotations in the history of this sport

From the innovative tumbling, through the originality of every routine (each one was different from the other), to the perfect presentation and the quality of their work. Only the 1989 and 1980 Soviets could match this.

From Golea’s famous train routine

To the veteran Kati Szabo’s tango

To probably the most original floor routine ever (imagine a 90′s Romanian doing this, I hate you, Octavian Bellu)

To Dobre’s pop masterpiece

And finally the icing on the cake, probably my favourite floor routine ever along with Omelianchik’s Birdie and Naimushina’s Kalinka. No words can describe this.

* Tumblr only allowed me to post five videos, so sadly I had to leave Popa’s out

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well done at stuttgart and coming back from a rough beam! that is real poise and resilience. plus your upgrades are lowkey amazing and always look PERFECT in their debut. that silivas was gorgeous <3

thank you!!!


Here’s the second part of my bookbinding adventures! ahaha. Seriously, there a loooooot of other different types of binding/sewing we were taught (we worked with coptic stitch japanese stitch, japanese stab stitch y diente de perro (no idea what’s the translation of this one either sorry)) And I was gonna show them to y'all but I gotta go do some homework im sorry u guyssss see u later (●´□`)♡

Daniela Silivaș (b. 1972) is a Romanian gymnast known as one of the most skilled and decorated women in the sport. She is most famous for being the only gymnast of either gender to win a medal in every single event during the 1988 Summer Olympics, where she earned 7 perfect 10 scores.

Throughout her career she won six individual World Championship titles, the 1987 European all-around title, and 29 medals. She is the youngest person to ever be inducted in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.