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1. What book or story have you connected with the most and why? I really dig the Percy Jackson books… It just makes me think that, you know… Maybe the ‘Old Ways’ aren’t really gone… just hidden 2. What is the most useful skill, if any, that you learned in school? Idk if you can really count it as something I “learned” but I did acquire a fantastic way of tell people to go fuck themselves with a brick~

3. Who is your personal hero? My personal hero…. Probably have to say my Dad… Even after getting walked all over his whole life, he still looks for the good things. 4. What is your greatest fear? This changes depending on what’s going on in my life… currently it’s being alone, forgotten, and the eventual breakup of my SO.

5. What life lesson was the hardest for you to learn? No matter how good of a person you are, you’re still just a number that can be passed along and forgotten. Or that 'love’ isn’t something that everyone has experienced and that I should try to love as many people as I can. 6. Do you have/want any tattoos? If yes, what are they and why do you have/want them? Currently, no tattoos… My Henna faded haha. I do really want a trinity on my shoulder though. It reminds me of Family, Friends, and Home, all being small parts of the same thing.

7. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Text Austin. Always. Then roll over for a few more mins then shower and attempt to start my day. 8. What movie title would you use to describe your life? Could I use 'Jumper’?? Since I feel like I’ve had to start over a few times, but I can always find myself going back to the places I know best.

9. Are you a lover or a fighter? More of a lover, but I would easily fight for someone that I loved. If you are sad or someone made you sad, I’d probably beat the absolute shit out of them. 10. What is your earliest memory? Uhhmmmm…. I was about 4 or 5 years old, during nap time at the baby sitter’s house, they had down feather pillows and I used to pull the feathers out, but I got in trouble for it, so to hide it, I would eat them… and now I’m allergic to down feathers. So, yeah. Good times.

11. What do you find most beautiful in other people? A person’s eyes. Their eyes show so much of a person’s life, shows how happy they are, or sad. Shows the love or anger. After the time I’ve spent with people, I feel that I learn more from their eyes than I do from their own words. New Questions: 1. What song best describes your feelings as of right now? 2. If you play games, what character and from what game do you feel you relate to the easiest? 3.Do you still have a comfort object? 4. If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be? 5. If money was no problem, what are the 3 things at the top of your 'bucket list’? 6. What song(s) do you have on your playlist that you absolutely love, but are super embarrassed for someone else to listen to? 7.Favorite pass time (apart from Tumblr)? 8.Punniest joke you have? pick-up line you’ve heard/ used? 10.You’re going on a trip, what are the 5 most important things that you pack? 11.How did you find Tumblr??
-:- stupid -:-

-:- stupid -:-

it was stupid how we met,
how I said you were dumb
and that your eyes were too dark
          I lied.

you tried to flip your hair to mock me,
but it never worked
—and I secretly liked it.

if I had any sense I would’ve been scared
to ask you out to see a movie,
a chick-flick.

and if you had any sense you would’ve said no.
we sat there, pretending to like the drama,
because we had no idea the…

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-:- rope burns -:-

through my mere human hands,

slipping yard after yard,

and each coiled bump

carves and scalds away my life lines.

my fingerprints, identity, melted

and fused to the hemp

passed through my shaking grasp.

soon the nerves will be burned away,

but until that mercy,

i hold on.

i hold tight, and tremble

under the fiery deathtouch

of my demons.

their forked tongues and hiss

mimic their perfidious…

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