silicon valley regional

Just a smidge of my happiness.

This is probably really late, but whatever. 

Before I say anything else, I would like to say that I am from team 1967, the Janksters, one of the winners of the Silicon Valley Regionals. 

I am BEYOND stoked that we were 1) picked by 254 (Bell) and 118 (Robonauts) 2) and that we actually are going to St. Louis. Reasons? We are an all-girls team that have tried to do this for years. As a junior, I am so proud of the team. Although, I was always a musical kid who focused on the arts, this year, I gave robotics a try, regardless of what my friends tried to say otherwise. Of course, I’d get comments like “WHAT?! LINA!? YOU’re in robotics!?” Ahaha. Shocking right? This year, I really let myself try to do things that I want to do. Joining 1967 is something that I will never regret. Meeting new friends at Madera (CVR) and SVR are some of my most precious memories. Although I joined late, I can’t do programming for my life, and I’m awfully clumsy with Chassi, I am VERY happy to be able to do as much as I can by scouting and mascotting and help doing the little things. The Janksters taught me that with teamwork and patience, we can achieve anything. This it the first time in history that our robotics team has made it this far. For girls in the engineering world, this is a huge step. And I am so ecstatic that we were given this opportunity. 

Wow this is so cheesy. But I have to finish with a huge thanks. Thanks to my Jankies and the mentors of course for being an awesome team. Thank you for introducing the beauty of technology and for making me feel accepted. Thank you for bringing smiles and tears to my face when it was announced that we had won. Thank you for making me feel useful. Thanks to the sponsors for making all of this happen. Thank you to the mascots that were so amazingly friendly at the regionals. You know who are you (Pirate boy, Gorilla, Phineas & Ferb, Space Cookies, Cheesy Poofs, Torbots, Buchanan Bird Brains, Eagle Strike, Dark Matter, Pink Team, Apollo, Presentation Invasion, Firebirds, Aragon and so many more.) Thanks to you mascots, I never felt so lively and happy to meet new people. Thanks to all the other teams who participated because you all worked so so hard and deserve to be recognized. Thank you to FIRST for truly helping me realize a portion of myself. 

Again, thank you to all who have helped me improve myself and good luck to EVERYONE who will be at World Championships. I hope to see you there :)