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Heaviest DOR in the Sierras

Mar. 16, 2017

The heaviest DOR of yesterday’s journey was the head crushing frequency fence over the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  It was actually an excruciating place for an energetically sensitive individual to be, and for those who are not, it would most likely have manifested as extreme exhaustion or irritability.  Where did this heavy DOR attack come from, we wondered?  There were few cell towers in the area, but not only did the chemtrails persist more than in the other places we visited, but the energy was painful to all life.

There is a theory that mountains were once ancient silicon trees that were felled by a parasitic force, which I believe is the same artificial intelligence that is geoengineering the Earth.  If this is true, which I am sure that it is at this point, then the trauma of this area could be enough to hold the DOR.  The suffering of a great life form from another age, which is bigger than we can imagine, and full of emotion and love, would have something to do with the poor energy of this land.  We continued to toss through the growing headaches and malaise we felt, and were very happy once we were out of the mountains.

The amount of snow off the sides of the road in the Sierras was impressive, and it would not surprise me if the energetic bombardment of this area was also an answer to the increased rain, a punishment and an attempt to stop further rainfall, which is impossible by the way.  We saw our first “confirmation clouds” of the trip in the Sierras, showing that the orgonite gifting was working to flip the energy from DOR to OR and to negatively ionize the atmosphere, restoring its health.