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Holy Crystal

Where I Got It
Cost: $15.48
(You can find this item for cheaper on eBay and even on Amazon. I bought this particular one because I have prime right now. I can’t speak for other sellers, but my shipping experience with this seller was positive. It came in original packaging, well protected, and in good condition. I got two day shipping and had no issues with tracking.)

In the video I show each side, and how they sound when I use them. There is no talking in the video. Below I break my review down by reviewing each side separately in order of when they are shown in video. I also give each sides description exactly as written in the instructions that came with the crystal. Some of them are written kinda odd and confusing because they are translated from Chinese.

•Soft Silicone
Description: “Small soft tactility that have the function of blood circulation and massage.”
Review: This side is the side I find myself using the most. I am a tactile seeker and I have issues with picking my skin when my anxiety gets bad. This side is AMAZING for both of those things. The lil nubs are pretty soft and easy to pinch, pick, and feels nice to rub my thumb on. It’s a really great tactile feel, and makes a satisfying noise when you move your finger over them lightly.

Description: “Game controller button experience, using ABS material to enhance texture.
Review: These buttons really do have the same feel as a controller. They also make a great click noise. I like clicking all the buttons at once.

•Rotating Disk
Description: "Do you want to a rotating disk? You can come and try it.”
Review: This side is so nice!! In my opinion it’s way better than the one on the fidget cube. It’s textured, it clicks when you press it, very easy to turn, and is slightly raised. I like to turn it with both my fingers from the side. This is one of my favorite sides to use.

Description: “360 rotation joystick”
Review: This joystick is better than the fidget cubes as well. As you can see from the video it has WAY more range, and is actually like an Xbox controller joystick. It is very nice.

Description: “You can have experience of the ubiquitous switch rhythm.”
Review: The switch has a very satisfying feel when you press it, and it makes a nice click. I like to put my whole finger on it and click it back and forth.

•Soft Button
Description: “People who like pressing ball pen can try it”
Review: In my opinion this is actually more satisfying than a ball point pen cause the button is silicone and feels soft and nice to push. The clicking feel and sound is exactly like a pen though.

•Sliding Blocks
Description: “Sliding the sliding block to adjust own life rhythm.”
Review: First of all, these all slide so smoothly and without and issues. I like the fact that the middle one is a little higher than the other two because it feels nice when I move them all up and down at the same time with my thumb. They are a really nice silent feature.

•Smiling Faces
Description: “Is a face very cute, it won’t be angry no matter how much you pinch.”
Review: These little faces are made of silicone so they are nice and squishy! Very nice to pinch! Also, they are great to just run my finger over. The bigger face that has its own side sometimes makes a pretty satisfying noise when you pinch it, if you pinch it right. All the faces are hollow on the inside, making them easier to pinch.

•Silicone Rope
Description: “Free shrinkage, it can be hung anywhere and not afraid of missing.”
Review: The strap is convenient for obvious reasons, but it’s also nice to fidget with because it is silicone. It is stretchy and it feels nice to roll between my fingers.

Description: “The side has three gears which can be poked and rolled, spreading voice of clear and harmony.”
Review: At first I was bummed these where so easy to turn, but after I played with it more and more I began to like it a lot. I like just running my fingers over them, and spinning them super fast.

Final thoughts:
Over all I think this thing is great! Yeah, it’s bigger than the fidget cube, but that’s because it has a lot more things to fidget with! Plus, I personally like that it’s bigger cause the fidget cube would make my hands cramp up bad if I used it for too long. Its about the size of a baseball. It’s light weight and all the sides work great and have multiple ways to fidget/stim with them. I know that whoever designed these things probably got the concept from the Antsy Lab fidget cube, but in my opinion the Holy Crystal is way better than any of the fidget cubes real or knockoff. It’s a tactile seekers dream come true! I think anyone could benefit from this toy, but especially people with autism, sensory issues, ADHD, anxiety, and skin picking. If you need to keep your hands busy, this is the toy for you!

(If you have any questions about this item feel free to leave an ask)


emmawatson Feel free to check out the @the_press_tour if you’re interested in information about sustainable fashion 💚💚💚 Paris photocall for the @wearethecircle, which is out in France on 12th July 🇫🇷⭕ Dress by @louisvuitton, embroidered by hand in Atelier Vermont in Paris. The silk lace was handmade in Caudry, a small French town that specialises in lace production, in an atelier that is certified by ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’, which is a recognition to reward French companies for the excellence of their traditional skills, and aims to preserve traditional savoir-faire that is in danger of disappearing. The lace is made from Oeko-Tex 100 certified materials, which means that they don’t contain toxic substances.
Shoes made in Italy by @santoniofficial, whose HQ is powered by 4,000 solar panels. Santoni also runs a school where young people can learn the craft of shoemaking.
@fernandojorge uses small workshops in central São Paulo to manufacture all his pieces. His motivation is to stimulate the local craftsmanship and emphasise the quality of “Made in Brazil”. Bag made in a family-owned factory in Alicante, Spain by @m2malletier. The factory was opened in 1981 by shoe designer Jaime Romero and his wife, together with 3 of his sons. Today, 25 artisans from the local town of Sax work in the factory, and have all been working there for at least 15 years. Everything is handcrafted using skills and traditions which have been passed from generation to generation.
All fashion info verified by @ecoage
For skin, the organic concealer/foundation ‘Un’ Cover-Up in colour 22 by @rmsbeauty was used with the @janeiredale Active Light Concealer under the eyes. Silicone-free Bronzer by @vitaliberata Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals.
For eyes, the Ecocert certified @antonymcosmetics Natural Eyeliner Pencil in Brown and Organic Nosiette Eyeshadow were used. For brows, Jane Iredale Pure Brow Gel was used and @herbivorebotanicals Coco Rose Tint in Coral, which is suitable for vegans, was used to tint the cheeks. Lips are lined with Jane Iredale Lip Pencil in Crimson before @iliabeauty Arabian Knights was added.
All brands are cruelty-free and formulated using both natural, mineral and organic ingredients. Beauty info verified by @contentbeauty

Ohhhhh my god okay so I was falling asleep last night and I was kind of thinking about that scene where Dinesh is like “Jared have you been crying?” And Jared is like “yes but for ordinary reasons. Please, continue.”

SO i might be reaching a bit too far into this but it is likely that Jared probably cried in front of Richard and Richard had to comfort him in the garage when they were talking about the fake uptick.

thank you for reading my little realization

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Any tips for transitioning from heat damage? 😅

First things first, cut off the heat damage. It doesn’t have to be all at once. But it’s easier that way in my opinion. Get a hair cut and go out and buy yourself some essential oils (coconut, olive, avocado, almond) and some deep conditioner. You can use home made DC (mayonnaise, honey, eggs, bananas, avocados, essential oils) or you can buy some for about $8-$15 from the store (here’s a link to some products I use). Use products that are sulfate and silicone free, sulfate will dry out your hair as if you were washing your hair with laundry detergent. Sulfate = BAD. Make sure you do a hot oil treatment before you shampoo your hair. EVERY. TIME. only shampoo once a week. Shampooing your hair washes out a lot of natural oils that protect your hair from the environment and life. Less is better. After you shampoo it use a deep conditioner. EVERY. TIME. Leave that DC on for about 30mins to an hour. So hot oil and DC once a week on your wash days. Always detangle/brush your hair very gently in the shower while your hair is soaking wet. After styling your hair, pick an essential oil to put on your ends, this protects them longer and prevents damage, which helps to retain growth. Doesn’t have to be done every day. 3-4 times a week on your ends should be fine. Wrap your hair in a silk wrap or scarf at night to protect your ends. DO NOT USE FLAT IRON. FLAT IRON, BLOW DRYER, SUPER HOT WATER = BAD. HIGH HEAT = BAD. Stick to these and your hair should retain length and grow much better than before. Good luck, babe 😊😘💖


WeVibe Wish Blue Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Now only £75 compared to other sites retailing this for £115

The brand new We vibe Wish is the ultimate clitoral stimulator. Its petite, powerful and designed for broad stimulation and well as more targeted pleasure. This toy has a clever pebble shape that reaches your sweetest spots with ease. It is made from from silky soft silicone and feels luxurious against your skin. This pebble vibrator is USB rechargeable for anytime fun and we love that it has a magnetic charger that simply snaps into place. This clitoral vibrator uses PowerPulse technology, We vibes most intense vibrations for maximum stimulation. It targets the vulva as well as stimulating the internal and external clitoral nerves for incredible pleasure. This clitoral vibrator can be used with the We Connect app for long distance play between partners, as well as added extra features. It comes with 10 vibration settings, and the waterproof design allows you to take your play beyond the bedroom. This toy is latex and phthalate free and gives you up to 90 minutes of play from a single charge. It can be used with a water based lubricant for enhanced stimulation. Feature summaryPlush exterior with ultra powerful rumbly vibrationsBroad vulva stimulation,stimulates the external and internal clitoral nervesExclusive new PowerPulse vibration technology10 plus vibration modesApp ready, works with the We Connect app for more control and additional features100 percent waterproofUSB rechargeable, charges in 90 minutes for up to 2 hours of pleasureLow power alert indicatorSimple magnetic charger that snaps into placeWhisper quietBody safe silicone, free from phthalates, latex and BPADiscreet storage bag1 year warranty

Quick question: if I were to make a replacement beak for 2005 Furbies, how would I go about it?

Like, how would I take a mold? Most mold putties are silicone-based, and that would pretty much wreck the beak the mold’s being taken from, since they’re also silicone I’d wager. How could I safely take a mold without ruining the existing beak?

Also, what material would be best for casting the beaks? It would have to be something that could stand up to repeated strain, but not something super expensive, since I’m just a college kid. What could work for that?

Maybe I’m in over my head, but I’d really like to be able to help other furb owners who find themselves struggling with the “chapped lips” issue with their 2005s.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Okay so let me start off by saying, I thought this would be the weirdest product known to man. 

The product description on this item is: The universal face filter. Silicone-free Blur Stick minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines to create a smooth, matte finish. Invisible matte coverage blurs pores and fine lines on every skin tone. Swipe for a smooth finish and makeup that doesn’t budge. Silicone-Free & Oil-Free formula won’t clog pores so skin can breathe. This product is vegan. All Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free

My review: I put it on after prepping my face with my UD prep spray and Farsali Unicorn tears. all i can say is… GOODBYE PORES!!! This product is a new holy grail. I have fairly large pores and this makes them nearly invisible. I was shocked. I actually use this product as a base and apply my primer over this product. The Blur Stick is silicone free which is great compared to benefit porefessional. honestly. for $36 i recommend everyone have this in their makeup bag. its amazing. Great job Milk Makeup!

allylikesdankmemes  asked:

Are dog toys safe to chew on?

The short answer is no, probably not.

As for the long answer… Unfortunately products made for our furry friends are rarely manufactured with the same safety regulations and considerations as products made for humans. You can try to look for dog toys that say that they are BPA/phthalate free, as more companies are starting to move towards this trend.

True food grade silicone should be odor-free and pass the “pinch test.” If you twist it (for thicker silicone like dog chews) or pinch it and then twist it (for thinner silicone) and it stays a solid color, it is true food grade. If it turns white under the stress of the twist, it is made with other filler chemicals to make it cheaper. You can use this to test chews that are not labeled to see if they are safe. You can also google “silicone pinch test” for images for reference.

A note though, that some silicone will still have a smell anyways from the chemical they use to help the product come out of the mold when they make it. With dog toys especially, they rarely pre-wash it off, which is why most toys have that distinct “dog chew smell”, and you can usually feel the residue on it.

In the end it will be up to you, though. While I can’t personally recommend chewing on dog toys that aren’t food-grade, if it keeps you from chewing on something more dangerous until you can find something safer, it would be preferable to the more dangerous item.

I hope that helps, feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

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How can I grow long healthy curls

basic tips ✨

  • don’t use heat: heat damages the integrity and health of curls, causing them to no longer form or break. heat includes straighteners and hot water too! cleansing hair with hot water causes dryness (which results in breakage) and encourages frizz 
  • use oils before cleansing & deep condition often 
  • use a sulfate free cleanser and a silicone free conditioner: sulfates dry hair out & silicones wrap around the hair shaft (which prevents nutrients from oils, etc to penetrate the hair) and can only be cleansed with sulfates. but sulfates are damaging, so it’s a harsh cycle 
  • massage your scalp: this helps stimulate growth & adds volume / definition to curls
  • be mindful of protein / moisture balance: products can throw off a very intricate balance that is essential to our hair’s health. some products contain proteins, some products are moisturizing, and some are a mix of both. if you notice your hair is perpetually dry (even feels dry when wet) & breaks or snaps, you might be experiencing a protein overload. if your hair is mushy and doesn’t hold a curl, you might be getting too much moisture. balance it out! 
  • detangle daily: knots & tangles cause breakage just like dryness 
  • sleep on satin 

i hope these tips help :-) 

thirtythirdmoon  asked:

I did some research and found a site that said the Sephora brand primer was silicone free, but the second ingredient I read on the product was dimethicone. Is there such thing as a good primer that is silicone free and more on the natural side? And is it too much to ask for it to be on the cheaper side?

Hey there!

Well firstly, Sephora did have their own silicone-free primer that was recently discontinued.  It’s unfortunate, because it was actually a really nice primer… probably the only one I’ve ever found that still performed like a primer while being silicone free (under $30 anyway).

Silicones are not necessarily bad for your skin.  The only negative to silicone in primers or other makeup products is that they can trap oil and bacteria in your pores while you have it on, which can cause breakouts.  Primer without silicone is hard to find for a reason - and that’s because silicone is the most important ingredient that makes a primer “a primer”.  Silicones fill in pores and lines, creating a smooth surface for makeup to blend onto, and they also help grip your makeup so it stays in place a bit better.  Primer without silicone is basically just lotion.  Personally, I usually just use moisturizer on my face instead of primer because I am very acne-prone.  A good moisturizer will plump up the skin, minimizing pores and rough texture to create a smooth surface similar to what you’d get with a primer!

There’s really no drugstore silicone-free primers out there (and if you guys know of one, message me and I’ll update this post!).  If you really want an actual primer, look for one where silicones are near the end of the ingredients list instead of near the front.  If a silicone derivative is in the first four ingredients, it has a high concentration of silicone and will be more likely to block pores.  For those of you who don’t know, anything in the ingredients list ending in -cone is usually a type of silicone!

If your skin is sensitive, try the Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer - $12.  It’s a color correcting primer with swirls of purple and green (but don’t worry it blends out clear!)  The reason I like it is because it actually has a ton of ingredients that are great for your skin!  Glycerin is the second ingredient, which is great in a primer because makeup will stick to it and last a lot longer; it also has hydrating ingredients like squalane, ceramides and sodium hyaluronate, which helps the skin hold onto moisture.  Most primers, especially ones from the drugstore, don’t have great ingredients like that.  it’s also oil free, dermatologist tested, and made for sensitive skin!  (And silicone is the sixth ingredient).

I hope this helps you out!  Good luck in your primer quest!


See More Like This:     l  Primer  l  Almay  l  Moisturizer  l      ::::    “Beauty Advice for Every Budget”

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I have really short hair. It's damaged. It never seems to grow. My edges are also really thin. How can I fix this?

what is your hair damaged from? chemicals or heat? either way, stop doing whatever you’re doing that caused damage! you can’t fully reverse damaged hair, it has to be cut off, but you can transition out of it. when new growth comes in, slowly snip off the damaged pieces. 

to promote new growth, try using sulfate & silicone free shampoo. or wash your hair with conditioner. sulfates strip your hair of natural oils & that causes damage too. your hair will especially benefit from conditioner washing & sulfate free cleansers if your hair texture is naturally wavy or curly. adding oil treatments & routinely deep conditioning will promote new growth too, while softening your damaged hair. i like to mix coconut oil, olive oil, & castor oil. i leave it in my hair for 40 minutes & then rinse & cleanse my hair. here’s some diy natural deep conditioner recipes! 

keeping your hair hydrated is the most important thing. if your hair is dry, when new growth comes in, your ends break & therefor it seems like your hair doesn’t grow. using a light oil on your hair helps add moisture. i’ve found that applying the oil while i’m still in the shower helps lock in moisture the best & prevents frizz. for your edges, i recommend castor oil. it promotes growth & thickening of hair. good luck! 

;kin post

hey, its been a while since i made a text post here. Just looking to follow people in the same universes/post my kins in case anyone is looking for them.

kintypes are below, no doubles please n thanks

•Theon Greyjoy/Game of Thrones
•Kylo Ren/Star Wars
•Solas/Dragon Age Inquisition
•Peter Maximoff/X-Men Films
•Jared Dunn/Silicon Valley

feel free to message me and say hello ✨

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So I've noticed from glancing at your page that you use silicon molds? I'm familiar with the process a little from working in Iron Foundries, but what are some major components to think about when beginning to use silicone for molding? What types of materials can you pour (product wise) into the molds. How expensive is start up? Are there preferred methods/companies/products you use that are superior in different ways? Thanks in advance for any help on the subject!

I’ve only recently got into casting and molding, and silicone is even more recent. If you’re looking for experts, I’d suggest checking out people like Punished Props and Volpin Props who detail their processes or asking on the RPF forums.

but what are some major components to think about when beginning to use silicone for molding?
Is molding the best method and do you need silicone?
This is getting into expensive costume territory, so it might not be the best option for some people. If it’s a one-off, you might find it easier/cheaper to work with a thermoplastic or foam to produce your piece. If it’s for gem casting, you might find better luck with hard-plastic chocolate molds or paint trays

You will also want to think about your base material and casting material and how it will chemically react. Some clays have sulfur which reacts with the silicone and won’t let it cure properly, so you need to use sulfur-free clay. Silicone sticks to itself, so if you plan to cast a silicone piece in a silicone mold then you need to use a release agent to prevent this. Also liquid latex doesn’t cast in silicone because it’s non-porous. 

Aside from that, you need to look at your piece and decide how you’ll make the mold. One piece/ flatback , two part, multi-piece, matrix? This takes some research on your part, understanding the benefits of different molds and how they work with your piece. Flatback or one-piece molds are super easy and a great way to learn how to work with the material without getting into complex construction:

The flat back mold refers to the piece having a flat back. It is also called a one piece mold because it’s one piece. Commonly used for gems or other embellishments. The image above if from Volpin’s moldmaking guide which is worth reading if you plan to get into this stuff.

A two-part or multi piece mold is made of multiple parts that fit together, it gets more complicated in terms of making the mold but it gives you three dimensional pieces! This is a two-part brush on mold I made (my first attempt at a two-part), on the left you can see I started making the mold jacket with plaster.  

What types of materials can you pour (product wise) into the molds.
Depends on the silicone. Casting resins/liquid plastics, waxes, low-temperature metal, hot glue, silicone and other prosthetic-making materials (usually with a release),  if it’s food-grade then you can cast chocolate :P

How expensive is start up?
Depends what you’re making and how much you need.

I mainly work on small projects as I’m trying to get to know the material, and it’s about $30-50 for the trial size/pint kits (or $30US from smooth-on + shipping). You may need to make a mold jacket or a mold box, depending on what you are making, which will add to the cost. I’ve done mold boxes with cardboard (free) and mold jackets with plaster bandages ($6 at Curry’s) rather than fiberglass  because I’m on a budget, but it works well for the small projects I’ve used it for.

You’ll also want gloves,stir sticks and measuring cups. Bigger projects get more complex and may involve more supplies like a degassing chamber.

Are there preferred methods/companies/products you use that are superior in different ways?
I’ve mainly been working with Smooth-On’s products. Specifically Rebound brush-on silicone and I think the other one was Mold Max. Sculpture Supply Canada is close to me, so I usually purchase from them because in-store is so much cheaper than trying to ship liquids.

Pretty much you need to read the properties of the silicone you are buying. Some are stronger than others, cast faster/have shorter pot lifes, are made for pouring or brushing, or can handle different casting materials.

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Hey i saw some of your posts sounding like a negative/depressive sprial. I was thinking like that too soi wanna share what helped me; i shaved my head bald and let my Hair grow back with only sls/silicone free products and no heat tools.I started to work out 3-5 times a week (yoga/running/boxing/pilates).a steady sleeppatern.i started to Cook and eat more healthy and tracked my nutrients.And i went vegan, wich helped me but i dont know if you want to do that but that helped me. Hope this helps💜

Thank you

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This may be odd but do you think you could find any cute cases for the 3ds?

Not odd!

But I didn’t really find very many. Here are a couple:

Bunny Ear Silicone Case - $18.00 + free ship
Hello Kitty Hard Case -  $10.00 + free ship
Evee Hard Case - $14.98 + free ship
Kitty Silicone Case - $15.00 + free ship

You can also get a clear case (3DS / 3DS XL) and either put cute skins/decals on them or decoden them like sorayraya’s designs or other deocden designs.

Happy shopping. ^^

You don’t always want to get your hair wet. Perhaps it’s freezing outside, or you’ve got no time, or your gym has the worst shampoo ever (try our minis!), or your arm is sore from blow-drying yesterday. No need to make excuses—here are seven ways to freshen up your look, no towel-turban required. HOLLY SIEGEL

Second-day strands can get frizzy and lackluster, especially when you’re already prone to dryness. Condition and smooth thirsty ends with a dab of this lightweight plant-based oil.

Yesterday your look may have been va-va-voom, but today it’s a little deflated. Spray on a root pick-me-up and all-over fullness with this silky formula. 

Somehow scents like smog, smoke, and food seem to get just a bit more tangled up in curls. Deposit a dose of lavender fragrance while bringing them back to buoyant.

Got a perfect blowout and want to keep it going? The micro powder in this product absorbs oil, sans residue, while extending the life of your style in one fine mist.

Great for short styles, a dime-sized amount of this silicone- and oil-free formula gives hair shape for 48 hours. Yes—that means third-day hair.

This ultra-touchable spray gives hair some hold without weighing it down. Perfect when you want to change up your look without adding build-up.

This three-in-one translucent powder grants extra grip to undone buns, braids, and ponytails. Read more about it HERE ▸

External image

Agave / Oil Treatment

External image

Bumble and bumble / Thickening Dryspun Finish

External image

Devacurl / Mist-er Right

External image

Drybar / Detox Dry Shampoo

External image

Living Proof / Amp² Instant Texture Volumizer

External image

Living Proof / Flex Shaping Hairspray

External image

Bumble and bumble / Prêt-à-Powder