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Time? Time means nothing. If something bad happens here then you can rewind the clock. But us…? We have to stay here and live with it.

It looks like I finally got around to making some Zero Escape fanart! I’m very excited for the third game and I can only imagine what this final story will have in store for us!

Non-bloodied version:


“Mr. Poirot achieved fame as a private investigator after he retired as a member of the Belgian police force in 1904. His career, as chronicled in the novels by Dame Agatha Christie, was one of the most illustrious in fiction.”
- From Hercule Poirot’s obituary on the front page of The New York Times, Aug 6 1975

//snickers walks through the woods, wings folded up at her back
//arms wrapped around herself, sweater tied around her waist, she wishes she could put her sweater back on but these new wings block her
//looking around, she hopes to find some place to rest, or eat, she wasn’t alive not that long ago
//the wings just add onto her confusion, as she continues walking, she knows maybe if she tried she could fly somewhere faster, but there’s no time
//she hears a noise, and turns around, she sees some sort of.. silhouette.. a person?
Hello? Is someone there?


Nevy’s true form

Remember, before we saw what Wrathia looked like in her flashbacks, after she died (and before Ava pacted), Wrathia looked like this:

Body not as detailed, facial features a mere silhouette, a sort of monochrome palette, hair not as dark or detailed, horns colored the same as her hair.

But before she died (and after Ava pacted), she looked like this:

Ruby-colored hair, mottled lava skin, dark-colored horns, clear eyes with irises/pupils differentiated from each other.

Right now, Nevy looks like this:

Whereas after she pacts…

Dark blue hair in drills, pink pupils, fish-scaled skin…remember: Nevy doesn’t yet look like her real self. 

WTNV Tarot

5 OF CUPS - Homecoming

“A card of loss, but the loss is not total. Three cups are empty, but two are still full. What remains deserves appreciation. The Five of Cups suggests that it may be time to move on from mourning or self pity. It is a lesson on resiliency.”

Homecoming is a time when Cecil is currently in the midst of a negative spell, and reflects on needing to get back into community to lift his spirits.  Homecoming in-universe is also a time in which the citizens have remembrance of their past loved ones.

Are silhouettes and cloudy skies sort of my go-to phoning it in?  Maybe.

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A youtuber I normally enjoy, joshscorcher a.k.a The Fiery Joker, had mentioned hoping for more fanart to feature at the end of certain videos. So here’s him in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Style Armor. 

Along with his own keyblade, when it came to designing the keyblade I started at the handle with what was supposed to be a sort of silhouette shape of Kefka. One of his face on each side. Then I added in the purple white and green, because of the Joker. And then most of the rest is just “fire” themed.

And I was originally gonna draw his helmet, but I spent a little too much time coloring this one. I experimented around with how I colored the hair, and  with how I added the “shine” to the metal pieces. I may add a helmet version to this post later, but for today, this is all.