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Dinosaur nail art tutorial - inspired by Jurassic World! Watch here, and if you like what you see please subscribe to my channel ☺.

‘Tis the season for berries and vampy colours. Some of them are quite similar, so I guess I have a type. From the 12-o’clock position (swatch photos linked where available):

- Sally Hansen Wine Not
- China Glaze Heart of Africa
- Ciaté Silhouette
- Essie Wicked
- Nails Inc Victoria
- Sally Hansen Pat on the Black
- OPI Black Cherry Chutney
- Maybelline Wine and Forever
- Sally Hansen Ruby Do
- OPI From A to Pizzazz
- Seche All Lit Up
- OPI Bogota Blackberry

Chase of Tales

As a young child, Maka dreamt of adventures and piracy. Guided by her dreams she joined Shibusen, ruled under the sinister thumb of Captain Soul Eater. Caught in a deadly race with the ship Arachnophobia, all chasing the legendary Oni’s Treasure, where only one can claim the first true pirate’s riches.

Word count: 121 512

Rating: NC-17 

Warnings: Sexual content, gore, and Giriko shenanigans

Ahhh! I can’t believe my posting date is finally here! I guess everybody will be reading it for a year? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be making jokes now. I want to thank my amazing betas @rbkninja and @meisterkasper for being kind to offer their minds and eyes.

@resbangmod you are all amazing for creating this event for artists and writers to enjoy. You rule!

And my amazing artist. Damn you @gunningtwice you were great! You all need to check out her amazing art!

You can read the fic at AO3 and


His tail splashed in the water. He rested on a flat rock as he watched the sun slowly rising and greeting the flora and animals good morning. Bright orange coloured the sky as half of the sun was visible in the horizon.

Would this be the day?

His gaze was transfixed on the morning sun, hoping a silhouette would come. His nails dug into the flat rocky surface as he slowly sat up. The half sun grew in size and soon, the perfect circular sun was visible.

His eyes fluttered shut and he flopped against the rock.

Today wasn’t the day.

He’d been waiting for centuries.

He would continue waiting until the ship returned.

You can find chapter 1 on AO3 and