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The Nike “5 Decades of Basketball” Collection celebrates past and present silhouettes by dressing them up in Vachetta Tan with rose gold detailing. Tap the link in our bio for a closer look and release information. #KicksOnFire


Raf Simons A/W 1999-2000. Disorder, Incubation, Isolation.

The presentation of this collection opened with a group of boys carrying black flags with ‘DISORDER‘, ‘INCUBATION‘ and ‘ISOLATION‘ written on them, referring to songs by the British band Joy Division, as well as the title of the collection. The procession split to reveal models with black, sharply delineated hairdos, wearing black, three-quarter-lenght capes: assymetrical, in classic tailoring or circular patterns. This was followed by silhouettes inspired by ceremonial dress with, for example, detachable cuffs and collars. In the second part of the show, the silhouettes evolved from black to grey, in classic woolen fabrics and sober cuts, this time worn by models with blond hair.


“Mr. Poirot achieved fame as a private investigator after he retired as a member of the Belgian police force in 1904. His career, as chronicled in the novels by Dame Agatha Christie, was one of the most illustrious in fiction.”
- From Hercule Poirot’s obituary on the front page of The New York Times, Aug 6 1975


Two Thousand by Hayden Williams

Friendly reminder as Halloween approaches: Costumes are not consent!

As always, remember to ask for consent and never assume someone is consenting to any activity or action with you. Consent is a sober, uncoerced, communicated, and enthusiastic “YES!” :)

[Image Description: A graphic with an orange background with white text that reads “costumes are not consent!” Below the text is the silhouettes of people dressed up with a ghost. On the bottom of the graphic is a black box with the word “consent” and the definition. The definition reads: “1. Permission that is sober, verbal, conscious, willingly given, enthusiastic, continuous, and revocable. 2. Absolutely mandatory.”]

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touch meme | Accepting

Leon’s exhaustion hasn’t gotten any better. He’s been
sleeping through countless days. Only to wake, attempt
to eat, bathe and go through physical therapy. Walking on
his own without doubling over had been a success, and
eating was going at a much more smooth pace than anticipated.
That he was thankful for.

But for now, he’s been sleeping. Dreaming of nothing. Unaware
of Ada, unaware that she had planned yet another visit in these
days of his vulnerability. Had he noticed, he would have perhaps
questioned the hand that felt through hospital gown and placed
itself upon the flesh of neck. Fingers angled just so- in search of
pulse. And pulse, there was. A dull throb: thump-thump. Thump-
thump. An ever beating drum.

It takes him a while to notice. Eyes fluttering, squinting under the
dim light and adjusting to the silhouette dressed to kill. As fashionable
as ever.

“I’m still alive, you know.” A tired smile.