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You seem to know what ur doing so....Good clexa fic recs?

What on earth gives you that impression?! :)

You’re probably familiar with these already. especially the ones at the bottom, which I think everyone in the fandom has read. But quickly going through some bookmarks on A03 I picked these ones out… They’re not all complete yet.

Love Letters and Coffee Grounds by JLaw1105

(my) Destruction Within Your Mouth by KL_Morgan

Something Tragic by heyjayyay

From Two Different Worlds by dreaming_wide_awake

paying for love  and the follow up bargaining for more by sassy majesty

Pie in the Sky by LingeringLilies

blood rush in the hazy glow by firetestsgold

More Women than Warriors by steklir (SilentStars)

The writing on the wall by anddirtyrain

Write Your Name (Across My Heart) by hedaswolf

in love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence

Mystic Coffee by blind wire

Love on the Ground by hedaswolf (thebaddestwolf)

holy ground. by lordvoldyfarts

(I Wanna Be) Your Left Hand Man by nightshift

Everything You Are by awriterofthings

they take their shots but we’re bulletproof by nightshift

You See the Smile That’s On My Mouth (it’s hiding the words that don’t come out) by heartshapedcandy

You’ve Got Mail (She Loves Me) by orangeyouglad8

praesidium by clarkegrff (fayevsessays)

Lover In Low Light by Chrmdpoet

She by thefooliam

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by Chrmdpoet


List of random favorites (I):





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can you please write one were star is jealous of all the time jenna is spending with hackapoo and it makes star realize she has a crush on jenna

Yes I can!!!!!!! I love Hekapoo and I haven’t written her in a while! I know she and Tom are probably not related, and it was confirmed I think, but until I see a “No” in the show, I’m still saying she’s his older sister lol! It just works so well!!! I love it! I hope you enjoy the story! Remember when some of us thought that Hekapoo and Rhombulus were married, and then Lekmet appeared like “BAM I’M GAY!”

That’s not important. But that’s also sort of how I came out. I just walked downstairs and yelled “Move I’m gay!”


“No way! Heka that’s amazing!” Janna laughed loudly and fell back off of her chair. Hekapoo grinned and the two girls talked a mile a minute about witchcraft. Star huffed and plopped down on the chair a few feet away from them.

“Hecka? What kind of dumb nickname is that?” Star mumbled. ‘Never gave me a cute nickname…” She muttered. Janna and Heckapoo kept laughing together and Star got up, huffing. “Okay I’m leaving!” She snapped. Before Janna could protest Star snipped a portal open and jumped through. “I’M SICK OF JECKAPOO!” Star screamed.

“What is that?” Marco asked. “Is that like… a new ice cream flavor?” He asked. Star grumbled and flopped, face-down on the couch.

“No! It’s the ship name I made up for Janna and Heckapoo.” She pouted.

“Are they a thing now?” Marco seemed very confused and Star flew into a rage.

“NO!” She screamed. “THEY ARE NOT!” Star huffed. “But it sure feels like they are. They’ve been spending all their time together!” Star explained, crawling up on marco’s lap to hold his face in her hands. “All of their time!” Star reiterated.

“Oh well, that’s good! They seem to make good friends.” Marco added. Star grumbled and put her face in a pillow, she was making a bit of a crying noise. “Come on Star, tell me what’s wrong.” Marco told her. Star groaned and rolled to be on her back.

“I just want Janna to hang out with me again! But every time I’ve called her lately, she’s been busy practicing witchcraft with Hekapoo.” Star growled. “It’s like I’ve totally been replaced!” She exclaimed, grabbing her face. Marco smiled and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I get how you feel, it can be hard to see somebody you like not return the feelings.” He explained. Star sat up.

“What are you saying?” She asked.

“Star, it doesn’t take a genius to see that you’re jealous of Heckapoo! You’re acting the same way I do when…” Marco blushed a bit and trailed off. “You know how I get when I see Tom trying to win you back, and he gives you all of his attention?” Marco asked. Star giggled.

“You get so bitter!” She teased him.

“Yeah…” Marco pouted. “You’re acting the same way. I think you just need to be honest about how you feel about her.” He explained. “Don’t be like me. Just watching from the distance and being mad.” He muttered to himself.

“You think I should… tell her I like her?” Star asked, the heart in her cheeks were lighting up in a blush. Marco nodded and the Mewni girl stayed quiet for a long while. She then looked up. “If I tell Janna I like her, you need to tell Tom you like him.” Star decided. Marco’s face flushed deep red and he shook his head frantically.

“No! Tom doesn’t even like me back! But Janna loves you It’s so obvious!” He cried.

“It’s obvious Tom likes you! I know he doesn’t like me, I can see it when he flirts.” Star rolled her eyes and Marco gave a confused look. “He’s just pretending to pine after me to see you, I can tell. He’s embarrassed to tell the truth, so YOU have to.” Star told Marco. Marco took a deep breath and nodded.

“Okay, we’ll BOTH do it!” He agreed.


“Hey Janna Banana.” Star poked her head shyly in the door. Janna looked up and beamed. She lept off the bed and leaned against the wall, grinning.

“Hey Shooting-Star!” She exclaimed. “Why did you run away so fast yesterday… I was sort of hoping after Hecka showed me her book we could go to the park.” Janna blushed lightly, but it was less visible on her darker skin.

“Oh! That’s just fine but… the thing is I…” Star played with her hair and Janna leaned forward. “Janna, do you like me?” Star asked. Janna nodded.
“Of course I do, dude.” She grinned. Star shook her head.

“No Janna, do you LIKE me?” She asked. Janna fell back and blushed even deeper. Star peered up at her through her bangs and Janna felt her heart race, unsure of what to say. “Please answer.” Star begged.

“I like you…” Janna mumbled. Star looked up and Janna smiled sheepishly. “I… I actually… I like you a lot Star!” Janna blurted out. “I-I like you so much and I wanna take you on a date!” She exclaimed. Star’s face lit up and she tackled Janna in a hug, spinning the human around in circles, cheering.

“JANNA BANANA!!!” She cheered. “Yay! I’m so happy! I’m so so so so happy!” She exclaimed. Janna laughed and Star set her down.

“I am too!” Janna exclaimed. “What made you tell me?  Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” She asked. Star smiled.

“I made Marco do something for me.” Star crossed her arms smugly. “He had to tell Tom how HE feels too. It was a friend pact.” Star explained. Janna smiled and scooted closer.

“Tell me what happened!” Janna laughed. Star took out her phone and read the texts Marco had been sending her.

This is a bad idea.

I can’t believe you’re making me do this.

He seems really confused as to who I’m texting.

He looks really cute.

I’m gonna tell him!

I didn’t tell him.



Star, it’s Tom. I took Marco’s phone. He thinks I didn’t know what was going on but I did. I knew the whole time. He gets really nervous and sweats a lot. He’s so gross I can’t believe I love him. Thanks for being a pal and sorry about all the fake-flirting.

Server: NA Frost Valley

When: Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Time: 11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST 

Dress Code: Wear your Tumblr Army saddle blanket if you have it

Meeting Place: Moorland South Beach by the picnic tables and fishing hut. We’ll be staying in non-star areas only!

How Long: Anywhere from 3-5 hours. Come and leave as you need~

It’s summertime! Time for more meet-ups and playing all day and SSO fun! I think it would be a great time to help grow our bond as a community and establish more friendships (and we’ve had a lot of new members lately! Like 10 since the end of May!) So let’s all have fun together at another Moorland social!  

I was thinking about us meeting somewhere else in the non-star areas this time, but that beach is just so secluded lol There’s no roads going by where randoms could spot us easily and there’s no races going through it and it isn’t a popular role play area, so it will just have to keep working. It’ summer also so hanging out at the beach just works!

As always, my goal is for every single member of the SSO Tumblr community be able to attend, so this event will be held in non-star areas only. This way non-star players be them on the NA servers or from overseas will have no worries about not being able to travel to unopened areas.But this time, as you noticed, it is going to be a few hours earlier than usual because our overseas fam is half asleep or has to leave early during the normal meet-up times. We can all give the middle of our day to them they deserve it <3 

Overseas players, if you need an NA account just drop me a message and I’ll be glad to help you out! I’m sure if you asked anyone on the NA servers they’d lend a hand also! It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes~ 

I loved having Zeal run a game last time because it gives others a chance to represent us, so I’ll be looking for 1-2 people to run large group games again. Just message me if you’re interested and have an idea :D

 Let me know if you’ll be able to make it, or if you have any game requests! I hope we’ll have a fun day together :D @ssoevents

Signal boosts are much appreciated <3

Under Cut: The longest tag list to help pass this around. I used Alex’s tag list (BLESS YOUR SOUL) and added some new blogs not there. There’s 200+ people tagged so if anyone was forgotten so so sorry! It does not mean you’re not invited because, of course, everyone is invited!

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Clexa fanfic FIX 2!

The best fanfic that I have read thus far including my own babies:

Between the Sheets by Tanagariel-
  Part 1 of Loving you in the light & dark- High School AU- One of my favorite fic series of all friggin time. I couldnt get enough and yet there is a part 2! Clarke is a student who is rebellious yet passionate about art. Lexa Woods is a new teacher and finds a particular student to be challenging yet intriguing. They have an automatic bond and it’s the best thing EVER! Must READ COMPLETE FIC!

Remember when ( we used to be between the sheets) by Tanagariel- Part 2 of Loving you in the light & dark- College AU- Clarke is furthering her art career and is becoming very successful. However her heart is broken and is dealing with a betrayal. Lexa broke herself for the sake of another and becomes a successful writer for Polis Magazine. This is so well written and poetically EPIC in all ways. It comes full circle and shows the strength of each characters to follow their hearts and their heads. MUST READ! COMPLETE FIC! (Read all her stories, they are really great!)

She by thefooliam- At first they’re at odds but then it’s natural and beautiful. It focuses in on Clexa with added support by other canon characters. The best little thing I’ve read this month. Well written, my god, that part where she…and she.. ugh…

Thursday Night by MsDorisDaisy- They are all adults with professions and gather on Thursday nights for girls night. It’s well written and all the girls are BFFs. Except Lexa has had feelings for a while. It all changes one night on the dance floor. Couldn’t stop reading!

Waiting for Love to Strike by JLaw1105- Soccer/College AU, Let me tell you it is furkmazing! The soccer depiction is on point and the commander is drop dead sexy. Clarke joins the elite soccer team, Lexa is boss, it’s practically so intense at the beginning they both don’t know how to act.

in love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence- At first I was weary, i mean politics really? BUT holy fuck sticks, it is so well written and poised. Clarke as a bamf who is determined to lead. Lexa comes in and is a great campaign manager. What unfolds as two power strong ladies fight to win? Read it!

The Blind Side of Love by lexawillrise
- Ugh, this fic is too good! It’s full of angst and cute emails, well written back and forth. Lexa is a famous actress, Clarke is a struggling artist. Bellamy is Lexa’s best friend and is a great version of him. COMPLETE  FIC and oh so totally worth it!

Habromanic by alittlesoulcarryingacorpse
- This is a one shot and it is really well done. Adorable and full of texts and cute fluff. Lexa finds a sticky note in a library book with a number on it. She texts it for the hell of it and to her surprise, the person is funny and interesting. Cute AF. COMPLETE ONE SHOT.

Feels Like Home by DefiantDuck- Surrogacy AU, It’s better than you think. Way better! Lexa woods is successful and is a driven single lesbian who wants to fulfill her life more. Clarke is at her all time low, lower than I’ve seen her in any other fic but it just leaves room for her ascension. This angsty and rollercoaster ride fic is worth the read. COMPLETE FIC- ugh so great.

Sweet and Sunny by Anxious_Octopus- Vacation AU- Clarke goes on a much needed vacation to Bora Bora, her friend Octavia works at the resort she stays at. She wants to have fun and she does… especially after setting eyes on a sexy as fuck life guard named Lexa. It’s an adventure for sure. COMPLETE FIC

String Bracelets by rochke11-
Summer Camp AU- Okay so this fic is adorable and I wish it was a continuing thing. There is tragedy but it’s overcome by love. Costia, Clarke, and Lexa were best friends since the first day of camp. Two fell in love while the other watches wanting. Years later they become camp counselors and things get real. COMPLETE FIC.

Lexa has left you a comment by Luxi_Storyteller
- Genderqueer AU- SO this fanfic is so amazing! it’s written so beautifully and I cried, laughed, and threw things while reading this fic. It taught me so much about GQ and non-binary to where i understand and love more than i knew i could. Clarke is a loving soul who adopts a young Octavia. Things get mixed and messy when Raven enters the picture, but Lexa brings it all home. The Dom/Sub sex that ensues is wonderful and eye popping. The dynamic in the open door house hold gets wild but you won’t want to stop reading. COMPLETE FIC and LONG!

More Women than Warriors by steklir (SilentStars)-
Boarding School AU- Clarke attends a new school in England, all fave characters are british! The head girl is the commander and the ancient language of the school is Trigedasleng. It’s such a new idea and it’s really exciting so far! I love watching Clexa interact and discover more of the history of this school. Slow burn awesome!

— My works ( all on going)—

The Fight to the Flame by AllietheKidd-
Graduate College AU- This is my high octane fanfic full of angst, love and sex (like the best sex). It hones in on the most complex/pivotal week of Clarke’s life. Lexa and Anya grew up in the system and are trying to find where they belong. Octaven discover each other and it all goes down in the Houston Hut- where Clarke and Octavia throw the most epic college parties.
I hope to keep this fic on going for as long as I can. ( Most importantly I put soundtracks to play in every  chapter that will help set the mood and tone! Trust me, right click- new tab- listen- and read.)

Royal Viridian by AllietheKidd- Film Industry AU- Lexa is an Australian actress making it big in America. Clarke is an illustrator for the prodigious Heda production company. They meet during the LGTBQ series Royal Viridian read through at Trigeda Studios. It’s passion and fire from the start. Multi-Layered story that will be fluffy and thrilling. I have a feeling this will be one of my favorite things.

Grounder High (Is her all time low) by AllietheKidd- High School AU- This fic started off as an exercise to get my fingers flowing but what came out was an exciting universe. Soccer Lexa rules the school, Clarke transfers in and it is love at first sight but what’s different about this AU is that Costia POV is given. She was dumped by Lexa after Sophomore year and she wants her back and will do anything to get it. Its fresh- exciting- and Clexa is gaf.

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Do you have any fan fic refs you like?

okay here are my all time faves (the one that made me cry tops each section)



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can you do a scenario where you're dino's older sister and you start liking Jeonghan?

  • this was never intentional
  • you didn’t want to be in this kind of situation
  • this kind of cliche
  • how you two got into this whole mess
  • neither of you were sure
  • chan was your little brother
  • and jeonghan his fellow member
  • this truthfully shouldn’t have happened
  • you had common sense
  • a lot of it actually
  • but didn’t seem to apply in this case
  • in jeonghan’s case
  • it started fairly simple
  • dino had invited you to one of his rehearsal’s at the studio
  • and you weren’t going to turn this opportunity down
  • since you rarely got to see your brother due to his busy schedule
  • so when you push open the door to the studio
  • and get greeted by a warm gust of air
  • you instinctively move to shed off your jacket
  • but before you can do so
  • another pair of hands are already helping you do so
  • the hands are gentle and slow
  • your face immediately flushes with color at the assistance here
  • and when you turn around
  • you find yourself staring into the eyes of jeonghan
  • his hair was messy from practice
  • but how it still looked absolutely perfect 
  • puzzled you the most
  • thank you
  • he only nodded at your thanks
  • before nodding his head towards the practice room
  • suggesting you follow him inside
  • and so you did
  • of course when you walked in
  • you were greeted with a hug by a very sweaty chan
  • and a chorus of “y/n!”
  • by the rest of the boys
  • although jeonghan just remained silent
  • staring at you
  • while the others greeted you warmly
  • after talking with most of the boys
  • you sat back down against the wall
  • and began to watch their practice 
  • your eyes once again found jeonghan’s figure
  • watching all of his crisp and precise moves from the reflection of the mirror
  • it was almost mesmerizing
  • and when he messed up
  • he’d always just rub his hand over his face
  • and almost tug at his hair in frustration
  • this was something you had picked up just from watching him
  • something you picked up from getting lost in him
  • and all too soon the practice seemed to have ended
  • and you had to bid everyone goodbye
  • the boys weren’t as energetic as now
  • sweaty and exhausted
  • lingering on the brink of sleep
  • you had already begun to look for your coat
  • when the same pair of sturdy hands helped you place the coat back onto your figure
  • once again
  • all you could say was a quiet 
  • thank you
  • after that day chan began to call you more and more again
  • saying he wanted you to come to an additional practice
  • and during each and every practice 
  • jeonghan would help you take off
  • and put your jacket back on
  • at the beginning and end of every practice
  • and it was something just of a silent exchange between you two
  • except slowly and surely
  • each and every time 
  • you two would exchange more words
  • until small conversations soon came to flow together
  • and soon feelings for the long haired boy began to develop
  • small movements began to send shivers up and down your spine
  • small movements began to become more and more important to you
  • you had begun to feel more and more for this boy
  • and he had begun to show the same reciprocations 
  • subtly 
  • but slowly 
  • and with each movement 
  • guilt always attempted to crawl into your thoughts
  • with chan’s face always in the back of your mind
  • you couldn’t even imagine what would happen if chan found out
  • but you couldn’t think of that now
  • not when jeonghan was slowly consuming all of your thoughts
  • and so when one night when jeonghan was walking you out
  • something had just started doing recently
  • he pulled you into an alley
  • brisk but yet gentle
  • his hands cupping your face
  • voice almost feverish 
  • scared to utter these words
  • scared to admit how far he had fallen into your trap
  • you know we can’t be doing this y/n, we can’t let him find out, but i just can’t get you off my mind
Ally and Reed Present:

Get your GRRR faces on!! Ally and I are going to be co-hosting a Tumblr Army meeting up the Dino Valley Suffer Climb! After all, we must liberate every corner of Jorvik, even the corners thousands of feet in the air. Oh boy it’ll be cold better dress warm. You might have heard us and others post about it: 

BUT if you’ve never gotten the chance to experience it yourself, here’s the opportunity! It’s one of the last great explorations left for many until the new area comes out. This will be fun but oh so stressful because THIS CLIMB IS MERCILESS!! I have never seen anything in all my days cause as much high blood pressure as this adventure so you must come prepared! We suggest either SUPER HAPPY COLD TOLERANT HORSES or OLDER MODELS ALL WITH MAX OR HIGH LEVELS. Also probably some HIGH STAT JUMPING GEAR for that little extra oomph but you can totally be adventurous without it. You’ll be able to see Ashland in some good detail, so if you don’t want the spoilers this is not the climb for you, but if you keep the fog you won’t be able to see anything and can still tag along with everyone :D There is also the unlikely possibility you could fall into Ashland and get a warning so if you’re already pushing the limits you need to be extra careful and not be too adventurous lol But we’ll tell you how far and where you can go to keep your account safe.  

BUT WHEN YOU GET TO THE SUMMIT HOLY COW YOU CAN SEE THE ENTIRE VALLEY AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Everything from the lake, to the Primeval Tree, to the Kallter gate, Ashland, the unopened North and beyond! 

We’re super excited for this and we hope you guys are also!!

@luciana-silentstar & @liv-olive I just happened to have chats from you guys in some pictures xD