silents and song lyrics

I was having a hard time, and now i’m not.

For as long as I’ve identified as a witch, I thought I had trouble with ‘real’ magic. Spells didn’t come easy to me, I felt like my offerings and altars were wrong, that I was making some mistake that no one ever spoke about because every one else knew what not to do. And I suppose I was, but not exactly how I thought I was.

I was already doing magic, but not how I thought I wanted to.

My magic isn’t always mason jars filled with herbs, crystal points polished like mirrors, or billowing skirts and capes.

My magic is standing in my back yard looking for acorns in jeans and a tee shirt. Baking cookies from boxed mix for Loki. Potions from tea, emojis sent to myself over kik for spells, drawing sigils with my tablet. The comfort of silent spirits while I go about my daily life.

My spells are song lyrics from the radio, a playlist altar for my deities, wearing stone jewelry to job interviews.

Home made tarot cards that I ask about birthday gifts, a Supernatural ouija board with a glow in the dark planchette, sigils inspired by my favorite shows.

I was never doing it wrong, I just didn’t know I was doing it right.

Some days I still wish I was able to work deep in the woods, twigs in my long hair, black taffeta trailing behind me like smoke, a raven familiar by my side as I brew my potions in a real cauldron.

But then my black cat with a deformed leg will hobble inside, rubbing his head on me, and I’ll draw a sigil on my arm in gel pen, listening to a song that inspires my intent. That’s where my magic is.

Steve Rogers Imagine

20. She’s sweet, I’m wild, we’re dangerous

Steve looked over at Y/N as he drove along the road. She had a small smile on her lips as she looked out at the countryside passing by. Steve couldn’t help the smile that formed on his own while he kept stealing glances at her. He couldn’t believe that Y/N was his. This incredible woman had agreed to be his forever.

Y/N looked over to him and grabbed his free hand while her other messed with the radio dial. A country song came on that she was currently infatuated with and her eyes lit up.

“She’s sweet, I’m wild, we’re dangerous,” the deep voice with a slight twang sang from the speakers.

Y/N mouthed the lyrics silently as the song continued with a smile still gracing her lips.

Oh yes, Steve thought as he pulled into their honeymoon destination house. They were a dangerous combination but he wouldn’t have it any other way.


30 Bands/Artists in 30 Days | 29/30: WITHIN TEMPTATION

Favorite Song: Candles
Favorite Album: The Silent Force (2004)
Favorite Lyrics: “Take away these hands of darkness, reaching for my soul” (Candles)
First Song Ever Heard: Stand My Ground
Most Played Song: Memories
Seen Them Live? No
Fan Since: 2004
How Did You Hear About Them? I was watching a portuguese tv show dedicated to metal and an interview with Robert and Sharon went on with ‘Stand My Ground’ in the background. Of course it caught my attention and I decided to check them.
Favorite Memory of the Band? When I watch the livestream of their performance at the Rock Am Ring 2005, I knew that this band would be one of my favorites. The perfection of Sharon singing live, jumping and still singing without shaking her voice… I knew I was in front of a unique band and group of performers.

Silent Falls (Chapter 3)

Prologue | One | Two | Three | NEXT

Characters: Stanley Pines, Shermie Pines, Filbrick Pines, Mrs Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Words: 3645
Rating: PG-13, language

NOTE: DONE! It;’s almost 2.30am and I wanna post this up before I got to bed! I am so frustrated with my uncooperative brain today but I managed to finish this chapter! ENJOY!

Song lyric: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Hell Frozen Rain (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories OST)

Chapter Three


           Stanley was awakened from his dreamless nap by shouting. He groaned and rolled onto his back, rubbing at his eyes blearily. He patted at the space beside his pillow where he remembered putting his glasses and then put it on. He sat up and looked at the clock; it was half past four in the afternoon. He took his medication nearly three hours ago right before he went to bed. The painkillers the doctor prescribed for him made him very sleepy.

           The voices got louder and he was reminded what woke him from his nap. He recognized his father’s voice but the other man… he sounded familiar. Curious, Stanley quickly got out of bed and stumbled toward the door. He swung it open and he could hear the argument clearly.

           “HOW COULD YOU?!“

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     Your hand dances across the surface of the counter, your hips following suite as you step away, bringing your hand to your chest. “I know it’s unfair.~” Lyrics slip from your lips in a silent song, your body moving with perfected steps.

     It wasn’t often that you got to keep the shop to yourself, especially on the weekend, but when you did, you took full advantage of it. The year’s most popular songs were on a constant replay in your small beverage shop, and when you had the privelage of being alone, you let yourself move. It was something you were passionate about. Dancing was your thing. But it was only your thing when you were alone.

     You let yourself drift off while lazily moving to the beat, not even having to think about the steps because of the late nights spent practicing them. Soon, the floor becomes your stage and the windows become your spotlight.

     "Nice moves,“ A voice sounds from behind the counter, making you flinch in shock. "Are you a dancer?” You bashfully shake your head, your body stiffening to the position drilled into you for this job.

     "N-no, I’m not.“ You say.

     "You should consider it, my agency would do well with your talent.” The stranger says. You meekly shake your head again.

     "I don’t think so.“ You reply sadly. "I’m not that good.” There was no answer to your comment, so you look up to see whoever it was who came in.

     Brown eyes and a lazy smile met your gaze. You were unable to stop the blush that rised to your cheeks because… this man was absolutely stunning. “What would you like?” You say as calmy as you can.

     "You.“ Your eyes widened slightly, but you were able to conceal it with your quick reply.

     "I’m afraid that’s not on the menu.” You tell him. His lazy smile turns into an amaused grin, and he leans his arm on the counter dauntingly.

     "I thought I saw a new edition on the sign outside,“ He says casually. "If I remember right, it said ‘new delicious fruity twist’.” You nod, opening your mouth to talk about the store’s new special, but he cuts you off. “I think you fit the description well.”

     Your entire face bursts with a sudden heat and you internally berate yourself for not being able to hold it in. Softly, you reply. “How suave. Is that all?” You weren’t expecting to come in to work today to find a guy who’s good at sweet-talking - but, you weren’t complaining.

     "I was serious earlier.“ He says, his grin relaxing to a confident smile. "I think you’re good enough to get into my company. They’re looking for new faces, anyhow.”

     "I’m not looking for another job.“ You tell him politely. He didn’t seem discouraged in the least and continued.

     "My name is Kim Jongin, I work at SM Entertainment as a full-time dancer.” He digs into his jeans pocket and hands you a business card. “Have you heard of me?”

     "Um..“ To be honest, you didn’t recognize his face or name, so you felt a little guilty - but you weren’t going to lie. "No, I’m sorry.”

     "It’s fine, I haven’t made my debut yet.“ He winked when you gaped at him. He tricked you and you fell for it. He laughs good-naturedly and backs off the counter, his constant grin unwavering. "Will I see you there?” When you hesitated, he winked again. “Maybe we can do the salsa together. I’m currently learning that.”

     With that, he left the store with the warm summer breeze drifting through the open door.