• Me:*Takes a deep breath*
  • Me:I lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever:yes, you love Silent Hill, we know, you love Silent Hill so much, it's the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love Silent Hill, we KNOW, you love Silent Hill you fucking love Silent Hill ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE SILENT HILL. WE GET IT.

What i’m anticipating the most about MAMA is watching non SHINee fans silently freaking out over SHINee glamour and pimp style on red carpet and then pretending not to be slayed by their performance



The cherry haired girl didn’t want to open her lavender eyes, as she was cherishing the darkness them being closed provided. Although she felt like she slept for a week, she wanted to sleep for another.

But her moment was interrupted as she felt a warmth on her bare waist. Finally deciding to open her eyes, she did just that, letting them focus on the body next to her.

She almost shrieked as she recognized the man next to her as her earthbending, not to mention pretty much eye candy, roommate. Silently freaking out, she pried her half naked self out of his sleeping embrace.