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Because he was funny, because he wore a porkpie had, Keaton’s physical skills are often undervalued … no silent star did more dangerous stunts than Buster Keaton. Instead of using doubles, he himself doubled for his actors, doing their stunts as well as his own - Roger Ebert

All my life, I have been happiest when the folks watching me said to each other, “Look at the poor dope, will ya? - Buster Keaton

Happy 120th Birthday, Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966)

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Buster Keaton, for instance, protested to the end of his days that he had no notion of what his admirers were talking about when they spoke, as Andrew Sarris did, of his “cerebral” qualities, or when they detected a pervasive surrealism in his films that - considering the period in which the films were made - virtually placed him in the avant-garde.  "I was just trying to get laughs" was his constant and stubborn answer to questions.  Keaton was, in fact, a brilliant analyst of film, as his dazzling film-within-a-film in Sherlock Jr. indicates: the sequence illustrates basic theories of continuity and cutting more vividly and with greater precision than theorists themselves have ever been able to do.  But the analysis is not in Keaton’s head.  It is in the film.  He went past cerebration and worked only with the thing itself, creating what amounts to theory out of his body, his camera, his fingers, a pair of scissors.  Art is often something done before it is something thought: Keaton’s impulses were not only stronger but more accurate than any verbal formulation he might have chosen to offer for them.  

- Walter Kerr on film artist Buster Keaton, The Silent Clowns, Alfred A. Knopf: New York, 1975, p. 98

“Fairbanks had a frightening energy. All of his acrobatics were genuine… the entire studio was rigged up like a gymnasium. There were trampolines, swings, horizontal bars, ropes, hand rings, punching bags, even a dirt track for sprints out the back. He’d swing onto a gate, vault over it, leap from there to a portico, bounding like a kangaroo… there was never anyone like Fairbanks. He was the indispensable man.”

- Stuntman and Fight Choreographer David Sharpe

LuffyxNami interactions part 10

Continuing my quest to post all the interactions of our beloved Luffy and Nami that are meaningful and those that i just liked. 

96) Nami secretly pust Luffy’s hat back on. She has a smile on her face and the entire panel is made important with that “special background”

97) Genzo makes Luffy promise that he’ll never steal Nami’s smile away… To me it always seemed like a father making sure his daughter is happy with a guy she’s about to marry, lmao.

98) Luffy trusts Nami’s decisions 

99) Luffy once again confirms that he’s all about freedom and letting Nami take care of her own affairs in a way she wants. 

100) Luffy laughing happily at Nami’s stunt

101) Silent reminder of a secret promise. Luffy seems to keep it just fine, judging from that Huge smile Nami has on her face. :D

102) Nami worrying about Luffy’s safety while he is happy go lucky

103) I love the way she looks at him here

 104) They find Luffy on the execution platform and Nami has Actual tearlines on her face, lol

105) Again that look :)

106) Luffy compliments Nami, Nami gets all flustered and changes the subject.

107) These panels were just funny to me personally. I like how she gently punches his Hat.

108) When Luffy saves them, Nami has the Happiest smile

109) this isn’t really LuNa moment, well kind of, but i liked this panel, because it shows the main trio clearly. The other two are in the background. Well, Luffy and Nami have simmilar facial expressions. That counts… No?. … lmao. I don’t care, i love them.

110) When Luffy falls off the ship…. Who is the one calling his name?

110) Yep. It’s Nami. You can see her standing by the border of a ship. (Pardon the cursed red circle. I dislike using them mainly because they’re used in every silly shipping theory or colorspread “analysis”…… bleh

To be continued!

Captain Kirk Imagine

[author’s note: Hey GUYS! A request I am super excited about!!]

Can you do a one shot were Kirk and the reader are flirting at a bar/wherever before the Enterprise leaves and the next day the reader runs into Kirk, her new captain, at her new job on the ship?

Another lonely night at the bar, a half empty glass tight in your grip. You were supposed to meet your friends here, a little celebration as your last night of freedom. So here you are, alone and half buzzed. You couldn’t blame your friends for not coming. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t upset. They stood you up. Even worse, on your last night with them. Who needs them anyway? You push you glass toward the bartender who already has the bottle ready to pour you another one. 

“Just you tonight miss?” he asks. 

“She was just waiting on me.” 

A spritely young man sits down next to you. The first thing you notice is the strong smell of cologne wafting towards you. At least he smells good. He isn’t all that bad looking either. With piercing blue eyes and a smile that could melt anyone’s heart, he  is rather charming at first sight. He emits this cocky vibe,but not in the egotistical else. The kind of cocky thats shows he knows who he is, self-assured if you will. So you decide to play along with his little game. 

“Glad you could make it.” 

He sends you a sly smirk before ordering his own drink. Taking a swig of yours, you try to decipher this stranger. Something about him screams bad news, but you can’t quite put your tongue on it. Squinting at him through an inquisitive eyes, you want to learn more. 

“So, what’s a young gal like you doing here all alone?” 

“Who says I’m alone? What if my date stepped out for a minute?” 

“Then he shouldn’t be your date?”

“Why’s that?”

“Because he left a beautiful girl unattended.”

“Well played.” 

As the night went on and the hours escaped you, you found yourself more and more drawn to this stranger. He knew exactly what to say at the right moment. His conversations have depth, but just enough elusiveness to keep himself a mystery. You like the chase, so you continue to play. Maybe this night wasn’t going to be as bad as you thought. 

People shuffle in and out of the bar all night, but nothing distracted you from mr. confident. After three drinks later, you look around to find the whole building is empty. Shocked at the time, you realize you have to be up early for work tomorrow. But you didn’t want to leave. You reach out for the glass, his hand grazing yours ever so slightly. His touch, although brief, sent a chill down your spine. 

“I better get going.”

“Let me walk you out.” 

You hop off the seat and he follows suit. Hoping he wasn’t going to try any stunts, you silently wait for him to leave, but he doesn’t. Then it hits you, tonight is your last night on Earth. Tomorrow you leave it all behind to explore new territories, galaxies away from here. So why not have a little bit of fun? Standing face to face, chests lightly touching, you smile up at him. 

Reaching up, you graze your lips across his ever so lightly. He tenses up and grabs the small of your back to eliminate any distance between the two of you. As you kiss him, that musky smells fills your lungs. He isn’t a bad kisser either, which wasn’t hurting the situation. Even though your better judgments tell you no, you just couldn’t pull away. He’s so dynamic, even in just the few words he has spoken to you. Naturally you are attracted, and the element of surprise and mystery are in your favor. 

“It was a fun night..” you search for his name.

“James Kirk.” 

“James Kirk, it was a pleasure to meet you.” 

Turning away, you head to your car leaving the enticing scene behind. He scoffs off in the distance, puzzled by your elusiveness. 

“Aren’t you going to tell me your name?”

“What’s the fun in that?” you yell back. 

That night you slept well, letting the alcohol take its course. You dream of James Kirk. 

In the morning, you pull on your uniform. Taking one last look in the mirror, you smooth out your skirt and straighten your ponytail. You look clean, crisp, and ready for duty. The drive to the academy is short, but seems like it is taking a million years. All you want to do is take off, start a new life in space, hopefully one that has more excitement than you do currently. Let’s face it, you just haven’t made the most of it. 

The crew lines up, one right after the other. The diversity of the crew surprises you. Already you feel at home, which excites you even more. As the doors open, everyone stiffens as the Captain prepares to board the ship. Secretly, you hope it isn’t some old geezer of a captain who is going to make your life drab and methodical. To your surprise, it’s the exact opposite. 

“Well well well, if it isn’t mystery girl herself.” he chuckles, stopping right in front of you. 

A deep feeling grows in your chest as if your heart has dropped to your stomach. Your eyes grow wide and you stiffen in your boots. There stands the very James Kirk you made out with the night before. What are the chances of that? 

“Lieutenant (y/l/n) Captain.” you say, your cheeks now crimson. 

“(y/l/n), I like it.”

He continues down the line, and you can finally relax. You internally scold yourself but then you realize how hilarious the situation really is. You made out with the Captain. No big deal, right? Who knows, maybe that was the start to a budding relationship. 


For silentweeks

Buster’s dive and ending to Hard Luck (1921) as found on some DVDs.

Helen Gibson saves the day in The Hazards of Helen, the Governor’s Specialepisode, 1914. 

Gibson is credited as being the first female actress who did her own stunts.

** Edit ** my mistake it was actually Helen Holmes who was first. Gibson replaced Holmes when she left to form her own company.

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yOOOOO I'm so not ready to let go of my trashking yet and the sidebar says addons are open so? if that's true: mod flavia, would you please add gangrel to the thing where f!mu accidentally confesses? (if the sidebar is wrong ignore me lol, ilu guys)

Oh, you rang~? It’s okay, I’m not ready to let go either 8′D TRASH KING FOREVER!! 

Gangrel loves, more than anything, to bother you while you work. Ever since the two of you started seeing more of each other, it seems that he’ll always find a way to show up just as you start to get your head into your plans. As it is, he’s just waltzed into your tent and started peering over your shoulder, humming and tsking without actually offering any commentary on what’s before you.

You don’t bother saying anything, knowing a response will spur him on. But soon his arms have snaked their way around your waist, and he’s planting numerous (very distracting) kisses on the back of your neck when you finally sigh and try to straighten up.

“Gangrel, I love you, but I need some peace and quiet to finish…wait–”

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tao asked fans in china to support chen and xiumin when they were as exom (rip) bc they didnt speak the language and were promoting in a foreign country

at concerts he always asked his own fans to support all of exo and not just himself

constantly debunked leaving rumors until his dad’s letter in april

he was the one who led the exo fanchants at concerts

set his phone background and weibo pic as exo’s silver ocean

tao loved exo but sm screwed him over so badly by ignoring his injuries, ignoring his few solo projects, didnt protect him against all the anti-ing and rumors (once a tabloid claimed tao hit them with a wooden stick and sm stayed silent), and stunted his activities in his home country

so why would u say that tao had planned to leave a long time ago?